Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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“Take it, they don’t like to eat it, this is what I want to sell for some money to feed.”

Lin Yu helped Lin Zhuang put the chicken in. There was a hen, so it can lay eggs, and when the time comes, the family can use it to supplement the body.

“Then I’ll go back first. I have to go bring back a lot of firewood today, tidy it up so it will be useful in winter.”

Lin Zhuang said while putting the basket on his back.

“Stay for a meal first before you go.” Tang Amo urged.

“Yeah, it won’t take long. Eat a meal first before you go.” Tang Feng also invited.

Lin Zhuang thought about his second brother’s craftsmanship and swallowed involuntarily, but when he thought of his own Amo’s instructions, he still shook his head and left.

“This child is really good and very sincere,” Tang Amo saw Lin Zhuang off and sighed, “He hasn’t looked for a matchmaker yet?”

Lin Yu nodded.

“Eldest brother has a simple and honest nature. Amo said that he wants to find a shrewd person to assist him.”

Tang Amo nodded with deep feeling, “Parents always want the best for their children. Anyway, he’s still young so he could just take it slowly.”

Didn’t he just find a well-matched wife for Tang Feng?

At dinner in the evening, Tang Amo smiled and mentioned that the Lin family had sent chickens over. Father Tang shook his head with a smile, “Lao Lin is just a person that makes people can’t guess what he thinks. There are many chickens, I will make a strong and rough fence to surround it tomorrow.” 

Tang Feng took a bite of the crisp white pancake. When he heard Tang Father’s words, he lowered his head to take a sip of the medicinal porridge. He secretly said, how could his Father-in-law really make people unable to see through him. In his opinion, in addition to his normal honest wife, he’s afraid this Lin family was without a brain that could be understood by mortals.

After eating and resting for an hour, Tang Feng went back to the room and took a pack of herbs and added it to the bathtub. Wormwood had a kind of aromatic substance, which can activate the blood circulation, smoothen qi and blood, chase the moist cold, stop bleeding, and improve sleep with the effect of warming the menstrual.

After a simple wash outside the basin, Tang Feng slipped into the bathtub.

When Tang Feng returned to the room after washing, Lin Yu was scattering his long hair that had just been washed on his shoulders, tilting his head to gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

Tang Feng stepped forward and gently took the dry cloth to wipe it for Lin Yu.

“You’ve done a lot of things everyday, it’s been hard on you.”

Lin Yu looked at the figures of the two people reflected in the bronze mirror and shook his head slightly, “This is our home.”

Tang Feng smiled, the movements of his hands were gentle as if he was afraid of hurting Lin Yu even a little bit. He must have done something good in his previous life to have such a good person sent into his current life. 

After wiping his hair dry, Lin Yu went out and hung the somewhat wet cloth on the rope on the eaves.

When Tang Feng took off his outer clothes in the room to prepare to rest, he found that Lin Yu’s outer clothes accidentally slipped onto the ground so he reached out and picked it up, who would have expected a handkerchief to fall out of his pocket.

Tang Feng picked it up and looked at it, this was not his wife’s embroidery work. Lin Yu’s embroidery was exquisite, the mandarin duck on this handkerchief was both long and fat. At a glance, Tang Feng even thought it was a duck.

Who gave this to his wife? Could it be the Lin family’s Ger? Tang Feng thought about it for a moment, but still stuffed it into Lin Yu’s pocket. He put the clothes of the two on the cabinet, pulled open the quilt and laid down.

Lin Yu closed the door, got into bed, and turned off the lights.

Tang Feng remembered the handkerchief and his heart was entangled for a day. He was afraid that someone was eyeing his wife, so he held Lin Yu’s hand and asked gently.

“When I put the clothes away earlier, I saw a handkerchief embroidered with ducks. Your embroidery is not so rough, was it given to you by your younger Ger brother?”

Lin Yu squeezed Tang Feng’s hand.

“What ducks, it’s a pair of Mandarin ducks, a wedding gift that Wu De gave us.”

“Wu De?!”

Tang Feng almost got up, but he was afraid that his wife would be oversensitive so he desperately pressed it down. “I haven’t heard of his name before.” It sounded like a man’s name, but which man would send his own embroidered handkerchief as a gift?

Lin Yu remembered the thin figure, the timid smile. He sighed and said something about Wu De to Tang Feng.

