Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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Regarding Tang Feng’s cautious attitude of coming to the door, Old Xiucai Wang was also satisfied and had no words, “You can come to find me whenever you’re free in the future, we two old people do not have much land to plant, so there is little work, therefore you can come often, I am also at home.”

Since Old Xiucai Wang was the Lord Xiucai, he can live on the money given by the government. Moreover, the expenses of the two are not large, their lives are just a little better than those in the village.

“Then I will trouble you more.”

Through several contacts, Tang Feng also felt that Old Master Wang was actually very lonely. The only child he had passed away, the pain of this white-haired person sending black-haired people, how can ordinary people understand.

Tang Feng came from time to time, which somewhat made this courtyard sent out laughing noises. Old Master Wang hoped that he would come more often.

“Then don’t go back at noon today, stay here. Wang Laomo will make you food.”

Wang Laomo’s smile that was full of folds deepened, he was even happier after Tang Feng agreed.

At noon, Wang Laomo directly cooked the meat brought by Tang Feng. The dining table strongly persuaded Tang Feng to eat more. If Wang Laomo did not stew the meat too mildly and easily digested, Tang Feng really did not dare to eat more. If his body accumulated food (indigestion), it would be troublesome.

When Tang Feng returned home and talked about the affairs of the Wang family, the Tang family husband and wife also felt strangely sad when they heard it.

“Lord Old Xiucai Wang has done us a great favor, and now you can be regarded as seeking refugee in his house, since it’s like this just take care of them more. The two of them are also getting older and older.”

Father Tang’s words were very shallow, but everyone present knew the meaning. Their age was getting older and older, it may not be too far from the day of “leaving”.

“I know, by the way, father, is the courtyard of the Zhang family clean?”

The meaning of Tang Feng naturally referred to where the two brothers of Tang Ming and Tang Tian went.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo both thought that Tang Feng was just asking about the house.

Father Tang nodded, “It’s clean, of course, the things of the family are cleaned up by closing the door and cleaning it up.”

Tang Feng bowed his head knowingly.

Lin Yu felt a little strange at this time, remembering what Tang Feng said about digging the dog hole last night. He looked at him sideways, Tang Feng mistakenly thought that Lin Yu’s red mole began to burn again, and hurriedly stretched out his hand to try it.

“What’s wrong? Is it hot again!?”

Tang Amo asked nervously.



The voices of Tang Feng and Lin Yu sounded at the same time.

Father Tang and Tang Amo breathed a sigh of relief.

“If it’s still hot, you must say it out.” Tang Amo mentioned uneasily.

Lin Yu nodded.

Father Tang looked at Tang Feng, “There is less than a month and a half left, you have to hurry up during this time, don’t relax, it will be fine after taking the exam.”

Tang Feng agreed.

At night, Tang Feng was awakened by Lin Yu’s gentle turning over because the red mole was too hot, so he couldn’t sleep, “Is it hot?” 

Lin Yu sighed when he heard Tang Feng’s sleepy voice, “I’ve woken you up.”

“What are you saying, come.”

Tang Feng put his year-round cool hand between Lin Yu’s hot eyebrows. Lin Yu gently breathed a sigh of relief, this red mole was indeed a little uncomfortable.

“I looked at it before going to bed and found that the red mole was a little darker, as soon as the fetus was stable, the red mole became crimson.” Tang Feng stretched out his other hand to press his temple for Lin Yu and said.

A gentle nod came from under the palm of his hand. Tang Feng stepped forward and kissed the other party’s cheek lovingly, “You’ve worked hard, Fu Lang.”

At this time, Lin Yu was already drowsy. It wasn’t known if he heard what Tang Feng said.

On the afternoon of the second day, after Tang Feng had just gone out to the Wang’s house, Zhang Lei came to the door.

“Thank you.”

Zhang Lei took the hot tea handed over by Tang Amo and expressed his gratitude loudly.

Tang Amo smiled, it’s a good boy who knows etiquette.

“Uncle Tang, it’s like this, about repairing the yard, I went back to discuss with my father, and I still want to trouble Uncle Tang this time.”

As soon as Father Tang heard the word repair, he knew the plans of the Zhang family.

“You want to find someone from the village?”

Zhang Lei’s eyes lit up, he was indeed a smart person, “Yes, since everyone is a villager in the same village in the future, this yard will naturally have to trouble the villagers. Please rest assured Uncle Tang, we will provide the money, we will definitely not let the villagers work in vain, there is also some work in the field these days, naturally we can’t delay the time of everyone.”

Zhang Lei’s words were extremely bright. Tang Amo and Lin Yu, who were sitting in the courtyard, felt comfortable listening to it. “In the end, since I wanted to move into the village, I naturally wanted  to get closer to the villagers!”

Lin Yu nodded, this Zhang Lei can do things, and can also conduct himself well.

“The salary is ten copper coins a day, I will invite ten people and they can have a lunch meal, then the yard repair time will be faster. I have to trouble Uncle Tang to find two Amos to make lunch for me, there will also be pay.”

Father Tang nodded and looked at the handsome man sitting in front of him, “You’re considerate, in this case, go to the ancestral hall with me and gather the free and willing villagers to talk about this.”

