Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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That night, Tang Feng had a dream, dreaming that he had married the Ger of the Lin family according to his father and mother’s wishes. After all the ceremonies were completed, it was time for the wedding night. As a result………, he was pressed by a huge body………and crushed to death!!

Tang Feng abruptly opened his eyes, a thin layer of sweat appearing on his forehead.

What kind of dream was this!?

Tang Feng stroked his chest with palpitations, then he picked up the handkerchief placed on the bedside to wipe dry the sweat and lay down again. He had just agreed to get married, how could he have a nightmare already.

After tossing and turning a few times, Tang Feng could no longer feel sleepy.

He could only stare blankly while waiting for the dawn now…..

Although it was October now, there were still many people who were busy in the field. Farmers relied on their fields to live their lives, circling around it their lifetime, that’s how history survived. 

A tall and slender figure in the Lin family’s field was bending down to dig peanuts with a hoe. Because the other party was a little tall, the hoe appeared slightly smaller in the other party’s hand, but it did not affect the speed of his work at all.

One dig of hoe gave out two loose, he reached out and pulled the peanut spouts gently. Shook them twice, and after removing the excess sediment on them, they revealed a pile of full fat peanuts.

This year’s harvest was good and the money from selling these peanuts will not only allow them to save some, but it can also buy Ah Wen a new cotton padded jacket to wear for the New Year.

Lin Yu estimated in his heart the money the peanuts could bring this year on one hand while using the hoe to dig the ground on the other hand.

After estimating a big enough amount to carry on his back, Lin Yu stopped the action in his hand. He put the peanut sprouts on the side directly into a large back basket. After the peanuts were plucked, the peanut soft sprouts could be used to feed the piglets, while the old ones could be cut into fine slags to feed to a few chickens at home, so it won’t be wasted.

When Lin Yu put the things on his back, the villagers who were not far from Lin family field also began to stare at Lin Yu’s departing figure.

An Amo with a plump figure and a crude mole on his face retracted his gaze with envy and said to a young man next to him, “Look, look! This second Ger of the Lin family not to mention working hard, he is even much stronger than you! ”

With a bitter face, Wu Zhu begged for forgiveness from his own Amo: “Amo, if you still think I’m a man then stop destroying your son’s self esteem now.”

Wu Amo snorted, extremely disdainful. He did not give Wu Zhu a good look at all.

“You ah! Really have no blessing!”

Wu Zhu restrained his impulse to roll his eyes. Wu Amo had asked him to marry Lin Yu into the house, Wu Zhu was unwilling even if he had to die, so now Wu Amo said from time to time that he was not blessed.

“Yes, yes, I am not blessed, I am not blessed,” Wu Zhu muttered again, “Maybe no one in the village wants to have this blessing!”

Lin Yu’s figure was comparable to countless men, so who would be willing to marry him.

“That’s because you don’t have vision! You don’t know, Lin Yu is already engaged to Tang Feng! They will get married tomorrow! ”

Wu Amo threw down another heavy weight, making Wu Zhu dizzy. This is unbelievable! 

Today the weather was good, Tang Feng was sitting in the courtyard comfortably basking in the sun. He enjoyed the dim sunshine in autumn the most.

Father Tang went to an uncle’s house to discuss something, and Tang Amo went to the town to buy things to prepare for his marriage. So at this time, Tang Feng was the only one in the house.

After he finished talking with Father Tang last night, on the basis of “life saving grace” to restore his body to being healthy again and to not let Tang Feng have no offspring, he agreed to the marriage. Although he also wanted to choose his partner himself, since Father Tang and Tang Amo liked this Lin family Ger, he gave this idea up. Moreover, he is now a sickly person, it was already good enough that someone was willing to marry him.

Knock knock knock…

Knock knock knock…

An urgent knock on the door came madly from behind Tang Feng. Perhaps, feeling that the speed of the owner opening the door was too slow, the person knocking outside the courtyard door began to shout.

“Is anyone home? I’m Wu Zhu!! ”


Tang Feng opened the courtyard door, and what came into his eyes was a sweaty Wu Zhu.

Tang Feng frowned without a trace, gently retreating his feet back by 2 steps.

Fortunately, Wu Zhu was in a hurry. He urgently rushed inside the door, so he did not notice Tang Feng’s actions, otherwise he would have complained that Tang Feng thought he was not clean.

“Tang Feng, I’ll ask you something.”

Wu Zhu, with a heavy face, looked at Tang Feng who closed the courtyard door.

Tang Feng sat back on the stool and picked up the book in front of him without changing his expression,”What is it?”

Wu Zhu looked at the Tang Feng in front of him, obviously he wore a simple coarse cloth, but it made Wu Zhu feel that the other party and him were not on the same level at all, even though he grew up like a Ger and didn’t have a man’s aura like himself! 

“You’re engaged to Lin family’s Ger?”

After Wu Zhu finished speaking, he swallowed nervously and waited for Tang Feng’s answer.

Tang Feng didn’t even lift his eyelids, he nodded. He didn’t want to hide from the people in the village, besides, getting married is a big thing.

