Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 46

Chapter 46

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Tang Feng looked at the shoes full of dust under Zeng Wen’s feet when he stepped on the donkey cart. The shoes on the right foot were more dusty, the wear on the side of the shoes was worse. The left foot was much better, it seemed that Zeng Wen had a problem with his left foot, so the force under the right foot was relatively large when walking.

Lin Zhuang continued to drive according to the path Zeng Wen said. He wanted to ask Zeng Wen if he knew Wu De’s whereabouts, but he had to calm down.

“My surname is Tang, what is Amo called?”

Zeng Wen gently rubbed his legs and said with a smile: “My husband’s surname is Shi, just call me Shi Amo.”

Tang Feng smiled, “Shi Amo is really strong to walk this far of a distance alone. I heard that people in Stone Village generally don’t go down to the town? I don’t know if this is the case?”

Zeng Wen had a touch of sorrow between his eyebrows, “Yes, because it is too far, I only have gone a few times over the years, plus my legs are no longer nimble. It’s been even harder to go to town in recent years. I went to town this time because my husband’s illness is serious.”

When he mentioned his husband, who was sick in bed, Zeng Wen’s face also flashed anxiously.

Tang Feng didn’t ask more. Lin Zhuang understood the feeling and sped up. 

Stone Village, like its name, was surrounded by stones. The houses in the village were almost all made of stone.

When he arrived at the entrance of the village, Zeng Wen was ready to get off the cart since his house was the first one at the head of the village, not far away from there.

“Which house are you looking for? I’ll show you the way. ”

Tang Feng was no longer wordy, “I’m not afraid of Amo mocking but I’m here to find my cousin. A few days ago the family scolded him a few words and he ran away to Stone Village, I don’t know if you have seen him or not. He’s about this tall…. ”

Tang Feng gestured Wu De’s figure and appearance to Zeng Wen for a while.

“There was a child who came to my home the day before yesterday, I don’t know if he’s the person you’re looking for, but the figure and appearance are roughly the same as you said.”

“Then can we go and see?” Lin Zhuang said excitedly.

Zeng Wen saw that he was emotional, his eyes were full of joy. It didn’t look like they were lying, so he led them to his house.

“I found that child in my firewood room the morning before yesterday when I went to pick firewood. He was holding a bag, his face was dirty, sleeping in the firewood pile. So I woke him up and let him eat something, asked him where he came from and who he was looking for. He didn’t talk instead he looked at me and cried, I couldn’t bear it so I let him live here first. Yesterday I went down to town to grab medicine, he took the initiative to help me take care of my husband. Since we have no children in our lives, and seeing him being so understandable like this, I like him very much.”

No children in their life?

Tang Feng didn’t look like he was lying when he heard Zeng Wen speak, had he forgotten Wu De from Xiao Qingshan Village?

“That’s probably my cousin, we’ll know when we see each other.”

Tang Feng said with a smile.

“That child is very thin, don’t scold him too much later. A person will inevitably make mistakes, it’s already good that he knows he’s wrong.” 

“Yes yes yes, that’s for sure!”

Lin Zhuang patted his chest and promised that he would not be rough towards his “cousin”.

Tang Feng: ………….

Walking to a three-room stone house, Zeng Wen stopped, “This is my home.”

As soon as Zeng Wen opened the courtyard door, the person who heard the sound inside ran out.

“We finally found you.”

Tang Feng looked at Wu De, who ran out with a surprise and panic look when he saw them. 

Zeng Wen saw Wu De’s expression and knew that Tang Feng and the person they were looking for was him, “if there is something to say, speak nicely, I will go to boil medicine for my wife, you find a place to sit on your own, and stay at my house to eat.” 

“Alright, we’ve troubled Shi Amo.”

Tang Feng also knew that he couldn’t leave for a while.

The three of them got out of the house and walked to the field outside.

“You didn’t think about it and just left? Do you know how worried I was! Why didn’t you come to me when they bullied you! ”

Lin Zhuang jumped around Wu De.

Wu De’s eyes turned red with Lin Zhuang’s words of concern, only this fool always remembered the good things about him and worried about himself.

“I didn’t want to run away from home, but that day, the day of my grandmother memorial day came, they didn’t need me to cook. So, I wanted to use this opportunity to pay respect to my grandmother. Who knew that on the way back, I accidentally found out that my Amo was in the stone village, I, I wanted to come and see him.”

“Who knew, he would forgot a lot of things, he also forgot me.”

It turned out that when taking care of Zeng Wen’s current husband, Shi Nu, Wu De listened to Shi Niu talk about their encounter, and learned that Zeng Wen was also saved by Shi Niu in a coma in the firewood. But because it was a heavy rainy day, Zeng Wen had a high fever for three days. Just when Shi Niu thought of a way to send him to the town, he woke up, but forgot everything.

The environment of Stone Village was not good, so it was difficult for people in the village to marry a wife. Shi Niu saw that Zeng Wen had no memory, so he had a selfish heart, lying that the two were fiancés. They got married not long after, but unfortunately there were no children for many years.

But fortunately, Shi Niu was a good person. He was very good to Zeng Wen, and has never complained about anything else.

“He’s doing very well now, Uncle Shi is not violent.”

When Zeng Wen married Wu Lao’er, in a year time he was already beaten for half of the year.

Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang quietly listened to Wu De say this. After seeing the tears in Wu De’s eyes overflowing, Lin Zhuang hurriedly took out a handkerchief embroidered with Zhuang character from his hand and gave it to Wu De.


Wu De took the handkerchief, looked at the Zhuang character on the handkerchief, gently put the handkerchief on his eyes. The tears under the handkerchief became more and more, this handkerchief was embroidered by himself to Lin Zhuang.

