Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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Father Tang scalded his hot feet, soaked in another hot bath, and the whole person was much more comfortable.

“Don’t go out tomorrow, just stay obediently at home.”

What Tang Amo couldn’t stand the most is seeing his family member got sick. So he specially instructed Tang’s Father.

“Alright, cough, cough, I’ll listen to you.”

Father Tang took a sip of hot water and gurgled his mouth.

After a few days, the wind and snow stopped, but the ground was still covered with layers of snow, like a big snow quilt of a bed, without creases, it was smooth and tidy at a glance.

Father Tang got up early in the morning, opened the door and looked. Although there was a lot of snow, fortunately, it did not fall again. Every year the snow would stop for several days before snowing again. The thing that the most villagers did these days was ——slaughtering new year pigs.

“This old Wu’s vision to see the weather is really good.” Father Tang said during breakfast.

Last night, Wu Zhu’s Father came to visit the Tang family, and specially said that if it didn’t snow today, their family would slaughter the pigs and let the Tang family go to the Wu family to enjoy the lively scene.

“I heard Wu Zhu say that their pigs are fat this year! It looks like another good year.” Tang Amo said.

If the pigs in a peasant family grow well and have a lot of meat, they can eat some meat in the coming year.

“In Wu Zhu’s opinion, everything in his family is good.”

Tang Feng didn’t forget the little milk dog of the Wu family.

After hearing this, Tang Amo smiled and said, “This kind of person is a good person, he doesn’t dislike his own birth. The second son of the He family in the south of the village, he read some books in his early years, knew some words, was sent by his Father to the county town to study with an account officer for a few years, married the city wife, tsk, he has not returned to the village for more than ten years, he is nothing but a white-eyed wolf.”

Father Tang snorted, “Don’t make thoughtless remarks after listening to some villagers’ miscellaneous gossip, don’t get involved in people’s family affairs if you don’t know it personally, so as to save hitting your own face in the future.” 

“Of course this is reasonable. Uncle He husband and wife are still alive but he doesn’t even come by to take a look at his parents. If it’s not a one eyed wolf then what is he? It could also be said that he lived in the city for so long that he disdains our village!” 

Tang Amo was not pleased with Father Tang’s words, and kept saying with a straight face.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Hurry up to eat and go to Wu family’s to help!” Father Tang finished eating and wiped his mouth, got up and left.

“Humph! You only know how to leave every time you can’t refute! You guys eat, afterward, we will go to Wu’s house to have a look. ”

Tang Amo drank the last mouthful of porridge in the bowl, wiped his mouth and left.


Tang Feng and Lin Yu ate silently in the background.

When Tang Amo stepped out of the kitchen, the two looked at each other and smiled.

When Tang Feng and Lin Yu arrived at the Wu family, the big fat pig of the Wu family had already been scraped off of it’s pig hair and began to get disemboweled, breaking open its stomach. 

“Ah Feng is here, come in and sit down.”

Wu Amo was carrying pig’s blood into the kitchen, looking at Tang Feng and Lin Yu who entered the courtyard door with a smile on his face and said.

“Wu Amo.” Tang Feng called out.

“Wu Amo.” Lin Yu called out, and then followed directly into the kitchen to help.

“Come here, come and take a look at our young pig, tsk, how is  it!”

Wu Zhu was dressed in black, with some pig’s blood on his body, and behind him was a fat pig with a broken belly, grinning proudly at Tang Feng.


In the eyes of Tang Feng, who has an absolute cleanliness fetish, it is simply a miserable scene.

However, it was not possible to sweep the excitement of others, after all. Tang Feng looked at the fat pig behind Wu Zhu, there was indeed some fat, which was from the hogweed that the peasant family went through hardships to obtain. It was indeed not easy.

“It’s a good pig.” Tang Feng said pertinently.

“That is right! I raised it!” Wu Zhu said smugly.

The legs of his trousers were pulled by something, and Tang Feng lowered his head to see that it was Xiao Hei. He had grown up a lot since last time, it was looking at him from his feet.

Tang Feng gently stretched out his foot to touch it, but as soon as he moved, Xiao Hei mistakenly thought that Tang Feng was going to hurt it, and began to bare it’s teeth.

