Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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Tang Feng had not massaged for a quarter of an hour yet, and Lin Yu was already asleep.

He carefully turned his wife over before pulling on the quilt to cover the two of them. Tang Feng looked at the sleeping Lin Yu, stretched out his hand to carefully touch the other party’s eyebrows. He dropped a kiss full of love. He turned off the lights, and hugged Lin Yu’s warm body to sleep.

Lin Yu woke up in the morning and felt that his legs were a little sore. He walked back and forth in the pond yesterday, which was very laborious, it was no wonder that his legs were sore.

“You’re awake. Come up and have breakfast.”

Tang Feng opened the door, revealed a pretty face to look at Lin Yu on the bed and said.

“Why did my husband wake up so early?” Or did he wake up late?!

Lin Yu hurriedly stood up, picked up the clothes next to the pillow and began to wear them. He didn’t know what time it was.

“No rush, Amo and Father haven’t gotten up yet. I woke up early today, you guys were tired enough yesterday, so I made you breakfast, but it isn’t as good as yours.” Tang Feng saw Lin Yu dress in a panic and quickly explained.

Who would have imagined that when Lin Yu heard Tang Feng had cooked, he even felt that he was not a good wife. Not to mention, his husband was busy with studying medicine but he unexpectedly went to cook which should have been his duty. It seems that he has to get up earlier in the future, Lin Yu secretly decided.

Tang Feng boiled a pot of porridge, cut the kimchi into strips, and added a little salt and chili pepper to it, which was the most straightforward way to eat porridge.

Lin Yu ate the most because he especially liked the taste of kimchi.

“I think I can take this thing to sell in town.” Tang Feng saw that the people on the table had almost finished eating, so he pointed to the kimchi bowl that had reached the bottom and said.

Tang’s husband and wife’s eyes lit up. Lin Yu was also stunned.

“This thing is indeed better to eat than salted vegetables. It’s also good when eaten with rice. But no one has eaten it, this……” Tang Amo worried that it would be of no interest to anyone.

“Someone has eaten it,” Tang Feng smiled lightly, “We have eaten it, and we can deliberately put out a bowl for those who want to buy it to taste it if it’s to their liking or not. Will we be afraid that no one will buy it like this?”

Father Tang stroked his hand and praised, “I think this is a good idea, you can try it.”

“Then we’ll have to buy a few more jars back home.” Lin Yu thought that since he wanted to sell, five jars would not be enough.

Tang Feng shook his head, “No, it’s enough, because after the contents of a jar are finished we can directly use the water of that jar to put fresh vegetables into it. You can eat it in two days at the earliest, so five jars are enough.”

As soon as these words came out, both Tang’s husband and wife and Lin Yu were shocked.

“Can we do it like this? Then this is completely pure profit!” Tang Amo couldn’t believe it.

“Of course, so I want to take five jars to town to sell at a time. Bringing a small stool, a bowl, a pair of chopsticks, and that will do.” Tang Feng said.

A jar can contain about ten catties of kimchi excluding the water.

Father Tang was full of approval, “But for the price, what is your plan?”

“We can earn complete profit from this. It could also be a peasant family’s snack. A copper coin per catty. We can discuss this again after making the shop sign.”

Tang Feng had already thought about it.

“Wouldn’t it be too cheap?” Tang Amo was a little distressed.

“It’s because it’s cheap, so people will buy it.” Lin Yu said.

Tang Feng nodded and looked at everyone.

“Yes, a jar has about ten catties after removing water. Five jars are fifty catties, if it can be sold out, it will be fifty copper coins. Going to town once every three days can save time for work at home. We can also take advantage of these three days to make new pickled cabbages.”

Fifty copper coins! When Lin Yu listened, he could almost buy two catties of wheat flour for his husband to eat!

Fifty copper coins! Tang Amo was joyful. It can bring back several catties of pork back home! 

Fifty copper coins! Father Tang was shocked, it would be dozens of bamboo baskets he had woven!

Father Tang’s blood boiled when he heard it, and he directly knocked on the table determined, “Okay! That’s it! I will clean up the family cart so we can use it to push the jars over. ”

The Tang family did not have a donkey cart or ox cart, only a trolley. When harvesting crops, they relied on this cart to drag grain back.

The day of going to the market is once every three days to not delay the work at home, nor abandon the time making kimchi. That is if it’s not sold out, there will still be good prospects. 

However, at present, the village has opened a fish pond in the past few days. The Tang family can’t depart for the town even if they want to, so they have to wait until these few days to pass before bringing it up again.

Today, Father Tang and Tang Amo went to the fish pond in the west to see. Most of the half-grown children in the village went to open it yesterday, so they had to go help wrap it up. 

