Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Tang Feng handed three taels of silverstones to Tang Amo and asked him to take them.

“Why are you giving it to me? Just keep this thing to yourself. You don’t need to have me keep it anymore. Xiao Yu, you are Ah Feng’s wife, it’s time for you to take care of these things for him now.”

Tang Amo stuffed all the three taels of silverstones in Tang Feng’s hand to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu took the silverstones and looked at Tang Feng.

“Take it, you have to take care of me for the rest of your life.” Tang Feng said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, yes, you should be the one to take it. Both your Father and I are living in fortune now.”

Father Tang was now in a good mood.

“What fortune? You’re speaking so happily.”

Just when Tang Feng’s family was saying that they were in their happy moment, Huan Amo took Yu Ger into the courtyard door and interjected.

Lin Yu cleverly put away the silverstones in his hand and returned to the room, Tang Amo was very satisfied with Lin Yu’s reaction.

Wealth should not be exposed, especially in a peasant household, so as not to attract people to worry about it since it is easy to make irresponsible remarks.

As soon as Father Tang saw Huan Amo, the smile on his face decreased a little.

“What are you looking distracted for, quickly call out to them! This is your Uncle Tang, Tang Amo,” Huan Amo pulled Yu Ger who looked at the Tang family house in shock. He then pointed to Tang Feng standing beside Father Tang, “That is your grandfather’s disciple, Tang Amo’s only son, your Brother Feng.”

Brother Feng……, Tang Feng was shocked by this way of addressing, “Don’t, just call me Tang Feng.”

No one knew if intentionally or unintentionally, Huan Amo did not introduce Lin Yu who just came out of the room to Yu Ger.

“This is my ger-in-law, his name is Lin Yu.”

Tang Amo, no matter how big-hearted, also found that Huan Amao’s approach was a bit strange, so he directly pulled Lin Yu and introduced him to Yu Ger.

Yu Ger looked at Lin Yu, who was taller than Tang Feng, and looked at Huan Amo.

Huan Amo smiled and nodded, “Yes, I heard about using happy occasion to wash away the illness before, it really has an effect, look at how strong Ah Feng is now! He looks different from how I’ve seen him in previous years. ”

Tang Feng put away the paper and brush on the table and said to Tang Amo, “Amo, we will go back to our room to rest first, we have been accustomed to an afternoon nap these days, it won’t be good if we don’t get to nap.”

Then he turned his head to Huan Amo and Yu Ger and smiled, “You guys talk, my body is like this, I can’t even be compared to Gers.”

Saying that, he returned to the room with Lin Yu. In any case, on this stormy and snowy day, how many peasant families are nested at home or lying on the bed.

Yu Ger heard what Tang Feng said, and felt a little aggrieved, did his Amo want him to live with such a weak person to live his life.

“I’ll also go to Wu’s house for a walk.”

Father Tang picked up the dry cigarette, with his hands on his back and strolled toward the Wu family.

“You see, our family just can’t be idle, come in and sit down.” Seeing that everyone was gone, Tang Amo hurriedly said to Huan Amo who remained with a little ugly expression.


Huan Amo held his breath, but still followed Tang Amo into the hall with a somewhat reluctant Yu Ger.

“Just now, I saw Ah Feng holding a brush and paper in his hand, he is really diligent, he is practicing writing on such a cold day, but I have heard many people in the village say in the past few days when I came back, Ah Feng can write very well.”

Huan Amo intentionally or unintentionally mentioned Tang Feng’s matter, and the eyes of the Yu Ger who listened also lit up, it turned out that he’s a scholar!

Tang Amo pursed his lips and smiled, “How could that be. That was him following his third uncle’s writing and copying it for a few days. I didn’t expect him to be able to do it.”

“It’s good to be able to read, I’m afraid that brush and paper are not cheap, right?” Huan Amo felt distressed when he looked at it.

Tang Amo was about to say that it was sent by someone else, but after remembering Father Tang’s attitude towards the two and what he said to Tang Feng, he said with a sad face, “That’s right, it cost a lot of money. By the way, your Yu Ger is not small, why haven’t you found a husband for him yet?”

