Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 22

Chapter 22

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When Owner Huang saw the Tang husband and wife’s performance, instead of being angry, he felt that such a family was really a first rate peasant family. 

“Speaking of which, I came to find Lingzi, and as for the reason, it was because of the book that Lingzi came to my bookstore to sell last month.”


Father Tang and the others looked at Tang Feng, who had never spoken, in surprise, “What’s going on?”

Tang Feng reached out and took the snack in Owner Huang’s hand, put it in Lin Yu’s hand and asked him to take it, before saying, “That was the matter from last month.”

At the end of November, after Tang Feng wrote the first chapter of the Butterfly Lovers, he went to town again when Lin Yu went to sell the second pickled cabbages.

“This is what I wrote down these days, you can take a look.” 

Tang Feng handed a few pieces of yellow paper in his hand to Owner Huang of the bookstore. Owner Huang was busy with the work in hand, while the person in front of him stretched out a few of the cheapest yellow paper. Also, hearing Tang Feng say that these were what he had written down “these days”, he couldn’t help but look down on him in his heart. This young man really thought that there would be people reading his casually written book. Being sloppy like this won’t make him achieve anything grand!

However, seeing Tang Feng’s delicate and pretty appearance, he didn’t look like a careless person. Owner Huang sighed in his heart, alright, it’s almost time for new years anyway, why should he haggle with the other just for a few copper coins. 

“You can put it aside, these are twenty copper coins, take it.”

Owner Huang handed the copper coins to Tang Feng, and began to bow his head again. Tang Feng saw his attitude, raised his eyebrows, took the copper coins, and then put the written book in front of Owner Huang, before he got up and left.

After Tang Feng left for a while, several teenagers dressed as scholars entered the bookstore together.

“Owner Huang, where is the new book that came in a few days ago! Our teacher had us read for two more days a few days ago, and we didn’t have time to come over to take a look. ”

These were the students from the town’s sole academy. All of them were children from prominent families in town, they also usually liked to read books.

“I was wondering why I didn’t see you all lately. It’s on that original bookshelf, the Lord Xiucai Liu sent another latest copy.”

Owner Huang put down his affairs and said with a smile.

“Oh, this is also a book?”

The young man with a few small moles on his face picked up Tang Feng’s yellow booklet and asked.

When Owner Huang saw it, he thought that the young man had good luck, as soon as he brought it, someone immediately found out, “This is today’s new booklet, I haven’t even had time to read it.”

Constantly making money for others is to constantly make money for yourself, this is Owner Huang’s motto. Although he was not satisfied with the book that Tang Feng wrote down in just “a few days”, he cannot let it have no chance to see the light of day.

As soon as the young man heard that Boss Huang didn’t have time to look at it, he was curious and wanted to open it.

“What are you looking at that for? What kind of good articles can people write with this kind of yellow paper!” Another person who came together with him looked at the yellow paper with disgust in his eyes.

“I’ll just take a look.” The boy with a mole on his face said softly, looking like he had a good temperament.

A moment later, Owner Huang saw the young man holding Tang Feng’s book and said to himself with a red face, “I want to transcribe this booklet!”


The young man who disliked this kind of book just now turned his head, “What’s wrong with you? It’s better to buy some brushes and papers with the money that use it for this, and it’s not easy for us to save some silver money. Oh, that writing looks good! ”

He looked at the booklet and said a word, and then flipped through it.

“I, I want to transcribe too!”

Owner Huang was stunned, he quickly prepared brushes, inks, papers and inkstones for the two to transcribe, and in surprise, he also looked at it.

After half a day, Owner Huang sighed in admiration. The writing is good! The story is good! This pen name is also good!

He only saw a name at the end of the book, it was Fengyu Tongzhou (In the same boat under wind and rain).

“It’s because I was clumsy, I didn’t pay attention to Lingzi’s booklet, and I forgot to state the settlement day of the month that day. As a matter of fact, in addition to the fact that Lingzi has not come to the bookstore for a month, more and more people came to ask about the next book, so being inquired in many ways, I came to Xiao Qingshan Village.”

Owner Huang’s face was embarrassed, but he also told the truth, so that Tang Feng, who originally didn’t like him had no choice but to admire his self-conduct and his work conduct. 

“Haha, don’t just call Lingzi, Lingzi, my son’s name is Tang Feng!” Father Tang was so happy that he couldn’t find the North after hearing this, and Tang Amo smiled like a blooming flower.

“Tang Feng? Turned out it’s like this. No wonder your pen name is Fengyu Tongzhou.”

Lin Yu, who just came in while holding the refreshments, was startled in his heart when he heard this. He looked at Tang Feng’s direction.

After Tang Feng got up and put the snack in Lin Yu’s hand where everyone could take it, he gently took Lin Yu’s hand and said, “This is my wife Lin Yu, I am able to write this because of him.”

Tang Amo originally felt inappropriate when he saw Tang Feng’s actions, but when he heard Tang Feng’s words, he immediately felt that it was not a big matter. Sure enough, his wife was a prosperious wife!

When Owner Huang heard Lin Yu’s name and heard Tang Feng say this, how could he still not know what he meant.

