Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Mastubating in broad daylight, cousin is really fierce! Wu Zhu, who originally thought that Tang Feng with a sickly body would not be very interested in this regard, felt as if he had discovered something incomprehensible.


The door behind him opened, Tang Feng with a cold expression stood in the doorway.

Wu Zhu moved his neck and turned around with a smile on his face.


Tang Feng looked at the flattering Wu Zhu in front of him expressionlessly. He stretched out his knuckle-clear hand to pull the clothes draped over his shoulders, then listened to the bursts of laughter coming from the kitchen. He stepped out of the door, and walked towards the hall.

“What is it? What urgent matter is it that let you barge inside without knocking on the door like this?”

A slightly cold voice came into Wu Zhu’s ear, making him tremble involuntarily.

He just forgot to knock on the door again………

There was no one in the hall. Tang Feng sat down and looked at Wu Zhu who was thinking about how to curry favor with him. A trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes, both of them were entangled.

This Wu Zhu was a year younger than the original body, and he was also the only son in his family. Although he was reckless in doing things, his heart was upright, so there was nothing wrong with it. But Tang Feng glanced at the other party’s sleeve without a trace, it would be better if he could pay more attention to his own personal hygiene.

“Hehe, cousin, I have something I want to say to you.”

Wu Zhu lowered his voice and said this, not forgetting to look around, as if he was afraid that someone would eavesdrop.

Tang Feng raised an eyebrow. After three months of understanding, this Wu Zhu would not ask anything good.

“Tomorrow you will certainly get married. This thing will still need to be used sooner or later, so today try to restrain yourself a bit.” 

After saying this, he didn’t forget to show an obsene expression on his face, the kind of look that if said to be cheap then it is indeed cheap. 


Tang Feng frowned, unable to understand Wu Zhu’s meaning.

Wu Zhu was a little anxious, winking while signaling to Tang Feng, “That! That one! The most important thing for you now is to take good care of your body. The rest will come in the future!”


Tang Feng didn’t talk to Wu Zhu now, he just looked at him, and felt that he’s unpleasant to look at.

“Speak human language!”

Following the cold snort from Tang Feng, Wu Zhu whispered in Tang Feng’s ear for a while when he saw Tang Feng’s complexion turned ashen. 

“I have physical deficiency not kidney deficiency!”

Tang Feng gritted his teeth and roared in a low voice to Wu Zhu, who had an I’m worried about you face.


The cousin who flied into a rage out of humilitation was not bad at all compared to the best-looking Ger, Wen Qing, in the village. Recalling that dream lover of the men in the whole village, Wu Zhu’s train of thoughts began to drift a little…

Looking at Wu Zhu, who was thinking of who knows what, Tang Feng couldn’t stop sighing as he held his head.

When Wu Zhu sobered up and wiped the drool from his mouth, Tang Feng’s complexion had already calmed down. He just sat there relax with his eyes closed. He could sit without lying down, he could stand without sitting, and he could move without being still, which was Tang Feng’s usual behavior.

Wu Zhu scratched his head, looking at Tang Feng’s fair and pretty face. The appearance of Lin Yu appeared in his mind.

Not to mention that they’re a Ger look alike and a man look alike, they really just complement each other which made up a perfect couple! 

“I heard from my Amo that this marriage was arranged by Da Mo?” (Da Mo is Tang Amo)

Note: Da here means big usually refer to elder family member so in this context, Da Mo is like a great aunt.

Wu Zhu asked carefully, while also attentively looking at Tang Feng’s expression. He was afraid of touching his bottom line and be punished for it.

Since Tang Feng had a serious illness three months ago, although there was no major change in his personality, his downcast personality had progressed day by day. Wu Zhu had a big mouth and he couldn’t control his curiosity, which is why he had suffered under Tang Feng’s hands for so many times.

Tang Feng closed his eyes and nodded when he suddenly remembered Father Tang’s evasive look when he said that the Ger had not been married for many years, Tang Feng opened his eyes and looked at Wu Zhu on the other side.

Wu Zhu faced Tang Feng’s peach blossom eyes, his heart suddenly jumped. His heart roared wildly, this is his cousin! Cousin! A man! A man like himself!

But he still couldn’t help swallow secretly.

However, this scene did not avoid Tang Feng’s sharp eyes. He originally had some doubts wanting to ask him, but looking at this kind of Wu Zhu, there was nothing he wanted to know now.

“Zhu Zi! You sneaky little wicked son! I have called you several times already but you didn’t hear me, did you?! ”

A loud male voice came in from the courtyard startling Wu Zhu to shiver all over his body. He agitatedly looked at Tang Feng’s calm face. 

“Cousin! I have to go now!”

After saying that he ran out as if there was oil on his feet. Good gracious! He was actually in a daze because of a man!!

“What bad thing did you do? Your whole face is full of guilt!”

Wu Amo looked at Wu Zhu who came out of the hall with a gloomy face.

“Nothing! Amo!”

Wu Zhu’s face turned red. He didn’t know if it was because of Wu Amo’s words or something else.

“Better not! Hurry up and get to work! ”

Wu Amo skeptically looked at Wu Zhu’s red face before shouted out in a stern voice.

This boy typically only remembered the good things and forget the suffering, he’s this old already but still with a childish heart. He doesn’t know who he takes after.

Tang Feng listened to the noise in the courtyard that gradually disappeared before sitting quietly in the same place.

Although he said that he agreed to this marriage, it was because he couldn’t stand up to his mother. He was a little afraid that he can’t handle the matter of “repay the kindness” and continue the ancestral line. 