When Yu Ger heard this, his face was a little nervous, afraid that Tang Amo would see something, so he lowered his head.

The smile on Huan Amo’s face froze. When he saw Yu Ger losing his calm, a trace of hatred flashed under his eyes.

“I only have one Ger, so I wanted to take two more years to choose him a good husband. There are many people coming to our door to ask for our Ger, but I haven’t fancied anyone yet.”

Huan Amo deliberately covered his mouth while speaking, as if he was extremely satisfied with his Ger’s popularity.

Isn’t this the Ger’s own choice? Why do you have to fancy it yourself? Tang Amo felt that Huan Amo’s words were somewhat strange.

In the room, Tang Feng was putting papers and brushes into two wooden boxes. One was a box containing paper and the other was a box containing brushes, which was originally given to the original body by Uncle Guo.

Lin Yu sat next to the window, using the shining light to reinforce the sole of the shoes. 

After Tang Feng put his things away, he looked at the person by the window before walking over, and looking down at his wife’s craftsmanship.

“Is it still not enough after making me so many pairs of shoes?”

Lin Yu’s hand holding the needle stopped, “What do you think, Brother Feng.”


Tang Feng couldn’t believe what he heard!

“You, you, what did you call me?!” Tang Feng stood in front of Lin Yu and looked straight at him.

“Brother Feng.”

Lin Yu had a wooden expression on his face while looking at Tang Feng, who listened to his call and looked erratic.

“Sounds good, really good. Wife, you can call me that in the future.”

Tang Feng said with great satisfaction.

Lin Yu glanced at Tang Feng and suddenly said, “But you forgot, husband, I’m a few years older than you.”

Tang Feng, who miscalculated: “…………,” Suddenly, Tang Feng approached Lin Yu, who lowered his head and put his shoes down, “Wife, did you drink vinegar (jealous).”

“Vinegar? What is that?” Lin Yu asked blankly.

Tang Feng, who miscalculated again: “………………, well, it’s you who got jealous.”

There is no vinegar in this world.


Lin Yu admitted it very generously, which made Tang Feng, who once again thought that his husband would be shy, vomitted out a mouthful of old blood.

However, Tang Feng was still very happy.

“I am yours, yours and yours, what are you afraid of?” Tang Feng bent over and raised Lin Yu’s head with his hand, pressed his forehead against the other party’s, and said affectionately.

Lin Yu put down the sole of the shoes in his hand and stretched out his hand to hold Tang Feng’s head, “I don’t like that Yu Ger.”

“That’s good, I don’t like him either.” Tang Feng shook Lin Yu’s forehead and smiled.

After Lin Yu heard this, the gloom in the depths of his eyes finally dispersed. Husband could only be his, whether it was his body or his heart.

It wasn’t until midnight that Huan Amo said goodbye to Tang Amo and took Yu Ge out of the  courtyard.

“Amo, since Tang Feng is a scholar, he must be very smart, can we hide it?”

Yu Ger frowned and asked Huan Amo worriedly.

Huan Amo straightened his sleeves, “As long as you are careful in everything, there is nothing that can’t be hidden,” finally he glared at Yu Ge fiercely, “It’s all your fault after all! Your Father and I haven’t been home for a few days, and you did such things!”

Yu Ger knew his own fault, and obediently buried his head amidst the nagging.

Just when the two arrived at the fork in the back of the road, Huan Amo saw Father Tang returning from the Wu family, so he said to Yu Ge, who didn’t know what he was thinking, “You go home first, I still have some business, I’ll return later.”

Yu Ger nodded obediently, hugged his hands, and quickly went back to the Li family. This day was too cold, Yu Ger remembered the brazier of the Tang family just now. He was extremely envious, if he also had a brazier, he would not be afraid of this cold winter.

“Ah Zheng.”

Father Tang saw Huan Amo at the fork in the opposite road along the way, he wanted to pretend not to see him and go around him in another way, but unexpectedly he was stopped by Huan Amo.

“Call me Tang Zheng.”

Father Tang corrected with a cold face.

