Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 20 Part 3

Chapter 20

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“Twenty-five copper coins, do you need a writing brush?” The bookstore owner packed the paper and handed it to Tang Feng, who took out twenty-five copper coins and handed them to him, “No need, I already have it at home.”

Out of the bookstore, Lin Yu let out a big sigh, “It’s too quiet inside, but husband, we don’t have a brush at home.”

Tang Feng raised his head nonchalantly and said, “It’s okay, I have my way.” “The worst brush was twenty copper coins, he wasn’t that liberal with money.

Subsequently, the two bought two pounds of meat and one pound of white noodles and went home.

There was no one at home. After Tang Feng and Lin Yu took the pickled cabbages jars down one by one and put them in the warehouse, Lin Yu went to the field to pick cabbages. They had to quickly soak the pickled cabbages and wait for the next market day to sell.

Tang Feng put the yellow paper and ink away, and plucked a straight and supple chicken feather from a large robust rooster.

After carefully cleaning it and drying it in the yard, he went to the kitchen. The Tang family husband and wife will not come back to eat at noon and it was also not early anymore at this time. Lin Yu pushed the cart for so long today, Tang Feng was reluctant to let him cook.

After heating the medicinal porridge, frying a large bowl of egg fried rice for Lin Yu, then warming up the fish soup leftover from yesterday, Lin Yu returned with the chopped cabbage on his back.

“Quick, it’s time to eat.”

Tang Feng laid out the dishes and chopsticks and called out to Lin Yu. Lin Yu washed his hands, looked at the large bowl of egg fried rice, “Husband, you didn’t need to cook the egg with just me eating alone.”

Tang Feng squinted at him, “How can you do what you promised me if you don’t eat enough.”

Lin Yu was not a person who could talk much, so when he heard this, he silently closed his mouth and ate the large bowl of egg fried rice.

Not to mention, this egg fried rice with sauerkraut fish soup really tasted good.

After eating, Lin Yu cleaned the dishes and chopsticks, while Tang Feng brushed the dried chicken feathers in the yard, this was precisely his “brush”.

Putting the yellow paper aside and grinding the ink, Tang Feng directly dipped some ink with the chicken quill brush and began to write.

He looked through some books in the bookstore today, and found that most of them were writings about some Ger and man’s lingering love stories, the type of love between the government official Ger and the poor man and the like. Tang Feng didn’t need to look too much to know what was popular here.

Tang Feng did not have the leisure to make a new story framework, he directly changed the Butterfly Lovers’s Zhu Yingtai to a Ger, and Liang Shanbo to a man. After polishing it in less than a quarter of an hour, five pieces of yellow paper have been written, and this content had just been Zhu Yingtai going up to the mountain to study.

After blowing the wet ink marks on the paper, Tang Feng put the written paper on the table and waited for the writings to dry before putting it away in order.

Let’s wait until three days later to send this thing to town, everything should not be rushed.

At dinner, the Tang family husband and wife who came back were very satisfied with Doctor Wang’s diagnosis and the first time they sold the pickled cabbages. They even let Lin Yu collect and keep the money every time he sold pickled cabbages, he won’t have to give it to Tang Amo.

Lin Yu declined politely, fhe husband’s Amo has always been the one to manage the money in a peasant’s family. If he wanted to save some private money by himself, then he had to go find something to do. But for these pickled cabbages, Lin Yu felt that he had placed no extra help in it at all, naturally he did not want to accept it.

Tang Feng saw that Tang Amo and Lin Yu were too fierce, he simply settled on the silver money would be divided half per the two of them in the future, which calmed down the “dispute.”

Back in the room, Lin Yu still felt overwhelmed.

“We’re all one family, there is no need to bother about it too much. If you really feel uncomfortable holding onto it, every time you get silver money, you can just buy something before returning home. Then the rest can be directly given to Amo.” Tang Feng untied his clothes, revealing a white chest.

Lin Yu thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he let go of his worries. At worst, he could use his share of the money to buy food for daily use, then the whole family would benefit.

“Come here, don’t forget what you promised me during the day.”

Tang Feng turned over and lay on the bed. He whispered to Lin Yu, who was grinding on the side.

The nighttime noise was quiet by nature, therefore, Tang Feng’s words seemed to be amplified several times into Lin Yu’s ears. He slowly untied his clothes, slowly put them aside, calmed down for a while, and then walked to the bed slowly and laid down on the bed.

All of this made the already cool night turn into a deep picturesque scene.

When Tang Feng woke up the next day, he was satisfied with the body temperature of the person in his arms. He tossed him twice last night, and each time Tang Feng did foreplay, so that his husband was completely intoxicated.