After Tang Feng listened, generally speaking, isn’t this Wu De the poor little girl in the countryside!

Note: the tale about a girl being abused and lonely after losing her mother.

However, in general, such people have some dark side in their hearts. His wife was kindhearted, he couldn’t outcast someone without knowing.

Tang Feng thought while hugging Lin Yu’s body tightly, “Everyone has their own fate. Those who can help in the future will help a little, every family has its problems. We should try not to participate in too many unnecessary things in the family.”

“Amo also said the same thing. I understand. Let’s sleep. It’s late now.” Lin Yu replied.

Holding Tang Feng, he warmed Tang Feng’s body with his own body.

Tang Feng kissed Lin Yu’s cheek and felt each other’s body temperature. It didn’t take long for the two to fall into a deep sleep.

A few days later, Lin Yu looked at the firewood in the backyard. There wasn’t much firewood that hadn’t been burned so he took a machete, rope, and a large back basket, ready to chop up some firewood to prepare for the cold winter.

Tang Feng was studying medicine in the Li’s house at this time, Lin Yu was alone at home. It was still early today. Lin Yu pondered the delay of the round trip. Thinking that it would not delay the time to cook, he locked the courtyard door and went out.

When he was about to leave the village, Lin Yu was directly met with a Ger who was wearing clothes made of slightly better materials than ordinary peasant families with an extremely elegant pretty face.

This is Wen Qing, the “village flower” of the village. He was also the dream lover in the hearts of Hu Qiang and many unmarried men.

Lin Yu and Wen Qing had no communication, they had never even spoken a word to each other before.

Just as the two were passing by, Wen Qing’s body suddenly tilted towards Lin Yu’s side, and Lin Yu reflexively supported Wen Qing, “Are you okay?”

Lin Yu’s slightly sexy magnetic voice made Wen Qing, who was suffering from foot pain, stunned. Although he could guess that this was the foreign Ger as soon as he looked at Lin Yu’s figure, this voice made Wen Qing’s heart move. Lin Yu’s voice was the same as that person in his dream.

“My foot twisted.”

Wen Qing lightly frowned his delicate brow, looked at Lin Yu with a bright eye and said softly. The main parts of his body also moved towards Lin Yu’s body.

Lin Yu, this person doesn’t have much intelligence. Seeing that Wen Qing looked like he was really in pain, he put down his back basket and squatted his tall body down before saying to Wen Qing, “Come up, I’ll carry you home.”

Wen Qing looked down for a moment and said softly, “Then I will have to trouble you.”

Finally, he leaned his body, which was much thinner than Lin Yu’s body over Lin Yu’s body,

Lin Yu held the back basket in one hand, while gently clasping Wen Qing’s thigh with the other. Following the directions that Wen Qing gave, he sent Wen Qing back to the Wen house. 

The Wen’s courtyard door was closed. Lin Yu put Wen Qing down, ready to knock on the door, when Wen Qing smiled and stopped him, “There is no one at home, I will open it myself.” 

With that, he tiptoed up and opened the courtyard door, “Come in and sit for a while.”

Lin Yu looked at the back basket in his hand, thinking about his plan before going out. He subconsciously shook his head, his work was not finished yet!

Who would have known that when Wen Qing saw Lin Yu like this, he cried out in pain. Lin Yu was startled, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Qing turned his ankle slightly, revealing a pitiful smile at Lin Yu, “Perhaps I’ve sprained my ankle.” 

Lin Yu saw that he was behaving like this, so he stood at the entrance of the courtyard again. His heart could not bear it, so he put his back basket at the entrance of the courtyard and helped Wen Qing into the house.

Wen Qing smelled Lin Yu’s refreshing smell that was without rouge, he was somewhat absent-minded. It would be good if this person wasn’t a Ger. Unfortunately………

Wen Qing felt disappointed. His mood was gloomy. After he sat down, he thanked Lin Yu who was deeply worried about the firefood in his heart. Lin Yu quickly left the Wen house and went to the hillside on the east side of the village to chop firewood.

“Second brother! Over here! ”

Lin Yu heard Lin Zhuang’s voice from the distance. He raised his head and looked up. It turned out that Lin Zhuang was chopping firewood with Father Lin. 