Tang Amo went out to enjoy the liveliness. Tang Feng felt that the weather was good, so he pulled Lin Yu to stroll around the village.

Most of the people in the village went to the fish pond in the west to see the liveliness, so there were not many pedestrians on the road. There were only Tang Feng and Lin Yu wandering on the road.

“Many people in the village have gone to see the fish pond, should we also go?” Lin Yu remembered when he went to sleep yesterday, Tang Feng said that next time he would definitely be able to open a fish pond with the men in the village. Obviously he wanted to go.

Tang Feng stared at the vegetable field on the side of the road and shook his head, “There are many people, I can’t help even if I go. It’s also not satisfying to just look around. If you want to go, let’s stop by and take a look.” “He somewhat had mysophobia, therefore he avoided the place with a lot of people as much as possible. 

But if Lin Yu wanted to go, he would naturally accompany him.

“No, I…”

“Lin Yu!”

A timid voice interrupted Lin Yu’s words.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu turned around to see Wu De, who was carrying a basket of pig grass on his back, standing at the roadside not far from them, watching them.

Seeing Tang Feng beside Lin Yu, Wu De’s face was stunned. He rarely saw Tang Feng, thus he couldn’t have imagined that Tang Feng was so beautiful.

“He’s Wu De?” Tang Feng asked in a low voice. Although the person was petite, his eyes were pure. Seeing him come to interrupt and greet them like this, he doesn’t look like a bad person after all.

Lin Yu nodded, looking at the pig grass on Wu De’s back, “Why didn’t you go to see the fish pond?”

Wu De’s eyes darkened a little, “There are many jobs at home. I can take a look at it next time.” In fact, he has not seen the fish pond being opened for a long time. Every time he went secretly, he would subconsciously avoid standing together with the Gers in the village. Afterall, his Amo’s affair that year was a great shame.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu glanced at each other, not knowing what to say.

Wu De smiled, “I’ll go back first, let’s talk when we have time.”

As he spoke, he waved to Tang Feng and Lin Yu before slowly leaving the sideroad with a back basket larger than him on his back.

Tang Feng was trying to say a few words to Lin Yu, but he turned his head to find the loneliness in Lin Yu’s eyes. He knew in his heart that his wife must have thought of himself.

The reason why the Lin family moved to Xiao Qingshan Village, the villagers all speculated about it. The reason was not directly revealed, but most people thought that it was because there was an “ugly” Ger in the family, so they had no choice but to move.

Tang Feng had never asked about the reason why his family had moved, because none of that mattered to him, what mattered was that Lin Yu was now his wife, and that was enough.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu continued to wander around the village.

Along the way, Tang Feng looked at the houses in the village all the way.

Every household here, whether it was a large tile house or a thatched house, had a yard plus a courtyard wall. If the ground was large enough, it can open a backyard to put firewood or make a small field to plant some vegetables.

There were fewer large tile houses in the village, accounting for less than a quarter. The rest were basically thatched houses or solitary stone houses.

The fields were well organized. What should be loose was loose, what should be planted was planted without wasting anything. This was the place where the farmers were most capable of, they would not abandon even a little bit of land.

After all, land and grain was the livelihood of the farmers.

Woof! Woof!

Tang Feng turned his ear sideways and heard a burst of dog barking from a house not far away.

“Want to raise one?”

Lin Yu asked.

Tang Feng’s eyes lit up as he looked at his wife, “Can I?” 

“Of course you can.”

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng being like this, he somewhat wanted to pull his ears.

When they walked to the door of that house’s courtyard, Tang Feng looked at the little dirty dog that was at the foot of the courtyard door staring at them vicariously. 

“Cough, I think it’s still too early to raise one.”

Tang Feng said to Lin Yu with a “I am very serious” expression.


Lin Yu was naturally focused on Tang Feng.

“Ah, are you guys here looking for me?”

A loud and familiar voice appeared in Tang Feng and Lin Yu’s ears.

Wu Zhu carried a cloth full of mud and looked at Tang Feng and Lin Yu standing at the door of his courtyard with a big face and asked.

Tang Feng looked at Wu Zhu’s body and suddenly felt that the reason why that little milky dog was dirty was also forgivable.

“You went to help open the fish pond?”

Tang Feng saw that his pants were pulled up, his bare feet were on the ground, and his straw shoes were also lifted in his hands, one would know at one glance that he went down to the pond.

“Humph!” Wu Zhu was angry at the thought, “I was suddenly pushed down by Liu Pangzi! Let’s go in and talk. ”

Saying that, he opened the courtyard door and went in. The puppy at the foot of the door lovingly rubbed Wu Zhu’s mud legs, not hating the dirt on the other party at all.

