Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 48 Part 2

Chapter 48 Part 2

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Wu Ming’s eyes widened, his eyes were full of hideousness, and when he wanted to bump into Tang Feng again, several scholars who saw them in the distance quickly stepped forward and subdued Wu Ming.

“Send him to the official!”

At the head was the scholar who proposed to gather the money.

Tang Feng nodded at them and did not intervene again.

Wu Ming, who was caught by them, happened to have an addiction attack, the head scholar had excellent eyesight. The prostitute place had this kind of thing to liven up the fun. The rich were stained with money and hurt their bodies, the poor were involved, and they died without money! Seeing that Wu Ming’s struggle was even worse, the head scholar hurriedly pressured the others to report to the officials.

When he left the next day, Li Lin told his address to the person who had gathered money for him, saying that he would often go to his house to play in the future and would definitely entertain everyone well.

“You’ve worked hard, get in the cart, let’s go.”

Tang Rui’s father and Wen Cai’s father were already waiting at the gate of the residence.

Tang Feng carried his things into the car, glanced at the place where he had lived for seven or eight days, patted his clothes, finally he could return home.

When he arrived at the head of the village, Father Tang, who could not sit still at home, waited there all morning. When he saw the shadows of two donkey carts, he immediately became energetic.

“You’re back.”

Tang Feng jumped out of the cart, “I’m back.” 

After handing out the money for the cart return that was wrapped in red paper and given to Tang Rui’s father, Father Tang and Tang Feng walked home together with the things they brought there and the things they bought back in return.

“What good thing did you buy?”

Father Tang was holding what Tang Feng had bought.

“There is something useful and for eating but there is nothing you can smoke there.”

How could Tang Feng still not know what Father Tang was thinking, so he broke the other party’s thought with a word.

Father Tang smiled, “That’s not bad, your wife and Amo got up early this morning and did this and that, just waiting for you to come back and have lunch together.”

Tang Feng’s heart warmed, “I just went out for a few days, why do they need to work so hard.”

“How is this not needed! The stuff in the exam room is notoriously hard to swallow! Coming back, we have to make up for it. Why aren’t you afraid of damaging your health!”

Tang Feng smiled, and didn’t say more. He picked a few funny things that happened in the county town and talked to Father Tang, and returned to the Tang family with a smile.

“You’re back! Aiyo! No matter how I look at it, you’ve lost weight! Today, Ah Yu and I have made a lot of your favorite food, put down your things, wash your hands, then you can eat right away! ”

Tang Amo and Lin Yu were also standing at the gate of the courtyard impatiently. When they saw Tang Feng, Tang Amo’s mouth was like a loaded gun, he kept talking all the way.


Tang Feng smiled back at Tang Amo while looking at Lin Yu’s red mole on his eyebrows that had become dark, “It’s discolored, it’s not hot anymore, right?” 

Lin Yu nodded, “Go wash your hands quickly, you should be hungry.”

Tang Feng who was eating this meal was almost out of the table, Tang Amo gave him vegetables, Lin Yu gave him dishes, that is, Father Tang also clamped two chopsticks for him from time to time. He had a round belly when he finished.

After eating, Tang Feng did not want to sit, he followed Lin Yu and Tang Amo to put away the bowls and chopsticks, wipe the table, and wash the dishes. After this activity, Tang Feng felt that his stomach was not so protruding anymore.

“This is the evergreen material for you and Father, Father’s is darker, Amo’s is lighter, but this has more complexion. These pastries are the best selling in the county. I bought a total of eight boxes, this thing can be put away for a short time, two boxes are for my father-in-law and the others, and one box is for Master Wang.”

Tang Amo nodded happily, “Yes, yes, you two can send it over later, there will be nothing to do this afternoon.”

Tang Feng nodded, then took out a small dark long box from his body and placed it in front of Tang Amo.

Tang Amo took the box and gently opened it, “Jade hairpin! This stuff is precious! In the village, there is also this thing in the Liu Laosan’s family and the Wen family! What did you buy these for! It costs a lot of money! ”

“Isn’t it because once i saw it I knew that no one could suit it better than Amo! My foot could not move and my hand uncontrollably picked it up! When I came back to my senses, it had already been put in my bosom.”

