Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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So those days when it was time to eat. Tang Feng could always see the things on the table that tonified his body.

Originally, for the sake of a man’s self-esteem, Tang Feng was reluctant to move the chopsticks, but a Tang Amo on the left stared, a Lin Yu on the right watched, and a Father Tang on the opposite side smiled.

Okay! I will eat it!

Although Lin Yu asked more frequently than usual and was a little more enthusiastic, he knew that Tang Feng’s body could not be tossed often, so it was normal to do it once every two or three days.

Tang Feng felt extremely happy, in order to be able to meet Lin Yu with better physical practice, Tang Feng not only practiced Tai Chi in the morning, but he also specially reclaimed two plots of land next to the house, which was intended for transfer of medicinal herbs.

Those two plots of land were originally abandoned, they said that because the land was too barren, there was nothing to plant, but Tang Feng did not think so. He picked up a hoe and turned the ground for four days, then poured a few buckets of water into the soil, soaked it, and when the warm sun came out to dry, Tang Feng pulled some soil and pinched it, the moisture was okay.

The weather was getting warmer and warmer, so he had to move the medicinal herbs quickly, otherwise the survival rate would not be high.

So during the day, Tang Feng would carry his back basket up the mountain to look for medicinal herbs everywhere in the periphery and middle perimeter. If he wanted to go to a deeper place to find it, Tang Feng would go with Lin Zhuang or Father Lin.

However, on the tenth day, Tang Feng’s two medicinal fields were moved and planted.

Astragalus, ladybell root, Yinren leaf, bellflower, long pine, King solomon’s seal, lush, Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Roucong lotus, Lie Dang, Suo Yang, Gastrodia elata, Chi Jian, Gou Ji, Guan Zhong, morinda root, and the others.

In the process of collecting medicines, Tang Feng also roughly understood which place had which medicinal materials. 

The medicinal field was transplanted, but Tang Feng did not sit idle.

He still carried the basket around looking for medicinal materials, and of course, he would personally deal with these medicinal materials, dry them and put them in the house. If someone came to see a doctor in the future, he would directly use his own medicinal materials instead of going to the town to buy them.

On March 18, Tang Feng got up early before dawn. Even Lin Yu, who had always been accustomed to getting up early, did not wake up.

And Tang Feng wanted such a result.

After washing his face with cold water, the whole person was refreshed at once. Tang Feng shook his head, after practicing Tai Chi, he loosened his muscles and bones, washed his hands and entered the kitchen.

He put a small wooden basin in front of the white flour, Tang Feng scooped a sufficient amount into the wooden basin with a small wooden bowl, and then began to mix with the dough.

At first he kept drawing circles with chopsticks, and when it was almost time, Tang Feng threw away his chopsticks and started using his hands.

When the dough was dry and wet, Tang Feng stopped and put the kneaded dough aside.

After washing his hands, he went to the vegetable field next to the house to find some fresh and tender vegetables, then poured the bone broth into a pot on the side, lit a fire, and warmed it.

Tang Feng opened the cupboard and brought out the braised pork ribs that had only a little left inside, this was also made by him, Tang Amo had already eaten what he bought last time, this was what was left the second time they bought it.

Looking at the sky outside, Tang Feng felt that the time was almost up, so he took out the dough in the wooden basin and put it on the cutting board. He took out the rolling stick, pinched a small ball, rolled it out into a round cake, and then sprinkled some dry flour on the dough cake, and then rolled it out into a large noodle sheet.

That’s right, Tang Feng wanted to make longevity noodles since today was Lin Yu’s birthday.

After the large noodles were ready, Tang Feng took out the cut wooden skewers, used the wooden skewers to encircle the shape of the noodles, and began to gently scratch out long noodles, not thick or thin, just right.

It is said that they were longevity noodles, but Tang Feng wasn’t making a whole noodle. Instead, he cut the noodles into a noodle and then ripped it open with his hand at the approximate length.

The big bone broth in the pot had been opened. Tang Feng first put some salt into it, this was to prevent noodles sticking to the pot, and then he put the noodles into the pot, took them out after cooking, and put them in cool water to cool.

The cleaned vegetables were also seared with water, cooked for seven minutes, and then fished out and set aside.

After thinking about it, Tang Feng turned around and took two eggs out and fried them.

After the ribs were cooked, Tang Feng picked out the noodles that were placed in the cooled boiled water and put them in a beautiful large wooden bowl, showing a big birthday character engraved in the middle of the big wooden bowl!

