Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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“I just learned how to check a pulse today so I’m somewhat excited to try. I’ve made a fool out of myself.”

Tang Feng said to the three people with a red face.

“I say, you suddenly got right to it. So how was it? How’s Xiao Yu’s health?” Tang Amo asked with a smile.

Tang Feng casually held Lin Yu’s hand and suppressed the disappointment and shame in his heart, “Very good, his pulse is strong and powerful, his body is very healthy.” He had lost a lot of face. He saw Lin Yu liking to eat a lot of kimchi, so he thought his wife was pregnany! 

“Then give us both a try!” Tang Amo couldn’t wait to roll up his sleeves and reach out in front of Tang Feng. Father Tang on the side also began to roll up his sleeves.

Therefore, Tang Feng who was smiling on the surface but had a destroyed heart withdrew the hand that held Lin Yu and felt the excited Tang Amo.

But once he felt his pulse, Tang Feng’s face was a little solemn.

When Tang Amo gave birth in his younger days, he almost lost both his life and Tang Feng. Therefore, he fell into many incompletely cured illnesses. His pulse was a bit fast and a bit slow, a bit rapid, a bit sluggish, very unsteady, “Open your mouth and let me see your tongue.” Tang Feng frowned and said.

Looking at Tang Feng’s serious appearance, Tang’s husband and wife looked at each other and smiled. Tang Amo obediently opened his mouth.

After half a day later, Tang Feng withdrew his hand, making Tang Amo close his mouth. Feeble pulse, lacking strength in the cavity, mind, qi and blood riddled with illness, and lots of sweat.

This organ’s function was weak, reducing responsiveness to disease. Because the qi was not enough to push the blood to move, there wasn’t enough blood to fill the veins, so the pulse of the body was empty, and weak.

It can be distinguished as qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency and yang deficiency.

Moreover, Tang Amo’s most vital thing was qi deficiency and blood deficiency. Although this doesn’t sound like a big deal and Tang Amo has been looking good on the surface for so many years, however, in fact, the internal weakness was very significant. If it is delayed without being discovered for a few more years, then this body will accumulate all the incompletely incurable diseases together. It can’t be guaranteed that something big won’t happen by then.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Yu saw that Tang Feng’s face was slightly heavy, so he couldn’t help asking.

Tang Feng looked up at Tang Amo and Father Tang who were waiting for his reply.

He suddenly unfolded a smile, “It’s okay, Amo’s body is good. You just need to pay attention everyday to not get too tired. It is also suitable to move around too much. I have just learned some knowledge, if Amo trusts me, I will find some good herbs from master to supplement your body. It undoubtedly will make your body healthier.”

When Tang Amo heard this, his smile went from ear to ear. Father Tang also nodded his head in satisfaction, “That’s good. Amo will try my son’s medical skills.” 

This was said as casually as trying Tang Feng’s cooking skills, which showed how much Tang Amo trusted Tang Feng.

Tang Feng couldn’t say it out to make Tang Amo feel a burden in his heart, this thing was the same as his current body situation. It’s important to slowly nurse the body. From tomorrow onward, Tang Feng will boil some Guipi, Bazhen and other herbs that tonify qi and blood to supplement Tang Amo.

“Father, I will give you a check.”

Father Tang couldn’t wait to hold out his hand. Tang Feng put his hand on it.

“Very good, there is no problem with Father’s body. You are just a bit thin and weak, you will be fine after eating a bit more.” Tang Feng said while withdrawing his hand wittily.

Father Tang laughed when he heard this, “I actually have this kind of body. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I look thin but my flesh is strong! In our family, the person who should eat more is you. As long as your body is in good health, we don’t have anything to worry about anymore.”

“That’s right!”

Tang Amo agreed, and Lin Yu on the side also nodded as he chewed the kimchi.

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu’s big appetite and remembered his own fantasy guess, his face was a little red.

At night, Tang Feng wrapped his arms around Lin Yu, who was already asleep. He was still as before without a bit of sleepiness. It is said that the Gers here are very different from women. He just saw Lin Yu eat a lot of sour things so he associated it to the characteristics of a pregnant woman, which was his mistake.

After coming here for such a long time, Tang Feng really hadn’t understood what symptoms Gers would have when they get pregnant. The memory of the original owner was even more lacking.

So the next day Tang Feng took this question with him and respectfully asked Uncle Li, who was mixing the medicine.

Uncle Li listened and let out a muffled laugh, “It seems that you already want to be a Father.”

Tang Feng smiled warmly, it was undeniable that he really wanted to have a child with Lin Yu, no, if he could, he wanted a few of them.