“You came just in time, I cut two more pieces of wood, which can’t be picked up so you can just carry it on your back directly. Otherwise, if we put it here without someone looking it will be picked up by others later.”

After Father Lin said this, he took the machete in his hand and cut the wood into section by section. Lin Zhuang helped to pile it together. Lin Yu put down the back basket, took out the rope and began to tie it up.

With this opportunity, Lin Yu also saved a lot of effort. When he returned to the Tang house carrying a large stack of firewood on his back, the Tang husband and wife had just returned.

“Aiya, why did you carry such a heavy thing on your back! Aren’t you afraid of having lower back strain! Tang Feng’s Father, come here and loosen your son’s shoulders.” This is the first time that Tang Amo saw Lin Yu carry such a heavy thing on his back, he was deeply afraid that he would have lower back strain. 

Father Tang hurried out of the hall when he heard this. Once he saw what was on Lin Yu’s back, he clicked his tongue. This wasn’t something a Ger could be capable of doing casually. 

“No need, I can do it.”

Lin Yu was afraid of bumping it into Father Tang when he put it down, so he went directly to an empty place, squatted down, and directly put the back basket containing firewood on his body directly on the ground.

“You really! Going alone to carry so much firewood even without a companion, tell us a word first before going out in the future. Not to mention having someone to look after you, but the work could be done much faster too.” Tang Amo saw the sweat on Lin Yu’s forehead and his mouth couldn’t stop talking.

Lin Yu and Father Tang placed the firewood in the courtyard one by one. It was not completely dry, so it had to be dried under the sun for a few days. After splitting, they piled it in the firewood storeroom and waited for it to be used during the winter.

“Yes, I understand.”

Lin Yu took the fresh water that Tang Amo had brought, then washed his hands with Father Tang. Lin Yu looked at the time, and estimated that Tang Feng was about to return. He wiped the sweat on his forehead, and prepared to go into the kitchen to cook.

“You don’t need to cook lunch today, Amo will do it.”

Tang Amo let Lin Yu rest for a while. He rolled up his sleeves to prepare for cooking. How could Lin Yu let Tang Amo cook by himself, so he kept following Tang Amo to help.

Father Tang looked at the firewood in the courtyard and quickly put firewood on his back. He stroked his beard, he really didn’t know how to describe the mood in his heart at this moment.

As soon as Tang Feng returned, he saw the firewood placed in the courtyard.

“This is what your wife had carried alone, all on his back at once.” Father Tang walked over to Tang Feng and said the words one by one, including, “One person, carried it all at once,” and deliberately emphasized.

Tang Feng blinked his eyes a few times. Sure enough, his husband was a rare strong man!

At lunchtime, Tang Feng saw the dishes on the table and knew that it was not his own “strong man” wife who was in charge of the kitchen. Along the way, Tang Feng, who saw Tang Amo energetically picking vegetables for Lin Yu, he completely relaxed his heart. The Tang husband and wife completely accepted Lin Yu, his good wife already. This is the acceptance of the relationship without Tang Feng’s help.

In the afternoon, when Tang Feng was pondering the contents of the book in the hall, Hu Qiang came to visit again.

This time, his face was completely ashen.

“You know what? This morning, someone saw Wen Qing twisted his feet and was carried back to the Wen house by a tall man.” The voice was so soft it could make people cry, but unfortunately, the person he was talking to was Tang Feng.

“Which man in our village heroically rescued a damsel in distress?”

“What heroic rescue of a damsel in distress?! This is simply taking advantage of that to shoot his shot!  It’s a pity that little brother didn’t see the man’s face clearly, otherwise we wouldn’t have let go of the boy!” Hu Qiang clenched his fists and said viciously.

“It’s really looting from a burning house.” and shoot his shot, that’s also right.

Note: take advantage of Wen Qing’s sprained ankle to be intimate with Wen Qing.

Tang Feng couldn’t help but shake his head, “You guys haven’t  discovered your enemy’s face yet but are already angry like this, I really don’t know what kind of demon you have.” 

Hu Qiang’s face turned red and he was embarrassed for half a day, “He’s good-looking.”

Tang Feng suppressed the impulse to roll his eyes before he continued to bury his head in the book. There were many places in this book that were marked by Third Uncle Guo. It didn’t look difficult, but Tang Feng liked to read such books, it also made him feel a kind of pleasure.

