Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 44

Chapter 44

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“What did Wu Zhu and Hu Qiang say this afternoon?”

When Tang Feng and Lin Yu were lying on the bed at night, Lin Yu squinted and asked softly.

Tang Feng took the hand attached to his head away and replaced it with another hand that was relatively warm, so that Lin Yu would be more comfortable.

“It’s all boring things, don’t pay attention to them, if they come when I’m away in the future, you don’t have to pay attention to them.”

Lin Yu nodded, “Don’t just put it on my head, go to sleep.” 

“It’s okay, put it like this, you also know that my body is cold, so this heat is still a good thing for me, you go sleep quickly, I am here.”

Tang Feng not only did not transfer his hand, but also put his other hand outside the quilt, wanting to make his hand cooler, so that he could change this hand behind him to make Lin Yu more comfortable.

Lin Yu hadn’t slept well in the past few nights. Tang Feng saw it in his eyes and it hurt in his heart.

With Tang Feng’s hand, Lin Yu fell asleep faster than before.

The courtyard of the Zhang family was repaired in six days and was lively for six days, it doesn’t look that different from the outside but when you enter the courtyard, you will find that many things have changed.

After another two days, Tang Feng heard the sound of ox carts coming from the courtyard of the Zhang family.

After Tang Amo ran out to look at it for a while, he came back and said, “It’s all some furniture movers. That style, it seems like what has been used by the Zhang family before.” 

Although Zhang Lei said that he would move some furniture over, he still did not forget to find Liu Laosan to make some new furniture.

At this moment, not only was Liu Lao Sanfu happy, but also many people in the village began to get excited.

“Have you heard? That young man of the Zhang family ordered several large pieces of furniture from Liu Laosan’s house! Tsk, I don’t know how much money was spent. ”

Wu Amo was not idle when he met Lin Amo and Tang Amo on the road and he began to gossip in a low voice.

Lin Amo didn’t care about these things, Tang Amo was close, naturally he knew that this Zhang Lei looking for Liu Laosan the best carpenter in the village was through Father Tang.

“Yes, not only is he handsome, but his way of doing things is also not often seen in young generations.”

Tang Amo praised, but in his heart, he thought that his own Tang Feng was not bad compared to him.

Lin Amo slowed down, “Are you talking about that Zhang Lei from the Zhang family?”

“Aiyo! Of course! The Lin family still doesn’t know about this!?” Wu Amo exclaimed exaggeratedly.

After the end, he approached Lin Amo and said with a bad smile, “Does your family’s Xiao Wen have a fiancee?”

Lin Amo smiled, “How old is my Xiao Wen, he’s still half grown, still has two more years to go.” 

Not to mention Lin Wen’s affairs, the most headache for Lin Amo now was Lin Zhuang and Wu De’s affairs.

Wu Amo snickered, “You guys don’t know, many people with Ger in this village are staring at the Zhang family now!” 

“Those restless ones again, right?” Tang Amo asked in a low voice.

Lin Amo pricked up his ears and listened.

“Who else could it be?” Wu Amo raised his head slightly, “those who were staring at the Wen family have no development, this Zhang Lei is young and has properties. I heard that he is the only seedling, who in this village does not have those thoughts.”

“But this Zhang family moved in and Zhang Lei is alone, so the people in the village don’t know if he had married a Fu Lang or not! How could they start to plot already?” Lin Amo asked. 

“This is also true, hey, cousin, you live close to the Zhang family, you should ask him about this!” Wu Amo looked at Tang Amo brightly.

Tang Amo smiled awkwardly, “It’s not that you don’t know, my family member (Father Tang) hates it the most when others ask around this and that.”

That’s right, Father Tang’s least favorite was those people who gossip behind people’s backs.

“Don’t you think that the people in this village are too idle! This is just people moving into a house, and yet they all talk about it. What is there to talk about!”

At this moment, Father Tang was at home, complaining to Tang Feng and Lin Yu.

“Father, this is normal for poeple, they must have a sense of freshness for new things. It will be fine after some time, you can feel rest assured.” Tang Feng persuaded.

Lin Yu thought about it and said, “Yes, father, when we moved into the village, we were talked about by the people in the village for a while, but after a few months, it was fine.”

When the Lin family moved into Xiao Qingshan Village, they were also discussed by the people in the village as after-dinner conversation, especially Lin Yu, because such a tall Ger was rarely seen.

Father Tang sighed, “It’s like that with other people, fine, it’s their mouth, not like I can do anything about it. But, your Amo, he……, sigh!”

Tang Amo was lost in curiosity and gossip.

What was new in this house, he went to listen, what was new in that house, he also went to see. Without taking care of the family members here well, how could Father Tang take care of others?

He’s really too shameful!

Tang Amo was just carrying the dish to enter the courtyard door, when he heard Father Tang’s words, his eyebrows immediately wrinkled.

However, he did not go in immediately, but stayed quietly at the entrance of the courtyard, wanting to hear what the old man would say.

“Your Amo is good at everything!”

Tang Amo immediately smiled with satisfaction.

“But his mouth is too trashy!”

Anger immediately appeared on Tang Amo’s face!

“The thing I hate the most!”

