Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Because of his appearance and stature, Lin Yu had already stopped his thoughts of marrying, but since he met Tang Feng, this kind of thought had begun to be active again.

However, no matter how active it was, it was just an empty thought. Lin Yu knew that he was not worthy of Tang Feng. Being able to watch the other party get married and have children, it would already be a kind of happiness. 

But he never ever expected that the village chief’s wife would actually come to his family’s door to propose to him!

This was like a pie falling from the sky for Lin Yu! So he used a few days of silence to get his father and Amo, who initially had not agreed, to agree to this marriage. He admitted that he was selfish about it, but he did not want to miss this opportunity.

Lin Yu spreaded out the finished wedding dress and put it on the bed, ready to try to see if there was anything that needed to be changed.

He took off his clothes, revealing his tight and extremely smooth skin, slender body, perfectly straight legs, and his rare outstanding hips.

Slowly putting the dress on his body, the slightly cool feeling touched Lin Yu’s somewhat hot body, making him unfurl his brow comfortably.

His body was like a furnace in all four seasons.

Through the only bronze mirror in the room, Lin Yu saw himself dressed in a wedding dress.

The person in the bronze mirror had a handsome, bright resolute face, slender sharp eyebrows. The pair of red Phoenix eyes stained with unexplainable emotions, a very outstanding straight nose, as well as a pair of tightly closed lips. The originally extremely tall body was even more handsome under the complete cover of the red dress, plus the red mole that resembled the red color of cinnabar between his eyebrows, even added an ascetic atmosphere to him.

If modern sisters see him, they will definitely drool for a long time. This was simply a figure of a model and the face of a celebrity! 

If the Gers here saw him, they will definitely blush with a racing heartbeat. He’s simply a firm, strong and robust man!

Uh, there’s a red mole between his eyebrows? Tsk, tsk, this Ger is ugly!

That’s right, the aesthetic of this place is that the more feminine, elegant and pretty the Ger is, the more he’s the dream lover of the men here. But if he is handsome and resolute, then he is an ugly Ger that makes the men retreat back 3 feet away!

Lin Yu reached out his hand to touch his face, looking at the body in the bronze mirror that is comparable to that of a man. A wisp of bitterness flashed in his eyes.

He seized this opportunity, as long as he could accompany Tang Feng to take care of him, Lin Yu was already perfectly content, he won’t ask for anything more than this. Even if his heart scattered a burst of grievance…………

The Tang family courtyard can be said to be bustling with noise and excitement at the moment.

Father Tang was talking respectfully to an old man dressed in a short black garment. From his expression, it could be seen that Father Tang respected the old man from the bottom of his heart. This is Tang Amo’s father, Tang Feng’s grandfather, Guo Chang. (Hereinafter referred to as Guo Gong)

Moreover, Tang Amo was also beaming with joy while talking with a grandma and a 30 years old Amo. Naturally, they’re Tang Feng’s grandma and his third uncle’s wife.

After receiving the news that Tang Feng of the Tang family was going to get married, Old husband and wife of the Guo family couldn’t sit still. This was their only grandson’s wedding. Naturally, they had to help out, therefore besides third uncle who was still teaching during the day, Old husband and wife of the Guo family and the others agreed to rush over here.

“Is that Ger really as good as you say?”

Guo Mo* still had some doubt on his face, he was afraid that Tang Amo would casually find a Ger in order to use this happy occasion to help wash away Tang Feng’s illness in a rush.

Guo Mo: Amo will be used for mother while Mo alone will be used for grandma/Ger grandpa.

Tang Amo nodded happily.

“Of course! These are the eight characters that Baiyun Temple calculated. There is no mistake. Besides, I have also seen that Ger in the village these days, he’s a good child.”

Guo Mo only relaxed his heart when he heard this. He gave out a satisfied expression on that face that seemed to have gone through a lot of hardships. He loved Tang Feng extremely dearly.

Tang Feng’s third uncle’s wife had a thin body. Perhaps because the husband was a teacher in the family, that’s how he was infected with a scholarly appearancel the whole person was gentle and courteous.

“If there’s anything else to prepare, I’ll help out. It’s always good to prepare properly and be ready,” The third uncle’s wife’s tone of voice was also extremely soft, making people fail to find any fault in him.

“There are indeed some things that need to be prepared. Although the date is a bit rushed, we can’t treat their family’s Ger badly, right?! Oh, by the way,” Tang Amo stood up, walked to the door of Tang Feng’s room, and gently asked, “Ah Feng, does the wedding dress fit you well?”

Tang Feng in the room pulled off the slightly loose wedding dress on his body. His eyes were full of helplessness, this body was too thin, it can’t even fit in the dress.

Hearing the inquiry outside the room, Tang Feng stepped forward and opened the door.

A meager, elegant youth in a wedding dress appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. 

Coincidentally, a gust of wind was brought in and wrapped around the meager youth’s body, blowing and swaying the wedding dress on his body. 

The eyes of the people in the courtyard were full of pain. This serious illness made Tang Feng, who was not very strong in the first place, become even thinner.

Tang Amo forced himself to suppress the wetness in his eyes.

“It’s Amo’s fault. I have forgotten your size. You see I have made a bigger sized dress for you. Come, change your clothes, Amo will help you alter it.” 

Tang Amo smiled and spoke to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng looked at Tang Amo in front of him, and suddenly put his hand in front of Tang Amo’s eyes and wiped it, it was tears.


