Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 42

Chapter 42

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The early spring at night was no longer as silent as in winter. The lights were still on in the Tang family central hall. Once you approached, there was a gentle voice slowly saying something.

“Since I haven’t studied in any formal academy or school, I can’t go directly to take the Xiucai exam, which my third uncle and I didn’t expect.”

The Holy Jade Dynasty attached much importance to literati and also attached requirements to the literati’s educational background to take the test. First of all, there are no candidates who tried the exam here. 

Participating in the Xiucai exam was not possible just because you’re literate, they must be a participant with two identities.

First, they have studied in a regular school and have their affiliate’s document number (the same thing as the student ID number). Second, like Tang Feng, who has not been to the academy for various reasons, but has the ability to participate in this Xiucai exam, he needed to hand in the document number used by the master who taught him literacy (must be a Xiucai) when he took the Xiucai exam back then and hand it in one month before the exam.

Originally, the original body could read because of Third Uncle Guo, but Third Uncle Guo was a teacher. Tang Feng did not go to his school, so he could not become a person who reported his identity.

“……., so I recognized him as a teacher with the approval of Old Master Wang. This is the document name used by Old Master Wang back in those days.” 

Tang Feng explained the reason for becoming an apprentice very carefully. Then he took out the document number that Old Xiucai Wang had already written. Father Tang took it, “Turns out it’s like this.” 

On that paper, there was not only Old Xiucai Wang’s document number, but also how long it took to start teaching Tang Feng clearly. Then, finally the signatures of Old Xiucai Wang and Tang Feng.

“The time written on this paper…?”

No wonder Father Tang asked, this Old Xiucai Wang wrote that Tang Feng followed him to learn when he was ten years old.

Tang Feng put the paper away and smiled softly, without words.

Tang Amo glanced as he passed by, “You can’t even understand this, it’s due to luck that you’re able to sit firmly in the position of village chief!”

Father Tang: ………….

Lin Yu saw that Father Tang still looked confused, so he explained: “Father, this literacy can not be completed in one or two days, that is, the village Lord Xiucai Wen Shu also entered the school at the age of seven and studied for several years before taking the exam. ”

“I see!”

Father Tang suddenly realized, then looked at Tang Amo’s eyes on the side, and couldn’t help but smile.


Tang Feng and Lin Yu looked at each other and smiled, busy relieving the siege on Father Tang, “Father, the negotiations between this Zhang family and Huan Amo have been completely settled already?”

Since someone gave them stairs to go down, Father Tang naturally stretched his legs.

“It’s all done, Zhang Lei said that he will repair the house in a few days, and bring his Amo and father to settle down here. Tomorrow, I will hold a village meeting to inform the villagers about this, so as not to let everyone move over at that time, but the people in the village still don’t know what their surname is! You have to remember that the courtyard is now the residence of the Zhang family, so don’t call it the Li family yard in the future. ”

Father Tang instructed.

Only then did Tang Feng remember the figure he had seen at the door of the Li family’s backyard that day.

When Tang Amo and Lin Yu both went back to the room to sleep, Tang Feng whispered to Father Tang.

“Father, I have something to tell you.”

Seeing that Tang Feng’s face was cautious, Father Tang hurriedly pressed down the sleepiness and listened with his ears.

“Really?!” Tang Feng asked in a low voice after listening to it.

Tang Feng nodded, “I also went to see the backyard door myself, someone really buckled it from the inside.”

Father Tang thought for a moment and made a decision, “In that case, let’s go and take a look!”

It was just past midnight and since it was early spring, it was already dark.

The courtyard of the Li family, no, it is now the courtyard of the Zhang family. The courtyard of the Zhang family was not far from the Tang family, plus Father Tang and Tang Feng knew the way even with their eyes closed, so the two came to the gate of the Zhang family without torches.

Tang Feng listened quietly to the movement inside the courtyard door.

“How is it?” Father Tang asked quietly.

Tang Feng shook his head and did not move.

Father Tang looked at the dark sky and beckoned to Tang Feng, “Come with me!”

Tang Feng nodded and followed.

The two came to the place where firewood was piled on the backyard wall of the Zhang’s courtyard. Father Tang gently moved the bundle of firewood against the wall and Tang Feng to the side, and then squatted down and pulled under the courtyard wall with his hand for a while, Father Tang said to Tang Feng, who was standing on the side: “Come, get in, be quiet.”

Tang Feng: …………. He crouched down and groped with his hands, it turned out that there was a hole under the wall of this courtyard that adults could drill into!

What is it…. A dog hole?

“Not a dog hole!”

Father Tang’s voice sounded on the side.

Well, if it weren’t for the key in Father Tang’s hand that had been given to Zhang Lei, they wouldn’t have drilled into the hole!

Tang Feng began to drill, fortunately the ground was dry.

Tang Feng drilled through the hole, got up, and looked around, this was the backyard.

Father Tang then also came over. Seeing that Tang Feng was still standing in place, he stretched out his hand and pushed him.


Father Tang gestured, and Tang Feng nodded.

Just as the two were about to enter the front yard, there was a small knock on the backyard door.

Tang Feng and Father Tang hurriedly hid in the pig pen on the side, fortunately, there were no pigs, so there was no smell of pigs.

After the 3 long knock and 1 short knock on the backyard door sounded, the door of the hall was gently opened. Although there was no light, it was still possible to see from the footsteps that this was a very thin person.

“Elder brother!”

After opening the backyard door, the man who opened the door shouted to the person outside.

“Shh, be quiet!”

The person scolded lightly, entering the courtyard and closing the door.

Tang Feng’s ears moved, this person.