When Huan Amo heard this, there was a little sadness on his face, “Ah Zheng, you still refuse to forgive me?”

Father Tang turned his head and left, not wanting to say anything more, “Call me Tang Zheng!”

“Ah Zheng!”

Huan Amo chased a few steps, but saw that Father Tang not only did not look back, but walked faster, even if the snow wet his trouser legs, he never thought of stopping.

Huan Amo had no other choice besides going back.

Evening at the Tang family.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Father Tang’s face turned red when he coughed.

“I said there was nothing for you to do but you just had to go strolling around! It’s such a cold day, the snow is heavy! Heat your feet with hot water. ”

Tang Amo brought a bucket of hot water to Father Tang and asked him to soak his feet to chase away the cold. 

“Sigh, it’s because I’m old.”

Father Tang took off his shoes and socks, put his feet into the bucket, and the whole person warmed up.

“It’s because you got your feet soaked in snow and didn’t change them in time. If the time is too long, you will catch a cold.”

Tang Feng took out a bowl of freshly boiled medicine and handed it to Father Tang, “While it is hot under your feet, quickly drink this medicine. Fortunately, I pulled some herbs to cure the wind and cold when I was fine, otherwise there would be some trouble.”

Father Tang blew the steaming medicine and took a sip. The bitter taste rushed straight to the taste buds, making him frown, “Tsk, it’s really bitter.”

Tang Feng took the empty bowl, “Good medicine bitter mouth, I was afraid that the cold in this winter would be heavy, so I specially added an extra medicine to prevent relapsing tomorrow.” 

“Good, good, good, our family is also a doctor family, cough, I am not afraid of any disease now.”

Father Tang’s spirit was still good.

“Pah! Pah! Pah! Why did you talk like that! Quick, raise your feet, I’ll pour some hot water in, be careful not to burn your feet.” 

Tang Amo patted Father Tang’s thigh, asked him to lift his leg, and poured some hot water into it himself.

Father Tang obediently raised his feet and looked at Tang Amo, who was pouring water for himself with lowered eyebrows, “Wife, with you in this life, I, Tang Zheng really have no regrets.”

Tang Feng shook his ears, unable to believe that this were the words of strict manner Father Tang.

 “What are you saying! Our child is here!”

Tang Amo directly gave Father Tang a paw, but let him have it easy in front of Tang Feng.

Tang Feng immediately carried the empty bowl into the kitchen, and Lin Yu scooped up the hot water that he boiled for Father Tang.

“What are you laughing at?”

Tang Feng put down the empty bowl and suddenly said seriously to the puzzled Lin Yu.

“Wife, marrying you in this life, I, Tang Feng really have no regrets.”

After hearing this, Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng steadily, “Yu Ger came?” 

That was not the right reaction, “No.” Tang Feng shook his head.

“Oh, then why are you talking so weirdly?”

Tang Feng, who finally said a love word seriously: …………………….

The author has something to say: Tang Feng becomes a little Ger (Part II)

Since Tang Feng was said by Tang husband and wife to be a nephew from his wife side, his life has been extremely hot.

He went out to pick hogweed and would meet a man.

Going out to pick vegetables, he would also meet a man.

So, he stopped going out as a result.

He was hanging clothes in the yard, and also saw men on the courtyard wall,

He was washing his face by the well, when he saw a man’s figure in the basin,

Even when he went to the toilet! This…..

Therefore, just when Tang Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, an extraterrestrial voice sounded into his ears.

“If you want to return to normalcy, you have to gather five blessings! Then you will recover naturally. ”

After hearing this, Tang Feng rubbed his eyebrows fiercely with his hand after half a sound. He can’t say but the red mole in the center of his eyebrows could be rubbed off like this! Rub it off! Rub it off!

He has recovered as a man!!

“D*mn! Jack Ma, as soon as I hear your voice! I knew this thing wasn’t reliable!!!!! I can recover myself!!!!!! ”

(The ending of the irregular small theater was inspired by the collection of Alipay 5 blessings. Afterward, a prize is drawn, two points ~ the stupid author automatically waved goodbye!) )

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