Tang Amo’s eyes narrowed.

“But I can’t do anything about him, what do you guys think I should do? What can be done, besides complying with him, as long as he’s happy? ”

Under Tang Feng’s signals, Father Tang saw the familiar cloth shoes looming under the courtyard door. He knew at a glance that Tang Amo was standing outside the door, so he hurriedly changed his words to praising words one by one.

“All I can do in this life is spoil him!”

This last sentence, Father Tang said very loudly, for fear that Tang Amo, who was standing at the gate of the courtyard, would not be able to hear it.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu inside the door laughed silently. Tang Amo outside the door also smiled extraordinarily bright.

So when they were eating, Tang Amo persuaded Tang Father to eat more, eat more slowly, and if he wanted to add food, he would personally serve Tang Father.

It made Father Tang flattered, making him both enjoying it and also terrified. 

Tang Feng and Lin Yu hung their heads all the way while eating, their shoulders trembled slightly, they laughed too fiercely.

After eating, Tang Feng was basking in the courtyard while reading a book.

Lin Yu was making small clothes on the side, although the two did not talk a word, they did not seem cold at all.

“Old man! Come out! Zhang Lei called you! ”

Tang Amo, who was busy in the stove room, pulled his throat and called Father Tang, who was dozing off.

Because there was a back door open in the kitchen, and behind the door was the backyard wall, he could see the courtyard of the Zhang family.

At this moment, Zhang Lei stood behind the Tang family home, calling Father Tang.

As soon as Father Tang heard Zhang Lei call himself, he also went out.

Tang Amo hummed an unknown little song, took out the clothes that Father Tang took off, and washed the shoes to be worn in spring and summer, looking very pleasant.

“Are you all at home?” Lin Amo looked at the three people in the courtyard along the open courtyard door and said.



“Oh, the in-law is here! Tang Feng quickly lift a stool for the in-law,” Tang Amo said with a smile, “The radiance of spring is good in the afternoon, in-law, let’s sunbathe together.”

Lin Amo answered, sitting beside Lin Yu, looking at the things in his hand. The depression in his heart was finally less.

“Isn’t this too big?” Lin Amo’s voice was a little small. Because Tang Feng was reading a book on the side, he was afraid of disturbing the other party.

Lin Yu also whispered back, “This is his one-year-old little clothes.”

“Why are you busy making his one-year-old clothes?” still a whispering Lin Amo.

“I’ve made enough for the year before this age. In any case, there is no triviality, so I can just do more, besides I will do it in the future anway.” Lin Yu followed along and said in a small whisper.

Tang Feng’s ears moved, he raised his eyelids and looked at the two Gers on the other side who looked like thieves, a smile flashed in his eyes, he simply closed the book and put it aside.

Anyway, he already has a grasp in his heart, naturally it was not bad at this tea.

“I also think he made it too fast. We still don’t know if our child is going to be a Ger or a boy.”

The sound of Tang Feng’s sudden insertion startled Lin Yu and Lin Amo, who had always thought they were talking very quietly.

“Did we disturb you?” Lin Yu was a little sorry.

Lin Amo had guilt on his face, Tang Feng was going to take the Xiucai exam!

“How could that be, I’ve read everything I should today,” Tang Feng explained, “Besides, the two of you’s voices are still good to listen to compared to Amo.” 

Lin Yu and Lin Amo were stunned. They looked back at Tang Amo, who was shouting to a high pitch that his voice trembled.

“How is it? Sounds good, right? This is what I heard twice in town, that’s why I’m trying it out now.”  Tang Amo looked joyful, after speaking, he began to hum again.

“Mother-in-law, are you in a bad mood today?”

Lin Amo then remembered the purpose of his coming.

“Who else could it be if not your disappointing eldest brother!” Lin Amo saw Lin Yu looking at him and said with a sigh.

“How did eldest brother make you angry?” Lin Yu also put down the small clothes in his hand, Tang Feng was afraid that the needle on it would pierce Lin Yu, so he took it and put it on his leg.

When Lin Amo saw this, his heart was also smooth.  Fortunately, his second Ger’s life was good, he married such a good husband who loved him dearly.

Originally, among the three children, Lin Amo was most worried about Lin Yu. He even prepared that if Lin Yu did not have a good marriage, he would let Lin Yu stay at home, since he and Father Lin would be more at ease like this. Unexpectedly, the child he was most worried about was now his most assured child.

The author has something to say: “Small Theater of Tang Feng Coming to Make Small Clothes too Part 1”

From time to time, Tang Feng saw his wife making small clothes and shoes for his unborn child.

Holding it in his hand and looking at the small and cute little clothes, Tang Feng had a vague idea in his heart. It was better for him to make one too, it was also his first small gift to the unborn child.

But looking at this small outfit made by Lin Yu, although the style is simple, the needlework is extremely dense. Some of the patterns on it are embroidered with one stitch and one thread.

Tang Feng blinked his eyes a few times, forget it, he better make small pants.

Therefore, Tang Feng found a white fabric in the wardrobe, soft, not piercing, and extremely comfortable to touch.

Okay, he will use this one!

Q, what the h*ll will Tang Feng make?

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