Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 48

Chapter 48

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Wen Cai then picked up the bowl again, “I’m just afraid that you don’t know the weight of things! No matter how much he asks to borrow, you are not allowed to lend, do you understand? We’re just students from peasant families, is it easy for the family to save food money and use it for us to study! ”

Tang Rui quickly smiled and nodded, “I know that. I won’t be so stupid.”

Because tomorrow was the day to take the exam, Tang Feng and the two slept earlier tonight, but not long after the two slept, someone knocked on the door.

“Aren’t you sleeping? Tang Rui? ”

Wen Cai’s bed was closer to the door, so he got up and asked the person who knocked on the door.

But the person outside the door didn’t make a sound, just knocked on it every two times. 

Tang Feng felt that it was not Tang Rui and they also got up.

“It’s you? Is there something going on? ”

Wen Cai opened the door and saw it was the scholar who stepped into the gentleness of the county, his name was Wu Ming.

Wu Ming looked at Wen Cai who opened the door, and saw Tang Feng standing behind Wen Cai, and said in an embarrassed whisper, “I’ve disturbed you, looks like you’ve already been sleeping.”

Isn’t this just nonsense!

Wen Cai almost gave the other party a big roll of his eyes to show the mood he wanted to express now.

“What’s wrong?”

Wen Cai had always had no good impression of this kind of person who takes the family’s money to prostitute, and naturally the tone of speech was not very kind.

“I want to ask you to borrow some money, wait, just a little!”

Wen Cai wanted to close the door when he heard that the other party wanted to borrow money, but Wu Ming blocked the movement halfway.

“Brother, I want to borrow a little! Just a little! ”

Wu Ming desperately refused to get out of the way, he pleaded .

“I say what’s going on with you! I don’t have any money! Not even a copper coin! Get out! Get out!” Wen Cai closed the door with a cold face.

“Brother! Brother!” Wu Ming’s voice became louder when he was in a hurry. The knocking of his hand and the door was particularly loud in the silent night. It didn’t take long for several doors connected to them to be opened.

“What are you doing? The test is tomorrow! And you’re here not letting people sleep!”

“Exactly! What’s going on! ”

People who couldn’t sleep well because of their noise were dissatisfied.

“What could it be!”

Wu Fei and Tang Rui on the opposite side were also startled by the voice from this side.

“What else can it be! He’s borrowing money! ”

As soon as they heard Wen Cai’s words, Wu Fei and Tang Rui also understood. When they were about to say something, the person who was in charge of this place came.

“Everyone, tomorrow is the day of the exam, what is going on tonight can be solved after you finish the test, right?”

This is a middle-aged literate man.

Tang Feng pulled the back of Wen Cai’s clothes. Wen Cai immediately realized it and said with a smile, “It’s me who was reckless and disturbed everyone, no more problem! Rest early, everyone! ”

As the saying goes, the stretching hand doesn’t hit the smiling person. Wen Cai’s words were decent, and the others naturally didn’t need to entangle too much.

“Are you not going to rest yet?”

The caretaker looked at Wu Ming, who was standing at the door of Tang Feng’s room with his head bowed, and said.

Wu Ming hesitated for a while, opened his mouth, then finally went back to the next room.

“Let’s all rest early.”

With that, the caretaker left.

Tang Rui and the others were about to go back when Tang Feng suddenly stopped them.

“Lock the door tonight, preferably with your desk against the door.”

Tang Rui and Wu Fei looked at each other. They were somewhat unclear as to why, but Wen Cai understood. He stretched out his finger and pointed to the room next to him, Tang Rui and the other immediately nodded.

Tang Feng closed the door, and after buckling the door, he put the desk at the door.

Dogs will jump off the wall when they are in a hurry, not to mention people.

Early the next morning, when the four of them packed up and prepared to go to the examination institute, the man who was in the same room with Wu Ming suddenly burst into tears.

It turned out that all the money he brought over was gone, including the money to enter the examination room.

Each candidate had to pay a reference fee of 120 copper coins and a meal fee of 30 copper coins at noon every day. The test will be taken for four days, so the meal fee is 120 copper coins, a total of 240 copper coins.

The candidate’s family was originally destitute. The three hundred copper coins that their family had borrowed with difficulty were stolen except for the ones that had been spent on eating in the past few days.

“It must be Wu Ming!”

Tang Rui said angrily.

“My-My money also became less!”

“Mine too!”

As soon as Li Lin’s matter came out, the other candidates who lived closer to the room went back to the room to check their things. Sure enough, more or less their money has become much less. But Li Lin was the worst, and there was not a single copper coin left.

“Let’s gather the money together, otherwise he can’t enter the examination room, he would have come for nothing.”

A candidate who was not stolen from suggested, which was approved by everyone.

Tang Feng also gave ten copper coins, and Wen Cai and the others were the same, they all gathered the money in just a short while.

“Thank you! Thank you all for your kindness! I’m Li Lin! I will remember my benefactors as long as I live!”

