Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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“Today, your eldest brother suddenly asked me if we would move back to our original village.”

Lin Amo thought of Lin Zhuang’s expression at that time. As a person who has gone through similar things, how could he not understand him?

“Even just lifting my eyelid I knew why he would ask this kind of question. It’s definitely that Wu Ger who wanted to leave the Wu family and arrange for Ah Zhuang to move back to our old village, far away from Xiao Qingshan Village. Therefore, there will be fewer opportunities for this Wu family to go to his door.”

Lin Amo now has no way to deal with Lin Zhuang. He said on the spot that they will never move back to the old village in their lifetime. Xiao Qingshan Village is now the root of their Lin family!

Thinking of the thin and weak Wu De, Lin Amo’s original affection for him was almost wiped out, “I haven’t agreed for the two of them to be together yet! And yet he already started to do selfish calculation in his heart! How can such a person be with your dumb-headed big brother! ”

Lin Yu was also silent.

Since the last parting on bad terms, he and Wu De have not met each other. Lin Yu didn’t know how the other party is doing now, he also hasn’t heard Wu Lao Er and Wu Step Amo say anything bad about Wu De again.

Unexpectedly, he still involved his eldest brother.

After hearing this, Tang Feng thought for a while, “When you said that you would not move back to your original village, what kind of reaction did eldest brother have?”

“He didn’t ask much and remained silent.”

And when Lin Zhuang was silent, it was when Lin Amo was angry, but Lin Zhuang still had the usual style, sitting still, letting Lin Amo point at him and nag. 

“I think his reaction is too calm, I always am afraid in my heart that this kid will do something bad, so I came to you, your eldest brother likes to talk to you the most, I want to see whether you can ask him what he is planning.”

(Lin Zhuang: What can I do!) I’m desperate too! I was scolded when I moved around but even not moving around I was still being suspected of having bad intentions! What can I do!! )

“Where is eldest brother now?” Tang Feng asked.

“He went hunting.”

In the evening, Tang Feng specially invited Lin Zhuang to Tang’s house for a gathering. Lin Zhuang brought one of the beaten hares over, therefore Tang Amo made the most suitable snack, rabbit diced spicy chicken, for drinking.

The two wines on the table have been finished by Lin Zhuang, except for the slight redness of his face, there was no drunken behavior like Father Lin.

Knowing that they were going to talk about something tonight with Tang Feng, Tang Amo and Tang’s father left the table after eating.

There were only three people at the table, Tang Feng, Lin Yu and Lin Zhuang.

“How is eldest brother feeling recently?” Seeing Lin Zhuang’s appearance, Lin Yu asked softly.

“Not good.”

Lin Zhuang did not go crazy when he drinks alcohol, but he would tell the truth. But there was no need to drink more, two was just about right.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Zhuang’s humble face was worrying.

“Because Wu Ger said he didn’t like me,” Lin Zhuang stretched out his big hand and patted his chest fiercely, “It’s stuffy here! It hurts! I’m not happy! ”

Wu De actually told Lin Zhuang that he didn’t like him?!

What is the situation here!

Tang Feng and Lin Yu looked at each other, and Tang Feng asked, “When did it happen?”

Lin Zhuang’s expression became more and more sad, “The day before yesterday, it was under the big locust tree. ”

It turned out that the day before yesterday, Wu De asked Lin Zhuang to come down to the big locust tree. The big locust tree was very large, there were many trees around. Even though one or two people were inside, if they talked quietly, no one would notice it in the daytime.

Wu De looked at Lin Zhuang, who was smiling at himself, he was clear that what he wanted to say next was really unspeakable.

But Lin Zhuang was indeed innocent, he can’t use Lin Zhuang as a stepping stone. 

“Lin Zhuang, let’s forget about our affairs.”

Lin Zhuang’s original smile immediately froze, “You…”

“Listen to me.” Wu De stopped Lin Zhuang, who wanted to ask questions.

“I, in fact, don’t have much other thoughts about you. I just wanted to leave this home, I don’t even want to stay for a moment. I heard you say before that you may move back to the original village, so I deliberately provoked you, but since your uncle and the others came, you said that you would not go back, I, I,” Wu De looked at Lin Zhuang who was dumbfounded and finally finished speaking, “It’s me who was wrong, I wanted to use you to leave the village. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, we won’t meet in private in the future, I’m sorry.”

After speaking, Wu De left with hurried steps.

Lin Zhuang looked at the leaves that Wu De touched when he left, which was still shaking slightly at this time, symbolizing that someone had left. He could no longer control two drops of his man tears, the hand behind his back held a hairpin tightly, which he specially bought for Wu De, which was originally going to be given to Wu De today….

But Lin Zhuang didn’t know that behind several big trees behind him, a pair of eyes were staring closely at the bright red blood dripping from Lin Zhuang’s palms because he clenched the hairpin.

Looking at the hairpin placed on the table by Lin Zhuang, Lin Yu’s mood was extremely complicated.

Tang Feng saw that neither of them spoke, so he had to continue to ask, “Big brother, why did you ask mother-in-law today if you would return to the village?”

Lin Zhuang puffed his throat and said slowly: “I still wonder if I can have the opportunity to help him leave the village, even if he has no name after becoming married, I want to help him.”

“Then have you thought about Father and Amo and Ah Wen? What the people in the village said to eldest paternal uncle, have you forgotten all of them? Once you all go back, will you be allowed to speak as you wish like before?” Speaking of this, Lin Yu paused again, in the end, it was still the trouble he caused, what qualifications did he have to say this to his big brother.

