Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 45 Part 2

Chapter 45 Part 2

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“Nothing, since you enlightened us, village chief, we haven’t touched a single fur on him! Uncle Patriarch clearly seen it! ”

After Wu Step Amo finished explaining, she cried at the Wu family’s clan Uncle Patriarch.

Uncle Patriarch Wu was almost seventy-five, he was invited to support the scene. His ears were not good, he can only see Wu Step Amo crying snot from his already cloudy eyes, but he can’t hear what he is saying.

“Old Wen, what did that kid say?”

Uncle Patriarch Wen who was sitting next to Uncle Wu with similar looking age, “He said, he hasn’t eaten enough!”

“I see.” Uncle Patriarch Wu nodded, this stomach can still have the strength to cry when he is hungry. The current juniors are stronger than when they were children.

Sixty-five-year-old Patriarch of the Tang family: ……..

Sixty-two-year-old Patriarch of the Chen family: ………….

“Yes, village chief, I haven’t hit him since the beginning of the New Year. This time he suddenly disappeared, I, I don’t know what’s going on!”

After Wu Laoer finished speaking, he was afraid that Tang father would not believe him so he deliberately found his eldest brother in the crowd. Wu Lao’er proved that he had indeed not hit Wu De in the past two months.

“Then how can the person be missing for a few days but you’ve only just discovered now! This showed how much you ignored him!”

Lin Zhuang questioned the couple of the Wu family loudly with a loud voice, and the people in the village flared up at once.

“What’s going on?”

“It took days for them to find out?”

“How could there be such a father and Amo in this world? The child didn’t come out to eat and they didn’t go to check on him? ”

As the villagers’ chatter became louder and louder, the expressions of the couple of the Wu family became more and more weak.

It turned out that Wu De had been missing for three days before being found out by Wu Zhong.

Wu De has never eaten at the same table with Wu Lao’er and the others. He prepared the meals and eat them in the room or elsewhere with his own bowls.

Originally, Wu De should have cooked in the past few days, but Wu Step Amo brought back some good things from his family. He was afraid that Wu De would eat more, so he asked Wu De to “rest well” and not let him enter the kitchen.

After the delicious food was finished, it was time for Wu De to cook. It was Wu Zhong who went home and saw the cold pot and cold stove at home and pushed open Wu De’s door, only to find that the room was empty.

Until night, Wu De still did not return. Wu De’s clothes were not much, all of them were taken away, that’s why the Wu family went to find Father Tang.

“This person has been gone for three days. I am afraid that we will not be able to find him.”

Uncle Tang looked at the Wu Lao’er husband and wife who was kneeling below, and sighed, “Lock them up in the black house for three days. No one is allowed to send water and grain as a punishment to them! All the young and strong men in the village between the ages of 20 and 30 now temporarily put aside their work in the fields and disperse to various villages and towns to find the person, you guys must not make too much noise. ”


Xiao Qingshan Village was a united village, as soon as the Tang uncle finished speaking, everyone at this age range left the village one after another.

Tang Feng and Wu Zhong followed the officials back to the village.

Father Tang took the officials to the ancestral hall to ask the two couples of the Wu family. Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang went out of the village again.

Seeing that Father Tang had brought someone from the official point over and his son Wu Zhong was also on their side, Wu Step Amo almost fainted.


Leaving aside the ancestral hall for the time being. Lin Amo and Lin Yu were not in a good mood sitting together in the Lin family.

“The moment your eldest brother opened his mouth, I knew that this kid wanted to let go of the person,” Lin Amo shook his head, “It’s difficult.” 

Lin Yu looked at the direction of the Wu family, his face was indistinguishable, he never expected that Wu De would leave the village alone.

After leaving the house for three days, no one found him. You can imagine how difficult it was for Wu De.

“I don’t know if that kid had eaten or not yet.” Lin Amo beside him murmured a question.

“Who is Amo talking about?”

Lin Wen asked. 

Lin Amo immediately glared at him, got up and left.

“Second brother?” Lin Wen looked at Lin Yu again.

Lin Yu looked at the figure of Lin Amo leaving. The person Amo refered to was Wu De. Amo’s heart is actually the softest one in the family.

“Continuing to find him like this isn’t a plan.”

After looking for two days in a row, everyone was overwhelmed, but they couldn’t even find half a figure of Wu De.

Tang Feng looked at the sighing Tang father and the haggard Lin Zhuang, he was looking for the person outside at night.

Tang Feng thought for a while and said, “I think there are two places I can go and see.”

Lin Zhuang and the others looked over.

“One is Wu Ger’s grandfather’s house, and the other is the home where his Amo is staying now.”

Wu De’s Amo left Xiao Qingshan Village because of an affair with a man from another village.

“Let’s go now!”

Wu De’s grandfather was in Dahe Village, a two-hour walk from Xiao Qingshan Village. In order to find someone quickly, Tang Feng borrowed a donkey cart in the village that was driven by Lin Zhuang.

Wu De’s Amo’s name is Zeng Wen. Only his father and younger brother are now in the family.

After Tang Feng explained their intentions, the sixty-six-year-old Father Zeng was speechless while in tears, and Zeng Qi, Wu De’s younger uncle, said, “The day before yesterday was my Amo’s death day, on his grave we found that someone had gone to burn paper, I am afraid it is that child.”

Since it was the day before yesterday, then at this moment the person must no longer be in Dahe Village anymore. Zeng Qi pulled them out of the hall and gave Tang Feng the name of the village where his brother, and the man Zeng Wen had an affair with at that time, to Tang Feng. Originally after Zeng Wen left, he also came back home to pay respect to Father Zeng. Then Zeng Amo left, saying that he was going to find the man, then Father Zeng was angry and severed relations with Zeng Wen.

