Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 20 Part 2

Chapter 20

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Old Doctor Wang said with some surprise, he heard that the Tang family arranged for Tang Feng to take a wife to use this happy event to wash out the bad luck. Could it be that this wife really washed out the illness in Tang Feng and let him recover so quickly? One must know that Tang Feng almost died four months ago.

Tang Feng naturally knew his physical state, so he came to the Wang’s Medicine Shop just to let Tang Family husband and wife truly put their minds at ease.

“Perhaps I have good prospects these days, and I’m no longer trapped in the room all day now. I also walk around often so this body is indeed a lot sharper.” Tang Feng withdrew his hand and said gently.

“Good, good, good, now your body is well, what is there to be concerned about.”  Old Doctor Wang was a doctor, so he was also very happy to see Tang Feng’s body slowly getting better.

“Old Doctor Wang! I’m here…” A tall young man with a strong aura walked in. When he was about to say something to Old Doctor Wang, he was surprised by Tang Feng who turned his head to this side.

God, this Ger is very beautiful although he’s a little tall.

Zhang Lei felt that his heart was beating wildly, as if it was about to break away from his body and jump out.


With a cough from Old Doctor Wang, Zhang Lei came to his senses and said with a red face.

“I-I came to get my Amo’s medicine.”

Tang Feng’s hand on his leg was tightly clenched into a fist, he hated this kind of meaningful glance the most!

But Zhang Lei didn’t know it, he was originally a frank and outspoken person. Seeing Tang Feng lowering his head, he thought he was uncomfortable, and he felt a little distressed in his heart, “This Gerlang, are you unwell?” 

Gelang is an honorific title given by an unmarried man to an unmarried Ger.

Tang Feng raised his head with deep eyes and looked at Zhang Lei, whose face was full of worry.

Old Doctor Wang was watching this misunderstanding, just when he wanted to open his mouth to remind Zhang Lei, he was interrupted.

“What did you just call my husband?”

When Old Doctor Wang heard this, he turned his head and saw a man taller than Zhang Lei coming in at the door of the store. His figure was slender, strong and powerful, and those red phoenix eyes looked at Zhang Lei coldly.

There was a bright red mole in the center of his eyebrows, this was actually a Ger!

Listening to his words, then isn’t he? Old Doctor Wang looked at Tang Feng who stood up, his eyes were full of shock, is this the Ger chosen by the Tang family for Tang Feng to use happy occasion to wash away his illness?!


Zhang Lei cried out in a lost voice!

“Let’s go.”

Tang Feng walked to Lin Yu’s side and saluted Old Doctor Wang. The two figures, one tall and one short, one strong and one thin, left the medicine shop hand in hand.

“H-He-He isn’t a Ger?!”

Zhang Lei felt that it was ridiculous, how could a Ger call another Ger husband!

Old Doctor Wang looked at his appearance and sighed, “Yeah, that person injured the middle of his eyebrows. You didn’t look carefully and directly called him Gerlang.” 


When Zhang Lei heard this, he spread out on the chair as if deflated of all energy and dejectedly called. It turned out this was the grandson of Old Doctor Wang.

“Serves you right!”

Old Doctor Wang said the words, and went to dispense the medicine.

Zhang Lei thought of that cold and pretty face, and his heart burst into tears. He was moved by a person for the first time, but was told that it was a man!

On the street, Tang Feng stretched out his hand to touch the scab at the center of his eyebrows, thinking of his own wife and Father Tang’s reaction this morning, and the scene of being called “Xiao Ger” when selling the pickled cabbages………


Lin Yu called softly, “It’s because I’m not good. I should have made it clear to you.” How could someone dare to covet Tang Feng?

Tang Feng lowered his hand, looked at Lin Yu and raised his eyebrows, “Then how are you going to make up for it?” 

This is his own carelessness. When he got up, Lin Yu wanted to say something but hesitated. He also looked in the mirror, but Tang Feng did not take it seriously, he could not blame others.

However, Tang Feng saw Lin Yu’s rather guilty appearance, and couldn’t help but tease, “You see, I almost got hooked earlier.”

Lin Yu’s red phoenix eyes turned cold. Thinking of that person who called Tang Feng “Gerlang”, it was difficult to hide his disgust, “I will go slaughter him!”

Roar! Tang Feng was taken aback by his usually honest wife, although he also had that kind of thought at that time.

However, seeing Lin Yu’s serious face, Tang Feng had to persuade, “What slaughter, you slaughtering him is a murder case, how can you be with me for a long time if you commit a murder, that kind of person is not worth it.”

That’s right, Lin Yu thought about it and gave up the idea of slaughtering that person.

“I will listen to husband.”

Tang Feng smiled and whispered a few words beside Lin Yu. If passers-by were a little more careful, they would definitely be able to see the tall Ger’s ears turning red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“How does it sound? Do you agree?”

Tang Feng whispered ambiguously, Lin Yu nodded with two red ears.

“I will listen to husband.”

Tang Feng was satisfied, and the pent up frustration from being considered as a Ger just now also faded. 

“By the way, what did Old Doctor Wang say?”

Zhang Lei’s stubble made Lin Yu forget to ask Tang Feng how the diagnosis was.

“Don’t worry, it’s still those words saying that as long as I properly recuperate, I will only get better and better, so when the medicine porridge at home is finished, I don’t have to drink it anymore. Although the food still has to be refined, slowly I can eat the same food as you.”

Tang Feng’s most satisfied thing is that he no longer has to revolve around medicinal porridge every day. He originally liked to appetize the tongue, so how can it be bearable if he lives with medicinal porridge for a lifetime.