Tang Feng’s words were very amusing, that Tang Amo’s original small bump in his heart disappeared, “Why did you buy it for me ? I’m at this age already, Ah Yu have it.” 

“He also has one, except for Father and me, you all have it.”

Father Tang pointed to the box in Tang Amo’s hand, “Do I wear it for you or do you want to wear it yourself?” 

“You’re old but not decent!”

Tang Amo glared at him fiercely, carefully put away the fabric and hairpin, and went back to the room to put things away.

Tang Feng also went back to the room with Lin Yu.

“I chose the deep emerald one for you. Your body is getting heavier day by day, which is just enough to make a few big pieces.”

Lin Yu reached out and touched it, the touch in his hand was really much better than the fabric bought in town, “That’s a pity, the clothes worn by this big belly can’t be worn in the future, it’s better to make them smaller, let’s wear them in the future.”

Tang Feng chuckled, sat next to him, and wrapped his arms around Lin Yu’s already somewhat thick waist, “We can just buy it again, can’t your husband, I, even buy fabric to make clothes for you?” 

Lin Yu turned his head and pressed his forehead against Tang Feng’s forehead and sighed lightly, “I miss you so much.”

Tang Feng smoothly held Lin Yu’s hand, “Me too, whether it is in my heart or…” Putting Lin Yu’s hand on his little brother who was already excited, the meaning of the words was understood by both of them.

Note; u know, his junior .

“It’s been three months.”

Lin Yu’s hand moved gently, Tang Feng took a breath, “I naturally know that it has been three months, otherwise I would not touch a finger of you.” 

Lin Yu pursed his lips and smiled, “I know. ”

“By the way, here, this is for you.”

There were many things this afternoon, Tang Feng suppressed the evil fire in his heart and took out the wooden box in his arms.

Who knew that Lin Yu didn’t let go, just looked at Tang Feng, “Open it.” 

After speaking, his hand had already held his evil root and gently kneaded it.

Tang Feng gritted his teeth hatefully, and opened the wooden box with some trembling hands, “Look!” 

Lin Yu looked down and saw a jade hairpin with a mixture of white and cyan lying quietly in the box, it was as white as snow and green as bamboo.

“Put it on me? Or put it aside? ”

Lin Yu approached Tang Feng’s ear, the movements of his hand became more and more bold, directly ripped off Tang Feng’s trouser belt, got into it, and met the excited “teary-eyed” little brother.

Tang Feng decisively closed the box and placed it at the head of the bed, carefully and eagerly pulled Lin Yu down and laid on the bed.

“You want it?”

Lin Yu glanced up at him, “I’m also human. ”

Tang Feng was happy, then reached between his legs. Sure enough, the reaction was no smaller than his.

“You lie down.”

Lin Yu laid down obediently, but his hand never left, continuing to do what made Tang Feng crazy.

Tang Feng supported himself with one hand, kissed Lin Yu’s lips, and also probed under Lin Yu’s body with the other hand and held him.

Lin Yu’s brows frowned slightly, opened his mouth, which Tang Feng took the opportunity to enter, lips and teeth clinging to each other. The touch of the tip of his tongue made both of them tremble.

It was a more intense entanglement, the hands of the two never stopped, they were familiar with the sensitive parts of the the other person. They used their own way and speed to make both sides reach the peak, like fireworks bursting in the brain!

The two hugged each other, a slight thin sweat slipped down his cheeks, Tang Feng gasped slightly. He did not forget to ask Lin Yu, “Are you okay?” 

Lin Yu also gasped a few times, “Don’t worry, the red mole has changed color, intercourse will not have an impact, if you move a little during night time, it will be fine.”

At night!

Tang Feng’s little brother who had just “burst into tears” stood up straight with Lin Yu’s words.

After Lin Yu caught a glimpse of it, he hooked his lips and smiled.