However, since he agreed to marry the other party, he could not be irresponsible. Even if he could not give the other party what he wanted, he would also give the other party absolute respect. Thinking of his parents in his past life, Tang Feng closed his eyes quite gloomily.

“Do you have a headache?”

An old voice sounded in his ears, causing Tang Feng to open his eyes suddenly.

“Did I scare you?”

Tang Feng shook his head.


Guo Gong smiled and sat down next to Tang Feng, looking at him lovingly.

“Look at you being so skinny, eat a little bit more, if you have anything you want to eat, Guo Gong can buy it for you.”

Tang Feng knew the favored weight of the original body. Whether it was the Tang family pair of husband and wife or the Guo family, they all treated Tang Feng as the family jewel. The old man in front of him was already 64 years old. He could be considered as very healthy in this kind of place.

“When my body is well, I’ll buy it for you instead.”

Tang Feng’s words made Guo Gong smile and open his mouth that had only a few teeth. It can clearly be seen that he was extremely happy.

“Alright, grandpa will be waiting.”

“Ah Feng, your third uncle is here!”

Father Tang stepped into the hall, followed by a middle-aged man with a scholarly composure. He was about 35-36 years old, with a wide forehead, a straight nose, and a gentle look in his eyes when he was welcomed by his family’s Tang Feng. 

“Third uncle.”

Tang Feng called out respectfully. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Third Uncle Guo was a Xuicai, but his personality and how he handled the things that Tang Feng had come into contact with in the past three months are worthy of Tang Feng’s admiration in his heart.

“Quickly sit down, you will get married tomorrow. Finally, you will become a real man.”

Third Uncle Guo patted Tang Feng’s thin shoulder and said.

These words made both Guo Gong and Father Tang laugh.

Tang Feng replied with a smile: “Even if I don’t get married, I am also an impressive man.” 

Everyone was stunned, looking at Tang Feng’s slightly delicate face, it seemed that the illness had forced Tang Feng to become increasingly calm and unflustered.

Although Tang Feng in the past also liked to laugh, the bottom of his eyes was full of melancholy. They could only looked at him with pain. Nowadays, the bottom of his eyes was deep and elusive without allowing people to penetrate through. He’s indeed not a child anymore. Third Uncle Guo sighed in his heart. 

There were many people at today’s dinner so it had become lively. After dinner, Tang Feng walked around in the courtyard until he felt some heat in his body, then stopped and heated his feet with hot water.

When Tang Feng returned to the room, the first thing he saw was the bed curtain that had been hung with a red cloth and the wedding dress placed on the bedside.

There were also peanuts in baskets on the cabinet, and on the basket there was a small piece of red cloth and a few red candles.

As soon as Tang Feng took off his outer clothes, there was a knock on the door.

“Ah Feng, it’s me.”

Father Tang stood at the door of the room with some awkwardness, holding something in his hand, waiting for Tang Feng to open the door.


Tang Feng, with a cloth draped over his shoulder, opened his room’s door.

“This, take a look, you must take a look here!” Father Tang shoved some old books in his hand into Tang Feng’s hands. Before Tang Feng could close the door himself, Father Tang directly closed the door.

………….,Tang Feng stared at the closed door in front of him, shook the book in his hand, sat down on the bed, borrowing the oil lamp to read the book.

A casual side glance made Tang Feng understood why Father Tang was so awkward.

This is a book full of male erotic pictures.

Tang Feng casually flipped the pages, there was no wave in his eyes. In his past life, he had no partner. Besides his beloved five-finger of one’s hand he only had used gay films. Plus he was studying medicine, this book could be completely regarded as a clear porridge and side dishes for Tang Feng. It’s not right, it can only be regarded as the soup inside the porridge!

Compared with Tang Feng, the “experienced” person, Lin Yu was pure and pitiful.

He squeezed the erotic pictures that Lin Amo gave him. His palms were sweating, but he still hadn’t opened it yet. He directly put it into the dowry box that Father Lin asked someone to make, pulled open the quilt, and laid down on the bed.

Tomorrow, he’s going to get married, he’s going to marry someone he likes………

The next day, before 5-7am in the morning, Lin Yu was woken up by Lin Amo.

“Oh my God! What did you do last night?! ”

Lin Amo’s extremely sharp voice made Lin Yu, who had two large dark circles, frown.

“Didn’t sleep well.”

What did not sleep well, he was simply without a trace of drowsiness, it was a night without sleep. Yesterday as soon as he laid down on the bed, Lin Yu’s mind was all about how to face Tang Feng on the wedding night, how to give the other party a good impression…

“Got it, Ah Zhuang! Ah Zhuang! ”

It was useless to say anything now, Lin Amo tore his throat and called out to Lin Zhuang, who was busy outside.

“Here! Here! What’s wrong?”

Lin Zhuang, who was brandishing a broom to clean the yard, suddenly heard his Amo calling for him, he promptly responded. 

“Go and boil two eggs for your second brother! Hurry up! ”


Hearing boiled egg, Lin Yu immediately refused: “Amo, it’s okay, don’t boil it, leave it for little brother to replenish his body.” 

They have just arrived here, bought land and built a house so the family’s savings have almost been spent, so in places that can be saved, it still had to be saved.

“What are you saying!? For the sake of two eggs, you’re going to argue with me on this auspicious day? ”

Lin Amo’s face was displeased.

Lin Yu opened his mouth, after catching a glimpse of the other party’s complexion, he obediently closed his mouth. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Lin Amo is a Ger, because his temper could be bold and vigorous.

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