Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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Tang Feng and the others didn’t wait long, a middle-aged man came out of the village in a donkey cart, “Village chief, Lao Cheng, I’ve made you wait!”

The middle-aged man who stopped the donkey cart chatted with Father Tang and Father Tang Rui on the side. Tang Feng also saw the last two young men sitting on the donkey cart.

Wearing a light-colored robe, his face was a little shy when he looked at Tang Feng and the others. He was called Wu Fei. And, Wen Cai was the one wjth a mediocre expression on the side while carrying stuff. The middle-aged man driving was his father, it was also their donkey cart.

Tang Feng, and the others will take these two donkey carts to the county town.

Because the four of them brought a lot of luggage, the back of each donkey cart plus luggage could also seat two people besides Father Tang Rui and Father Wen Cai who was driving. Father Tang did not follow.

Father Tang pulled Tang Feng to instruct a few words before watching them drive away.

Tang Feng and Tang Rui were sitting on a donkey cart. Tang Rui was also participating in the Xiucai exam for the first time this year, with the expectation and apprehension on his face that most candidates had. 

“Brother Tang Feng, why don’t you look nervous at all?”

Tang Rui said his feelings to Tang Feng after a long time, since he didn’t see Tang Feng have the slightest “I am also the same”, so he asked curiously.

Tang Feng’s increasingly tall body rose and fell a few times from time to time with the bumps of the donkey cart. When he heard the round head, Ahpooh! After Tang Rui’s question, he said solemnly with a seven-point pretense on his face, and a three-point seriousness: “As long as you are seriously preparing usually, you don’t have to worry too much, because,” Tang Feng stretched out his finger and pointed to his head, “The real things are wrapped here with us, along with momentary nervouseness.”

As soon as this pretentious style came out, Tang Rui was immediately convinced, “Turns out it’s like this!”

Father Tang Rui and Father Tang Cheng were driving in front, hearing the words behind them, they also admired Tang Feng very much. Sure enough, the son of the village chief is more insightful than his own baby! Look at what he said!

Wu Fei and Wen Cai sat in a cart, they drove behind Tang Feng’s donkey cart. Wu Fei looked at Tang Feng and the others interacting in front, “This is the first time I’ve seen Tang Feng since I grew up.”

Wu Fei is shy and the youngest son in the family. He loves to read, and rarely goes out.

Wen Cai narrowed his eyes when he heard this, “He’s changed a lot, right? People will always change. ”

Wu Fei smiled and did not answer, but Wen Cai’s father who was driving said angrily: “People are changing, but you’re just living in your original place! Your cousin has passed the Xiucai exam, are you embarrassed to be an older brother? ”

Wen Cai’s cousin is Wen Shu.

“Father, I’m not scholar material at all.”

As soon as he talked about this, Wen Cai’s emotions were a little stimulated, he didn’t like to sit and read and write since he was a child, and he fell off the Xiucai list three years ago. He was secretly happy that he could do what he wanted, but the heaven was not merciful!

Since Wen Shu who was younger than him passed the Xiucai exam, his family forced him to take the exam again. So, today Wen Cai, Tang Feng and the others went to the county again. Except for him, Tang Feng and several people were taking the exam for the first time.

This made him embarrassed!

“I don’t care, anyway, this time you exam properly! The rest is going to wait until the results come out! ”

Wen Cai’s father nature was much more irritable than Wen Shu’s father. Wen Cai knew his nature, so he was sullen and no longer spoke.

The list is posted on the notice wall of the examination center one month after the end of the test.

When Tang Feng and the others arrived at the gate of the county post, they had already seen many people dressed as scholars, who began to enter the city one after another.

Tang Feng and several people got out of the cart, followed the people who entered the city in front of them to register in line, and then entered the city.

The county town was naturally much larger than the town. This county town was called Guang County. There are more than forty towns around it, so this county town was naturally larger than other county towns.

Bustling streets, orderly arranged buildings, dazzling street stalls, not to mention Tang Rui and the others, this was also Tang Feng’s first time seeing such a relatively “prosperous and popular” place after coming here for so long.

The examination halls for Xiucai to take the exam are generally provided by one of the academies in each county. The relatively well-known and large academies in Guang County were Nanlin Academy in the southernmost part of the county and Beiyang Academy in the north.

This year’s exam venue was held at Nanlin Academy.

“See, that’s where we’re going to stay for four days.”

Wen Cai came here three years ago it was also held at Nanlin Academy.

Tang Feng and the others looked in the direction of Wen Cai, “It’s so big!”

“Yes! Yes!”

Nanlin Academy was located in the relatively quiet south of the county. The courtyard wall of the academy is surrounded by a large turquoise bamboo forest, and the upper side of the gate is a couplet, but it is a little far away. Tang Feng and the others did not see what it was.

“There are officials!”

Tang Rui looked at the two officials standing at the gate and said in a low voice, Wen Cai continued, “Every time the academy that takes the exam will empty the people in the academy half a month in advance. It is followed by a specialized person to check, then finally the official office will take over the inspection. They will not evacuate until the test is completed.”