Tang Feng first went to Wang’s house to take the pastry to Wang Laomo who opened the door. When Wang Laomo heard that it was brought back from the county, he quickly stuffed it back, “The things in the county are expensive! You take it back and eat it yourself! ”

Tang Feng refused, “I kept some at home, you and Master eat more.”

Wang Laomo wanted to resign, but he saw the pastry box in his hand clearly. His eyes turned red at once, but in order not to let Tang Feng see it, he lowered his head and kept Tang Feng for dinner. Tang Feng gently refused, thinking that he would go to Lin’s house in the afternoon, so he left.

Wang Laomo closed the courtyard door, put the pastry on the table, after sitting for half a day, Old Xiucai Wang, who was strolling around, returned.

“What’s wrong?”

Wang Laomo shed tears and pushed the pastry on the table in front of Old Xiucai Wang, “Look at this, our Ah Yuan’s favorite pastry.”

When Old Xiucai Wang heard this, he lowered his eyes and looked at it again, raised his hand and wiped a handful of old tears, “This is something that can only be bought at the county town, it was brought back by that child Tang Feng.”

Wang Laomo covered his mouth and nodded, Old Xiucai Wang walked over and hugged him gently, “Don’t cry, Ah Yuan has reincarnated, and now I am afraid that he has grown into a child about the same age as Tang Feng.”

Tang Feng naturally didn’t know that the box of pastries he sent reminded the old couples of the Wang family of Wang Yuan, who had died for many years.

He and Lin Yu and Tang Amo both went to Lin house.

Father Lin went to Tang’s house the day after Tang Feng left and said that when Tang Feng returned, dinner would be eaten at Lin’s house.

“Lao Tang! Come and give me a hand! ”

As soon as he stepped into the courtyard of the Lin family, Father Lin waved to Father Tang, he was cleaning up the prey, which was a rare young deer.

“A muntjac! Lao Lin, your craft has grown again! ”

Father Tang admired.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo naturally went to the kitchen. Lin Zhuang was polishing the used wooden arrow, this wooden arrow must be polished once used, otherwise the head won’t be accurate enough when shooting the prey. If not ruthlessness enough, sometimes if the larger prey does not get shot to the point, it will escape!

“Second brother-in-law! I found several medicinal herbs that you asked me to pay attention to last time. I marked all the places, and I pulled a little bit back from every place for fear of being mistaken, so you wait here I will bring it to show you.”

Tang Feng was overjoyed in his heart and quickly nodded.

Now that he has already taken the Xiucai exam and is only waiting for the announcement list now, he should also pick up his old work.

After a while, Lin Zhuang came out holding a handful of wiltered grasses over.  “Because it was pulled back a few days ago, it is a little wiltered.”  

Lin Zhuang was a little embarrassed.

Tang Feng shook his head indifferently, looked carefully, his slender hand picked one out of it, the skin was loose, the surface was reddish-brown or gray-brown. The rhizome was cylindrical, there were bud marks on the surface, and there was a pith in the middle of the section. Tang Feng sniffed, the smell was sweet, this was licorice.

Placed aside, Tang Feng continued to check, the surface was yellow-brown to black-brown, with fine wrinkles, and there was a gray-white concave seed navel on one side, hard, a slight smell, and light taste, this is psyllium.

This thick hairless beaded stick, like an eagle chicken’s claw shape and solid, dark yellow, is a rhizome!

This root has irregular coarse blunt teeth on the edge, wedge-shaped at the base, green above, bald, short hairs on the main vein, light green below………, this is Agastache rugosa!

Tang Feng put the useful on the right hand side, when he checked until the end, his expression was a little subtle. The leaves were clustered from the stem, and the leaves of the linear pilan were evergreen all year round, this is the spring orchid in the orchid.

“Are those not correct?”

Lin Zhuang was really embarrassed at this time, he looked at the five “grasses” that were put by Tang Feng on the right hand side, then looked at the pile of grass on the left hand side, his face was hot.

Tang Feng was very satisfied, it’s already good for him to be able to find these four since he let a person who did not know herbs remember what he described.