“Good! I’ve troubled Uncle Tang.”

“What kind of trouble, this is also a matter of mutual benefit, I have to thank you on behalf of the villagers…”

Father Tang and Zhang Lei left quickly. Tang Amo’s mouth also opened, he said with a mysterious face, “If he needs two Amos to cook, something will definitely happen with this matter!”

“Why is that?”

Lin Yu asked.

“Now the work in the field is almost done. Many people are idle at home, and this matter only needs two cooks, there are so many people in the village, it is strange for it not to make some trouble.”

Tang Amo’s extremely certain guess did not happen, Father Tang handled everything very well, as soon as the wood to be used tomorrow arrived, everyone could start working.

The courtyard of the Zhang family began to be busy. Tang Feng was also not idle, after writing the February and March chapters, he let Tang Amo, who went to the market, bring them to Owner Huang. Along with the news that he had to prepare for the exam in these two months, he gave the books out in advance.

When Tang Amo came back, in addition to the settled money, there was also a roast chicken and two pastries specially sent by Owner Huang.

“Owner Huang said that this roast chicken was brought from the county, the same for this pastry. He told me to bring it back, saying that it is a celebratory cake!” Tang Amo didn’t want it, as if to say that Tang Feng can’t be “in the cake”. But since he got it, Tang Amo felt that he owes the other party a favor, he felt like he was quite careless.

In the cake?

Tang Feng touched his nose, he haven’t passed and be the top scorer of the examination, what kind of in the cake. But seeing Tang Amo’s uncomfortable look, he said: “Just take it, this is also Owner Huang’s kind regard.”

That old fox can’t wait for others to owe him a favor!

The courtyard of the Li family was bought by a family surnamed Zhang. This Zhang family also asked the villagers to help repair it, this time the village was very impassionate. From time to time someone “passed” by the Zhang family, looking at the busy impassioned yard, they were also very excited.

What’s more, after some Amo “passed” by the Zhang family several times, they were really embarrassed to go again. So they began to knock on the door of the Tang family closest to the Zhang family, pulling Tang Amo to twitter at the gate of the courtyard. After a few days, even the chattering Tang Amo couldn’t stand it anymore, and hid in the Lin family to find Lin Amo who was making small children clothes.

Father Tang was seeked by the villagers from time to time to deal with things and did not stay at home much.

But Tang Feng and Lin Yu spent more time at home.

“The courtyard door is knocked on again.”

Tang Feng frowned lightly, put down the book in his hand, and went to open the courtyard door.


“Tang Feng.”

Tang Feng looked at Wu Zhu and Hu Qiang, who were frustrated at the entrance of the courtyard, “Come in.”

The two people at the gate of the courtyard nodded hurriedly, when Hu Qiang, who came in last, wanted to close the courtyard door with him, Tang Feng stopped him.

He didn’t want to open the door again!

Lin Yu, who was sitting sleepily in the hall, heard the voice of outsiders and also woke up a little. The red mole was hot at night in the past two days, unable to allow him to sleep well. 

“Go back to your room and rest, I’ll entertain them.”

Tang Feng said.

Lin Yu looked at the expressions of the two people behind him and nodded.

“Say, why are you two like this again?”

Tang Feng asked after gently closing the open booklet.

Wu Zhu and Hu Qiang, you look at me, I look at you. the two of them pushed and shoved for half a day without saying anything.

“If you don’t say then…”


Wu Zhu hurriedly frowned and stopped Tang Feng.

Tang Feng glanced at him, “Speak.” 

“We just wanted to ask what kind of person that Zhang Lei was and why he bought a semi-old yard in our village.” Wu Zhu whispered.

“Yes, we think Zhang Lei is too rash to buy a yard, there must be something in it!” Hu Qiang continued.

“Then what do you think of this Zhang Lei’s intentions?”

After Hu Qiang and Wu Zhu looked at each other, they said in unison: “It must be for Wen Qing!” 

Tang Feng: ……………….

I really can’t stand these two stupid people!

After these two people finished talking about what they thought in their hearts, they began to crackle about the reason why they thought so.

“He has money to buy a yard, but he chose our village!” Wu Zhu.

“Looking at him, he is an unmarried man!” Hu Qiang.

“Isn’t this in order to get Wen Qing’s attention!” Wu Zhu.

“This is clearly for Wen Qing that’s why he came to our village!” Hu Qiang.

“………。” Tang Feng.

Looking at the courtyard door that was closed by Tang Feng, Hu Qiang and Wu Zhu looked at each other, how could he suddenly blast them out.

After Tang Feng blasted the two out, he instantly felt that the roots of his ears were also peaceful, his heart was no longer stuffy.

He really didn’t know what kind of fascination they were obsessed with, to revolve around a Ger everyday. 

Tang Feng, who thought like this, naturally did not expect what the conversation between Hu Qiang and Wu Zhu when they left was like,

“His temper is getting greater.” Hu Qiang.

“Hiss, it’s estimated that since he revolves around a Ger every day, his mind is not clear.” Wu Zhu affirmed.

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