Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 20 Part 1

Chapter 20

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Tang Feng put on his clothes and saw Lin Yu at the door of the room looking at his face in surprise. He stretched out his hand and touched his face in confusion, “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face? ”

He just got up and hasn’t washed yet, maybe there was something on his face.

Lin Yu walked to Tang Feng’s side with an inexplicable complexion. He stretched out his warm hand and gently touched the large wound that had formed a red scab between Tang Feng’s eyebrows.

“This is?”

Tang Feng felt the position where Lin Yu let go, and chuckled, “It’s okay, I accidentally got injured by something when I handled the fish yesterday. I lost a little blood at that time, and didn’t feel anything after eating, don’t worry.”

Lin Yu looked at the chuckling Tang Feng, his skin was delicate and fair. Although his face was paler than ordinary people, his facial features were extremely upright and delicate, coupled with the red scab on the eyebrows from the injury last night, he looked dazzling. It was almost the same as the pregnant mole in the center of the Gers’ eyebrows, this kind of Tang Feng, made Lin Yu feel that the best-looking Ger, Wen Qing, in the village could not even match Tang Feng’s fingertip.

“What’s wrong? Are you attracted by your husband’s handsome face? ”

Tang Feng saw the slightly obsessive look in Lin Yu’s eyes, and his heart was enjoying it.

If others looked at him like this, Tang Feng would have been angry a long time ago, but it’s fine since his own husband liked to look.


Lin Yu listened to Tang Feng’s words, and unexpectedly did not dodge as usual, but responded straight away.


Tang Feng finally felt that something was wrong with Lin Yu’s reaction.

He turned his head and turned the copper mirror that Lin Yu usually used to tie his hair to himself. After having looked carefully, it turned out it was nothing serious, it was just a scab, “Oh, it formed a scab, but there is nothing serious. It will be fine when the scab comes off.”

Tang Feng did not discover that he looked more like a Ger than Lin Yu now, it was only a small scar in his eyes.

“Ahem, let’s go eat.”

Lin Yu turned his back on Tang Feng and cleared his throat covertly. He knew that his husband did not like it when others said that he looked like a Ger. But now with this appearance, if one was far away, it would be easy to make that mistake. However, since he himself hasn’t reacted then it won’t be anything good for Lin Yu to directly mention it. 

Moreover, they have to go to town to sell pickled cabbage today, which was a good occasion.

When washing his face, Tang Feng, afraid that he would accidentally remove the scab, he deliberately carefully avoided the place. Although he didn’t want others to say anything about his appearance, it didn’t mean that he could accept his own scarred appearance.

Father Tang had already cleaned the cart. A few wooden boards were specially added to it in case the jars bump into each other when the cart was being pushed. 

After he put the stools and jars on the cart, he was ready to wash his hand to start pushing the lime plaster when he saw Tang Feng put down the face wash handkerchief.

“Are you hurt?”

Father Tang looked at the small red scab in the middle of Tang Feng’s eyebrows, and swallowed the sentence, “Have you become a Ger?”

The Tang family knew that since Tang Feng married his wife, Lin Yu, he hated it the most when people said he looked like a Ger and that Lin Yu looked like a man.

“It’s okay, it formed a scab but it will be fine tomorrow, have you brought all the things?”

Tang Feng looked at the things on the cart and counted carefully so as not to realize later that they missed something after they pushed the cart to town already. 

Father Tang couldn’t help but glance at his “Ger” several times: “Don’t worry, I know it in my heart, you, do you want to go to town with Xiao Yu today?”

Because there was a family in the village where their old man died, Father Tang and Tang Amo had to help, so this matter of going to the town to sell pickled cabbage could only be left to Lin Yu alone. Tang Feng proposed last night that he would be at home with nothing to do anyway so he can go to town with Lin Yu and also pay a visit to Wang’s medicine shop to check his body along the way. 

Like this, the Tang family husband and wife naturally agreed. Xiao Qingshan Village was only half an hour away from the town at most, it would not be too laborious, besides, Tang Feng doesn’t want to walk, there are many donkey carts on the road, they’re not afraid he won’t be able to come back home.

Last night, Father Tang didn’t notice Tang Feng’s eyebrows, so he didn’t know that it would become like this. If Tang Feng went to town with a red scab like this, Father Tang was certain that something would happen, so he asked again.

“Naturally, I already said it last night so of course I’m gonna go.” Tang Feng mistook Father Tang’s expression as he was worried about his body, so he said, “Don’t worry, I know my body condition well, and it’s fine.” 

When Father Tang heard this and that his own son didn’t even mind this little accident at all, why should he keep dwelling on it.

“Then you have to be steady, if there is really something, don’t be reckless, Xiao Yu is here.”

Tang Feng nodded.

There were only three people at breakfast, Father Tang, Tang Feng and Lin Yu. Tang Amo left early and had already gone to the house of the person to help out.

“I’ll bring an umbrella.”

When they were about to go out, Lin Yu suddenly went back to the room and took the umbrella out to bring it with him.

Tang Feng looked at the sky, there were no dark clouds, so it shouldn’t rain, but since his own husband wanted to bring it then he can bring it.

“You sit down, I’ll push the cart and you together. It’s not early anymore, we have to hurry a bit.” Lin Yu stuffed the umbrella to Tang Feng and asked him to sit on the cart, ready to drive away.

Tang Feng was a little reluctant, but seeing that Lin Yu was indeed a little anxious, and it was not early anymore, he stepped up.