The dim sunlight passed through the windows, landed on Tang Feng’s body, making his already fair and beautiful face more gentle and beautiful. The jade-like fingers that were on the book, stained him with a bit of a scholar aura.

This made Hu Qiang, who was sitting on the side, suddenly feel that this Tang Feng was really on par with Wen Qing, except for the little red mole between his eyebrows.

“Go look at your Wen Qing.” Tang Feng said, a little annoyed.

Hu Qiang was awakened by this. He shook his head vigorously, his face turned red, then he hurriedly said goodbye. When he was outside of the Tang family courtyard doorway, Hu Qiang gave himself a big slap on his face!

What did you think about! It must be because he often heard that boy, Wu Zhu talk about Tang Feng’s appearance, which led him astray! This won’t do, he has to find that boy to settle the account! He really had lost a lot of face! What a shame! Hu Qiang devotedly rushed to the Wu house.

Back in the hall, Tang Feng’s eyes were gloomy. He hated three kinds of people the most, one was people who had any ideas about his wife. The second was people who don’t love cleanliness! The third was people who were in a daze at his face!

“Husband, drink some hot water.” Lin Yu came to the hall with a bowl of water.

The gloom in Tang Feng’s eyes immediately dissipated. He smiled at Lin Yu, “I’m about to be spoiled and become a kid by you.”

“Husband, what are you saying? Quickly drink it. It’s a little cold these days, drink more hot water to warm up.” Tang Feng’s body was already a little cold, so in addition to warming up Tang Feng at night, Lin Yu often prepared hot water during the day for Tang Feng to drink more to get rid of the cold in his body.

Tang Feng lowered his head and blew before taking a sip.

Lin Yu sat on the side while looking at him, “The hen laid two eggs today. I will steam them for you to try in the evening.”

Tang Feng raised his head, “Just let me try one, you guys can eat the other one.” 

Lin Yu thought about it. In any case, the hen will lay eggs every day, so there isn’t any problem with this. Lin Yu agreed. Lin Yu thought that there were many people, but there was only one egg so he was afraid it can’t be divided much. So he found some tender vegetables and used that one egg to make a big bowl of soup, the amount was just right.

“Oh right, I think the pickled cabbage we made a few days ago is ready now. I will go take a bit out to try.” Tang Feng remembered the kimchi he had made that day, so he took the bowl and went to the storeroom.

“I will hold the light for you.” At this time, the sky was a little dark, Lin Yu lit an oil lamp, and followed Tang Feng.

Tang Feng had just opened a jar of kimchi when the mouth-watering sour taste came from the air. Tang Feng, who picked a bowl of pickled cabbage, did not forget to say to Lin Yu next to him, “You have to remember that the chopsticks that used to pick the cabbage must not have any oil or grease, otherwise it will spoil everything in the jar.”

Lin Yu listened and nodded cautiously.

Back on the table, Tang Feng asked everyone to taste it, “See if it is to your liking, so I can improve.” 

Tang Amo picked a piece and put it into his mouth. His brow frowned because of the sourness, but, “Although the taste is sour, I think it’s better than salted vegetable!” 

Father Tang praised, Lin Yu actually ate several in one bite, “I don’t think it’s sour.” 

The chopsticks did not stop between words, this is the first time that Tang’s husband and wife had seen Lin Yu like the same dish so much.

Tang Feng’s heart moved, his eyes shone brightly, “You don’t think it’s sour?” 

Carefully tasting the pickled cabbage in his mouth, Lin Yu nodded seriously, “Not sour, I think it’s just right, very delicious.” After saying that, he stretched out another chopstick.

When Tang Amo heard him say this, he thought he had tasted it wrong so he picked another piece to try, “Ow, it’s sour! ”

Contrarily, Lin Yu still ate with relish, the Tang’s husband and wife saw this and their mouthes couldn’t help but unconsciously flood with sourness.

Tang Feng trembled, he stretched out his hand and looked at Lin Yu, “Wife, let me check your pulse.”

Lin Yu stopped moving, and without hesitation, he extended his hand toward Tang Feng. He thought that Tang Feng had learned something new from the Li’s house and wanted to try it.

Tang Feng pressed the excitement in his heart and gently placed his hand on Lin Yu’s wrist.

After a moment, Tang Feng looked at the three people who had been staring at him with a flushed face.

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