Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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“It is true that there is the shadow of your third uncle’s calligraphy in it, but with a little bit of arrogance which is brought out of your heart. However, it doesn’t matter since you wrote it out very well. I don’t know how much stronger it is than mine, your Father!”

When Father Tang returned, he picked up the bamboo pieces written by Tang Feng and looked at them one by one, before making a concluding remark.

Father Tang was also literate. Although he was not a great talent, his mind and vision were higher than those of ordinary villagers.

Tang Feng hid the admiration in his eyes, and said to Father Tang with a slight joy on his face: “Perhap it is because I had seen a lot of third uncle’s handwriting that I had wanted to make a name for myself in this regard, so I had left out my heart’s intention like this.” 

Tang Feng’s expression looked as if he had found the way he should walk in the Tang’s husband and wife’s eyes. Moreover, he exposed his happy expression only after he had received his Amo and Father’s approval and affirmation.

“Good, good, good. Wife, bring me a small bowl of wine this evening. I am happy today! So it should be celebrated!”

Encountering a happy occasion on a normal day like this, Father Tang would pour wine a bit.

Father Tang said in a loud voice to Tang Amo, who was beside him.

“Okay, I’m going to let you have a good drink this time.” Tang Amo got up to get the wine, and Lin Yu, who was sitting next to Tang Feng, also stood up, “I will go to make a few side dishes to help liven things up for Father.”


Father Tang simply laughed without restraint. His son had finally matured a bit which already made him as his Father happy.

“By the way, tomorrow morning we will divide the fish and we will have a fish feast by the dam tomorrow at noon. If we don’t have anything to do, let’s just go have some fun. Since your body is slowly recovering, you should come into contact more with the villagers.” Father Tang looked at Tang Feng and said.

“That’s natural, I’m going to help my wife out.” Tang Feng replied before following Lin Yu to the kitchen.     

“Very happy?”

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu’s gentle expression and asked deliberately.

Lin Yu raised his eyes, full of joy, “Naturally, could it be that husband isn’t happy?”

Tang Feng tilted his head and thought, “I’m happy too, because I made you happy, so I am happy because you are happy.”

“Give me one baked wheat pancake. I’m this happy, wife, why don’t you break the rule like Amo for me once?” Tang Feng and Lin Yu went out to take a few rounds of walk today so their stomachs were a little hungrier than usual, so he deliberately started to tease him.

* breaking the rule here means letting him eat before the meal time like before putting it up on the dining table like Amo breaking his rule on letting Father Tang drink alcohol.

Lin Yu glanced at the immodest Tang Feng, “I’ll bake you two.” 

Tang Feng happily leaned over and kissed Lin Yu’s cheek, “Thank you wife for your trouble.”

The dinner table in the evening was naturally a piece of harmony, there was no need to mention it.

“Let me help make a fish feast too?” Tang Amo pointed to his nose and said.

After finishing dinner, they sat together to chat when Father Tang suddenly said to Tang Amo, asking him to help make a fish feast in the afternoon at the dam tomorrow.

After drinking some wine, Father Tang, whose face was a little red, nodded, “The manpower is not enough, plus there are only a few people who can make good fish so I will have to invite you to supervise it.”

Tang Amo said with a bitter face and a reluctant tone, “It’s not like you don’t know, I hate making fish the most.” 

“Hate making fish?” Tang Feng looked at Tang Amo’s bitter face and asked incomprehensibly.

“Husband, when making fish, not to mention the difficulty in getting rid of the fishy smell, it is easy to get your hands dirty when dealing with it. If the taste is not good, it will be gossipped by everyone.” Lin Yu explained the reason in Tang Amo’s stead.

“Rest assured, I don’t dare to let you go out and lose face, just play a supporting role and pass the things to let others do it and it would be fine. I won’t let you do it, the fish that you made, who can eat it?” Father Tang drank the wine so his courage grew big therefore he spat out these words directly in front of Tang Amo.