Helpless, Tang Feng walked sideways into the hall, he didn’t want to see the slaughter of the pig.

In addition to the Tang Feng family, there were also three families who came to help. One was surnamed Zhu, called Zhu Dadan. If the people in the village were slaughtering pigs, they would look for him. There is a rumor that he has been bold since he was a child, and he had the courage to kill pigs at the age of twelve, so he gave himself a foreign name, called Zhu Dadan*.

* Dadan = big courage

Zhu Dadan was a tall and fat man, like Father Lin, he had a big voice.

He was taking care of the pig’s intestines. While he was sorting it out, he was chatting loudly with Father Wu next to him about what he had eaten last night, which made the skinny man closest to him feel unbearable.

“You are disgusting beyond disgusting!”

“What’s wrong! Wang Laosan, you said I am disgusting?” Zhu Dadan deliberately put the hot pig intestines in his hand that had not yet been processed and still smelled of feces to Wang Laosan, provoking Wang Laosan to step back.

“Go away! Go away! ”

“Go work! Go work! Don’t make a fuss!” A long and solid man helped pull the pig’s intestines while yelling at Zhu Dadan and Wang Laosan.

“Wu Laoda, you have only been able to say these two sentences since you were a child! Why didn’t I see you help me once!” Wang Laosan desperately avoided the malicious Zhu Dadao and took the time to yell at Wu Laoda.

“Let them be, their moral conduct has been like this since childhood.” Father Tang cut off the pig’s tail, this is a good thing.

Tang Feng walked around the hall and found that there was nothing to see except for a few children making trouble inside, so he left the hall.

“Tang Feng, come, help your Uncle Zhu!”

Zhu Dadan raised the pig’s intestine in his hand and shouted to Tang Feng who was out of the hall.

“That’s impossible. My cousin likes cleanliness!”

Wu Zhu brought another bucket of hot water out, and hurriedly said after seeing Zhu Dadan’s behavior.

This kid actually knew that he loved cleanliness. Tang Feng felt very surprised.

“Exactly! You think everyone loves this kind of smell?!” Wang Laosan hid behind Wu Laoda and shouted at Zhu Dadan.

“Humph! You’ve been timid as a mouse since you were young! Losing our men’s faces!” Zhu Dadan was most unaccustomed to Wang Laosan’s instigation.

Seeing that Zhu Dadan’s attention was diverted from him, Tang Feng immediately stepped into the kitchen.

“Brother Feng!”

As a result, as soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he was aroused to have goosebumps all over his body from the soft cry.

Finally seeing Tang Feng, Yu Ger hurriedly put down the garlic in his hand and ran to Tang Feng, “Brother Feng, you have also come to help Wu Amo?”


You have seen me here, but still ask, doesn’t it seem superfluous?

Tang Feng shook his body at an angle that others could not detect, wanting to shake off the goosebumps on his body.

“My Amo told me yesterday to walk around more with the people around me. So as soon as I heard that Wu Amo needed help here, I came to help.”

In fact, Yu Ger saw the husband and wife of the Tang family walk toward the Wu family, and not long after that, he heard the sound of pig slaughter from the Wu family, and thought in his heart that maybe Tang Feng would also go, so he wanted to have a “chance encounter” and followed to the Wu family.

And when Huan Amo left, he said to several close families that Yu Ger would live in the courtyard of the Li family and have them watch out for him before leaving, so when the Wu family saw Yu Ger coming to the door, naturally it was not good to say anything else, after all, Uncle Li had some prestige in the village.

Remembering Yu Ger’s “Brother Feng,” Tang Feng looked for Lin Yu, who was busy in the kitchen.

Lin Yu just raised his head and met Tang Feng’s gaze. After the two looked at each other for a while, Tang Feng hurriedly walked to Lin Yu’s side, “I’ll help you.”

Yu Ger watched as Tang Feng went to Lin Yu, who was not comparable to himself at all, without looking at him.

Lin Yu raised his eyebrows, moved away a little, and left a place for Tang Feng.

“Ah Feng, you have to eat Wu Amo’s New Year pig well this year, you haven’t been here in the previous years!”