“Let’s go in. We don’t have anything to do anyway.”

Tang Feng dragged Lin Yu into the Wu house. The Wu house was a wooden house with three main rooms and a side room. 

The yard was not as big as the Tang house’s, but it wasn’t particularly bad either.

Wu Zhu washed his face and feet in the courtyard, as he moved two stools and handed them to Tang Feng and Lin Yu. He himself also picked one to sit down with the puppy laying down at his feet.

“That Liu Pangzi is getting more and more arrogant. I was standing very far away from him, but he still ran over and kicked me down. Not to mention causing me to eat a mouthful of mud, I also lost face in front of the villagers!”

Wu Zhu now thought about it and felt that the earthy taste in his mouth had not yet disappeared. He couldn’t help but spit out several times.

Tang Feng who saw this simply wanted to cover his eyes. Not once did he see Wu Zhu without having such an impulse.

“Is Liu Pangzi the second eldest of Liu Laosan’s family?” Lin Yu asked.

Liu Laosan was the best carpenter in the village. The large wardrobe in Tang Feng’s room was what Liu Laosan was asked to make too.

Liu Laosan’s eldest Ger had already been married. Liu Pangzi was also the only son of the Liu family. The Liu family was thoughtless, and usually spoiled him to the extreme therefore bringing about Liu Pangzi;s chaotic behaviours. 

Wu Zhu’s face was full of displeasure.

“Exactly! That’s him! You guys don’t know, but today Wenqing was watching on the shore!” 

Remembering the scene when Wenqing, who was perfect in his heart, stood on the shore of the pond and watched his disgrace, Wu Zhu’s heart was full of murderous intention for Liu Pangzi! 

Tang Feng had been staring at the small dirty ball that was obediently crawling next to Wu Zhu. When he heard Wu Zhu’s panting with rage speech he really couldn’t comprehend. 

“If he pushes you down, isn’t he afraid that Wenqing won’t have a good impression of him?”

“Husband, Liu Pangzi has a fiancée.” Lin Yu explained.

“That’s right! His Father and Amo arranged his marriage when he was young. Even if he doesn’t want to, he still has to get married obediently!”

Wu Zhu remembered that Liu Pangzi liked Wen Qing but could not justly and honorably pursue him. His heart understood the situation a lot more. 

Turns out it’s like this, Tang Feng nodded, “It’s not early anymore, let’s go back.”

Tang Feng and Lin Yu stood up and prepared to go home. When Tang Feng walked to the door of the courtyard, he still couldn’t help but turn back to Wu Zhu, who was waving at them.

“You, if you don’t think it’s a bother, give that little thing a bath too.”

Lin Yu understood that it’s not that his husband did not want to keep a dog, but he did not want to raise a dirty dog.

Wu Zhu waited after Tang Feng and Lin Yu left. The mentioned puppy barked at himself, full of confusion, “Why should it be washed? Dogs should be dirty to look good. Isn’t that right, Xiao Hei?” 

Note: xiao hei is little black.

The original white-haired little “black dog” made a few noises towards its owner.

Master, woof likes to be as dirty as you.

In the afternoon, all three fish ponds opened.

But from time to time, people come to the door in the Courtyard of the Tang house to “make report”.

Every year there are newborn children born in the village. Besides the report made to the village chief for handling the registry for residence and registration in town, there was nothing else to do. In the past, there weren’t many families coming to deal with things which couldn’t be remembered clearly. But every year there are newborns. Tang Father can’t remember which people in the village have increased in recent years and which have not.

Therefore, after opening a fish pond every year, in order to get the fish that meets the share of their own population, every household in the village will consciously report the number of people in their family to the Tang’s house. 

The person sitting in the courtyard this year to count was Tang Feng.

With a desk, a piece of charcoal, and a stack of small wooden bamboo blocks, it became Tang Feng’s “office”.

“Liu Laosan, five people in the family.” A plate-faced Amo sitting in front of Tang Feng smiled and said.

As soon as Tang Feng heard Liu Laosan, he looked up at Liu Amo.


With a capable man, the wife of the house is naturally not too bad, they just had to spoil their child.

Soon after, he used charcoal to write a few beautiful traditional Chinese characters in good handwriting down on a clean piece of bamboo.

Several villagers who followed behind looked at Tang Feng’s handwriting. Although they did not recognize it, they felt that the writing was very powerful.

“It’s a really well written word.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I think it’s even more upright than what lord Xiucai of the Wen family wrote.” A thin old man glanced at Wen Amo on the other side and whispered to the person next to him.