“I see!”

Tang Rui’s round head was like a small leather ball bouncing.

The arranged residence was only one street away from the academy. Wen Cai’s father and Tang Rui’s father moved the luggages of the four people into the house. Everyone found a small restaurant to eat before driving away. When Tang Feng and the others finished their exam, they would come to pick them up again.

The place to stay was arranged for two people, and there were two small beds for a single person to sleep in, there were also two desks. It was simple and clean, no wind nor leaking rain, which was already very good.

Tang Feng stayed in the same room with Wen Cai.

Although Wen Cai knew that nine times out of ten that he would not pass the exam, he still put the books he brought with him on the desk next to his bed, crossed his feet, and looked at them carefully.

It was not easy for the peasant family to read books, although the expectations of the family make Wen Cai a little breathless, since he has come, he must do what he should do so, he won’t be ashamed to meet the people at home in the future.

Tang Feng naturally took out the booklet. The two didn’t say much, so they kept reading until the sun set, “Are you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat? ”

Wen Cai closed the book he had read for an afternoon and said to Tang Feng on the opposite side.

Tang Feng agreed.

As soon as the two opened the door, the door that was opposite them poked out a round melon head, looking at Tang Feng and the two who opened the door, “Let’s eat?”

“You’re not going?”

Wen Cai held his hand and looked at Tang Rui and asked.

“Go, go, go! Of course go! ”

“Wu Fei, let’s go eat!”


When Tang Feng and the others went out to eat, the surrounding rooms also opened one after another, and all the candidates who came out were the same as them, ready to go out to eat.

Candidates who live here are all from the outside, if their family lives in the county, they don’t need to live here. Everyone comes in a hurry, most of them are children from poor families, there will not be too much argument.

Even though Tang Feng and the others ate very sloppily, each person still spent twenty copper coins, which was indeed higher than the cost in town.

“It’s not so expensive usually, but when there are more people rushing for the exam, they raise the price.”

On the way back, Wen Cai explained the reason for such a high cost.

The first to express displeasure was Wu Fei, “How can they do this! Is there nobody who cares? “His family can only be regarded as a medium income family in the village. He is studying himself, so naturally he is not used to this kind of thing.

“It’s just for a few days, everyone is opening one eye and closing one eye.”

The meaning of Wen Cai’s words can be understood by everyone so he did not continue to say it. This kind of thing Tang Feng was not interested in. Compared to this outside world, he loves the ordinary happiness of the farmer’s life more. In the previous life he was tired of these things. Moreover, other people felt that he was too weak, they couldn’t care less about him.

The night in the county town was not silent because of the fall of night. Some alleys were very lively.

“Brother Wen Cai, is that that?”

Tang Rui looked at the delicate pretty Gers who wore light clothes calling softly to the passers-by back and forth.

This was the brothel.

“Don’t look! Let’s go! Do you know how many people have thrown their souls into it and ended up with nothing!” Wen Cai grabbed Tang Rui and walked forward.

Tang Feng and Wu Fei walked behind, “Tang Feng, look.” 

Wu Fei’s voice made Tang Feng turn his head with him, only to see that the scholar who lived next to them was half-pushed and half-pulled into the building.

“Let’s go.”

Tang Feng didn’t look any further. Wu Fei also withdrew his gaze.

On the second day, when Tang Feng got up early in the morning and pushed open the door, he saw that the scholar who had entered the brothel last night had returned with a tired body and a thought full of love. He even smiled at him when he saw Tang Feng.

Tang Feng nodded politely. The gentle people who stepped into the county, one is afraid that they would be difficult to pull back. 

Tang Feng guessed correctly, just when they were about to take the exam the next day, this scholar had already begun to borrow money from the people around him.

“Do you know how much he borrowed from me!”

The four people who had gathered for dinner talked about the person during the meal. Tang Rui suddenly mentioned that the scholar asked him to borrow money at noon.

“How, how much?”

Tang Feng and Wen Cai did not have that kind of curiosity. They didn’t even answer the question. Wu Fei stammered back for fear that Tang Rui’s mood would be affected.

Although Tang Rui felt that it wasn’t that interesting, he was still very happy to have someone worried about himself.

“Two taels of silver!”

As soon as these words came out, Tang Feng and Wen Fei, who was originally burying their head in eating, both raised their heads.

Wu Fei gasped, two taels of silver stones, that is enough for a family of three to simply live for half a year.

“You lent it?”

Wen Cai even put down the bowl, he was afraid that this kid would lend it out with a soft heart.

“Brother Wen Cai, you can really joke, how can I have so much money to lend him, but I feel scared listening to him, I have only said a word or two with him.”

Tang Rui can be regarded as believing what Wen Cai said, once that “thing” is provoked, it is really harmful.

The author has something to say: Tang Feng: Lao Tzu entered the city! Hahahahaha See if there are any nice little pants in the city to bring back a bundle for my wife!!

Lin Yu: ……………… You want me to wear pants for the rest of my life!

Lord Author is thrilled!!!!!

Ask Lin Yu what poison is in his words!

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