Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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  “I’m back.”

In the evening, Father Tang returned home with a tired body.

Lin Yu saw that Father Tang’s face was covered with sweat, so he got up and poured him a bowl of warm water.

“Gulp…….Hah! Truly comfortable!” Father Tang took the water that Lin Yu handed over and almost drained the cup in one gulp.

Tang Feng entered the hall. When he looked at Father Tang’s face, he knew that in order to save money, Father Tang had walked back from town, “The matter of the Liu family buying land should be solved now.”

Father Tang wiped the sweat from his forehead, “That’s right, after running for several days in a row, it’s finally done.”

It’s hard to be the village chief. If someone wants to buy land or a field in the village, they need to go to the village chief to negotiate first, then go to the town to handle the relevant procedures, and the most diligent person who runs around the most is the village chief.

There are coppers in this world, but there is no gold and silver. However there were silverstone and goldstones that was similar to gold and silver. 1000 copper coins = 1 tael of silverstone, 1000 silverstones = 1 tael of goldstone. 

Usually, the annual expenditure of a peasant family of three is four taels of silverstone.

As the village chief, Father Tang’s annual salary is two tales of silverstone, which considering it for a peasant family with fixed income, it was not small money.

It was a pity that Tang Feng’s body was there. Although the Tang Family had a glamorous surface for many years, it was relatively empty inside.

“By the way, I met your third uncle’s wife in town. He said tomorrow your third uncle will bring the books here.” After Father Tang’s breathing subsided, he said to Tang Feng.

“Okay, I got it, I will go help Ah Yu cook. It seems like you couldn’t manage to eat lunch earlier.”

Father Tang heard this and grinned, “Go ahead.”

It’s not that he couldn’t manage to eat, he just didn’t eat at all. Where he didn’t have to eat, he didn’t eat at all. Just thinking about how expensive things in the town were, they’re not worth it, so the money could be saved. 

Lin Yu first boiled a pot of hot water to let Father Tang go to take a bath. He had been walking for the whole day, the clothes on his body were soaked. If he didn’t change it quickly, he could catch a cold.

After doing all of this, Lin Yu began to cook. Tang Feng sat in front of the stove door looking at the firewood, and found that the red color of the wood charcoal in the stove door was particularly nice. Remembering that he had a patient previously who spoke about the benefits of charcoal before, Tang Feng’s eyes lit up.

Tang Feng remembered that there was a large porcelain jar at home. Because the mouth was broken, it had not been used and placed in the storeroom, thus Tang Feng got up and went to look for it.

Lin Yu was busy stir-frying when he saw Tang Feng suddenly get up and leave, he didn’t ask much.

Tang Feng dragged the large porcelain jar into the stove room. Don’t say he’s as weak as a chicken, it’s just that this thing originally wasn’t light either. 

Lin Yu just finished frying a dish. When he saw Tang Feng’s movements, he rushed forward to take over, “Where do you want to put it?”

Tang Feng gasped and pointed to the place where the wall that the stove door was leaning on, “There.”

Lin Yu stretched out his hand, hugged the porcelain jar, and with a little force at his feet, he hugged it up and put it on the place that Tang Feng said, the position was just right.

Tang Feng: ……… Wife’s strength is really not small.

Tang Feng went to find a wooden plank and made a few strokes in the opening of the porcelain jar, which was the right size.

“Later this firewood will be burned until it turns into red chunk, look, it’s like this,” Tang Feng picked up a piece of fiery redwood charcoal for Lin Yu to see clearly, “You can simply clip it up, put it in the porcelain jar next to it, and then immediately put the wooden plank on it.”

Although Lin Yu did not understand why Tang Feng did this, he still nodded. Looking at the wooden plank on the porcelain jar, Lin Yu felt it unsteady, so he deliberately went to the courtyard to find a palm-sized stone to put on it.

“Wife is always more thoughtful than I am,” Tang Feng praised.

Lin Yu smiled and brought the meal to the table, “Let’s eat.”

At the dining table, Father Tang, who had already taken a bath and was refreshed, asked Tang Feng.

“How was your study on the first day? Is there anything hard? ”

Tang Feng drank the medicinal porridge and replied, “Master taught me very seriously, there is nothing that I don’t understand.”

Father Tang nodded satisfactorily.

“Then you will go to study medical medicine in the morning. Read the books brought by your third uncle in the afternoon, and stop doing anything at night. Your body is the most important thing here. The weather is cold, there is not much work in the field. Your Amo and I are enough for the work, you study well.”

