Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Feeling the weight coming from the back basket, Lin Yu, thinking that his husband could eat a few more meals different from the days of medicinal porridge, his heart was also extremely happy. Money can be slowly earned, health is the most important thing. His husband drinks medicinal porridge every day, although it nourishes the body, in the end it is not a solid thing, and it is also good to eat more wheat flour.

“What have you bought?”

After Tang Amo finished talking with the other person, he saw Lin Yu come out of the noodle shop and had a guess in his heart.

“Husband likes white millet pancakes, so I bought some for him.” Lin Yu said.

Tang Amo’s face was full of smiles, he really had found Tang Feng a very considerate wife. 

“You have spent a lot there, how much was it? Amo will give it back to you.” Tang Amo was unwilling to spend his private savings.

Lin Yu dodged him, “No need, my saving is also my husband’s saving.”

Tang Amo was both happy and helpless, “Okay, what else do you want to buy, let us take a look.” He thought that one day, when he had enough money in hand, he would bring back some clothes to make a whole body of clothes for Lin Yu. 

Walking to the stall selling pork, Tang Amo thought about Lin Yu, who had not eaten a decent meat at their house. He gritted his teeth, then spent 20 copper coins to buy 2 catties of first rate meat. 

Tang Amo and Lin Yu also walked home. Anyway, there was no hurry to go home, the things they bought weren’t many, there were also people on the road as companions. Without a cart they could still save some transportation fee. 

“Amo, third uncle is in front.”

As soon as he entered the village, Lin Yu swept his eyes to a familiar back and said to Tang Amo.

Tang Amo raised his head to look, it definitely is! “Third brother!”

Third Uncle Guo was carrying a bag, he turned his head at the sound, “Second brother, Xiao Yu.” 

“Third uncle.”

Lin Yu called out.

“You came at the right time, I bought some meat today. I will make you a delicious meal at noon.” Tang Ahmo looked at his brother with a smile and said,

Third Uncle Guo laughed, “Then I won’t be in a hurry to leave.”

“Father, Ah Feng, third uncle is here.”

Tang Amo pushed open the courtyard door and said to Father Tang, who was still weaving bamboo baskets under the eaves.

“Hey, come in quickly. I was just thinking of when you will arrive.”

Father Tang packed up the bamboo basket that was only half completed in his hand and put it aside. He conveniently drew a stool and placed it next to him, so that Third Uncle Guo could sit down.

“There was some delay this morning, so I came a little late, just in time for lunch.” Third Uncle Guo laughed.

“Third uncle is here.”

Tang Feng, who had returned from the Li family, had not yet reached the courtyard door when he heard the voice of Third Uncle Guo inside.

“You’re back. Here are a few books that I used when I took the Xiucai examination. Although they’re old, I have made a lot of annotations in it, which is also very helpful to you when you take the Xiucai exam.” Third Uncle Guo handed the bag in his hand to Tang Feng and said.

Tang Feng took it and sincerely thanked him, “Thank you third uncle.”

“There is no need to be polite. Where did you come from?”Third Uncle Guo smelled the smell of herbs coming from Tang Feng’s body and asked.

Father Tang smiled, “He is learning medicine with Li Langzhong in our village these days, so the smell of herbs inevitably leave some smell on his body” 

“So that’s it!”

Third Uncle Guo gently patted Tang Feng’s shoulder and praised, “But also pay attention to your body. The Xiucai exam this year will begin in March. If necessary, you can put the medicine class aside, after all, they only have one exam every three years. It’s better to not regret it.”

Tang Feng nodded.

“I know what’s appropriate in this matter, third uncle, you sit down for a while, I will go put the books away and come back to chit chat with you.”

“Good.” Third Uncle Guo sat on a stool. Lin Yu brought a bowl of hot tea, Third Uncle Guo took it and thanked him.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo were busy making lunch.

“This kid is also a good one.” Third Uncle Guo looked at Lin Yu’s departing back and said to Father Tang next to him.

Father Tang smiled and nodded, “It is because our Ah Feng is blessed.” 

The twice-cooked pork that Lin Yu made at noon today can be described as full of color and flavor. Everyone who ate it was about to swallow their tongues.

Of course, among this crowd, please automatically ignore the Tang Feng who is nibbling on the pancake and drinking his medicinal porridge.

After eating, Third Uncle Guo did not stay long before he went back, since he had something to do at home in the afternoon.

Lin Yu packed up the tablewares, and said to Tang Feng, who was practicing Tai Chi in the courtyard, “I’ll go back to my home for a trip.”

“Okay, say hello to Father-in-law and others on my behalf.” Tang Feng said.

Lin Yu nodded and walked towards the Lin family, but on the way he was stopped by a thin and shy Ger.

“Lin Yu.”

Lin Yu called out, “Wu De? ”

Wu De saw Lin Yu remembered himself and he happily smiled, revealing two rows of millet teeth.

Wu De was a pitiful person, his name when he was a child was not called Wu De. Because his Amo had an affair with a man outside of the village, he was left home alone to follow his violent tempered Father and was changed to Wu De by his Father. “Wu De = No Virtue”, Father Wu always remember the humiliation that Wu De Amo brought to himself in Wu De’s name.

