Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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For Lin Yu’s birthday, Lin family naturally came. Before Wu De knocked on the door of the courtyard, he could hear the conversation and laughter between Father Lin and Father Tang and the conversation between Lin Wen and Lin Zhuang inside.

Wu De’s hand holding the thing tightened. With hesitation between his eyebrows, it was not appropriate for him to enter at such a time.

After thinking about it, Wu De put the things at the gate of the courtyard, then took a step forward and left. No one had the courage to take the things placed at the gate of the village chief’s courtyard.

Lin Yu was naturally happy to have his family accompany him for his birthday. He took out his good cooking skills to make a large table of dishes, a lot of wild prey brought by Father Lin were also among them. Although Lin Yu couldn’t eat too much, watching the family eat and drink very happily, he already felt full enough. 

“My family is small, Xiao Yu is blessed! Blessed to have a good husband like Ah Feng! In-law, come! Let’s drink again! ”

Lin Amo, who rarely drank, had his face turn red. He pulled Tang Amo, who had also drunk alcohol, and said vigorously.

“Don’t, don’t say that, in-law, this, this is our Ah Feng’s blessing, to have a wife like Xiao Yu!”

Tang Amo remembered that the reason why he chose Lin Yu at that time was because of the excellent eight characters! He quickly picked up the wine bowl, “Come! In-law! ”


Father Lin and Father Tang, who were not stained with wine next to them, touched their noses in unison. The two looked at each other.

“In-law! Let’s eat!”

“Good, good, good! Let’s eat! Let’s eat! ”

Lin Zhuang and Tang Feng were also chatting on the side. Lin Wen, who was sitting with Lin Yu, glanced at them from time to time, as if he was afraid that they would do something.

After dinner, Lin Amo was more or less drunk. Tang Amo was helped back to the room by Father Tang.

Father Lin and Lin Zhuang helped Lin Amo and prepared to leave.

Lin Wen opened the courtyard door and held a torch to illuminate, “Slow down, there is a threshold.” 

“I know, I know,” Father Lin replied to Lin Wen then turned to Tang Feng and Lin Yu and said, “You guys go back, we will go back first, rest early! I’m tired for the day already. ”

“Ai! Father, slow down, big brother also pay attention.” Lin Yu supported the courtyard doorway.

“Okay, don’t worry, oh!” Lin Zhuang felt that he had stepped on something under his feet, “Second brother-in-law, look at what is here, I seem to have stepped on it.”

When Tang Feng heard this, he hurriedly bent down to check, “It’s nothing, you guys take care!”

“Good, good, good!”

“Goodbye second brother!”

“Why don’t you call your second brother-in-law…”

The faint voice penetrated into Lin Yu and Tang Feng’s ears. Tang Feng picked up what Lin Zhuang had stepped on.

“What is this?”

Lin Yu asked.

“Go inside and see, the light here is too weak to see clearly.”

Saying that, Tang Feng closed the courtyard door and pulled Lin Yu into the hall.

Lin Yu immediately saw clearly what was in Tang Feng’s hand.

It was a purple embroidered kerchief with a wishful lock embroidered on it, which looked like Wu De’s handwriting.

His favorite thing is to give embroidered handkerchiefs.

Tang Feng let Lin Yu rest and clean up the table and bowls by himself, while Father Tang cleaned the hall.

Lin Yu took the embroidery handkerchief back to the room, opened a small box and put it in.

The meaning of Wu De sending the embroidered handkerchief was obvious. Lin Yu thought about Lin Amo’s attitude towards Wu De, the relationship between Lin Zhuang and Wu De, and looked at the box a little lost in thought.

The next day after breakfast, Lin Yu didn’t bring anything and went to Wu’s house.

Wu De was working in the courtyard, so the courtyard door was open.

Lin Yu stood at the gate of the courtyard, watching the thin Wu De raise the axe to chop firewood with some effort. He seemed a little tired, and from time to time he raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his face.

“Wu De.”

Lin Yu called softly.

Wu De, who heard the voice, put down his axe and hurriedly turned back.

“Lin, Lin Yu.”

Half a quarter of an hour later, the two sat opposite each other in Wu De’s room.

Wu De noticed Lin Yu’s slightly convex stomach and said with a smile, “It’s been three months, right?” 

Lin Yu nodded and looked at the embarrassed Wu De, “What’s your plan?” 

Wu De was stunned, “What plan?”

Lin Yu smiled, “My eldest brother has been waiting for you to be his wife.”

Wu De’s face was hot, Lin Zhuang had already told him about Lin Amo’s soft attitude in private, and the rest depended on the plans of the two of them.

“I will break off the arranged engagement first before deciding anything else.”

Lin Yu nodded.

Silence began again.

Wu De remembered the event of that day and gritted his teeth, “I’m sorry, that day was my fault. The days when I left later, I also made everyone tired. Regarding your eldest brother, I really, really like him, don’t worry! I will never have the same thoughts as before! ”

Lin Yu looked at Wu De, who was moved emotionally and trying to let him understand his thoughts. He was also relieved, as long as he really wanted to live a good life, he had no other extra thoughts.

Before Wu De’s verbal marriage affair was resolved, the Lin family had already exploded.

When Tang Feng and Lin Yu, who were notified by Lin Wen, rushed to Lin’s house, they saw Lin Amo in the hall with a strange face, and Lin Zhuang was standing there inexplicably.

“You’re here, sit down.”

Lin Amo looked at Tang Feng and Lin Yu and said.

Tang Feng let Lin Yu sit down, and after looking around at the people in the hall, he asked, “How did you reply?” 

Lin Amo sighed, “Naturally, I refused.”

Lin Wen looked at Tang Feng who asked with a strange face.

Father Lin was very satisfied, “It’s normal for our Lin family’s man to be liked!”