“It’s already very good, did big brother see how much these four grew on the ground?”

Lin Zhuang looked at the four herbs pointed to by Tang Feng and thought for a while, “Not much, some have grown one, but this one is more! It’s a lot! ”

Tang Feng looked at the orchid that Lin Zhuang said, he pursed his lips and smiled, “I was about to say, big brother, this is a kind of flower grass, I saw it was planted in the academy in the county town.”

Note: plant as in for decoration not for any yield.

Lin Zhuang picked up the orchid and looked at it carefully, “The people in the city even plant this thing?”

“This orchid is known for its elegant meaning, so it is loved by scholars.”

Lin Zhuang quickly handed the orchid to Tang Feng, “Then take it to plant!”

Tang Feng: …………………, he didn’t mean that.

But in Lin Zhuang’s mind, orchid is equal to a scholar’s liking, and a scholar is equal to Tang Feng, then the summary is that Tang Feng likes to plant orchid

Because it was still early, Tang Feng went to the mountain with Lin Zhuang.

The mountains are very large, however there have not been big cats and wolves for so many years, but there were a lot of wild things. It was already enough for the villagers to collect firewood in the periphery, if you want to pick wild fruits, you have to go in a little, and if you want to hunt then you have to go in much deeper.

“I found this a little bit on the periphery.”

As soon as Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang arrived at the outskirts of the mountain, Lin Zhuang told him where the mark was.

“Yo! My cousin is back! ”

Wu Zhu, who was collecting firewood, looked back after hearing Lin Zhuang’s voice and saw the two.

“It’s good to get so much firewood!”

Tang Feng looked at the firewood that Wu Zhu brought aside and smiled.

“There is a bundle that belongs to Hu Qiang, he went to pee, you guys are going hunting?”

Wu Zhu looked at the bow and arrow behind Lin Zhuang, then at the back basket that Tang Feng was carrying, with some doubts.

“I haven’t come to this mountain to see it since I recovered from my illness. In any case, the weather is good today, so I came up with my eldest brother to take a look, you go busy yourself with your work.”

Wu Zhu nodded.

Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang continued to walk and entered the mountain.

It’s March, and the bloomed flowers in march were peach blossoms. 

Peach blossom’s pink color was pleasing to the eyes. There were more than ten large peach trees blooming all at once and when the spring breeze blew slightly, a few petals fell on the hair and shoulders of the two people passing by under the tree.

Tang Feng lowered his eyes and gently brushed the pink peach petals on his shoulders sideways. Then he accidentally saw a small layer of “peach blossom road” paved on the ground, his eyes flashed with contemplation.

Peach blossoms, Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” has many uses of peach blossoms.

Peach blossoms were flat, bitter tasting and could be made for Shao Yin disease.  Foot Jueyin Liver meridian, it was conducive to water, blood and laxative effect.

But for the peach blossoms that have already bloomed, Tang Feng preferred when the peach blossoms were in bloom.

When the peach blossom was still a flower bud, take it off and dry in the shade. Mash and mix with red mulberry, mix it with lard, and apply the affected area in the favuc of the scalp to heal. Take the peach blossom with morning dew, twist it with vinegar to take the juice, and apply the back sores to show the effect. Peach blossoms and salt are pounded in equal parts and mixed with vinegar, which can be applied to treat foot sores.

It’s a pity, Tang Feng looked at the peach blossoms that were basically slightly blooming on the trees and sighed, however they can pick some when eating peaches. The children and Gers in the village love this.

The author has something to say: Tang Feng: I want to talk to you about life tonight.

Lin Yu untied his clothes, pursed his lips and smiled, “Come! Get undressed too! ”

Lifting the quilt, Tang Feng, who was already naked, smiled evilly, ” I took off my clothes earlier!” 

Lin Yu rolled his eyes and pulled on his clothes: “I suddenly remembered that Ah Wen has something to do with me, so you can sleep by yourself tonight.”

The naked Tang Feng: ……………………, don’t go! I’ve undressed!!!!!!!

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