After hearing this, Lin Yu was also very happy, thinking of making more delicious food in the future, so that Tang Feng could relieve his hunger.

“Is that a bookstore?”

Tang Feng saw the place where people dressed in literati came and went, “Let’s go in and take a look.”

Although Tang Feng and Lin Yu’s clothes were not very good, they were very neat and clean, plus the faces of the two were not shifty eyed and crafty looking. Although the bookstore owner had never seen such a tall Ger and a similar to “Ger” man, he did not despise them at all. Moreover, he even gently let them choose by themselves, it would be even better if they could pick something they like.

There were not many people in the bookstore, the environment was quiet. Occasionally there was some sound of pages turning.

Lin Yu can’t read. In his opinion, readers are noble, he looked at the books on the shelf, and pulled Tang Feng who was flipping through the book next to him. He said in a low voice, “Husband, this writing is not as good as yours.”

Hearing this, Tang Feng looked up at the shelf, pulled out a book, opened it, and looked at it. Do these ink marks still look very new?

“That is the book written by Xiucai Liu in town. It was only put up today, it’s worth thirty-five copper coins.” The bookstore owner said softly.

Thirty-five copper coins! Just for these four or five pages? Lin Yu looked at the writings inside, they were not as good as his own husband, why was it so expensive.

The bookstore owner saw Lin Yu’s expression and explained, “Don’t look at only these pages, this is the result of Xiucai Liu’s writing for half a month, what is important is the narrative inside not the amount of the pages.” 

Writing five pages in half a month, and writing it this dry and dull. Interesting, Tang Feng closed the booklet and asked, “As long as the written booklets are sent over, you accept them all?”

The bookstore owner was naturally a smart person. As soon as he heard Tang Feng’s question, he knew his thoughts, “It’s not like that. This is from the lord Xiucai, that’s why the price is a bit higher and many people buy it. If it comes from someone without scholarly honor then it will be just twenty copper coins at the highest price.”

“What if many people want to read it?” Tang Feng continued to ask.

“It will still be twenty copper coins.”

Thinking of modern piracy, Tang Feng asked again, “If a person wrote only one book and many people want to buy it, what should he do?”

Although the bookstore owner did not understand why Tang Feng did not even know such literati common sense, he still explained gently, “The owner’s handwritten book cannot be bought directly, you need to copy it yourself, and add the name of the original owner at the end to prove that it is transcribed, and finally stamp the seal of the bookstore before you can walk out of this bookstore, of course, brush and paper are provided by the store.”

“You give the written book to me, first I will give you twenty copper coins. If someone wants to copy them, it is also twenty copper coins, but I will divide ten copper coins to you, usually you can come to the store to settle the account once a month. But if no one is interested in it within three months, even if someone sees it and copies it in the future, I will not give you a share of the money.”

“So it is like this, thanks for the guidance.” When Tang Feng got the answer, he naturally did not forget to thank him, after all, such a gentle bookstore owner was rare.

“Don’t mention it. You can continue to take a look. Just call me anytime if you need anything.”

Tang Feng nodded, pulled Lin Yu around the store, focused on what was written in the book, and found that some of the books were sealed with something like glue, Tang Feng did not ask any more and put it back.

Tang Feng walked around the bookstore a few times, and had an idea in his heart. If he did not pass the Xiucai exam, then it doesn’t mean there is no way out. But the price of the acquisition was less than that of the name of Xiucai, and what the Tang family lacked now was money.

Not to mention that this time they were about to celebrate the New Year and which New Year goods do not require silver money. You also have to visit the elders in the middle of the year, which family does not buy something decent when they go? Tang Amo’s family home, the Guo family, Lin Yu’s family home, the Lin family, the new year gifts for these families can not be lacking.

Tang Feng as a new son-in-law for the first year going to the Lin family, the most important thing he could do to show how much he values Lin Yu was this new year gift.

“Tang Feng?”

Tang Feng raised his head and saw a handsome young man dressed as a scholar holding a book in his hand, looking at Tang Feng, with surprise and doubt on his face.

Tang Feng looked at the other party for a while, he really didn’t recognize who the other party was. The original owner’s memory had begun to blur, replaced by Tang Feng’s increasingly clear memory, so he really didn’t remember who this person was, but it couldn’t be shown on his face.

“You’re going to buy something too?”

No matter who he was, there’s always nothing wrong with coming to buy something!

The handsome scholar was stunned, then said with a smile, “Yes, every month on this day the bookstore will add new books, I have always loved reading, so I don’t want to miss it. What is in between your eyebrows?”

He almost recognized Tang Feng as a Ger.

Tang Feng blinked, “I have always liked to read, so I came to take a look. What are you holding there?”

“Husband, look…..”

Lin Yu found a picture book-like thing in front of the bookshelf, and was about to look for Tang Feng, when he saw that the youngest Lord Xiucai, Wen Shu, in the village was talking to his husband.

“Lin Yu, uh,” Wen Shu saw that both the wife and the husband were present, he was a little embarrassed to stand there, “This is a book, I heard that it just came in, I have already randomly looked around, then excuse me.”

After speaking, he said goodbye to Tang Feng, put down the book and left the bookstore without buying anything.

“Do you know him?” Tang Feng asked in a low voice.

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng puzzled, “That’s Wen Shu,  the youngest Lord Xiucai in the village.” Could it be that his husband didn’t recognize him?

“Ahem, I’ll take another look.”

Tang Feng cleared his throat and walked around again on purpose.

“I want five pieces of yellow paper and one piece of ink.”

Tang Feng said.

The paper here was divided into yellow paper, white paper, and fine writing paper. The cheapest one was yellow paper.

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