Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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The temperature on the mountain was lower than in the village, but fortunately, Tang Feng has grown a little, so he borrowed a coat from Lin Zhuang to wear, Lin Zhuang’s figure was stronger than Tang Feng, but in recent months Tang Feng had also grown a lot, it was not strange to wear his clothes.

Tang Feng specially carried a back basket, which was not only to pack prey, but also to see some useful herbs on the road. Tang Feng would bend down and pull it up, shake off the soil and put it in the back basket.

He kept pulling all the way. Although they were  all some common small medicinal herbs, Tang Feng did not let it go, some people cannot be underestimated, and some herbs naturally cannot be underestimated.

Lin Zhuang first took Tang Feng to the place he marked, then after a few places, Tang Feng’s back basket finally had some small harvests. Every time, Tang Feng did not finish picking all the herbs, leaving the seedlings, waiting for the next time to pull again, he wanted to plant some medicinal herbs not far from the house.

The medicinal herbs were searched until this point, then Tang Feng went with Lin Zhuang to see if the trap he set yesterday had gained anything.

The traps made by Lin Zhuang were very simple, but they were very common for catching prey of average size.

A one-meter-long and two-meter-deep hole was dug out, and fifteen wooden skewers were placed in the hole. The wooden skewers were topped with a small piece of prey skin that was peeled off yesterday, then some weeds were made to cover it and a sign was made that both hunters and ordinary villagers could understand, which was used to catch large prey.

“The skins are gone, why don’t I see the prey?”

After Lin Zhuang had brushed away all the messy grass on the trap, Tang Feng looked down at the hole with only bamboo skewers and asked puzzled.

Lin Zhuang took out a small piece of prey skin from the leather bag, diagonally straddling his body and threw it down, just enough to cover the bamboo skewer below.

“It was eaten by the mountain rat, that thing is a thief! Let’s go, go to the next place.” Lin Zhuang straightened the weeds and continued walking.

Tang Feng followed.

The two looked at three traps in a row, but not a single prey was caught, so Tang Feng carried the only harvested medicinal herbs back to the village.

“While it’s not dark yet, I’ll go back and process the medicinal herbs first. I’ll come over later.”

After Tang Feng explained his plans to Lin Zhuang, he and Lin Zhuang separated from the place where they went down the mountain.

As soon as Zhang Lei returned to the village, he saw Tang Feng walking in front of him, and quickly trotted forward to greet him, “Tang Feng.”

As soon as Tang Feng heard the footsteps behind him, he thought it was Wu Zhu, that kid, but he couldn’t imagine that it was Zhang Lei, “Where are you going?”

After the misunderstanding between the two was eliminated, it was possible to have conversations. After all, Zhang Lei’s personality was a tiny bit better compared to Wu Zhu and Hu Qiang, who gave Tang Feng a headache. Besides, Zhang Lei was now also a neighbor of the Tang family, their relationship naturally could not be too stiff.

Zhang Lei raised the medicine in his hand to Tang Feng, “I went to my grandfather’s place to grab some medicines for my Amo, were you looking for medicinal materials?” 

Although Zhang Lei does not understand medical skills, he had a grandfather who was a doctor and a man who took medicine all year round since he was a child, so he naturally had some impressions of these medicinal materials.

“It’s spring, I went to find some medicinal herbs as a backup.”

“Let’s go together.”

“Let’s go.”

It was naturally empty back at home, Tang Feng sorted the herbs in the back basket and put it away, gently patted off the remaining mud on it one by one, and then bleached it with water, cleaned up the filth on the grass and put it in a large, Tang Amo’s woven bamboo pocket. He took two high stools out and placed the bamboo pocket, washed his hands and carried the back basket to Lin’s house.

This time the Lin family was just eating the meal, everyone did not touch a drop of wine, ate quickly, and cleaned up quickly. The Tang family returned home to wash up at the same time as when they usually rest.