“Sure enough, he has an impressive appearance, you both make a perfect match!”

Father Lin understood at this time. He understood that Tang Feng had gone to the bookstore before, and now the bookstore owner came to him again. Listening to them, it was like a cloud coming from the fog (confused). 

The “perfect match” in Owner Huang’s words, this Father Lin understood, so he said very proudly, “Of course! It’s also thanks to me that I gave birth to him on time! The birthday of these two people made such a perfect match! ”

Everyone was stunned, Lin Yu and Tang Feng were even more speechless, but a moment later, Father Tang took the lead in laughing, and everyone laughed along with them.

Father Lin thought that everyone was laughing in agreement, so he laughed even louder, as if he wanted to compete with everyone.

After a while, Father Lin left first, as he still had some business to do.

So there was only the Tang family and Owner Huang in the hall.

“This is the settlement of the month. The last day of the next month is the next settlement date.”

Boss Huang took out the money bag from his bosom and took out three taels of silverstones before handed it to Tang Feng.


Tang Amo’s eyes were about to fall. Just now from what he understood from the conversation, Tang Feng had only written five pieces of paper!

“This, how can it be so much?”

Father Tang couldn’t hide his surprise and asked.

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng beside him with admiration in his eyes, Tang Feng did not look back, but held Lin’s hand tightly.

Elder Huang saw Tang Feng’s calmness, he even thought highly of him in his heart.

“This is just a bit. My bookstore is a doorway, it is a branch from the county town, this is still sold in our town. This time I came to ask Tang Gongzi* to write out the next chapter, please also help me write a book with exactly the same handwriting as the first chapter. In the future, please also write me two books for one chapter so I can let someone put it in the county town. At that time, there will be more people reading your works, it will be good for both you and me.” 

Gongzi: formal way of addressing a scholar or noble son.

Tang Feng hadn’t dealt with scholars for a long time, and he felt awkward and panicked when he heard Owner Huang speak.

“Don’t call me Tang Gongzi, just call me Tang Feng, I’m a son of a peasant and I’m not used to literacy titles.”

How could Owner Huang not agree. Tang Feng accepted three taels of silverstones, “I can immediately write the next chapter of the booklet, and another book exactly the same as the first chapter. But I don’t have paper in my house…”

Owner Huang hurriedly opened the bag and said, “I brought it all, you don’t need to spend your own money. You can take a look, I brought brushes and papers here.”

Tang Feng looked at the complete set of things without anything missing in front of him, and raised his eyebrows, what a weasel, he even brought it himself!

“Alright, I will write it now.”

Tang Feng spread out the white paper brought by Owner Huang. Owner Huang insisted on grinding for him on the side, so Tang Feng did not dissuade too much, and dropped his brush stroke down directly.

In the eyes of everyone, Tang Feng’s very natural and flowing style of calligraphy was completed in less than a moment. In fact, he just put on a show in front of his wife, which forced Tang Feng’s wrist to be all sour now. Tsk, his chicken quill pen he made himself was easier to use!

“Good, good, good!”

Elder Huang originally thought that Tang Feng would take a few days to give him the next chapter, but in this short time, he already got what he wanted.

“These are eighty copper coins, please take them.”

Tang Feng looked at the eighty copper coins handed over by Owner Huang in confusion, these three books should have been sixty copper coins.

Boss Huang naturally understood the confusion in Tang Feng’s heart, and his face was hot, “I will copy it when I go back.”

Oh, turns out it’s like this. Tang Feng directly took the copper coins, not at all as polite as Owner Huang thought, and then he gave him the book.

“Cough, looks like you also have some writing skill. Why don’t you go to take the exam for the scholarly honor. That way there will be more places to work later in the future.”

Hearing Owner Huang’s question, Father Tang’s face was full of satisfaction, “He’s currently preparing to participate in the exam next March!”

“Oh, then I will wish you success in advance, I wish you all the best.”

Owner Huang said.

“Thank you.”

Tang Feng cupped his hands and replied.

“Then I’ll take my leave first,” Owner Huang got up and said goodbye, “but forgive me for speaking too much, you must remember to bring the next month’s workbook with you on the settlement day of the next month.”

“Of course.”

“By the way, I won’t take these brushes and papers back, you can keep them and continue to write.”

Owner Huang looked at the brushes and papers on the table and said.

Tang Feng glanced at it, fine, it will save him money, “Then thank you a lot.” 

“Stay and finish eating before leaving.” Father Tang thought about how he couldn’t let the person leave without eating.

“No need, I’m also in a hurry to bring it back. The future is long, I will have to trouble you sometime in the future. No need to send me, no need!”

Owner Huang thought about the book in his bosom, how could he still care about eating. After saying that, he held up his umbrella and said goodbye.

Just after leaving the courtyard door, he happened to meet Huan Amo when he brought Yu Ger to the Tang family house. 

“Amo, that man is dressed so well.” Yu Ger had envy in his eyes, he pulled Huan Amo’s sleeve and whispered.

“I don’t recognize him. As long as you listen to me, sooner or later you will dress and eat well, and don’t forget me and your Father when the time comes.”

Huan Amo sorted out the expression on his face and dragged Yu Ger into the courtyard of the Tang family

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