Listening to Tang Feng’s voice calling him, Tang Amo’s tears could no longer be held in, Father Tang hurriedly stepped forward to pull Tang Amo away.

“Ah Feng, quickly change it. Grandma will help you mend it.”

Guo Mo came to Tang Feng and said lovingly.

Tang Feng shook his head and smiled, “No need, grandma. I can wear two more under clothes inside, besides, it’s starting to get cold these days. So no need to waste extra effort.”

“Good, good, good, go in and change, don’t catch a cold. Tomorrow is your wedding day.”

Guo Mo nudged Tang Feng into the door and gently urged.

When Tang Feng closed the door, Tang Amo also calmed down, but his eyes were still red.

Guo Gong inhaled a wisp of tobacco given by Father Tang, and was somewhat silent.

Guo Mo glanced at Tang Amo, “You’re incredible! (sarcastic). Why are you crying in front of the child! After so many years, you still haven’t changed that shortcoming of yours!”

Tang Amo took a deep breath, “I just felt distressed for him.” 

How could the third uncle’s wife not understand his heart, he promptly changed the topic, “Didn’t you say there are still more things to prepare? Quickly say it, my hands are idle here, so I need you to find something for me to do!” 

These words made Tang Amo dissipate the worries in his heart and cleared his expression, “It’s as you’ve said! Let’s go, I’ll take you to work properly!” 

Guo Mo shook his head when he saw this, but he still followed up. His old bones were still very healthy, his strength no worse than that of young people.

Guo Gong also put down his pipe, moved his muscles and bones for a little while. He spoke to Father Tang who was beside him, “Let’s go back to work too. I’ve been working my whole life already, so I can’t get used to being idle.” 

Father Tang had been the son in law of the Guo family for so many years. Naturally, he knew Guo Gong’s personality, so he did not hide it, and told all the light works there are to him and led Guo Gong to do them. 

Tang Feng changed his wedding dress, folded it neatly and placed it aside, before wearing his usual clothes.

Tang Amo’s tears made Tang Feng thoroughly understand that nothing could be more important than supplementing his body well.

The original body was born prematurely, the immunity poor. His internal organs were weaker than the average person, plus the Tang father and mother were reluctant to let the original body work. So most of the time he’s either inside his room or in the courtyard all day long. Therefore, the body has gotten weaker over the years.

If he wanted to have a normal person’s physique and body, it’s still not something that can be done in a short period of time. Chinese medicine doctors paid attention to a lot of things, and the body’s circulation was the basic foundation.

Tai Chi can make people breathe more naturally, in a gentle and slow manner. Due to the slow speed and gentle movements, the microcirculation of the human body is expanded.

Moreover, the characteristics of microcirculation are that strenuous exercise makes the blood run in a shortcut, which makes it unable to get a full exchange of substances and energy. While the gentle and slow characteristics of Tai Chi enable the blood to flow everywhere, so as to obtain the exchange of substance and energy to improve the circulation inside the body.

As the saying goes, “Being in pain is being blocked (the body’s qi) while being blocked will make you feel pain”*. Thus the blocked qi could be flowing, that is when the symptoms of chronic diseases are alleviated or eliminated. At the same time, Tai Chi exercise could keep the body fit and healthy, preventing some diseases. Therefore, Tai Chi exercise has the effect of curing the illness.

Note: it means that the body won’t feel pain if the qi circulation isn’t blocked so the qi could enter the meridians and make the body healthy but if the body feels pain that means the qi is blocked so one could feel endless pain until they die.

Tang Feng’s room was relatively wide, he walked to the front of the cabinet, spread his legs horizontally, stretched out his arms, and began to practice the most basic Tai Chi.

But in less than a quarter of an hour, Tang Feng felt a wave of soreness coming from his thighs and arms.

He did not stop moving. He cleared the emotions in his heart, before letting out a long breath. Persisted on doing it again for a short period of time, it was only until his forehead and his back began to have a thin layer of sweat that Tang Feng slowly stopped.

Muscles too easily ache, this is the consequence of the usual lack of exercise. With a rapid heartbeat, weak body, and a little dizziness in the head………, Tang Feng on one side, began to assess his physical condition after the exercise, while also turning his back to the door to change into dry clothes.

Due to having become thinner during this period of time, the clothes inside his wardrobe also became slightly larger. Tang Feng lifted the trousers that were a little bigger. When he lowered his head to tie the trouser belt, the door behind him was suddenly pushed open.

Tang Feng turned his head back and looked at Wu Zhu, who had pushed the door and came in, looking confused.


Wu Zhu wanted to talk to Tang Feng about something wholeheartedly so how could he care to knock on the door. He directly pushed the door and came in, but he unexpectedly saw his usually refined and calm cousin sitting with his back to the door, while his clothes were not neat. His hands seemed to be busy doing something on his thighs, then he was faced with the flushed handsome face that turned around………

Oh! Accustomed to seeing his cousin’s Ger’s face, he almost forgot that his cousin was also a normal man!

“Get out!”

Tang Feng coldly looked at Wu Zhu who was numb in his original place without knowing what to think.

“Elder brother! You continue! Continue!”

Wu Zhu sobered up, exposing a lewd smile at Tang Feng. He carefully stepped outside and closed the door.

Tang Feng looked at the door that was closed by Wu Zhu and frowned. That expression was too obscene, making him inexplicably feel that something was wrong.

The author has something to say:

Wu Zhu: I have been careless and accidentally saw my own cousin mastubate in broad daylight, what to do now!? Emergency! Waiting online for the answer very urgently!!!

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