Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 52

Chapter 52

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The news that the Lin family and the Wu family had decided on a marrige soon spread to the village. The idle Gers had a topic to chat about again.

“I can’t imagine that someone actually dared to marry Wu De?”

On a hillside south of the village, a few young Gers were chatting together. One of the stocky Gers suddenly mentioned the most talked about conversation in the village these days.

“What’s so surprising about this, the Lin family is a foreigner, how can there be a Ger in this village who is willing to marry over, besides, this kind of marrigae is not good because the Lin family just wanted to get a foothold in the village!”

A freckled Ger sitting next to the short and stout Ger said contemptuously.

For foreigners, the Gers simply aren’t willing to get married to them. 

“I also think that’s the case, Wen Qing, what do you think?”

Several Gers looked at Wen Qing, who had not participated in their conversation next to them.

Wen Qing patted the non-existent dust on his clothes and looked at the sun, “A wedding is a good thing.”

After saying that, he left.

The short and stout Ger looked at Wen Qing’s slender back, with envy under his eyes, “Wen Qing is really good-looking.” 

The freckled Ger pouted, not very happy.

“Anyway, I think the marriage of the Lin and Wu family is very strange!”

“Are you that interested? You haven’t married, yet you talk a lot like a few dozen years old Amo! ”

Suddenly, a reprimand from behind made the freckled Ger turn around.

They only saw a Ger wearing a turquoise robe looking at the freckled Ger who had just spoken with a mocking face. His skin was very white, his eyes were also very beautiful, but there was a red birthmark the size of an index finger under his left eye that made him look strange and a little scary.

“Zhou Ming! You eavesdropped! ”

The Freckled Ger was unwilling to concede.

Zhou Ming snorted with a laugh, “Come on, I can hear your duck-like shout from far away! What eavesdropping! ”


When the freckled Ger wanted to say something, he was pulled away by the short and stout Ger.

“Don’t argue with him! He has a matchmaker as his Amo! ”

Zhou Ming snorted softly at their backs, “A bunch of talkatives!”

The Tang family was also very lively at this time.

As soon as Wu Amo and Hu Amo heard about the Lin family and the Wu family’s affair, they came to the Tang family together.

“This Lin family was about to have a second marriage, right? Look at our family Ah Zhu,” said Wu Amo and sighed. Their Wu family has such a liferoot, but this liferoot refuses to obey his words to marry and have children as soon as possible.

Hu Amo also sighed, “That’s right! We’re both in a similar situation, I don’t care now, I will make him marry! As long as he has grandchildren for me, he can love anyone anywhere he wants to!”

Tang Amo was shocked, “But this will not be fair to his wife and children, right?”

Hu Amo smiled grimly, “What about this? You think I can’t find a good landlord for him who can live without a man? I tell you, I have someone here…. ”

Tang Amo and Wu Amo quickly leaned close to listen, especially Wu Amo, he was afraid that he couldn’t hear it well, even the chair was crooked.

Tang Feng put the dried medicinal herbs into the basket one by one, and looked at the three Amos who were chattering in the yard, and couldn’t help but shake his head, Amo really can’t change this habit of listening to gossip.

“When’s big brother and their wedding?”

Tang Feng only knew that they had decided on getting married, but he didn’t know what day it was set on.

Lin Yu folded the sun-dried quilt cover, after hearing Tang Feng’s question, he replied, “It was set for April 26, the day is very good, I heard that several families in the village will hold weddings on that day.”

“When eldest brother gets married, we have to prepare gifts carefully, what do you think we should give him?” Tang Feng really couldn’t come up with an idea for a while.

Lin Yu put the folded quilt cover on the stool, and folded the clothes that had just been collected, “I’ve already thought about it, let’s make a wardrobe.” 

Relatives in the peasant family, whenever there are happy events (weddings), most of them like to order some furniture to send over, which is popular for immediate use.

“That’s good, when the time comes, I’ll go to Liu Laosan and order one. We can’t be fooled that Liu Erpang was spoiled until he’s not like a person anymore but Liu Laosan’s craft is one of the best in the village.”

After Tang Feng finished the work at hand, he helped Lin Yu carry the clothes back to the room and put them in the closet.

Just as the two were talking, a not very familiar voice appeared in the courtyard.

“Ah Feng! Come out quickly! Zhou Amo’s Ger is sick, please take a look. ”

After a while, Tang Amo’s call came from the courtyard. When Tang Feng heard that someone in the village was sick, he said to Lin Yu, “I’ll take a look.”


Tang Feng opened the cabinet and directly picked up the medicine box, raised his feet and followed the somewhat flustered Zhou Amo to the Zhou family.

Zhou Amo was the matchmaker in the village, he always smiles at everyone when he sees them normally, but his face was full of anxiety at this time. He can’t wait to grow eight legs to hurry back.

“He said continously that he was uncomfortable. How could he okay when he said his heart was uncomfortable? His father went early, and I only have one child, how can this make me not anxious, Doctor Tang, I have to trouble you to move faster.”

Tang Feng, who was walking in front of Zhou Amo, was really helpless, he naturally didn’t want anything to happen to the patient as a doctor, but when a person who was left behind by himself was still trying to make himself faster, this was a little much, but his feet moved faster.