After Tang Feng took a bath, he thought that most of the things that the Lin family made tonight were wild things. Lin Yu felt that the fishy smell was big and did not eat, plus he told him to eat less wild things, he didn’t move his chopsticks, so Lin Yu almost only ate some vegetarian dishes tonight.

Opening the wooden basin containing the white noodles, Tang Feng grabbed a few handfuls and came out, burned the fire, after dripping a little oil in the pot, he began to knead the dough by hand and began to make pancake.

After a while, a smell of oil combined with white noodles came out of the air.

Two bowls were taken out, one filled with five cakes then he left the kitchen.

Knock knock.

“Father, Amo, do you eat white bread? I baked some cakes. ”

“No, give it to Xiao Yu, he hasn’t eaten much tonight,” Tang Amo’s voice came from inside the room, then he heard him whisper to Father Tang, “Oh, my memory, when I came back, I said to make something for the child!”

“It’s like this when you’re older, you forget things.” As soon as Tang Feng turned around, he heard Father Tang’s voice and remembered.

After a while, there was another exclamation in the house.

“Ouch ouch! Don’t twist my waist! ”

Tang Feng returned to the room with two bowls of hot cakes, Lin Yu was trying to go out to see what he was doing since the movement in the kitchen was not small.

“Eat quickly, it was hard for you tonight.”

Lin Yu’s heart was warm, but he couldn’t eat two bowls of cakes, “Did you ask if father and Amo would eat?”

Tang Feng put the bowl aside, “I did, eat quickly, I’ll go and pour the bowl of hot water in.”

Lin Yu nodded, picked up a piece of cake and ate it slowly, he really didn’t eat enough tonight.

In the end, Lin Yu finished eating five cakes, and the rest was put in the kitchen by Tang Feng.

The night outside the window was already deep, Tang Feng wore a single robe to close the curtain, did not turn off the lights, and went to bed.

“Are you not turning the light off?”

Lin Yu’s hand slid back and forth at the base of Tang Feng’s thigh. Tang Feng’s breathing suddenly became thick.

“No, I want to see you.”

Lin Yu smiled slightly, took the hand that fell on the root of Tang Feng’s leg, and lifted the quilt, “Come in.”

The ambiguity in the words, both of them knew it in their heart. Tang Feng got into the bed, carefully bypassed Lin Yu’s slightly convex belly, attached his ear to his ear, and said softly, “Go in where?”

Lin Yu’s ears moved, but the person did not dodge, he let Tang Feng tease, put a hand on Tang Feng’s chest, and gently loosened his clothes.

Moreover, Tang Feng also immediately took off the clothes on Lin Yu’s body, the eyes of the two were opposite each other, extremely fiery.

It wasn’t known who hooked whose neck, who pressed whose lips, as if fish met water. The two lips touched each other’s warmth and after they were more intensely entangled.

You came I went, no one flinched that the excess silver thread was squeezed out and slipped down onto Lin Yu’s collarbone. Tang Feng, who saw this, immediately pressed one of his hands gently along the trace.

But in a moment where the hand left, a little red mark fell, Lin Yu did not feel pain at all, but felt very comfortable. Just when Tang Feng’s hand moved to his powdery chest, Lin Yu’s hand automatically stroked the red mark that had not yet dissipated and gently pressed it for himself.

“Are you playing by yourself?”

Tang Feng left Lin Yu’s lips, looked at his unruly hand, and laughed lightly.

Lin Yu licked his lips, the red phoenix eyes were stained with a message that made Tang Feng crazy, “Kiss me.” 

Tang Feng covered Lin Yu’s hand with his other hand, then kissed Lin Yu.

There was no longer the light touch of the past, now they cannot even be simply described as verbal battles, the heavier and heavier breathing sounds, and the stronger shaking of the wooden bed. It showed how eager the two were to integrate into each other, so as to enjoy the supreme pursuit and peak of togetherness.

……….. (Unspeakable part, will distribute in the group)

Under the light that did not go out, the riding posture of the two were also projected on the curtain, like a living erotic picture…………………….

The next day, Tang Feng supported his old waist out of the room. Tsk, tsk what Fu Lang requested for almost drained him of his several months worth of “bullets”. 