He was not heavy, plus Lin Yu’s strength was great, on the way until they arrived in town, Lin Yu only sweated a little.

The town was not big, but it was very lively. Most of the people who came and went were villagers wearing coarse clothes and linen. There were six villages around the town, but there was only one town, it was inevitable that there would be many people.

There were preys, chickens, vegetables, handmade wicker baskets and many more being sold on the street. On the higher floor, there were small family restaurants. It was already honorific to call them restaurants since they were just places for business people to rest their feets. 

Most stores were entered by pulling open one piece of slab after another directly, the old fashioned taste was rich here. 

“Let’s go there.”

Lin Yu pointed to a place where commoners sold vegetables.

Tang Feng got off the cart when he entered the town. He followed Lin Yu and pushed the cart beside an Amo selling chickens.

Placing the cart in the corner behind them, Tang Feng put the stools in front. Lin Yu took a jar and put it on the stool, and took out a pair of bowls and chopsticks.

“Yo, are you selling food?”

The Amo, who was selling chickens next to him, also looked like a friendly person. When he saw Lin Yu and Tang Feng even take out a bowl, he asked.

“Yes, how about you try a bite? A copper coin per catty. It’s very tasty when eaten with rice.” 

Tang Feng, who knew that Lin Yu had never spoken much, directly opened the jar and picked out a small bowl amount. He handed the chopsticks to that Amo, raised his head up and said with a smile. 

“A copper coin per catty?”

That Amo was shocked by this price. Seeing that Lin Yu and Tang Feng were not old, he thought in his heart that these youngsters must not know how to do business that’s why they’re giving out this nonsense, isn’t this just doing a losing business! 


“A copper coin per catty?”

“What is it? Let me see. ”

There were many people around, whether they were here to buy vegetables or sell vegetables, when they heard this price, they either raised their heads or came to Tang Feng’s stall to inquire.

“Folks, this is a snack food that our family has figured out by ourselves. It’s crisp and refreshing, appetizing and healthy. The elderly and children can eat, and it’s only a copper coin per catty. We have the dish for everyone to taste, you can have a taste, then you can say whether you want it or not.”

Saying that, Tang Feng put the bowl containing pickled cabbages in the front and let the onlookers taste it themselves

“Only one bowl can be tasted, we dare not give out more, please understand.” Tang Feng saw that some greedy people conveniently took a huge mouthful one after another, so he said this with a smile. 

This time, those who already had a taste were all beaming with smiles, while those who did not waited for others to speak about the taste. This was just a copper coin per catty, it’s already very cost-effective. 

“Oh, it’s so sour.”

“Sour is sour, but it’s really refreshing to eat.”

“I love to eat sour, come, Xiao Ger*, get me two pounds!”

Xiao Ger: just a friendly term to call the Ger by using Xiao in front. It could also mean little Ger. 

A skinny Amo carried a basket and said to Tang Feng.

Xiao Ger……………, Tang Feng’s eyebrows trembled, although he was a bit pretty, no one had directly recognized him as a Ger!

But he didn’t know that the scab on his eyebrows made the Amo, who didn’t look carefully, mistakenly think that he was a pretty and elegant Ger. 

Lin Yu lowered his head and pursed his lips and smiled. He gently pulled the stuffy Tang Feng to his side, and began to take out the scale and weigh it for the person who wanted to buy it.

There were really many people who wanted to buy, after a while, the dishes in the jar were gone. Tang Feng didn’t care much about it, he hurriedly carried the jar to the cart and took out the jar full of pickled cabbages.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Tang Feng and Lin Yu sold out all the pickled cabbages in the five jars on their cart.

Lin Yu weighed the bulging money bag with joy in his eyes, “I remember when I collected the money. We sold everything for a total of sixty copper coins. Amo said to buy some wheat flour back with this money.” 

Tang Feng put the stool back on the cart, “No need to buy white noodles, buy some meat back, this can be regarded as celebrating our first time going so smoothly like this.”

“Okay.” Then he can use the money from selling pickled cabbages to buy meat, and his own money to buy some wheat flour for his husband, Lin Yu thought secretly.  

“I will push the cart to Uncle Wu and ask him to keep watch, you just wait for me here.” Lin Yu grabbed the money bag and said.

Uncle Wu was also from the same village. There was a donkey cart at home, the family’s livelihood depended on the donkey cart to pull people, when there was no business, they waited in the town entrance. Usually when the villagers needed someone to watch over their stuff, they would ask Uncle Wu for it. 

“Then I’ll wait for you at Wang’s medicine shop, let’s stop by to examine the body.” Tang Feng pointed to the place where the word “medicine” was hung in front of the store not far away, and said to Lin Yu.


After Lin Yu finished speaking, he pushed the car and went to where Uncle Wu was.

Tang Feng patted the crease on his body and went to the Wang’s Medicine Shop.

The old doctor of the Wang family knew Tang Feng. It can be said that he was very familiar, because Tang Feng was sent to him for treatment only a few days after he was born.

“What’s in between your eyebrows?”

Old Doctor Wang asked Tang Feng to sit down, took his pulse, and looked at the scab in between his eyebrows.

“I was injured yesterday, it’s okay, it just formed a scab.” Tang Feng felt as if he had said this to different people several times.

Old Doctor Wang stroked his beard and smiled, this Tang Feng was already pretty, but this appearance, with a glace made him look like a prettier Ger than some Gers.

“Umm, your body is no longer in harm’s condition. You will be free from worry after some more recuperation.”

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