Moreover, after Wu De’s Amo left, Father Wu married another widow. His step mother couldn’t look favorably on him, Father Wu also didn’t care about Wu De. The children of the families inside the village who knew of this matter were all shouted at by their elders to stop playing with Wu De. Thus, Wu De developed his inferiority and shy nature.

The Lin family was a foreigner, and they’re neighbors with the Wu family. When Lin Yu came to the village, there was no Ger who was willing to communicate with him, so the two people crossed paths regularly and slowly became friends.

“This one’s for you.”

Wu De pulled out a blue handkerchief inside the patched clothes, embroidered with a pair of water mandarin ducks.

“This is a wedding gift for you, your marriage was too urgent, this is all I have…,” Wu De’s face turned red, he said this with embarrassment, “If you don’t disdain it then take it.” 

Lin Yu took the handkerchief, “Thank you.”

Wu De saw that Lin Yu had accepted it, he was full of joy, “Then I will go first, I have to go and bring back some pig grass.” 


Lin Yu looked at Wu De’s thin back and rubbed the handkerchief in his hand.

Lin Wen was handling the fur of his prey at home. These things when packed up could be sold for some money in town.

“Where is Amo and others?”

As soon as Lin Wen heard this voice, he looked up excitedly, “Elder brother! ”

“Why are you so excited?” Lin Yu touched Lin Wen lovingly in front of him.

“I missed you!”

Lin Wen acted somewhat spoiled while hugging Lin Yu. Ever since he discovered the secret “adultery” between his eldest brother and Tang Feng, how could he see Lin Zhuang as pleasing to the eyes now? He was afraid that Lin Yu would realize it and get sad so he didn’t dare to disclose it.

Lin Wen didn’t have to mention how uncomfortable it was in his heart.

Lin Yu saw that Lin Wen was the only one in the house, so he asked again, “Where is Amo and the others?”

“Amo went to the field. Father and eldest brother went up the mountain to collect firewood.” Lin Wen obediently replied.

“I came back to take two chickens out.” Lin Yu had just raised more than a dozen chickens when he got married, but no one in the Lin family liked to eat chicken except him.

“How can two be enough! I’ll pick six of your strongest chicks and you can bring them back.” Lin Wen said bitterly. He can’t follow Lin Yu to the Tang family at any time, but with these chickens to accompany second brother, he was also very satisfied.

Lin Yu, who had always known that his family doesn’t like to eat chickens, and does not like to take care of chickens, Lin Yu wasn’t polite. Lin Amo had long wanted to dispose of these big sized chickens, so Lin Yu packed the six chickens back.

“You tell Amo that I came around when he’s back. I will go back first.”

Lin Yu patted Lin Wen’s head and said.

“Okay.” Lin Wen nodded reluctantly, “Elder brother.”


Lin Wen only felt that he himself was in pain. Why did this happen to his second brother, “If Tang Feng is not good for you, don’t put up with it! If you need to fight, just fight!” 

Lin Yu sighed helplessly, “Why did you call him that? He’s your second brother-in-law. I will go now.”

“Elder brother, take care.”

As soon as Lin Wen heard Lin Yu’s protective words, he felt even more stifled.

Lin Yu returned home, then cleaned up the chicken coop well. He put in the six chickens who were screaming because of the unfamiliar environment.

Tang Feng heard the movement outside and came out of the hall, “Did you bring it back from Father-in-law house?”

“Yes, my Father and the others don’t like to eat chicken. These are what I’ve raised before I got married.” Lin Yu said after getting some fresh water for the chicken coop.

“They’re robust, it’s been hard on you.” Tang Feng rubbed Lin Yu’s palm.

Lin Yu smiled, “Are you studying now?”

Tang Feng remembered the book that Third Uncle Guo had brought over, and nodded, “Yeah.” The difficulty is not great, the focus is on how to echo the policies of the imperial court which are full of novelty.

However, this was really not difficult for Tang Feng. Taking a Xiucai exam this time, Tang Feng has a ninety percent certainty of gaining the name of Xiucai. Becoming a Xiucai, he will get 5 taels of silverstone per year then the family’s livelihood won’t be too tense by then.

“Then you take a break before continuing. I’ll pour you a bowl of water.” Lin Yu gently withdrew his hand and poured water for Tang Feng.

Tang Feng looked at the right hand that had lost its warmth and shook his head with some pity. He thought that he could take the opportunity to eat some of his wife’s tofu. 

Knock knock knock…..

Tang Feng looked at the courtyard door and found that it was fastened so he stepped forward and opened the door.

“Hu Qiang?”

Outside the door was Hu Qiang, who had come to look for Tang Feng this morning.

“Tang Feng…”

As soon as Hu Qiang saw Tang Feng, he immediately cried out with a sad face.

“What’s wrong with you? Quickly come in, Wife, Hu Qiang is here!”

Tang Feng shouted toward the kitchen.

“Let’s go into the hall.” Tang Feng said.