Li Lin “banged” and knelt on his knees, speaking gratefully to Tang Feng and the others, who had given the money.

“Don’t be like this, hurry up, this is out of the norm” the scholar that proposed to gather money was white and tender, his way of speaking carried the rich manner of a scholar. It seems like his family had some properties. 

“Thank you! Thank you! ”

Li Lin didn’t know how to express his gratitude in his heart, so he could only say thank you one by one.

When he entered the examination room, Wu Ming naturally did not come.

Tang Feng looked at the exam questions on the first day, what is the responsibility of humans ? After staying silent for most of the day, he leisurely picked up the brush to write.

Benevolence, the nature of heaven and earth, the highest virtue of man.

Tang Feng combined some of Mencius’s refined theories with the contemporary atmosphere of the Holy Jade Dynasty, then smoothed it out with his own understanding before writing it on the examination paper.

Don’t look at such a question, but it can make people sit for a day, some people just stopped writing when the exam bell rang. Some people have not finished writing, so they can only watch the exam paper being taken away.

At the end of the first day, the first thought of the four people who left the examination hall was to go to the town to fill their stomachs!

“The lunch was so dry, I can’t swallow it at all! How can it still be worth thirty copper coins!” 

The lunch meal was delivered to each candidate’s table, after eating, the bell next to it rang, then someone would clean it up.

“That’s because they’re afraid that if we eat too much soup, it’s easy to run to the hut and delay our time.” Wen Cai, as an old fox who has already taken the exam once, was always solving the confusion of everyone.

“No wonder, my throat is smoking, let’s go eat some soup!” Tang Rui said.

“Then go eat soup balls.”

Tang Feng suggested that the soup ball is something similar to wontons. It only cost fifteen copper coins a large bowl. They can eat it to their fill. In this expensive county, it is the most cost-effective dish.


All three of them nodded in agreement.

“What Wu Ming did today, the caretaker said to leave it to them!”

Wu Fei now felt his teeth itching when he mentioned the matter happened this morning.

“Fortunately, Brother Tang Feng reminded us, otherwise our things may be less.” Tang Rui said.

“In the past few days, everyone has been studying in the room. Naturally, they sleep more deeply at night. I expect that Wu Ming will not come back tonight. Besides, the caretaker will not let him, we can now sleep well.”

Wen Cai said with satisfaction after eating the soup balls in the bowl and drinking the soup.

Tang Feng also put down the bowl, “The door should still be buckled up.”

Tang Rui nodded hurriedly.

At night, Tang Feng couldn’t sleep a little, he missed Lin Yu, Father Tang and Tang Amo at home. He also didn’t know what happened at home in the past few days…

The four-day consecutive examination period was finally over, and as soon as he came out of the examination room, Tang Feng can be regarded as relieved. After the exam, he was waiting for the list, and his current mood was described as setting his heart on speeding home. 

It’s a pity that it was already late, so they can’t go back today. Tang Feng still packed everything up. Thinking of his family who was looking forward to his return, Tang Feng prepared to go out to buy something.

“I’ll go out and buy some things back for my family, will you go?”

Wen Cai, who was slumped on the bed, shook his head, “Just help me bring something to eat.”

After Tang Feng responded, he knocked on Tang Rui’s door again, and received the same weak response.

Tang Feng was helpless, so he went out alone.

After finally coming to the county town for the first time with difficulty, Tang Feng naturally picked things that were not easy to see in the town. He pulled a few pieces of cloth that were rare in the town, bought a few pastries that were more popular with the people, chose two relatively good jade hairpins, and took out some other small items.Tang Feng had already spent one or two silver stones that he brought over.

When Tang Feng, who was carrying a large bag and a small bag, was rushing to the residence, he was suddenly stopped by someone.

“What’s wrong?”

Wu Ming looked at the thing Tang Feng was carrying, his eyes were a little red, “Can you lend me some money? You bought so many things. Why didn’t you lend some yesterday?”

“Do you know that because you stole money from fellow housemates and other money, everyone is ready to report to the officials?”

Wu Ming listened for a while, and shook his head as if he were stunned, “I didn’t even take the exam, do i have to be afraid of others?! You lend me some money, lend me some money! ”

After speaking, he pounced on Tang Feng, it seemed that he was thinking of stubbornly knocking against the other party! 

Tang Feng dodged Wu Ming and looked at him coldly, “Then do you know that you won’t live long if you continue like this.” 

Wu Ming was stunned, “What did you say!”

“When you were having fun at the brothel,  and drank what they gave you, didn’t that make your soul fly away? You felt frightened out of your mind! That’s Shenxian powder!”

As early as when Wu Ming knocked on the door to ask them to borrow money, Tang Feng smelled the smell of five stone powder from the flower wine dripping on him.

“Shen-Shenxian powder! You lied to me! How do you know I drank it! You lied to me! You just don’t want to lend me money! ”

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