When Uncle Li saw him like that, he did not make too much fun of him. Rather he gave out the signs of Ger’s pregnancy one by one in detail. 

Until Tang Feng returned home with the herbs he had taken for Tang Amo, he was still digesting what Uncle Li said.

“Tired?” Lin Yu just finished washing his clothes, when he saw that Tang Feng was somewhat in a daze.

Tang Feng looked at the blood-red mole in Lin Yumei’s middle of his eyebrow and shook his head.

It is easy for people to know if a Ger is pregnant. Moreover, the first to discover this would be the Ger himself. 

When there are early pregnancy signs, the red mole in the eyebrow will be warm. Thereupon, the red mole will become more and more colorful. Until the second month of pregnancy, the red mole in the eyebrow will slowly deepen to a deep red color. When the child is born, the red mole will return to its original appearance.

Therefore, in this era, if there is a Ger who is unmarried but pregnant, the red mole in the middle of the eyebrow will be exposed. Perhaps for this reason, the folk customs here are more upright, and there were fewer things that went astray here.

And after the Ger is pregnant, it is unlikely to have the saying in which a woman who likes to eat sour food during pregnancy will have a boy and if she likes to eat spicy she will have a girl. There’s only an increase in appetite.

Tang Feng remembered his own stupid look yesterday, he wanted to cover his face. He was a traditional Chinese doctor! A traditional Chinese doctor! What kind of motherf*king traditional Chinese medicine doctor is this!

“Go and rest for a while.”

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng fixedly, a little worried.

Tang Feng stood up, reached out and touched Lin Yu’s eyebrows. When he tried to tiptoe up and kiss the other party’s eyebrows, he found that his height had actually reached Lin Yu’s eyes!

He, he grew taller!!

Tang Feng was excited, he grew taller! This! This! He’ll be able to unlock more new positions!

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng, who suddenly became excited. He reached out and touched his forehead, there was no fever.

“Cough, Father and mother, they’re not home?”

Tang Feng also found that his mood was too excited, so he coughed quickly, looking down to cover up the various little yellow books floating in his head.

Note: porn.

“Father went to see the fish pond in the village today, are you really all right?” Lin Yu was still worried.

Tang Feng held Lin Yu’s hand, “I’m fine. It’s already November, it’s time to open a fish pond.” 

There are three large fish ponds in the village. The newly hatched fish will be put in during spring, and the fish ponds will begin to open around November in winter. The villagers who could get down will go down to the ponds. The fat fishes caught would be divided by the number of people in the family which is considered as one of the biggest and liveliest gatherings in the village.

At noon, Father Tang came back to eat with a happy face.

“This year’s fishes are big! Very big, enough for the villagers to eat a good meal. ”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a fish pond being opened in the village.” Lin Yu and his family only entered Xiao Qingshan Village in February this year to settle down, and indeed never participated in before.

“Then you have to go and join in the fun. The fish pond in the south of the village used to be opened by us Amo and Gers, this year the two of us can have the limelight!”

Tang Amo’s confidence has greatly increased. His son’s wife’s strength, who in this village could compare to him! 

“Then you have to work harder, don’t be defeated by us men again.” Father Tang raised an eyebrow and said disapprovingly.

“Just you wait! Don’t be ashamed of what you’re talking about now when that time comes!” Tang Amo can’t admit defeat the most.

Father Tang took a bite of the dish and smiled at Lin Yu and Tang Feng, “Your Amo says this to me every year when we open the fish ponds, but he has never been successful every year. It was rather pitiful.”

“Tang Zheng!!”

Tang Amo roared angrily, causing the people at the table to laugh incessantly.

When going down to the fish pond, everyone wears several layers of a kind of cloth to prevent muddy water. They are not worried about whether they will get wet and fall ill. Tang Feng squinted, how can he get down the fish pond next year?

“Will it be open tomorrow?” Tang Feng asked.

“Yeah, we, the men, will go to the north of the village while Gers and Amos will go to the south of the village. Children will go to play at the west of the village. When they play enough, we will go wind it up just like in the previous years. It will be settled in 5 days.”

These five days will also include the distribution of fishes, as well as the fish feast in the whole village. It will be arranged on the dam in the village, the field where the grain is dried during the harvest. All the chefs are good at cooking fish.

After eating in the afternoon, Father Tang went to the ancestral hall.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Fellow countrymen! Go to the ancestral hall! The village chief wants to talk about opening a fish pond! Fellow countrymen……… ”

“Open the fish pond! Gou Dan! This year I’m going to compete with you!” A 8-9 year old child said to another child a head taller than him resolutely.