Wu Amo’s hearty energy never stopped.

“Yes, strength comes from eating! Eat back everything you haven’t eaten in the previous years! “Wu Laoda’s wife, who was helping on the side, was also a hearty person.

“Then I won’t be polite. Just by looking at the fat pig of Wu Amo’s family already makes me hungry, not to mention my belly is also grumbling.”

Tang Feng’s words made the people in the kitchen laugh.

Yu Ger saw that he couldn’t interject, and also remembered his and Amo’s plans, so he walked over and said softly.

“Brother Feng, how could there be a place for a man in the kitchen? Why don’t you go out for a walk?”

“What are you saying, only us Gers can enter the kitchen? The men could only open their mouths to eat without getting involved? Bah! In your dream! Tang Feng, it’s good that you’re like this! You’ll have to show the guys outside too! ”

Wang Laosan’s wife had a hot temperament, like Tang Amo, he said whatever he had to say. What he hated the most was those men that looked and acted all that, refusing to do even a little housework. 

“Exactly! Not to mention, my family’s moral and conduct of their mouth, whatever is said is useless.” Zhu Dadan’s wife slapped his thigh and began to complain about Zhu Dadan’s “bad behavior” to the other Amo.

Yu Ger, seeing that what he said, not only did not persuade Tang Feng to get his favor, but also caused him to be scolded by all the Amo in this room, which was even more counterproductive, he suddenly felt upset.

“Our family doesn’t like that.” Tang Feng helped Lin Yu pick the vegetables, and looked at Yu Ger standing in front of them with an embarrassed face and said.

“Then I’ll help you.”

Yu Ger didn’t want to stay away from Tang Feng, so he hurriedly said.

“Yu Ger! What about the garlic I want? Where is it? Hurry up, I’m in a hurry to use it!” Zhu Fu Lang was preparing to stir-fry and shouted at Yu Ger.

Note; Fu Lang is what i have been translated as ‘wife’ but now it doesn’t seem suitable anymore so i will keep sticking to just ‘Fu Lang’ and wife interchangeably.

Tang Feng blinked, “You can be busy with your task.” 

Yu Ger was full of reluctance, but he can’t leave his task, he can only return to the place where he just was, slowly peeling garlic.

“Fu Lang.”

Tang Feng approached Lin Yu and called in a low voice.

“Huh?” Lin Yu looked sideways at Tang Feng.

“You’re so nice.”

When Lin Yu heard this, he glanced at Yu Ger, and looked at Tang Feng with a smile, “What’s so nice about me?”

Tang Feng deliberately thought for a moment and replied, “Everything is good, even the hair on your body, I think it’s the best.”

Lin Yu: ……………….

The author has something to say:

Small Theatre “Fu Lang’s body hair”

At night, when Tang Feng’s husband and wife were about to warm each other, Tang Feng suddenly wanted to say a few more flirtatious words than before.

“Fu Lang~”

Tang Feng called out affectionately.


Note: term used for husband (figured since i put Fu Lang for wife already so as not to make it look bad)

Lin Yu was a little shy.

“You don’t know how much I like you, everything about you fascinates me, even your fingers, your nails, your hand hair…”

Lin Yu’s face froze, “Even hand hair?”

And Tang Feng, who was talking vigorously, heard it as “Only hand hair?”

So Tang Feng, who was afraid that his Fu Lang would not be satisfied, hurriedly continued, “And leg hair~”

“………………” Lin Yu did not speak, Tang Feng thought that he was not satisfied, so.

“Back hair~”

“…………………” There was still no response, so Tang Feng continued his efforts.

“Head hair?”

“…………………” Lin Yu’s face has darkened into becoming a certain Bao Gong.

Note: Bao Gong from Chinese tv drama.

Still not satisfied, it seems that he had to make a big move, Tang Feng thought proudly. Fortunately, he had some skills.

“Pub*c hair~”


Tang Feng, who was kicked to the ground with a confused face, “???? Fu Lang, why did you kick me? Are you still not satisfied? But you have no other hair to be praised. ”

Lin Yu with Bao Gong’s face and Guan Gong’s face: ………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciacia/N: Tbh…..Tang Feng is quite…gross over here…..T_T

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