This was done by Tang Feng himself.

After putting the vegetables, pork ribs and fried eggs into a large wooden bowl, Tang Feng poured the bone broth on the noodles, sprinkled some green onions on it, and a bowl of longevity noodles with full color and aroma was ready.

“Fu Lang, get up quickly.”

Tang Feng, who was carrying the longevity noodles, entered the room and called to Lin Yu, who was already a little awake.

The fragrance of longevity noodles filled the entire room, it stimulated Lin Yu at this moment, who had just woken up.

He braced himself and sat up, squinting at Tang Feng sitting on the edge of the bed, as well as the longevity noodles in his hand that were exuding fragrance with the word long life engraved on the big wooden bowl. He understood this, old people liked to wear a birthday dress embroidered with the word “long life” when they celebrated their birthday.

“Come, take a bite, happy birthday, I wish you all the best with good health.”

Tang Feng picked up a noodle and handed it to Lin Yu’s mouth, “Eat.” 

Lin Yu’s eyes were a little hot, he wanted to say that he hadn’t washed yet, but he couldn’t say a word, so he could only open his mouth stupidly and eat the noodles fed by Tang Feng.

Not long after, a large bowl of noodles and even the soup were drunk clean by Lin Yu.

Tang Feng was very satisfied, and lowered his head and touched Lin Yu’s lips gently, “I love you, my wife.”

Lin Yu had red eyes and held Tang Feng’s head. He responded back to him with a hot deep kiss.

“I love you too, my husband.”

When Tang Amo and Tang Father got up, Tang Feng had already made noodles from the remaining dough.

After breakfast, Tang Amo and Father Tang gave Lin Yu a red envelope of happy money, “Happy birthday, Xiao Yu, we two old couples won’t mention other things, but it’s already better than anything as long as you have a prosperous life. If Ah Feng makes you sad, just say it, the two of us will help you vent!” 

Tang Amo’s words made Tang Feng laugh directly, “Amo, this is my wife’s birthday, not the day he married in.”

Tang Amo glared, “I can say this at any time!” 

Father Tang looked at Tang Feng on the side, and Lin Yu smiled, “I know Amo.”

Not many people knew Lin Yu’s birthday. Besides the Tang family and the Lin family, Wu De also knew about this, he knew it from Lin Zhuang’s mouth.

Wu De remembered the scene when the two parted ways unhappily that day. Now that he thought about it, he thought he was possessed at that time, to actually think he wasn’t living well, so Lin Yu should also not live well like him because compared to the tall Lin Yu, as a Ger, Wu De felt that he was better than Lin Yu.

At that time, Lin Yu suddenly got married and also to the son of the village chief, although he was a sick man, just wearing the hat of the village chief’s family was worth envying a lot.

Later, Tang Feng’s body became better and better. He was also good and intimate to Lin Yu, which made himself being beaten and scolded at home all the time even more unacceptable, so that day, when Lin Yu came to see him, he couldn’t help but say, “Your life is so good.”

Now the more he thought about it, the more angry he became, how can he say such a thing! That was his only friend!

Now that Wu De and Lin Zhuang have talked about everything, they don’t want Lin Yu to continue to misunderstand his previous action of using Lin Zhuang. Wu De now wanted to make up for his mistakes and say sorry to Lin Yu.

However, since he returned back to the village, the amount of time he saw Lin Yu could be counted. It’s difficult for him to go directly to the village chief’s house to find the person, so this matter had been delayed again and again.

With Lin Yu’s birthday, Wu De wanted to save their friendship, so Wu De brought the birthday gift he prepared and came to the Tang family.

The author has something to say: “Birthday”

When Father Lin celebrated his birthday, Lin Amo gave him what he thought was the best gift to put up with him for a day without scolding him! nor shout at him! nor nag at him!

When Father Tang celebrated his birthday, Tang Amo gave him what he thought was the best gift to give him. It was a month’s worth of dry tobacco to consume in advance!

When Tang Feng passed his birthday, every gift and every surprise that Lin Yu gave him made him extremely satisfied, of course, the best gift was the time his wife stripped naked heheheh.

The best gift the author received on his birthday: a full set of Wu Nian Mo Ni that dad bought me in my third year of junior high school, the third-year middle school exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: it’s a book containing the summarized contents of the college entrance exams and also predict what the new year college entrance exam would be! 

Ciacia/N: look like author is a nerd d*mnnn~

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