Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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“You guys still eating?”

As soon as Tang Feng raised his head, he saw Huan Amo standing quite restrained at the door of the kitchen.

Due to the cold weather and the snow on the ground, the courtyard door was not closed. It was opened in the morning, and won’t be closed until the resting time in the evening.

“Yes, did you eat yet? Come and have a meal together. ”

Tang Amo greeted Huan Amo warmly. Lin Yu got up and took a clean pair of bowl and chopsticks without anyone signaling.

Tang Feng moved himself and Lin Yu’s stools to make room for Huan Amo.

“How can this be proper?”

Huan Amo’s face turned red, and he waved his hand repeatedly, “No need, I’ll just say a few words and leave, no need.”

Tang Amo didn’t feel like being too long-winded. He directly pulled Huan Amo to the table and sat down.

“What are you saying with us here! Quickly eat while it’s still hot. My wife’s craft here is not something that everyone has the opportunity to eat. ”

Tang Amo brought two white dough pancakes to Huan Amo and said with a smile.

Huan Amo took the hot pancake, glanced at the tall Lin Yu who was eating silently, and then looked at Tang Feng, who was becoming more and more gentle and elegant beside Lin Yu. He smiled, and ate.

With the arrival of Huan Amo, the atmosphere at the table was not as intimate as before. Father Tang strolled to the village with his hands behind his back after finishing eating without saying a word.

Lin Yu and Tang Feng were cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen, while Tang Amo and Huan Amo sat in the hall to chat.

In the terrible cold of winter, Tang Feng kept the charcoal leftover as it would come in handy. He used a useless small basin to put charcoal in it, which can be heated after lighting. He didn’t know what kind of wood it was, but it doesn’t matter as long as it burns. 

Huan Amo couldn’t hide his amazement as he looked at the warm brazier in front of him, “This is what Tang Feng came up with?”

“That’s right, he told us to put all the red charcoal leftover from the kitchen before, we were still wondering why then. As a matter of fact, now that I know its benefits, I will keep the leftovers in the future even without his instructions.” Tang Amo felt a different winter from previous years, and he was quite proud.

Huan Amo smiled and laughed, this Tang Feng was really a good one. Although his body health was a bit lacking, no matter what he’s still the village head’s only son. Just look at this house, how could it be compared to his careless husband’s house.

Moreover, he was the only disciple of his Father, he still had the craft of making food.

Huan Amo, who thought of his own intentions in coming here, hung his head, took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of his eyes.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you still crying? ”

Tang Amo was paying attention to him, just in time to see Huan Amo on the opposite side suddenly lowering his head and wiping his tears.

“Look, your eye sockets are all red, so what is there to be embarrassed to speak about? Say it out, I’ll see if I can help. ”

When Tang Amo married into the Tang family, Huan Amo had been married for a year, but at that time, Huan Amo would come back from time to time to visit Uncle Li, and the two talked when they were young, so they had some friendship.

Huan Amo’s heart was happy, he was waiting for these words of Tang Amo.

But there was a burst of misery on his face, “You also know that I was born under an ill star. My Amo passed away when I was young, leaving me and my Father to rely on each other. Then I finally got married, but I couldn’t have children for a few years. I got pregnant with difficulty, yet I still gave birth to a Ger.” As he spoke, a few sad tears fell.

Note: he’s disappointed that it’s not a man but a Ger like how old people don’t like girls and only like boys.

“Now my only Father has left me, you say that I have lived so long in my life, but what have I gained!”

Tang Amo finally knew why Father Tang and Tang Feng couldn’t bear to see him cry the most, it turned out that their coaxing skill is not perfect. He felt very awkward whenever he said anything.


Tang Amo’s mind spun several times, but he couldn’t find words of comfort.

“I know you’ve always been a good person, I’m being thick skinned this time and requesting for your help, you won’t turn me down, right?” 

Tang Amo hurriedly shook his head, “How can I reject you, just say it.”

It already came to this, how could it be proper for him to refuse.

Huan Amo wiped his tears and choked up, “You also know that I only have one Ger, his Father has never liked him, he either beats or scolds him at home. I think since my Father is gone, I want to let my Xiao Yu come to live here. It could be regarded as guarding my Father’s funeral hall.”