Lin Yu brought breakfast to the table, after hearing the familiar footsteps at the door, he turned his head. What came into Tang Feng’s eyes was a rosy and spirited face, the steady footsteps, the straight waist, not at all like the usual tiredness after the incident.

Could it be that he can’t do it anymore?

Tang Feng, who thought like this, immediately withdrew the hand holding his old waist. The waist that bowed slightly immediately stood up, and the somewhat sore legs also became perfectly straight.

Brother is good, able to walk!

“What are you doing standing silly, come and eat.”

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng’s figure standing straight at the door of the kitchen, and said when he didn’t see him come in. 


Looking at such a radiant wife, Tang Feng, who had a sore back and legs that couldn’t take a step, silently shed his tears and sat down at the dining table.

Lin Yu pursed his lips and smiled, last night he asked for more, but this was the natural reaction of pregnancy, he can’t help it. Looking at Tang Feng who secretly rubbed his waist with his hand at the dining table, he thought he had to make something delicious to replenish his husband’s body today.

After a Ger sits firmly in the third month of pregnancy, until the sixth month of pregnancy, the activities demanded during this period were stronger than usual, but this also varied from person to person.

“Amo! Father! Don’t just work, eat breakfast first! ”

Lin Yu shouted at Tang Amo and Tang Father who were repairing hoes in the yard, then he went to grab a bowl of pickled cabbages and came out. With the porridge to drink this morning, the pickled cabbages were just right.

Tang Feng’s book writing had a considerable income, this body was also better, there was no place to spend money at home, plus Lin Yu was also pregnant, naturally their living standards were much better than those in the village.

“Why are you sitting so straight for?”

After Father Tang sat down, he saw Tang Feng’s stiff body and asked with a smile.

A little embarrassment appeared on Tang Feng’s face, “Perhaps because I went up the mountain yesterday, my body is a little sore, but it won’t get in the way.”

After Tang Amo sat down, he glanced at the couples, his eyes were clear, when he heard Father Tang’s uninteresting words, he immediately raised his eyebrows.

“You forgot when I was pregnant with Ah Feng! Your virtue at that time was not as good as Ah Feng’s current appearance! ”

As soon as these words came out, except for Tang Feng, who had not yet figured it out, everyone else’s faces were a little red.

“What are you saying this for! Eat! Eat!”

Father Tang remembered his sluggish appearance back then, while pretending to loudly let everyone hurry up to eat.

Tang Feng, who could read their expressions, quickly supported his old waist to check the art of healing after eating.

After reading and finding the reason, the first thing that floated in Tang Feng’s mind was that it turned out that it wasn’t because he couldn’t do it…

I have to buy something to replenish Tang Feng’s body, this idea was buried in the hearts of Tang Amo and Lin Yu at the same time. So Tang Amo took the money and went to the street. Lin Yu returned to Lin’s house and asked Lin Amo what else could be used specifically to replenish his body.

Father Lin hunted a lot, there were many of this kind of things specially left, Lin Amo directly took a large part of it and gave it to Lin Yu, “You have to make up for it, these things your father often eats, they are very effective!” 

What works is that both of them know it, but Lin Wen on the side had a strange face, this second brother was pregnant, isn’t it the second brother who should make up for it! Why give the surname Tang a supplement!

And Tang Amo, who came back from the market at noon, bought three catties of ribs, two pork bones, and specially went to Old Doctor Wang to get a pair of medicinal herbs to replenish the body! Ready to come back and kill a chicken to stew for Tang Feng to eat, of course, he did not forget Lin Yu, and also got a pair of pregnancy supplement pills for Lin Yu. Knowing that Lin Yu loved to eat pork belly, he specially bought a few pounds back. Now the sky was not hot, so he was not afraid of it going bad.

Ribs were Father Tang’s favorite food. Don’t look at the three catties, a few people stretched out their chopsticks, and the meal already was basically finished so for Tang Amo, who loves meat, this was not much at all.

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