There were a total of four brothers in the Zhou family, Father Zhou was the third oldest, and he went earlier than the other brothers. The Zhou family had long been divided, and Zhou Laosan’s family has relied on Zhou Amo’s mouth to support themselves and their children since then, which was not easy. 

Tang Feng pushed open the somewhat old courtyard door, and pushed open Zhou Ming’s door with Zhou Amo’s instructions behind him.

Zhou Ming laid on the bed and stretched out his head buried in the quilt.

A pair of big eyes and a radiant look, how could this be a person with a sickness? 

Tang Feng heard Zhou Amo’s panting behind him, then blinked his eyes at Zhou Ming, who went to bed. His face was not very good-looking at the moment.

“Where are you uncomfortable?”

Zhou Ming pouted, “Aren’t you a doctor, won’t you know once you feel my pulse? I’m not a doctor, how could I know? ”

Tang Feng put the medicine box aside and looked at him, “There is a disease called making trouble without a reason! There is no cure for this disease, don’t you know?”

Zhou Ming was a little unhappy after hearing this. He was about to have a conversation with Tang Feng, when Zhou Amo ran in anxiously, and immediately Zhou Ming looked weak, “Amo.”

“Ai, my Ah Ming, is it better? Doctor Tang, I have to trouble you to have a look at my Ah Ming.” 

Tang Feng can’t bear to see people who pretend to be sick the most, he spoke very unceremoniously, “He has a problem in his heart, he will be fine when he grows up. This disease does not need to be medicated, it will be fine in a few days, Tang Feng bids you farewell.”

Zhou Ming saw that Tang Feng was about to leave when he picked up the medicine box, and he was anxious, “You come back! I’m sick! I’m really sick! ”

Zhou Amo quickly got up and grabbed Tang Feng, “Doctor Tang, please take a look at my Ah Ming, if there is nothing wrong then I can be relieved.” 

Tang Feng couldn’t shake off the hands of his elders, so he could only sit down.

“Take your hands out.”

Zhou Ming sat up, stopped making trouble, and stretched out his hand.

Tang Feng took the pulse for him.

Then frowned, the pulse was steady, the beating was powerful, and it was very healthy!

Zhou Ming saw that Tang Feng’s face was not right, and immediately said, “I can’t sleep at night, it’s been several days, you see that my eyes are all blue and black! You see! ”

Tang Feng glanced at Zhou Ming’s face with a red birthmark, “I see that you have a heart disease (anxiety), once its over, you will be fine.” 

Saying that, Tang Feng stood up, Zhou Amo went to pour tea for Tang Feng, now there were two of them in the room. Since the other party was not sick, Tang Feng did not want to stay longer.

“I saw Lin Zhuang and Wu De having a private meeting at the big locust tree a few days ago! Wu De and your wife have always been good, if I expose this, no one’s face will look good!”

Zhou Ming saw that Tang Feng had already lifted the medicine box and hurriedly said.

Tang Feng turned around when he heard this, “What does this have to do with my wife, besides, one of them is unmarried and another is unmarried. They have not done anything out of character, now they have also decided on a wedding. Soon they will be a righteous husband and wife, but you are an unmarried Ger, hiding in the shadows to peek at others, this remains to be investigated!”

Zhou Ming’s face turned red and white when Tang Feng said this, it was very ugly, “That’s your wife’s big brother! Aren’t you afraid of ruining the reputation of the Lin family? ”

“They are now fiancés who have already decided on a marriage, don’t you understand? Besides, your Amo is a matchmaker, if I am not mistaken, the Lin family is going to ask Zhou Amo to make a scene on the day of marriage. If you are not afraid of smashing your own sign board, you go out and say that, I bid you farewell.”

After saying that, Tang Feng stepped out of the room with the medicine box, and when he met Zhou Amo who was carrying tea outside, he nodded and left quickly.

“Ah Ming, you tell me what’s going on.”

With an inquiry on his face, Zhou Amo entered Zhou Ming’s room with tea, and he also listened outside and got a rough idea.

It turned out that Zhou Ming liked Lin Zhuang, because when he saw Lin Zhuang for the first time, he didn’t show any abnormality because of the red birthmark on Zhou Ming’s face.

A kind smiling face and a tall and secure body made Zhou Ming, who had not received much fatherly love, sink into his heart.

Last month, he happened to see Lin Zhuang and Wu De talking under the big locust tree. Judging from their expressions, the conversation was not very good. After Wu De left, Zhou Ming looked at Lin Zhuang’s hand behind his back holding the hairpin dripping blood.

Unable to tell good from bad.

At that time, Zhou Ming wanted to rush out and fight with Wu De, but in a blink of an eye, he thought that maybe Lin Zhuang would lose his heart for Wu De, then he would have the power to compete.

But later, when Wu De disappeared, Lin Zhuang in the ancestral hall opened his mouth to question the people of the Wu family. Zhou Ming knew that this matter was not so easy to end, so when someone asked Zhou Amo to let him help see whose family was really good to be a match, he immediately recommended Lin Zhuang. His Ger feelings told him that even if Zhou Amo went to visit to ask the Lin family, he would not easily agree.

Sure enough, Zhou Amo came back and said that the Lin family did not plan to settle Lin Zhuang’s marriage now.

But he never expected that suddenly the Wu family and the Lin family would decide on a marriage. Zhou Ming’s heart was like a heavy stone hanging, which was very uncomfortable.

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