Note: Xiao Yu here is written different from Lin Yu (Xiao Yu) >> hopefully u won’t be confused this Yu means fish while Lin Yu (Yu) means rain.

Since Uncle Li only has one Ger, Huan Ger, and Uncle Li already passed away, according to the regulations of the current dynasty, half of the Li family’s field will be given to Huan Ger and half of it will be collected by the imperial court. When someone wants to buy it, the field will change owner again.

“What’s the big deal, our family lives so close to each other, I can help you watch over your child for you.” 

Tang Amo sighed in his heart, he didn’t think that Huan Ger would marry such a person. That Ger is also lovely, how could he even make a move (to beat him). 

“Then I will thank you, I will bring Xiao Yu to visit you later. I have to rush back today, otherwise my family…” Without finishing his words, he looked at Tang Amo with those red eyes and depressing face.

“Alright, alright, alright, don’t worry, I will definitely take care of him as if he was my own child.” Tang Amo didn’t dare to think about what kind of life this Huan Amo was living, so he assured in a loud voice.

Huan Amo, who was assured by Tang Amo, did not stay much longer. He held up an umbrella to block the wind and snow and went back.

Tang Feng leaned against the door of the kitchen as he watched Huan Amo leave.

Not long after Huan Amo left, Father Tang, who was supposed to be nagging in another house, returned.

“What did he say?”

Father Tang sat at the brazier, lit the dry smoke, and asked in a deep voice.

Tang Feng looked up at Father Tang suspiciously, feeling that he was different from usual.

Tang Amo was busy with the soles of his shoes, he couldn’t do anything else when it was cold today. However, how could a peasant family let themselves stop? They took advantage of nothing to do, and made a few more pairs of shoes and a few more clothes.

“He said that his Ger Yu’er wanted to live here and wanted to request our help to look after his child a bit. I heard that Ger wasn’t living well in Huan Amo’s husband’s house. It’s just looking over him, so I agreed.” 

When Father Tang heard this, he snorted and pinched the cigarette holder.

At this time, even Lin Yu, who had never looked up, felt that today’s Father Tang was a little different.

“Ah Feng, Xiao Yu, the affairs of taking care of that Ger in the future just leave it to me and your Amo. You just live your life properly, just do whatever you do normally!”

Father Tang pondered for a long time, and said to Tang Feng and Lin Yu.

“Got it.”


Tang Feng and Lin Yu didn’t ask more, and agreed directly.

Tang Feng thought of the piercing smile on the corner of Huan Amo’s mouth when he just came out of the hall. He wasn’t happy. Ever since that Amo joined the dining table, Father Tang’s expression already said he didn’t want to stay any longer. 

He also said that kind of thing deliberately, there was something strange in this matter. Well, it should be Father Tang and Huan Amo who had something strange going on, Tang Feng pondered.

Huan Amo and Father Tang were similar in age, and they were neighbors. This distance, whatever the case they should have grown up together. They could also be regarded as a childhood sweetheart or something.

Father Tang shouldn’t have this attitude, besides, Father Tang has respect for Uncle Li, yet he has some dislike for this Huan Amo.

“Are our in-laws here?!”

A loud voice came from outside the courtyard wall.

“It’s my Father-in-law.”

As soon as Tang Feng heard this loud voice, he knew who was coming.

“We’re here! Come in quickly. ”

Father Tang put down the dry cigarette and spoke loudly when he went out of the hall. He did not dare to lower his voice when he spoke with Father Lin, after all, the other party was full of spirit all day. If he speaks in a low voice then he would seem lifeless.

“Lao Tang, I’m here to show people the way, hurry, come in, this is my son-in-law’s house.”

Father Lin grinned at Father Tang and the others who came out, and shouted behind the courtyard door.

Tang Feng couldn’t help but touch his ears. Every time he heard his Father-in-law’s loud voice, he felt that his ears hurt.

As soon as Father Tang heard that someone else came to the Tang family, he immediately asked Tang Amo to put away the shoes. Lin Yu didn’t need to say much, he went directly to the kitchen to make tea, the Tang family didn’t drink much tea, but it was prepared for entertaining guests.