Hu Qiang nodded, dispiritedly followed Tang Feng. Lin Yu brought two bowls of water over.

“I’ve troubled you.” Hu Qiang smiled at Lin Yu, who shook his head and went out.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so sad?” Tang Feng took a sip of water and asked.

“Alas, it’s my Amo who made a fuss. I don’t even dare to go home now.” Hu Qiang clutched his head and said rather irritably.

It turned out that after Hu Amo and Tang Amo had finished discussing, he had called all the Ger nephews from his parents’ house to come visit their homes. There were five or six of them in total!

Just listening to the buzzing sound that could be heard from time to time at home, Hu Qiang was extremely annoyed. Unfortunately, those Gers like to follow behind Hu Qiang. One day or two, he still could endure but it happened for seven to eight days already. Hu Qiang can no longer bear it.

He hid from home, wanting to talk to Tang Feng about the mood in his heart, and also find a quiet place to hide. 

“Those people are your cousins, and you’re still afraid of them?” Tang Feng didn’t think there was anything terrible about this.

Hu Qiang almost felt that he was going crazy, “I haven’t seen Wen Qing for several days, and I am at home every day with a bunch of Gers. I’m annoyed to death now.”

Tang Feng raised an eyebrow, he really didn’t know what was worthwhile with that ladylike face Wen Qing, to have Hu Qiang feeling such strong attachments for. He can’t compare to even a fingernail of his wife! 

“You really can’t let go of him to that extent? Then you might as well have your Amo find a matchmaker to visit and sound out their opinion then.” Save your unresigned heart. Tang Feng knew Wen Qing from the memory of the original owner. With a noble and virtuous face, he had always thought he was the male lead and had to achieve meteoric success in whatever he did, whatever the case he wouldn’t take fancy to the village’s man.

How could Hu Qiang haven’t thought about that, but he was afraid of being rejected, so his little thought ceased to exist. 

“Woah, are you reading a book?” Hu Qiang watched Tang Feng pick up the book and began to read.

“I just read it in my free time, cultivating this kind of nature is good.” Tang Feng simply replied.

“Alas, do you think that if I learn to read as well, will Wen Qing look at me more because of this?” Hu Qiang was somewhat obsessed with his own imagination.

Tang Feng glanced up at the daydream-like smile on Hu Qiang’s face. He didn’t break the other party’s imagination.

Because Tang Feng was reading, Hu Qiang did not bother him much. He was ready to go to Wu Zhu to hide from the limelight.

“Eh? Where are these chickens from?! They’re robust!” As soon as Tang Amo returned home, he was attracted by the sound of chickens that he had not heard for a long time.

“It was my wife, he brought it back from Father-in-law’s house,” Tang Feng replied.

Tang Amo was surprised, “Why did he bring back so many?”

“Not many, my Father and others don’t like to eat chicken.” Lin Yu went to the courtyard to gather his clothes. When he heard this, he replied.

Knock knock knock….

“Is anyone here? I am Lin Zhuang.”A silly, sturdy and tough voice came into the courtyard of the Tang family.

“Eh, it’s your eldest brother in-law!”

Tang Amo hurried to open the courtyard door, only to see Lin Zhuang carrying four big hens on his back and a big rooster in his hand, outside the courtyard door.

“This is?”

Tang Amo was stunned by the things on Lin Zhuang’s body.

Lin Zhuang smiled, “My Amo and others told me to bring all the chickens in our house here. Our family doesn’t like to eat them so it’s better to send them over to supplement second brother-in-law’s body.”

“How could this be?”

Tang Feng did not expect that the Lin family would bring the remaining chickens in the family here, “Even if you don’t like to eat it, you can take it to town to sell for some money.”

Lin Zhuang stepped into the courtyard and put all the chickens in his hand into the Tang’s chicken coop.

“My Father said that others spend money to buy them to eat, so it is better to give them to you to supplement your body.”

Tang Feng tilted his head, how did these words sound so familiar?

The author has something to say: One day, when Tang Feng was reading a book, he suddenly fell asleep.

He had a dream that his wife had transmigrated to modern time and was surrounded by a large group of love struck girls.

He couldn’t squeeze in no matter what.

“Motherf*cker! That’s my wife! Take away your obscene hands!!!”

His wife blinked his eyes and looked at himself, who wanted to squeeze in but was often squeezed out. He gently pushed away the troublesome love struck fools.

“Do you want to take me home?”

Tang Feng immediately nodded. Of course, you are my wife!

His wife showed him an intoxicating smile.

“Sir, it is close to the Spring Festival. Our store implements Jiu Kuai Jiu, shipping include~”

Note: Jiu Kuai Jiu: advertisement on discounted baby products.

Tang Feng was immediately petrified.

“Wh, what?”

Only to see his wife used the perfect lip shape that he had tasted previously to spit out that sentence again,

“Jiu Kuai Jiu, shipping included, dear~”

“Whah!” With a cry, Tang Feng woke up and touched the cold sweat that came out of his forehead, “Wtf, what kind of strange dream is this?! ”

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