Moreover, Zeng Qi only knows the name of the village.

Tang Feng, the two hurried on the road, drove a donkey cart for three hours to find Yangshu Village, then inquired with the villagers to find the man’s house.

The man’s name was Wang Dong, now he already has a wife and son, but his wife was not Zeng Wen. The child naturally has nothing to do with Zeng Wen.

Wang Dong was a refined looking man, who speaks with a smooth tongue. Although he is already in his forties, his skin was even a little younger than his wife.

“I have a wife, so naturally I didn’t marry him.”

It turned out that Zeng Wen left everything to find Wang Dong, only to know that he already had a wife. Wang Dong was unwilling to give him a name, but was willing to continue to communicate secretly, Zeng Wen was heartbroken and left.

Wang Dong also didn’t know where Zeng Wen went.

The clue was broken like this.

By the time Tang Feng and the other returned to the village, it was already late at night.

“Have you found him?”

Father Tang got up to open the door for Tang Feng and asked.

Tang Feng shook his head and recounted the day’s events.

Father Tang did not expect Zeng Wen’s matter to evolve like this, he could only sigh. 

“Don’t go looking tomorrow. Not to mention whether your body can endure it or no, there are only seven days more before you are ready to take the exam, so take some time to prepare.” 

Steaming food for Tang Feng in the pot, Father Tang brought it out and said to Tang Feng, who had just washed his feet.

Tang Feng drank a bowl of hot soup, his body was much warmer, “No hurry, I will keep looking for him one more day tomorrow, it is also related to our family if this person cannot be found.”

Father Tang sighed even more when he heard this.

Tang Feng, who originally thought that the clue was broken, just went out with Lin Zhuang the next day to the town. He met the Amo who had also been walking around the town in the past few days, they also wanted to try their luck on the street, but who knew that they saw a familiar person, “That’s Wu Ger’s Amo!”

They felt that Wu Ger had been left behind by Zeng Wen so since he understood things, so he must hate him so how could they go to Zeng Wen, they didn’t pay much attention to him.

Following the direction the Amos said and the appearance of the other party’s clothes, Tang Feng chased them in a donkey cart.

There is only one village in this direction, called Stone Village.

It takes four hours to walk from the town, not to mention the particular route, since it was specifically remote.

After walking for almost an hour, they didn’t see Zeng Wen mentioned by the Amo’s mouth. Just when Lin Zhuang and the others wanted to speed up, an Amo, who was sitting and resting on a stone on the side of the road, made them stop.

This person was dressed exactly as what that Amo said.

Zeng Wen was also in his forties now, with the wash of time and hardships on his face. Now he was ordinary, no different from another ordinary Amo, the cocoon on his hands was also very thick.

Lin Zhuang drove the cart in front of Zeng Wen.

Zeng Wen raised his head and looked at the two strange young men in front of him, “Are you two lost?”

Tang Feng pulled Lin Zhuang, who was about to explain his intentions, and said, “Yes, I want to ask how to go to stone village, we haven’t been there yet, so we got lost.”

Zeng Wen stood up and said kindly: “You are not taking the wrong road, this road leads directly to the village. You can just go along the main road.”

“So Amo is also from Stone Village?”

Zeng Wen nodded.

Tang Feng pretended to be skeptical and said, “We heard the person who just showed us the way, this stone village is far from the town here, why are you here so early?”

Lin Zhuang obediently stood aside without intervening, because when he went out, he was twisted by Lin Amo several times, telling him to listen to Tang Feng’s words before acting.

Zeng Wen didn’t expect that this good-looking man still had a lot of consideration and chuckled: “I came to town to grab some medicine, yesterday my husband’s old illness relapsed. I started walking yesterday, because my legs and feet are not in a good shape, so I walked a little slower.”

Started walking yesterday? He’s been walking for a long time.

Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang looked at each other.

“Then you can take our cart to go back early, and show us the way along the way.” Tang Feng made room for Zeng Wen.

Zeng Wen thought that his old husband was still waiting at home, so he got into Tang Feng’s cart.

The author has something to say: “Small Theater of Tang Feng Coming to Make Small Clothes Part 2”

Tang Feng did it extremely carefully. In order to make Lin Yu happy, he also deliberately referred to the modern fork underpants pants.

The more you do this, the more you want to do it perfectly.

So Tang Feng also added more and more ideas to it.

Lin Yu took the “baby pants” made by Tang Feng, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

“Why is there a hole here?”

Tang Feng looked at a vertical opening on the top of the small pants, “That’s for him to take out the small bird to pee.” 

Lin Yu: … The child can pee with his private part as soon as he is born?!

“What is this extra thing used for?”

Tang Feng looked at the triangle at the crotch of his trousers, which he specially connected with cloth.

“To cover the private part.”

Lin Yu: …….. private parts need to be breathable!

“Why did you sew the cuffs of the trousers?”

Tang Feng looked at the tightly sewn trouser legs and said proudly: “His feet are short, so this way, not only can the air pass through but he can also wear it as a shoe!” 

Lin Yu: ……………

About what this pants look like, lord author will put the hand-drawn picture on Weibo and the group~

Ciacia/N: My stalking skill is so low d*mn, I tried searching the author’s name on weibo but didn’t see the supposed pic, if anyone of u stalked them (using the author chinese name) then let me see it too in the discord server! Goodluck!

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