“I’ve troubled you.”

At the entrance of the courtyard, a polite man of about forty years old appeared, dressed in a thick layer of clothes, with a gentle face, which can never make anyone hate him. This is that bookstore owner in the town!

Father Tang had never seen this person, but he also had the ability to see people. This person was not a peasant man at first glance, so he quickly let him into the house.

Tang Feng also made a courtesy gesture of meeting, but he did not speak, and followed everyone into the hall.

“Please have some tea.”

After everyone sat down at the brazier, Lin Yu brought the brewed tea up, handed a steaming cup to the bookstore owner, and handed a cup of cold tea to Father Lin, who had consciously stretched out his hand.

“Don’t you think that I’m amazing since I drink cold tea on a cold day! ”

Seeing Tang Feng beside him looking at the herbal tea in his hand with a strange face, Father Lin thought as he said proudly to Tang Feng in a low voice.

The bookstore owner shook his hand holding the hot tea, his eyes were full of smiles. He entered the village and couldn’t find the way, and happened to meet this person walking on the road. When he heard the person he was looking for, he patted his chest and said that the person he was looking for was his son-in-law, so he led him all the way to the Tang family.

Along the way, the loud and straightforward Father Lin made the bookstore owner laugh countless times, which made the bookstore owner secretly think that this person is really interesting.

“Awesome, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone who can drink cold herbal tea in winter! Father-in-law is really not an ordinary person. ”

Tang Feng looked at Father Lin with admiration.

Father Lin was proud in his heart, he drank the cold herbal tea in his hand before handing it to Lin Yu, and said loudly, “Bring me another bowl! Bring the cold one! ”

Lin Yu: ……………….

When everyone saw this, they all smiled, they were all amused in their hearts.

The bookstore owner looked at Tang Feng, and then at Lin Yu, who went out to pour tea for Father Lin, and was secretly surprised that these two were husband and wife.

“I’m sorry to come uninvited, I’ve really troubled you. My surname is Huang, my name is Huang Zicheng, and I run a bookstore in town.”

The bookstore owner said this and took out two packets of dim sum from the baggage he carried, “The first time I came, I didn’t know what you liked to eat, I am ashamed of myself so I bought some small snacks, please accept them.”

Father Tang and Tang Amo were stunned. This person actually opened a bookstore in the town, so why did he come to their Tang family. Although his family was a peasant family and he was being respected by the villagers as the villager head, Father Tang was not a person who did not understand his weight.

“You, what matter have you come here for?”

Father Tang did not take the snacks, and asked quite cautiously, he’s bewildered that he’s like this. There was no reason without a cause, with this kind of thing upfront, he better ask for clarification. 

The author has something to say: Tang Feng becomes a little Ger (Part 2)

After a period of “discussion” (panic) by the Tang family.

Father Tang said with a sad face:

“Before we can find a solution to this matter, all we can do is to resign ourselves to what we treasure.”

Tang Amu and Lin Yu on the side nodded silently.

“What? What do you mean? ”

Tang Feng asked with a little horror, the handsome face, coupled with the red red mole, became more and more delicate.

He’s so beautiful…………

The three people, Tang Amo, Father Tang and Lin Yu praised in their hearts.

Therefore, two days later, the unmarried men in the village began to agitate.

“Do you know?” The man asked excitedly.

“About the village chief’s Ger nephew who just arrived?” The second man swallowed his saliva and said.

“Exactly! He’s really, tsk, tsk, tsk, he’s more beautiful than Wen Qing! No can do, I have to go chop wood for the village chief!” The man couldn’t stay idle and hurried away.

“I’ll go too! I see that the village chief has some sore shoulders these days! I’ll go give him a massage! ” The second man didn’t want to be left behind.

In the courtyard of the Tang family, Tang Feng, who was forced by Tang Amo to wear Ger’s clothes, had a cold face while picking vegetables.

“So beautiful~”

“Yes, yes, you see the way he looks with a cold face, so cute!”

“Oh~, my sweetheart.”

The group of fools guarding the wall of the Tang family salivated and looked at Tang Feng, whose heart was almost out of control. 

Look! You guys look! I will see if your Amo will let you return for the new year! (boss help)

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