At this moment, if he woke up and found that Lin Yu had already gotten up, Tang Feng would suspect that he, himself, hadn’t “done” it properly last night.

Lin Yu’s expression was especially soft when he fell asleep, not even a little bit guarded. Seeing this, Tang Feng’s soft heart began to stir. He stretched out his wolf claws and touched the sleeping Lin Yu, until Lin Yu frowned slightly, then Tang Feng quickly withdrew his hand.

He appeased him by kissing the center of Lin Yu’s eyebrows. When he saw the red mole in the center of Lin Yu’s eyebrows, Tang Feng remembered his red scab. He stretched out his hand and touched it, it was smooth, it seemed that the scab had fallen off.

He propped himself up and got dressed.

After looking at himself in the copper mirror and finding that there was indeed no scab in the center of his eyebrows, Tang Feng went out of the room and started Tai Chi in the yard.

“You’re up.” Father Tang came out of the toilet and looked at Tang Feng who had finished Tai Chi in the yard, “cough, although you are young, you still have to be more restrained occasionally.”

That look, that tone, at first glance it showed that he had heard what they were doing. Seeing Tang Feng looking at him fixedly like that, Father Tang also became embarrassed. 

The house was not soundproof, Tang Feng immediately figured it out, “Got it, I will find a way to rebuild the new house as soon as possible.” At that time, he will go to heaven with his own wife without letting others hear anything. 

Father Tang: …………, why did he speak about a new house? 

When Lin Yu got up, Tang Amo had already made breakfast.

Being looked at from time to time by the ambiguous eyes of the Tang family husband and wife, Lin Yu, who had been wearing crimson red ears, ate breakfast, and hurriedly carried the back basket to pick ragweed.

However, Tang Feng was very calm. He walked around the yard a few times, and after digesting the food, he went to Uncle Li again. He opened the fish pond a few days ago, so the lesson was delayed for a few days. He also went to the market this morning, so Tang Feng had to wait until afternoon to visit him. 

Uncle Li was sitting in the yard with a dry cigarette in his mouth, not knowing what he was thinking.


Tang Feng pushed open the courtyard door and called softly.

Old Uncle Li raised his slightly cloudy eyes, “You’re here, come and sit down, accompany me for a while.”

The voice was somewhat lonely. Uncle Li and his wife only had one Ger. His wife died, and his Ger was married. At this age, he lived alone at home, it was really upsetting.

In a flash, it was already approaching december, the weather had turned cold. It even snowed a bit last night.

Tang Feng got up and opened the door to see that the entire place in sight was snow-white, he stretched out his hand and took a breath, he could see the white smoke coming out from his mouth.

“Put on another one.”

Lin Yu, who was standing behind him, added a coat to Tang Feng for him to wear. Tang Feng’s body was already cold and not easy to warm up, so if he didn’t wear more on such days, Lin Yu would not be at ease in his heart.

“I didn’t expect it to be so cold.” Tang Feng was a southerner in his previous life. It was really the first time he had such a winter.

There was no way to do anything on such a day, yesterday Father Tang said that the New Year pig was slaughtered, it seems that it cannot be brought about, all they have to do is to wait.

After breakfast, Tang Feng tightened his clothes, picked up an umbrella, and prepared to go out.

“It’s snowing so much today, don’t go.” When Tang Amo saw Tang Feng’s appearance, he knew that he was going to Uncle Li’s house.

“Gotta go check it out.” Yesterday, Tang Feng felt that Uncle Li was a little unwell. This is winter, the most difficult day for the old man, he had to go and see.

When he arrived at Uncle Li’s house, Tang Feng knocked on the door for a long time and no one answered, so he had to push the door and enter. Because Tang Feng would go to Li’s house every morning, Uncle Li sometimes simply didn’t even buckle the courtyard door.

Tang Feng walked into Uncle Li’s room, but unexpectedly Uncle Li really was sick, and it was very serious. The kind of life exhaustion due to old age . Tang Feng finished feeling his pulse, and sighed slowly, before pulling the quilt for Uncle Li. Tang Feng returned home and told Father Tang.

When Father Tang heard this, he hurriedly found someone to inform Uncle Li’s only Ger to come back to take care of him.

Tang Amo and Lin Yu also went to Uncle Li’s house with Tang Feng, boiled some hot water, and Tang Feng simply mixed some warm medicine to boil it for Uncle Li to drink.

Uncle Li drank the medicine in a daze, he blinked a few times and could no longer see the people’s eyes clearly. He muttered in a vague whisper in his mouth, “Huan Ger….Huan….Ger….”