Tang Amo got mad until his face turned purple, signaling to Tang Feng and Lin Yu with a look. Tang Feng cleverly took Lin Yu back to the room, leaving Father Tang, who did not know the imminent catastrophe, still shaking his head and swaying his ears while criticizing.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu, who had not yet entered the door, heard the wailing of the head of the family head coming from the hall house.

“That’s why my Amo didn’t let my Father drink.” It’s not just because Father Tang’s capacity to hold the liquor is shallow, but he would say literally everything on his mind after he drank, not at all like the usual rigorous him.

Lin Yu touched his nose, not knowing what to say.

It was the next day at breakfast, Lin Yu looked at the face without a trace of scars, and who had resumed the normal day’s look of Father Tang with a strange look. Obviously the sound made last night was so loud, how could it be that he didn’t find any injury on him after a careful look? 

When Father Tang finished eating, he rushed to the ancestral hall to preside over the fish distribution. Tang Feng approached Lin Yu and explained in a low voice, “Father is the head of a village, and his face is to see people so, Amo had never hurt his face before.”

Lin Yu listened to Tang Feng’s words, looked at Father Tang, who slightly held his arm before leaving the kitchen, and nodded thoughtfully. Amo is indeed a person who had the capital to become the village chief’s wife, he even thought about this private household affairs very thoughtfully.

“Don’t follow suit.” Tang Feng saw Lin Yu looking at Tang Amo who was drinking porridge with a slight admiration, he hurriedly instructed in a low voice.

Lin Yu smiled and buried his head in the porridge. He just thought about it but he would hate to do this to Tang Feng.

This year’s fishes were very fat, it was already pleasing to the eyes just by looking at them.

The fish that the Tang family got was sent by Wu Zhu’s Father and son. Wu Zhu’s Father was a lean man with dark skin, and when he grinned, it revealed the teeth in his mouth particularly flashy.

They said a few words of gratitude and after the Wu family Father and son left, Lin Yu and Tang Feng dragged out the large wooden barrel used to hold fish in previous years, placed it next to the well, filled it with half-full water, and put more than twenty fat fish into it.

“It’s good, all in good spirits.” Lin Yu looked and after not finding any fish that was sick, he smiled.

Tang Feng stood in front of the wooden barrel, listening to the cheerful sound of the fish swimming in the barrel. Then when he smelt the fishy smell that spread out, his nose was provoked while his brows wrinkled.

“Now do you understand why Ah Mo doesn’t want to make fish?” Lin Yu couldn’t bear to see him like that, so he directly found a wooden board and put it on the bucket to cover it, which could avoid the debris from falling in, and also prevent the fish from bouncing out.

Changing the water every other day, this fish can be eaten for the New Year.

Tang Feng didn’t expect this fish to be so fishy, when he thought of a whole fish feast in the afternoon, his face couldn’t help but change.

“The fish feast in the afternoon, can we not go?” Tang Feng always felt that it was a good thing to be full of expectations for anything, but now he felt that this expectation exists but the good thing didn’t, he could only chuckle now.

Lin Yu looked at his face, without speaking for half a day, Tang Feng pursed his lips.

“Of course you can, because even if you go, you still can’t eat fish.” Just when Tang Feng began to imagine the various tastes of the fish feast, Lin Yu’s voice slowly came.

Tang Feng’s eyes lit up, this is good! He can just drink medicinal porridge! He loves to drink medicinal porridge! “You don’t have to make wheat pancakes at today’s dinner, I like to drink medicinal porridge.” Today’s medicinal porridge, he will drink it all with gratitude.

Therefore, relying on going but still unable to eat while looking at the name “glutton”, Tang Feng finally obtained the Tang’s husband and wife’s understanding. Letting him and Lin Yu make some food at home, they specifically instructed that if Lin Yu wanted to eat fish, he could directly take the fish they got to cook.

“I’ll make you fish to eat.”

Tang Feng said on a whim to Lin Yu, who was washing clothes at the well.

Lin Yu raised his head, looked at Tang Feng’s serious appearance, and nodded obediently, “Okay.” It’s good that his husband was happy, even if he didn’t feel like eating, he won’t say anything about it.     