Tang Feng nodded, “I’ll be goofing off then.”

“How can a husband be goofing off? What you do is learn skills, your work is much harder than us who simply use force to work.”

Lin Yu seriously corrected Tang Feng’s pretext, and all three of the Tang family who heard this laughed. 

“Speaking of which, since Ah Yu married in, I haven’t been into the kitchen much. To conclude, I’m also goofing off now.” Tang Amo smiled and interjected, making everyone laugh.

There was no wine on the table, no meat, but the whole family was happy. This kind of life could not be exchanged for anything.

At night, when Tang Feng and Lin Yu were lying in bed, Tang Feng, who had not “eaten meat” for several days, was a little restless.

The hand in the quilt gently pulled Lin Yu’s under cloth, touching and patting his smooth and delicate skin. Earth shattering kisses landed on Lin Yu’s flushed face.


Lin Yu was gripped by Tang Feng’s hand, causing him to breathe softly.

Tang Feng slowly moved his hands, buried his head between Lin Yu’s necks, and replied vaguely, “I’m here.”

The two people whose body temperature was rising more and more quickly trusted one another fully. Tang Feng’s slightly cool body touched the furnace-like Lin Yu’s body. Very quickly~ a slight moan emanated from the mouths of the two people.

“Help, help me….”

Tang Feng put Lin Yu’s hand on his lower body. Lin Yu trembled before stroking it back and forth, learning from Tang Feng’s movements when he did it for himself. He slowly moved, this thing had been in his body, bringing him his drowning happiness.

“Do you like it?” Tang Feng bit Lin Yu’s ears that had turned red due to this passion and asked.

“Yes…” Lin Yu’s eyes were extremely blurred, making Tang Feng eager to eat him whole into his stomach.

Tang Feng stretched out a hand, looped Lin Yu’s perfectly straight and slender legs around his waist, pulled apart the two smooth buttlocks, gently sent a finger into the place that had been prepared.

Lin Yu gently knitted his sharp eyebrows, gasped a few times in his mouth, twisting his waist. He didn’t know whether it was pain or whether he wanted the person on his body to stop torturing him.

Tang Feng kissed Lin Yu deeply as if possessed. The movements on his lower body did not stop, one finger, two fingers, three fingers, until his hands were stained with evidence of the other party’s passion. Tang Feng withdrew his fingers, before sinking his waist in……………

There was a rustling sound of rain outside the window. Tang Feng opened his somewhat painful eyes, listening for a while as it rained.

Lin Yu next to him had not woken up yet. Thinking that he was tired from last night, Tang Feng was very satisfied, hugged Lin Yu, and dropped a few light kisses on his resolute face.

Lin Yu was hugged by Tang Feng and woke up, “Husband.”

His hoarse voice felt extremely sexy that Tang Feng couldn’t help but cover Lin Yu’s lips, intensely intertwined.

After both of them had a reaction, Lin Yu gently pushed Tang Feng away, “That won’t do.”

Tang Feng reached out and touched Lin Yu’s wet lips, his face was full of unwillingness, this is his, but his own body could not indulge too much, f*ck!

He hugged his wife, buried his head in his neck, and muffled a sentence, “Sleep a little longer.”

Lin Yu reached out and pinched his somewhat sour waist and replied, “Okay.”

The morning rain stopped when Lin Yu and Tang Feng got up. When they opened the door, the faint earthy smell came to their noses, making Tang Feng a little sick in his stomach.

Lin Yu gently patted Tang Feng’s back, “How about you stay inside?”

Tang Feng shook his head, “It’s fine, I’ll be fine after a while.”

Lin Yu had no choice but to pull him into the kitchen and start washing the pot to make breakfast.

“Let’s bake some white millet pancakes today.” Tang Amo came in from outside and said,

“It was what grandpa and the others brought last time. We haven’t got time to make it these past few days, Ah Feng could also eat it.” 

As soon as Lin Yu heard that Tang Feng could eat it, he hurried to the warehouse to get the wheat flour out.

As soon as Lin Yu left the kitchen, Tang Amo said to Tang Feng, “It’s us who have wronged Ah Yu. He’s been married to our family for a few days now but he only got to eat some meat when his parents bought the venison over.” 

Tang Feng naturally knew what Tang Amo meant, “It’s okay, my body is slowly getting better, I am studying medicine, and also preparing to take the Xiucai exam. As long as I succeed in one of these things, there won’t be anything too cumbersome in the future. Our life will get better and better.” 