It turned out that there was a matchmaker Amo who went to the door of the Lin family. After probing the intention of Lin Zhuang’s marriage, he told Lin Zhuang about the Gers in the village.

Lin Amo was naturally not stupid enough to think that it would be Wu De who looked for a matchmaker Amo to visit them. He could only ask Lin Zhuang sideways if he had any relationship with the Gers in the village in addition to Wu De!

Lin Zhuang was innocent! He didn’t know anything about it!

Thinking about Lin Zhuang and Wu De, and thinking about this “unknown” Ger who suddenly appeared, Lin Amo couldn’t sit still, and asked Lin Wen to find Tang Feng and Lin Yu to come over

After all, Tang Feng was a scholar and his brain was flexible, which was not comparable to their elm head.

“You’re still babbling!” Lin Amo glared at Father Lin and looked at Tang Feng and the two, “Wu De’s matter has not been solved, it is not easy to settle it now, yet this other person suddenly asked to visit us. All in all, we’re in one village, although I politely refuse saying that it was still a little early, but looking at the tone of that messenger, I am afraid that he will come to visit us again.”

“I don’t understand, how can such a small matter be made into a complicated one for you! If he comes again, you just refuse him again! Wouldn’t it be okay to get Ah Zhuang, the two of them, arranged as soon as possible! ”

Father Lin felt that there was nothing to discuss about this matter, wasn’t it just probing, what was this!

Tang Feng nodded, “What father-in-law said is reasonable, mother-in-law rest assured, as long as eldest brother does not have any intersection with other Gers, this matter is up to you. If he comes to visit again, you can directly refuse. In any case, that Ger didn’t point out who he was, so he won’t be a hindrance.” 

When Lin Amo heard this, he also felt that he was too nervous.

“Let’s solve Wu De’s affairs now.”

Lin Yu said.

Lin Zhuang scratched his head, “He has already told me that he left it to his father.”

Wu family.

“You ask that person on what to do.”

Since Wu De’s “running away from home”, Wu Lao’er had been much better with Wu De, no longer talking coldly, beating and scolding.

Wu De lowered his eyes, “We got engaged that year but he never came to visit for many years. My age is not young anymore, and my younger brother is also older, I think it’s time to consider my matters.”

When Wu Step Amo heard this, he immediately became quick-witted, used his hand to touch Wu Lao’er and nodded.

Wu Lao’er always listened to Wu Step Amo’s words, “Okay, then I’ll go and inquire about it tomorrow, but after all these years, I’m afraid he’s already married.”

“What’s wrong with that! If he got married then our Ah De just don’t have to get married to him! We can find another good husband for Ah De.”

The little calculation in Wu Step Amo’s heart was turning extremely. As long as Wu De marries out, he can get dowry money, not to mention, the land in this house was not spacious. As soon as Wu De marries out, his room will be empty, which is exactly what he wanted.

Wu De’s eyes were full of ridicule.

On the second day, after Wu Lao’er came back, that man had indeed gotten married. Just when Wu Step Amo began to look for a “next home” for Wu De, Lin Zhuang and Lin Amo came to the door with things to ask for marriage.

“You said that your family Lin Zhuang wants to marry Ah De?”

Wu Lao’er looked at Lin Zhuang, who had a faceless face, with displeasure on his face, “I won’t agree, ouch!” ”

Wu Lao’er rubbed the back of the back that was pinched by Wu Step Amo, and glared. Wu Step Amo directly pulled out a smile at Lin Amo, “Let us go in and discuss, you sit down, a bit is fine.” 

Lin Amo nodded, looked back at Lin Zhuang, who had been glancing at Wu De’s door, coughed lightly and Lin Zhuang immediately stood upright.

“Why are you pinching me!”

Wu Laoer was very dissatisfied.

Wu Step Amo was very satisfied, “I think this marriage is possible.”

Wu Laoer’s eyes widened, “I disagree!”

“Disagree?” Wu Step Amo almost wanted to slap him, “Don’t forget that this second brother-in-law of the Lin family is the son of the village head! That’s the only doctor in our village right now! ”

Wu Lao’er was a little moved. If this thing was done, then won’t they become relatives with the village chief’s family?

“And that Tang Feng just participated in the Xiucai exam. I saw that his third uncle is amazing, so Tang Feng would not be far behind! This Tang Feng, if he passed and became a Xiucai, then aren’t we relatives with a Lord Xiucai!? ”

At that time, their family will not be ignored in the village!

At that moment, the Wu family agreed to this affair. Tang Feng, who cleaned up the herbs at home, sneezed several times.

“What’s wrong? Did you catch a cold?”

Lin Yu asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, my nose was somewhat dusty, maybe the weather has been warm, so it’s a little dry.” Tang Feng rubbed his nose.

The author has something to say: “If Lin Yu were a man part 1”

Tang Feng sometimes looked at a large pile of firewood carried by his husband, hogweed, and the ground that Lin Yu turned over alone in the field that could be compared to the ground that Tang Feng and Tang’s father turned together, thinking that if his husband was a man, how much he would be loved by the Gers.

This day had him in his thoughts, so he dreamt at night, and one night, Tang Feng dreamed that Lin Yu had become a man.

Although Lin Yu became a man, Tang Feng still dreamed that the two of them were husband and wife.

After becoming a couple, the work at home was basically covered by Lin Yu, Tang Feng’s life was simply too easy.

The bowl does not need to be washed, the clothes do not need to be washed, the firewood does not need to be cut, the ground does not need to be turned, and the pigs do not need to be fed by him; Tang Feng was only responsible for writing his book with a brush all day long, the rest was covered by Lin Yu.

Q. if Lin Yu was a man, what will change in their lives, the time has come for the children to use their brains!

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