“Bah! With your smaller body!? It will be easy~” The child called Gou Dan scowled back at him, causing him to chase him madly. There was a burst of fighting sounds.

Tang Feng sat in the courtyard, holding a book in his hand, and heard the sound of the village gong. Across the courtyard wall, he could feel the joyous noises of the village. There was no work in the field these days, so they could only impatiently wait for the fish pond to be opened to taste the fishy taste.

“You’re still reading a book! Tang Feng, will you go to the ancestral hall?”

Wu Zhu revealed his head from the door of the courtyard and asked Tang Feng with a smile.

“I’m not going, I will cheer for you tomorrow.” Tang Feng stood up and said. These days in order to open the fish pond, Uncle Li came to say that Tang Feng did not have to come in the morning in these five days, his old bones was also going to join in the fun.

“Okay! Then you wear more clothes!” Wu Zhu said a wordy line before he went to the ancestral hall. Last year, the original body also went to join in the fun. As a result, he went home with a minor illness.

Tang Feng turned the book in his hand. After walking around the courtyard a few times, he put down the book and went to the kitchen to start boiling medicine for Tang Amo.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo both went to the ancestral hall, so Tang Feng was alone in the house.

After washing his hands, cleaning the medicine pot, picking the herbs soaked in water in advance into the pot, adding a little water to drown it a bit, then lighting the fire in the stove, he started the first round of boiling.

After a quarter of an hour, Tang Feng poured the cooked liquid medicine out leaving only the residue inside the pot. Then he continued to use boiled water to soak the freshly cooked residue. This time the water was not too much, to not drown the herb residue.

Then simmer over low heat for 5 minutes after the water boils. Pour it out a second time, leaving the residue in the pot.

The third soaking, the method of boiling is the same as the second time, except that the color of the liquid medicine poured out this time will be significantly weakened

After the third boiling, the residue filtered out is basically useless and can be dumped.

Mix the solution and divide it into two parts.

Tang Feng mixed the three boiled medicine liquid together then divided them into two parts which would need to be taken twice in the morning and evening.

He hasn’t boiled chinese medicine in a long time, so smelling the smell of medicine all over the room, Tang Feng inexplicably reminisced about it, his occupational disease has come.

After putting down the medicinal liquid, Tang Feng opened the door of the kitchen and let the wind flow in, just to disperse the smell.

When Lin Yu returned, he opened the courtyard door and could smell the residual smell.

“Boiling medicine? Why didn’t you wait for me to come back? ”

Tang Feng looked up from the book, “What’s this, Amo and Father, they didn’t come back?” 

Lin Yu touched the clothes in the courtyard that had been put to dry in the morning. They were still a little wet, “They’re with Wu Amo, they went to see the fish pond.”

Looking at the sky, it was a little cloudy, “Hopefully, it doesn’t rain these days. Otherwise it will be troublesome to open a fish pond.”

In order to open the fish pond the next day, the Tang family slept very early. Before going to bed, Tang Feng let Tang Amo drink the hot medicinal juice.

When Tang Amo finished drinking the medicine. he lay down on bed with Father Tang, feeling that his whole body was full of energy, “I had the first prescription my son prescribed and the first medicine that he had boiled.” 

The words brought out a hint of complacent taste, making Father Tang twitch his eyebrows.

“So what? This is not an excuse that you can use to counterattack us in opening a fish pond this year!” 

Tang Amo’s good mood was choked by Father Tang. The hand under the quilt slid onto Father Tang’s arm and viciously pinched it!


“Huh?” Lin Yu sat up and listened, “Is it Father’s voice?”

Tang Feng grabbed him, “Sleep, it’s nothing.”  Don’t pay much attention to the cries of this night.

Lin Yu obviously understood Tang Feng’s meaning. The roots of his ears turned red and he shrunk into the bed.

The next day the village was very lively. Everyone who could get down to the pond went down. There were some small children and old people on the shore.

Tang Feng walked back and forth between the three ponds. He finally stopped at the fish pond on the south side of the village, that was because Tang Amo and Lin Yu were there, and Lin Amo was there.

This pond was the battlefield of the Gers. The pond in the north has not yet been opened, so the men were all terribly occupied with something. There was only one young man on the shore which was Tang Feng, all alone. 

“En, then i’ll go back first.”

Tang Feng glanced at the group of Gers and Amos in the pond who were looking at him. This was indeed somewhat awkward. So after he finished talking to Lin Yu and the others he somewhat escaped and left.