“It’s Tang Ming and Tang Tian!” Father Tang was the first to reveal the identities of the two.

“Come, I brought you something delicious today, go in and eat it while it’s hot.” Tang Ming held up the food he brought over, sniffed it exaggeratedly and said.

Tang Tian was not very interested, “Brother, Father and Amo haven’t yielded yet?”

Tang Ming sighed, “How can they yield just because you say so?” He looked at his Ger brother who was thin and out of shape in front of him in just one year, Tang Ming’s heart was also uncomfortable, “But brother, I absolutely approve of you leaving that b*stard!”

Tang Tian smiled slightly, his brother cherished him the most. When he thought of the people who came here to see the house a few days ago, Tang Tian’s eyebrows fell again, “Elder brother, someone has come to see this house, I am afraid that we can’t live in this place anymore, besides, I live here alone, so I dare not light an oil lamp, thus I can’t boil some water to wash…. ”

He’s a Ger too!

“That’s right, don’t be afraid, I looked at the situation. I will find another place for you to live if it doesn’t work! Quickly eat.” Tang Ming urged, then the two entered the house.

When Tang Feng and Father Tang got out of the courtyard and returned home, Father Tang sighed, “It seems that Tian Ger was wronged in his husband’s house and wanted to leave, but his father did not agree, so he hid in the courtyard of the Zhang family.” 

Tang Ming and Tang Tian’s father, Tang Cheng and Father Tang were also cousins, their ancestors were brothers, but there were more people in this generation so the family line was getting weaker and weaker.

Tang Tian’s married husband’s family was in Third Uncle Guo’s village. He married last year, adding up this year, it hasn’t been that long but he already left. Listening to the conversation between the two brothers, it seemed it was Tian Ger’s husband’s family that was wrong.

In the Holy Jade Dynasty, getting divorce was the last resort.

“What are you looking at me for?”

Father Tang didn’t see Tang Feng respond for a long time, but when he looked up, he found that the other party had been looking at him.


Tang Feng’s face was a little moving, “How did you know that there was a hole under the courtyard wall?” 

Father Tang’s face turned slightly pale, “This…” 

“Is it related to Huan Amo?”

“What are you saying?! Aren’t you afraid your Amo is gonna hear and misunderstand?!”

Hearing this, Father Tang immediately jumped up, looked at the quiet Tang Feng and replied in a low voice, “What are you doing not going to rest!”

Tang Feng didn’t continue to ask, he had a score in his heart, “Then I’ll go to sleep.”

“Slow down! Don’t talk nonsense to your Amo! ”

Father Tang stopped Tang Feng, who was about to go out, and told him several times, until Tang Feng was about to raise his hand and swear, he did not let the other party go.

Tang Feng returned to the room, carefully got into bed. He just laid down, but unexpectedly Lin Yu, who he thought had already fallen asleep, turned around, “Where did you run around to in the middle of the night?” 

Tang Feng smiled twice at Lin Yu’s eyes in the dark night, “If I tell you that father and I went to dig a dog hole, do you believe it?”

In Tang Feng’s view, that hole was a dog hole.

After Lin Yu was stunned, he suddenly came in front of Tang Feng and sniffed his hair, “There is no dog smell.”

Tang Feng: ………

On the second day, Father Tang went out. After he came back, he kept staring at Tang Feng, as long as Tang Feng and Tang Amo spoke, Father Tang’s eyes chased closely, for fear that Tang Feng would leak his mouth.

Tang Feng acted like he didn’t see it, carrying a piece of meat and other wrapped things to the Wang family. He brought this for the apprenticeship ceremony, Old Xiucai Wang helped him so much, the Tang family was not short-sighted.

When passing by the courtyard of the Zhang family, Tang Feng deliberately stayed for a moment, paying attention to the movement inside. Today Father Tang went to hold a village meeting, this Li family courtyard has now become the courtyard of the Zhang family, Tang Tian will not be able to live here anymore, besides, after the village meeting, Father Tang kept Tang Cheng to say a few words.

The author has something to say: “The Little Theater of the Game of Not Angry”

One day, Huan Amo came to Tang Amo, and the two sat in the courtyard chatting.

Although it was a chat, the two of them did not talk much, so there were not many words .

“Let’s play a game.” Huan Amo suggested.

“Okay! What game?” Tang Amo was eager to try.

“The game of angry and not angry.” Huan Amo raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, come on.”

Huan Amo sat up straight, “Then you go first.” 

Tang Amo nodded, “Can you make me angry with a word?”

Huan Amo blinked, “Your husband has a scar on his chest. ”

Tang Amo was shocked, “Can you not make me angry with a word?” 

Huan Amo smiled, “We grew up together, it was when he was a child when he fell from a tree and scratched himself mischievously. ”

Tang Amo breathed a sigh of relief, “Can you make me angry with one more word?” 

Huan Amo sorted out his clothes, “Who would remember the events in their childhood?” 

Holding his breath, Tang Amo, “Can you say another word to keep me from being angry?”

Huan Amo smiled toothily, “Yesterday I asked another friend who was there at the time.” 

Trembling Tang Amo, “Can you say another word to make me angry?”

Huan Amo’s eyes were confused: “I’m afraid that little friend can’t remember clearly, so I confirmed it again last night.”

His eyes widened,  he held his chest, “Can you say one more word to keep me from being angry”

Huan Amo said loudly: “Last night, another Ger childhood friend spent the night at my house, and I asked again. ”

Tang Amo: ……… My little heart, it plopped down!

23333333333333333 I watched a small video hahahaha, so I applied it to the small theater, 2333333333

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