“Moreover, they don’t have children, so Uncle Shi wanted to recognize me as an adopted son.”

Shi Niu was afraid that he would leave Zeng Wen first. Seeing that Wu De was also found from the firewood, he felt it was fate, so he wanted to recognize Wu De as his adopted son, which can be regarded as a regret that he had no children in this half of his life.

“Amo’s legs and feet were inconvenient, Uncle Shi’s body was sometimes good, sometimes bad. I used to always resent why he left me behind, but when I grew up, when I was thinking about escaping from the family, I had already forgiven him. Now although he doesn’t remember me, being his adopted son can be regarded as fulfilling our son and Amo relationship.”

Wu De said slowly after calming down.

Tang Feng saw this was Wu De’s own plan.

Seeing that his brother-in-law had been staring at the Ger’s face, Tang Feng did not stay any longer to be annoying, and found an excuse to go elsewhere.

“Brother Da Zhuang, I’m sorry.”

When Lin Zhuang heard Wu De call his name, a smile comparable to a chrysanthemum bloomed on his humble face.

In the end, Wu De paid homage to Zeng Wen and Shi Niu as adopted father and Amo. But his home was too far away, so he went home and said that he would come to see them when he had time in the future….

Wu De returned to the village.

The first to breathe a sigh of relief was actually Wu Step Amo, he was afraid that something happened to Wu De, affecting his son who could not marry a wife and ruin his life.

After a good night’s rest, Tang Feng began to get prepared for the exam again.

There were only five days left before the day of Xiucai exam.

Two days later, Tang Feng had to leave home.

The total examination period of the Xiucai exam in the Holy Jade Dynasty was four days. Candidates have to move to the county town where the candidates live three days in advance, which was to allow candidates to adapt to the rules set by the environment in advance.

“Don’t forget to bring the document number!”

Tang Amo was nervous, for fear that Tang Feng would forget to bring the document number and would not be able to enter the examination room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it close to me.” Tang Feng said helplessly. Originally he put it in the baggage, but after being seen by Tang Amo, he had to take off his clothes to let him sew a small bag inside the inner lining, and let Tang Feng put the document number in.

“Bring another thicker clothes.”

Lin Yu took out a robe worn in late autumn and came out, “It’s cold at night.” 

“Okay.” Although it was already March. And the night wasn’t that cold, Tang Feng couldn’t bear to refuse Lin Yu.

At night, Tang Feng and Lin Yu laid on the bed.

“Mother-in-law really said that?”

Lin Yu nodded, “He said that although Wu De is sharp, his nature is not bad. Big brother’s nature is also simple and honest, it’s good to have this kind of wife to look after him.” 

Tang Feng stretched out his hand and touched his nose in the dark night.

He remembered that Lin Amo didn’t think so before.

But he can’t just expose mother-in-law in front of Fu Lang, “But it’s good that the fiance that was engaged from his childhood was also settled early.”

“Of course.” Lin Yu took Tang Feng’s hand, “You have to leave for the county tomorrow.”

It was the first time the two had been apart for so long.

“So you and the child must wait for me to come back.”

Lin Yu smiled lightly and suddenly said, “It’s almost three months. ”

Tang Feng listened to the movement in his abdomen.

When the fetus is full at three months, the Ger’s red mole will completely turn dark and will be ready for sexual intercouse.

Tang Feng, who had not been doing it for several months, of course thought about it. He held Lin Yu with his backhand, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Me too.”

Tang Feng felt like he was about to explode.

The next day, after breakfast, Tang Feng and Father Tang went to the village with a bunch of baggage, where a donkey cart was already waiting for them.

“Village chief! Tang Feng! ”

A young man with a round head greeted Father Tang.

He was also a villager who was going to take the exam, called Tang Rui, and behind him stood a middle-aged man with a round head like him. This was his father, Tang Cheng, and the donkey cart behind him was theirs.

“There are still two more who haven’t arrived?”

Father Tang looked around and said, “Yo, your things are no less than ours!”

Tang Feng smoothly glanced past, it was twice more than theirs.

Tang Rui touched his head a little embarrassed, “My Amo and Laomo told me to bring more, I can’t refuse.” 

Father Tang Rui glared after hearing this, “Just accept it since it’s good for you!”

Tang Rui immediately closed his mouth. He squeezed his eyebrows at Tang Feng behind Father Tang, with his round head, he looked very gratifying.

What a suitable head to shave clean.

Tang Feng thought.

The author has something to say: “Small Theater The Little Vault”

Father Lin has a small treasury.

It was hidden under Lin Zhuang’s wardrobe.

Lin Zhuang has a small treasury.

It was hidden under Lin Wen’s wardrobe.

Lin Wen has a small vault.

It was hidden under Father Lin’s wardrobe.

One day, after Lin Amo went out, Father Lin ran to Lin Zhuang’s room to hide the small money he had saved.

Lin Zhuang ran to Lin Wen’s room to hide the newly saved small money.

Lin Wen ran to Father Lin’s room with the newly saved little money and hid it.

Afraid that the time would be too tight, they did not take out the money hidden inside and count.

After leaving the room, they all smiled proudly in their hearts.

Yes, they would never have thought that their little vault was under Ah Zhuang/Little Brother/Father’s wardrobe.

No one knew that after everyone went out of the house one by one, Lin Amo, who should have gone out, went to the room in turn, removed the wardrobe, and took out all the small money they had just hidden inside.

Three empty jars: Aoaoao every time I haven’t hold the small money to warm up yet and it’s all gone.

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