“Why has Ah Feng gone away? Come back! Come down here and help us catch fish!” A middle-aged Amo shouted at Tang Feng’s back.

“There really is nothing to say. This Tang Feng’s appearance was even prettier than my family Ger!” This Amo bowed his head and muttered to the person next to him.

“Exactly, but his wife is not much worse than a man.” The person next to him took a look at the tall Lin Yu who grabbed one fish with one shot and laughed up his sleeve.

“What are you saying! Catch the fish!” Lin Amo directly threw the three-catty fish in his hand to that person. That person was caught off guard, so it was thrown to his face.

Humph! Thought that he came from the outside and that he’s easy to bully!? They unexpectedly talked about his family Ger in front of his eyes, this is simply challenging his patience! Lin Amo bent down and grabbed a few more in a row. He threw it directly at the person just now even without looking at him.

“Look! Why can’t I seem to catch it!”

Amo, who ate another mouthful of fish: …………………

At the end of the first day, it was still the men in the north who finished opening the fish pond and came to help the Gers to finish in the south. As for the children in the west, they will go to tidy it up tomorrow. 

The fish caught were placed in a large area of water of the ancestral hall, with people guarding it at night.

The consequence of catching fish was that the fishy smell on the body was heavy. Tang Feng knew this, so he estimated the time that Lin Yu was about to return to heat two pots of hot water.

Three people and two pots were not enough, Tang Feng heated another pot, letting them wash altogether at once.

“You guys don’t have to go to the pond in the west tomorrow. Us, men on this side could finish it quicker.” Father Tang said to Lin Yu and Tang Amo, who were eating.

“Yes yes yes. You guys are fast! Fast! Okay, don’t think I don’t know what you mean.” This year they were won by the men in the north. Tang Amo was not in a very good mood.

“Good, I heard you guys are doing much faster this time though?” Tang Feng used his chopstick to pick something for Tang Amo before changing the topic and asked. 

“That’s true,” Tang Amo became energetic. “You don’t know, this is all thanks to our Amo in-law and Xiao Yu. Tsk, that speed, it’s because you didn’t see that’s why you don’t know.”

Tang Feng turned his head to look at Lin Yu and smiled softly, “It turns out that the reason why my wife is so powerful is because of my mother in-law.”

Lin Yu clipped a handful of chopsticks of kimchi and said, “Amo’s strength is not as strong as me, but he’s powerful in all other aspects. Oh, and I don’t cook as good as him.”

After eating, Tang Feng also boiled hot water to wash his foot before going back to the room to let Lin Yu climb on the bed.

“I will give you a back and leg massage.”

When eating, Tang Feng saw Lin Yu twisting his neck from time to time. It seemed that he was a little uncomfortable.

Lin Yu did not refuse, but only instructed Tang Feng to drape the quilt on his body to prevent the cold.

Tang Feng rubbed his hands, then put them on Lin Yu’s shoulder after it was warmed up. He massaged him, it was indeed a little stiff. Could it be he has a stiff neck after sleeping?

Lin Yu enjoyed Tang Feng’s service, squinting his eyes like a cheetah, lethargically relaxed.

“Next year, when I can get down to the pond in the north to open the fish pond, I will make sure to earn you glory.”

The confused Lin Yu heard Tang Feng say this in his sleep. He wanted to reply, no need for him to fight for glory, as long as he was in good health, he will not ask for anything else but he was really sleepy, in the end, he did not know whether he said it out loud or not.

The author has something to say: At night, Tang Feng laid down in the bed under the quilt, waiting anxiously for Lin Yu, who was still bathing.

He’s grown taller and can unlock more positions, so happy!!

When Lin Yu returned to the room after taking a shower, he looked at Tang Feng’s shiny little eyes.


Tang Feng stared directly at Lin Yu’s provoking figure, and his eyes were full of salivation.

“Husband.” Lin Yu stood by the bed and looked at Tang Feng.

“Yes?” Tang Feng forced himself to look up at his wife.

“I feel like I see a fake you talking.” Lin Yu said solemnly.

Tang Feng was instantly petrified, “What, what do you mean?” ” Could it be that his wife knew that he transmigrated through?!

“Because you talk too coyly, I can’t stand it.”

Lin Yu pulled up his sleeve and showed the goosebumps in one hand in front of Tang Feng.

Tang Feng looked at the hand with a small knot in front of him with this expression ‘囧’. Suddenly his brain was short-circuited, he pouted and blew for Lin Yu.


Lin Yu: ……………………

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