Sauerkraut fish, this method can always get rid of the fishy smell! Tang Feng raised an eyebrow.

Tang Feng rolled up his sleeves, deliberately picked a fish of about three pounds with Lin Yu to clean. Then he cut the side of the fish, the head and the tail. The fish meat was sliced and the fish bone was chopped.

When cutting the fish meat, the knife was inclined downward, chopping down the fish with each drop of the knife which could cut a comparatively large slice of fish meat.

Lin Yu watched the skillful movements of Tang Feng’s hands on the side, “Do you often make fish? Your movements look very skillful.”

Tang Feng paused, “It can’t be considered like that. I watched how it was done in my childhood so that made me able to do it now.”  In fact, when he was in school, he sometimes used fish or rabbits and frogs as an experiment to get familiar with the techniques, and naturally he had remembered.

After separating the filets and four-piece fish heads properly, he then added salt, wine, and his own sweet potato flour. Tang Feng stirred them with chopsticks and put them aside.

There was ginger and garlic in the backyard, and Tang Feng went to pull some out. Lin Yu wanted to help, but was stopped by Tang Feng, “We’ve already said that I will make it for you, you can just help me watch over the firewood.”

Lin Yu saw that Tang Feng was so insistent, so he also obeyed his will and went to watch the firewood.

The farmer’s oil was relatively economical, but Tang Feng felt that he still needed some oil to cook the fish, so he directly dug up a large piece of oil and put it into the pot, and Lin Yu’s heart hurt to death upon seeing this.

After the oil melted, Tang Feng poured the cut ginger and garlic and the pickles and stir-fried them together.

It wasn’t until the stove room was filled with the smell of ingredients that Tang Feng added the fish head and fish bones, as well as a bit of wine specially taken out before stir-fried together.

The soup produced by this method will be even whiter and more fragrant.

When it was almost time, Tang Feng poured water inside, and let Lin Yu increase the fire.

After another quarter of an hour, Tang Feng put the remaining fish filets into the pot one by one, but did not stir them, otherwise the fish filets would not remain intact.

What one needed to pay particular attention to fish meat was the quality of meat being fresh and tender. After seeing the color of the fish filets in the pot was almost ready, Tang Feng directly took all the fish out.

“Come and have a taste.”

Tang Feng pulled out a pair of chopsticks and handed it to Lin Yu, who could not hide his surprise.

Lin Yu had never seen this kind of cooked fish before. It unexpectedly needed wine, not to mention needing to separate pots. All he knew about how to cook fish was to cut them into pieces and put them into a pot to boil. 

“Mm, delicious!”

Lin Yu simply and extremely loved this taste. He had always liked the taste of pickled vegetables, now not to mention the fishy smell in this fish was gone, the novelty in the taste that he had never tasted before also made him wholeheartedly convinced.

“Then eat more, I’ll get a bowl of rice for you, you must not move, we’ve agreed that I’ll make it for you.” Tang Feng pushed down Lin Yu, who wanted to get his own food. He brought the medicinal porridge for himself and Lin Yu’s rice.

With more than three pounds of fish, Lin Yu originally wanted to leave some for Tang husband and wife, but Tang Feng said that he would do it next time, so Lin Yu, who really couldn’t resist the temptation, ate it all.

Lin Yu did not let Tang Feng intervene in this matter of washing dishes, he ate too much today, so doing a bit of movement would let him go to sleep comfortably. 

When Father Tang and Tang Amo returned, it was already dark. Father Tang and the villagers drank wine, and as soon as they returned, Tang Amo cleaned up for him and went to sleep.

“Fortunately, you guys didn’t go today, sigh, that fish feast was even worse than last year. Go to bed, it’s not early anymore.”

After Tang Amo nagged Tang Feng and Lin Yu a few words, he drove them back to their room.

When Tang Feng and Lin Yu were lying on the bed, Lin Yu still pondered about the fish made by his husband.

“Since you like to eat, I’ll make it for you at any time in the future.” Tang Feng said as he touched Lin Yu’s straight nose bridge.

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