Tang Amo nodded with tears in his eyes, “It will be fine, it will be good.” 

Lin Yu’s skill in making pancakes was very good. Moreover, even if the amount he used was not much, the baked pancake was big and light, very crispy when bitten in the mouth. There was some sugar in it, both crisp and sweet. Tang Feng ate two, he wanted to eat again, but unfortunately he also knew of his health, so he regretfully put down the chopsticks.

“Why do you only eat one piece?”

Tang Amo saw that Lin Yu had eaten a piece of pancake before he stopped to eat yesterday’s leftovers, so he asked.

Lin Yu chewed the leftover food in his mouth, “Everyone eat, I don’t like to eat it.”

Tang Amo and Father Tang were stunned for a moment. How could Tang Feng not know Lin Yu’s intention? He thought that since he could eat something besides medicinal porridge, he wanted to eat less himself and leave it for Tang Feng to eat.

Tang Amo was happy that Lin Yu was thinking about Tang Feng, but he did not want Lin Yu to be wronged, so he directly took two pancakes and put them in Lin Yu’s bowl.

“What are you saying? Don’t be picky, there is less farm work now. Today you and I go to town, let’s go buy some handkerchiefs back, embroider it and then go exchange it for some money. It is good to supplement the family’s expenses.”

Lin Yu looked at the pancake in his bowl. He responded after a long time. Tang Feng’s hand was holding his hand under the table.

In the morning, Tang Feng still went to Uncle Li’s house to study medicine. Tang Amo and Lin Yu went to town. Father Tang stayed at home, weaving some bamboo baskets, which were both strong and easy to use. It could be sold for 5 copper coins in town.

Knock knock knock….

Father Tang heard the sound of the courtyard door being knocked. He raised his head and cleared his voice, “The courtyard door is not locked, just push it open.”

The courtyard door was slowly pushed open, and a stout young man stood at the courtyard door with a little hesitation.

“Hu Qiang, it’s you, come in and sit down.” Father Tang called out to Hu Qiang at the entrance of the courtyard. Tang Feng was weak since childhood, he didn’t leave the courtyard much and this Hu Qiang had accompanied his Ah Feng since childhood so naturally Father Tang also liked Hu Qiang.

“Tang Feng is not here?”

Hu Qiang entered the courtyard, did not hear the voices of others, and asked.

Father Tang rolled the bamboo basket in his hand, “He went to study medicine with Li Langzhong. What do you need him for?”

Father Tang saw Hu Qiang hesitant look, so he asked.

Hu Qiang rubbed his hands, hesitated for half a day, but didn’t speak a word.

“Then I will come to find him in the afternoon, I won’t bother you now.”

With that, he left the courtyard door and left.

Father Tang chuckled softly, “This child is still so shy.”

After Tang Amo and Lin Yu got the handkerchiefs, they walked around the street a few times. When they saw a shop selling flour, Lin Yu remembered the way Tang Feng ate white flour pancakes in the morning, so he informed Tang Amo and went in.

Tang Amo was talking to an acquaintance he ran into so he didn’t pay attention to which shop Lin Yu had entered.

“Manager, how do you sell this wheat flour?” Lin Yu targeted the wheat flour directly.

Although the owner of the noodle shop was shocked by Lin Yu’s appearance, he was also a businessman so he treated him politely and amiably, “13 copper coins per catty, how much do you want?”

Lin Yu thought about the money in his hand, and then thought about how Tang Feng liked to eat the pancake made of wheat flour, he gritted his teeth, “Give me five catties.”

“60 copper coins in total.”

Lin Yu nodded, took out the copper coins and handed it to the manager. He took the packed wheat flour, and put it into his back basket.  

This was the money that Lin Yu had saved before he got married. There were a total of four hundred copper coins.

The author has something to say: One day, Tang Feng washed the first ever cloth that his wife made for him which had been torn before putting them in the backyard to dry, ready to be sewn and worn again. He was embarrassed to put the torn pants in front of the courtyard.

As a result, it took too long, thus Tang Feng forgot about it.

After leaving his underpants in the backyard for several days. It was seen by Lin Yu, who went to the backyard to bring firewood.

“Husband is really daring! How could he throw away his underpants here?” After saying that, Lin Yu freed his hand to put his pants into his pocket, then carried firewood into the kitchen. He took advantage of the cooking fire to throw the pants directly into the fire and burned it.

Tang Feng, who remembered his commemorative underpants the next day, simply wandered about the backyard several times, “Who stole my underpants!!!!!!!! ”

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