When Tang Amo heard this, he couldn’t help but wipe a handful of tears. Huan Ger is the only Ger of Uncle Li.

Tang Feng was used to seeing life and death, but looking at such a dying old man, his heart was also uncomfortable, not to mention that Uncle Li sincerely taught Tang Feng’s medical skills.

About half a moment later, the villagers who came to the Li family’s house sat at the central hall and heard the sound turn silent. Standing under the eaves, every winter, spring was the time when old people die the most, and it’s also the time that everyone’s mood was at its lowest.

“When I was a child, I followed Liu Laosan to overturn the medicinal materials that Uncle Li had dried in the yard, but Uncle Li was not angry with us at all.”

Father Wu showed a reminiscent smile on his face, and Liu Laosan next to him replied, “That’s you and I playing hide and seek, hiding in Uncle Li’s yard and overturning it.”

“Oh, why are you haggling about this matter at times like this.”

Father Wu sighed, and Liu Laosan pursed his lips.

“I still don’t know where that Huan Ger is at.” Will he be able to witness Uncle Li’s last moment? There is no need to finish the next sentence, everyone present also knew, and suddenly the scene became even more silent.

In the end, when Tang Amo closed Uncle Li’s eyes and went out of the room, Tang Feng saw a gray-haired and dirt-faced Amo trembling outside the door. There was a thin little Ger of fifteen or sixteen beside him supporting him.

This is Uncle Li’s only Ger, Huan Ger, who is already a middle-aged man, and the young Ger beside him was Uncle Li’s grand ger.


When Tang Feng walked out of the Li family courtyard with Lin Yu, a heart-rending cry erupted inside.


Lin Yu called an expressionless Tang Feng worriedly.

Tang Feng shook his head to signal that he was fine, he just sighed that he couldn’t see his relatives for the last time, how cruel it was. One waited with one breath, and the other rushed desperately, in the end it was still too late.

Uncle Li’s funeral, Tang Feng and Lin Yu also wore mourning clothes to be in mourning. He undertook Uncle Li’s teaching and called him master, which can also be regarded as half of Uncle Li’s son.

At this time, some people in the village did not know that Tang Feng had studied medicine with Uncle Li.

A peasant family’s funeral was very simple, they just had to bow at the door, eat a feast, and then find an auspicious time to go up the mountain to bury and it’s over. 

“Uncle Li is the only doctor in our village. Since he’s gone, the villagers will be inconvenient whenever they’re hurt.” The second day after sending Uncle Li away, when the Tang family was having lunch together, Tang Amo said.

“Amo, you forgot, husband was a disciple of Uncle Li. Since he already paid respect and made him his master and swore filial piety, it means he’s a righteous disciple.”

Lin Yu brought the last bowl of dishes and said.

“I say that you are confused and you still don’t believe it, this is a truth that everyone in this village knows.” Father Tang held his chopsticks and ordered a bowl and said to Tang Amo, who suddenly realized.

“It’s best if no one in the village is sick, I am still shallow in my studies, there is still much more I have to study.”

Tang Feng no longer drank the medicinal porridge, he took a piece of white flour cake and ate it slowly.

Father Tang shook his head heavily, “No, this winter is the most deadly time for many old people, alas.”

“What are you saying all of this for? Quick, Xiao Yu, this cake is more fragrant and crispy, quickly take it.” Tang Amo secretly blamed himself for talking too much. Whenever he used this mouth, he couldn’t stop.

The author has something to say: A small theater showing when Tang Feng becomes a little Ger (Part I)

It is said that Tang Feng got up that day and was awakened by the exclamation of his own wife, and in vain found that there was an incomparably bright red mole in the center of his eyebrows. This experienced Laomo knew that it was not a problem for this “Ger” to give birth to seventeen or eighteen children.


Lin Yu couldn’t believe his eyes, his husband who was still entangled with him last night actually became a Ger in a blink of an eye!

“This… This is…… What’s going on! ”

Tang Feng felt it even more unacceptable! He didn’t love the feminine looks of these Gers, and now he woke up to become a Ger! How can he bear it!

After a burst of alarm, the Tang family sat in the hall with bewildered and heavy faces.

“This is weird!” Father Tang looked at Tang Feng’s red mole with a painful face.

“It’s very weird.” Tang Amo wiped a handful of tears, how did his good son become a Ger!

“…………” Lin Yu couldn’t speak, he was still wondering if Tang Feng became a Ger last night, or after lingering at night………

Of course it’s weird! But don’t just talk about it! Tang Feng listened to everyone’s words and his brain began to twitch!

(Details will be broken down next time)

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