“Fu Lang.” Tang Feng held his hand lightly.

“I know, so I want to go back to the village by myself and take him with me, like this.”


Lin Yu emotionally broke away from Tang Feng’s hand and looked at Lin Zhuang, who was hanging his head, “You are the only root of our Lin family, if you leave, how can you be worthy of our father! Besides, Wu De has already said that he doesn’t like you, so why should you! ”

“Yes, big brother, we still have a lot of paths to choose.” Tang Feng pulled Lin Yu down and sat down.

Lin Zhuang sighed, “I know, so I can’t do anything now, I can’t do anything,….. I’m really a good for nothing, right?”

“Big brother.”

Lin Yu had never seen Lin Zhuang like this, and called out worriedly.

Tang Feng asked Lin Yu to go back to the room to rest first, indicating that he would talk to Lin Zhuang alone.

How could Lin Yu sleep, he turned and tossed until it was about 3-5am when Tang Feng pushed the door and entered.

“How was it?”

Lin Yu’s voice made Tang Feng taken aback, “Why haven’t you slept yet, it’s fine, it’s too late already so I let eldest brother sleep in our guest room.” 

After Lin Yu waited for Tang Feng to lie on the bed, the warm feet under the quilt hooked Tang Feng’s cold feet and gently warmed him.

“Don’t think too much about it, sleep, it will be dawn soon if you don’t sleep.”

Lin Yu responded, leaning on Tang Feng to sleep slowly.

Tang Feng habitually put his palm on the center of Lin Yu’s eyebrows before going to sleep.

On the second day, when Lin Zhuang got up, he felt his head hurt specifically, so Tang Feng hurriedly checked for him.

“You’ve caught a cold.”

Lin Yu and Tang family husband and wife breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m afraid he didn’t sleep well last night, adding up to the fact that it was a little more cold at night and the quilt was not covered. I will go and see if there is any medicine.”

Tang Feng came to the small room containing herbs and began to look for the required medicinal materials, white cohosh, ten meritorious leaves, and a yellow flower, five coins amount each.

Tang Feng found the required medicinal materials, took the required amount, and then went to the kitchen to start boiling.

Lin Zhuang’s symptoms were sudden and easier to deal with than the concealed symptoms. Lin Zhuang took the drug, laid down for a morning, sweated, and became more energetic in the afternoon.

Not to mention that he came to the second brother’s house to drink and eat, he actually had an illness that troubled the Tang family. Lin Zhuang really couldn’t get over it in his heart.

“Why does eldest brother have this kind of thought,” Tang Feng persuaded, “I still have something to ask you, if eldest brother still thinks like this, I am embarrassed to let you do me this favor.” 

As soon as Lin Zhuang heard that Tang Feng was going to let him help, he immediately became vigorous, “What are you saying, just tell me!”

“I don’t have many herbs left, big brother, you hunt in the mountains all year round, you must have seen a lot, I will describe several herbs for you, if you see it, help me make a mark, and when the day is warmer, I will go pick it.”

“No problem! Leave it to me! ”

After Lin Zhuang left, Lin Yu pulled Tang Feng and asked, “What did you say last night? Why does eldest brother’s mood seem to be much better? ”

Tang Feng smiled, “It’s a mans secret.” 

Lin Yu: “……., go wash the dishes!” 


What Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang said, no one knew except the two of them.

But Lin Zhuang’s state was already the same as usual, Lin Amo was very happy about it.

So he also came to the door specifically to ask Lin Yu what they said, but Tang Feng was not there, and Lin Yu didn’t know, so this matter passed by.

The two old couples of the Zhang family have also moved into the village. Zhang Amo has a heart disease, so he rarely goes out, but he’s good natured. Uncle Zhang is gentle, as long as the people in the village have something going on and need everyone’s help, he would go. They were also slowly integrating into Xiao Qingshan Village.

Zhang Lei, who received the Gers’ attention was often not in the village; they heard Uncle Zhang said that he was learning a craft from an uncle.

Tang Feng was also running between Old Xiucai Wang and his own family.

It just turned February, the document number belonging to Tang Feng was brought back, so that Tang Feng could enter the examination room with the document number. When he saw that there were still ten days to take the exam, something happened in the village, this matter would also implicate the Tang family.

Wu De is missing.

The villager disappeared for no reason. No matter what the reason, this is a failure of duty within the management of the village chief. If not handled well, the village chief position of the Tang family would be removed!

So Wu De’s disappearance simply made Father Tang’s anger soared! 

And Lin Zhuang was also anxious.

“What did you do to De Ger?!”

In the ancestral hall of Xiao Qingshan Village, all the villagers arrived. There were several old people sitting in the upper hall, looking at their age, who were already very old. This is the uncle of the Wu family, the Tang family, the Chen family, and the Wen family.

Wu Lao’er and Wu Step Amo knelt in the center of the ancestral hall. Standing in front of them was Father Tang, whose face was extremely ugly.

Tang Feng dragged Wu Step Amo’s son Wu Zhong to the official point in the town to report the case. (The official office is in the county seat, and the official point is the point set up by the government in each town, it is also an office place.) 

Since Wu Zhong discovered that Wu De was missing, Tang Feng brought him to report the case, which was also convenient for asking for details.

And Father Tang asked the couple of Wu Lao’er family in front of the whole village.

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