Wu Zhu simply couldn’t believe his ears, he stretched out his hand and picked his ears. This movement was too big, making Tang Feng who was sitting across from him frown again. How can a grown man be this dirty!

His mysophobia was everywhere!

“You say it again, I didn’t hear clearly, you really got engaged to the Lin family Ger?!”

Wu Zhu still couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I will get married tomorrow.” Tang Feng directly broke many of Wu Zhu’s conjectures.

Wu Zhu’s mouth almost couldn’t be closed. Oh my god! This is terrible! His cousin was actually engaged to that Lin Yu!!

Wu Zhu’s Amo is Tang Amo’s younger Ger brother. Although they were not born from the same Amo, they still have some relative connection, so Wu Zhu called Tang Feng cousin.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Feng didn’t hear Wu Zhu’s voice for a long time, and looked up at him with a dumbfounded face and asked.

“Of course, it’s wrong… I have to… I have to go back to digest, to digest…” Wu Zhu stood up stiffly, walked out with rigid arms and legs. He almost stumbled and fell when he reached the courtyard door.

Tang Feng stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, this is really quite worrisome. He recalled the dream he had last night, which caused Tang Feng, who had hardly slept much last night, to be a little sleepy. In order to have a good body, Tang Feng stood up and went to rest.

Tang Amo came back very quickly. He bought a lot of things, but couldn’t hold it in his hand. So, he specially hired a cart to come back, which caused the villagers who heard of the news to be shocked constantly.

“Tomorrow is my son, Tang Feng’s auspicious day, so fellow countrymen, you guys should not forget to come and have a cup of wedding wine!”

Tang Amo said enthusiastically to the villagers who talked to him.

“Congratulations Congratulations!”

“Tomorrow we will definitely go!”


Tang Amo closed the door of the courtyard before putting the things away in an orderly manner. His body was full of endless energy.

When Father Tang returned, Tang Amo had already begun to make Tang Feng tomorrow’s wedding dress. His needlework was excellent, his eyesight was strong, Father Tang standing on the side felt dazzled.

“The stuff for tomorrow are all bought?”

“That goes without saying. I was afraid it’s not enough so I bought some other stuff as well. You take a look, if there is something missing we can quickly make up for it!”

Tang Amo swung his hand and continued to immerse himself in the needleworks.

Needless to say, the date was indeed set in a hurry, they almost forgot to prepare the wedding dress properly. Fortunately he has some skills. Today, he spent half a day, no matter how rushed he should still be able to finish it.

Lin Yu was also rushing with the wedding dress.

When he came back with peanuts on his back, Lin Amo was anxious that he was about to cry.

“You, this child wants to make me anxious to death! You will get married tomorrow but still aren’t at home to make a wedding dress! What other work do you have to do!? Hurry! Go and make the dress! Amo already bought the clothes back!” 

Peasant families all make their own clothes, whether clothes to wear on normal day or clothes to wear on wedding day.  

Lin Yu also forgot about this, he didn’t sleep well last night, his mind was full of Tang Feng, so how could he have remembered to do this stuff. Thinking that tomorrow will be the wedding day, Lin Yu quickly put down the back basket, washed his hands and cleaned his face. He took the red cloth material that Lin Amo bought and returned to the room to begin to get busy.

Lin Yu was making the wedding dress on one hand while thinking of the first time he saw Tang Feng. 

Their family was foreign, so many things in the village including the villagers were learned at a slow speed.

Lin Yu first heard about Tang Feng from Father Lin’s mouth, that day Father Lin and other hunters went into the mountain together. When he came back, he told the whole family that Tang Feng, the only son of the village chief, was a sickly person. It was a pity, the village chief was such a good person but he had such a son………

Slowly, Lin Yu learned from more and more people that Tang Feng could not go out to play with others since he was a child. He could not run too fast, could not…..He would be seriously ill from time to time, basically never went out of his courtyard…and so on.

Following everyone’s words, Lin Yu went from sympathetic to pitiful to feeling he was worthless for Tang Feng.

These were not something that Tang Feng himself can choose, he also wanted to have a good body. He also wanted to live a normal life like everyone else, just like himself.

Lin Yu remembered that because of his figure and appearance, he was ridiculed by many of his peers so he could empathize with Tang Feng’s situation.

Two months ago, Lin Yu sent something to the village chief. When he first arrived at the entrance of the courtyard, he heard a coughing noise coming from the courtyard. Lin Yu inexplicably stopped and looked in through the closed courtyard door.

A back view of a thin figure was using his hand to cover the cough, his body trembling slightly from the impact of the fierce cough.

The village chief’s wife heard the voice and rushed out to help him, the man obviously coughed very badly but he still comforted his own Amo.

“I’m all right.”

That voice made Lin Yu, who was standing outside the courtyard door, dazzled.

When he sobered up, he saw the other party’s pale and incomparably handsome face. Especially those eyes, as if he could see himself hiding at the door of the courtyard!

Lin Yu pressed his jumping heart and returned home with the things he had not yet handed over. He was just in time to run into his eldest brother who had returned. So he handed the things to him and asked him to go to the village chief’s house and hand them over to the village chief.

Since then, that man has often appeared in his dreams, and his heart.

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