Wen Amo’s eyelids trembled, a trace of disdain flashed under his eyes. He said lazily to Tang Feng, “Really can’t judge someone by their appearance, how come I haven’t heard that you have also gone to school?” 

Tang Feng smiled, gently and politely raised his head and said softly, “I have been staying at home for a long time. So in order to pass time, I also practiced in accordance with the books that my third uncle gave me to pass time.” 

Tang Feng had long expected this, so he directly said his body was in a bad state and could only look and practice writing characters by himself as an excuse to achieve his own good writing skill.

Someone had just given him such an opportunity, how could he miss it?

As soon as these words came out, the eyes that these people had looking at him once again became pitiful. 

Wen Amo’s face also eased up a lot. He patted the non-existent dirt ash on his body, before turning his head and leaving.

So what if he can write well, dragging a sick body like this will get him nowhere. He even married such a wife, what is there to compare with his own family’s Wenshu. 

After seeing that Wen’s wife was gone, the others were not interested. They called out to Tang Feng before leavinnng one after another, leaving the Laomo* who had just spoken to Tang Feng: “Don’t pay attention to him, I see that you have the ability. You have not yet reached the end of this life, the winner and loser is still a mystery!” 

Laomo: old amo or grand amo, I will just call it Mo when there is a name in front like Guo Mo.

Tang Feng didn’t expect that what this Laomo said was actually so stylish.

“Thank you Laomo.”

Tang Amo, who happened to be returning from beating Zhu Cao, heard Tang Feng’s address and said, “You forgot? This is your Wang Laomo, his husband is the previous generation Xiucai in our village!” 

Turned out it’s like this, no wonder he spoke differently from other villagers. Tang Feng stood up and respectfully bowed in salute to Wang Laomo.

“My memory is not good, I’m really sorry.”

Wang Laomo waved his hand repeatedly, the wrinkles on his face could not be covered.

“This can’t be blamed on you. You don’t move around often so it’s normal to not remember clearly. Practice well, this year’s New Year’s couplet for our family I will have to find you to write it for us.”

Wang Laomo said to Tang Amo, who had put down his back basket, “My husband is already old. His hand already starts to shake when he writes so I have to trouble your family’s Tang Feng for this.”

Tang Amo was still a little speechless, until the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of Tang Feng’s hand tapping on the small bamboo piece with the writing on it, when he suddenly realized.

Before Tang Feng had mentioned to himself that he had practiced writing characters according to his third uncle’s book, Tang Amo played along with Tang Feng back then but unexpectedly this wife of the Lord Wang Xiucai family actually fancied the word that his Ah Feng wrote. Tang Amo was delighted from the bottom of his heart.

“You’re too kind, when the time comes, don’t hesitate to come.” Tang Amo smiled and waved his hand at Wang Laomo, who left seamlessly.

After Wang Laomo left, Tang Amo hurried to Tang Feng’s table and picked up a stack of wooden blocks he had written. He was full of surprise once he looked at it.

“This, this is simply like your third uncle’s words!”

Tang Feng smiled, he simply imitated Third Uncle Guo’s handwriting. Otherwise if he really wrote out his own calligraphic style, won’t he be suspected by others?

“My good son! Why didn’t you show me before? You even said it won’t be good and it would hurt my eyes.”

Tang Amo remembered Tang Feng’s words before and felt that he was prevaricating but there was no dissatisfaction under his eyes, after all, Tang Feng had grown up, he should be happy. 

“Isn’t this me giving you a nice surprise? You see, when I came out this afternoon, who in this village said anything about me being a useless sickly person?” Tang Feng took the opportunity to give Tang Amo a fierce medicine.

Tang Amo was happy that he laughed until tears came out of his eyes. 

The author has something to say:

One day, Tang Feng touched his fair and tender face, remembering his tough man-like male hormones in his previous life, his eyes flashed, and he had a little thought.

At this time, it was just at the time of summer. In order to achieve his “goal”, Tang Feng sat in the courtyard with a stool whenever the sun was at the highest point in the sky looking at the 40 degree sky. 

One day, two days, three days,……… then a week…


At night, a cry of pain came from Tang Feng and Lin Yu’s room.

“You really! Bathing under the sun when you’re free for what! It’s poisonous! Look at the sunburn on your face! ”

Lin Yu carefully rubbed the ointment for Tang Feng, who had a sunburned face, and said worriedly.

“……………” He just wanted to tan, who would have imagined, it burned off a layer of his skin! 

“Turn around, bow your head, I still have to rub your neck.”

Lin Yu said.

“Ao.” (sounds of wailing)

Tang Feng turned his back obediently with a bitter face, lowered his head to reveal a red-skinned neck.

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