Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 52 Part 2

Chapter 52 Part 2

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So he thought of the Tang family in his heart, and immediately pretended to be sick to lead Tang Feng to come, just to tell him that he had seen his brother-in-law. The Tang family married the Lin family’s Ger as a wife, this was also a shameful thing, if the Tang family loves face, they will definitely have the Lin family Ger go back to persuade, maybe he will withdraw from this marriage.

But he met Tang Feng, who didn’t love face and only cared about his family.

For Tang Feng on the way home, what Zhou Ming did and said was too naïve, it was just a small wave deliberately made by a child who couldn’t get candy to eat. Walking halfway, Tang Feng looked at Liu Laosan’s family not far ahead. After thinking about his brother-in-law’s congratulatory gift, he knocked on the courtyard door of Liu Laosan’s house.

Liu Laosan happened to be doing carpentry at home alone, when he opened the courtyard door, he knew Tang Feng’s intentions when he saw Tang Feng.

After all, he had long heard his wife say that the Lin family and the Wu family decided on a marriage. As long as someone did something, their family would have work to do.

“Is it big or small?”

Tang Feng looked at the surrounding wood, “Large, double-open large wardrobe.”

Liu Laosan nodded with a smile, “Do you want to color it?”

“Oh? If Uncle Liu can, naturally it would be better, after all, there is only one place to color in the town. ”

A rare pride appeared on Liu Laosan’s face, “Don’t worry, if you feel a little dissatisfied with the wooden work done by me, Liu Laosan, you can return it to me!” 

What Tang Feng wanted was this sentence, “I naturally believe in Uncle Liu’s craftsmanship, here, this is the deposit.” ‘

Liu Laosan took the deposit, looked at the medicine box on Tang Feng’s body, and asked, “Are you back after seeing the patient?” 

Tang Feng nodded. Just when he wanted to leave, Liu Laosan suddenly said, “I haven’t been able to eat recently, I thought that I would go to you when I had time, since it is so coincidental, then please help me check what is going on.”

Tang Feng responded, and asked Liu Laosan to sit down and take his pulse for him.

“Do you sleep less at night, feel bloating in your abdomen, and smell sour when you go relieve yourself?”

Liu Laosan immediately nodded when he heard what Tang Feng said so aptly and in detail, “That’s it, I’ve been tossing around for four or five days.”

“I understand, this is caused by food accumulation. Chew more slowly when eating, often wander around for a while after meals and the symptoms will naturally be better. I will prescribe another medicine for you here, you will be fine after eating a pair of it.”

Tang Feng withdrew his hand and said.

Liu Laosan immediately nodded, “Then I’ll go back with you to get the medicine now.” 

When Tang Feng and Liu Laosan arrived at the Tang house, Wu Amo and Hu Amo had not left yet, and the three of them were chatting hotly, while Lin Yu was sitting under the eaves, squinting his eyes and resting there.

“Yo, what are the three of you talking about, so affectionate?”

Tang Feng went to dispense the medicine, Lin Yu handed Liu Laosan a stool for him to sit, after Liu Laosan took it, he came to Tang Amo and the others.

Hu Amo looked at Liu Laosan who was smiling, “You a man won’t understand what we are talking about, aren’t you busy with wood work at home? Yesterday, I heard your wife say that you are so busy that you can’t wait to grow four hands! ”

Liu Laosan put the stool next to them, with a look of ‘I’ll listen too.’

“No matter how busy you are, you have to walk around, isn’t that right?”

Costus root, goldthread, orange peel, Huang Lian…, Tang Feng’s hands kept grabbing the processed medicinal materials. Lin Yu entered the door and handed him a yellow paper, which was used to wrap medicinal herbs.

“How’s Zhou Ger?”

Tang Feng snorted and laughed, “Very fine, he’s not sick at all, he just has a little heart playing around and causing trouble.”

“Then who are you grabbing these for?”

“Oh, this is for Third Uncle Liu, he accumulated food, I’m giving him the medicines to dissipate it.”

Tang Feng wrapped the medicine in yellow paper, “Let’s go, I just saw you resting, why didn’t you go back to the room?”

Lin Yu rubbed his waist with his hand, “I don’t wanna sleep now. Now that the red mole is no longer hot, I can sleep longer at night so I’m no longer sleepy.”

“I’ll massage you at night.”


March has passed quickly, the weather was getting warmer, and today was the day of the list announcement.

Tang Feng, Tang Rui and Wu Fei went to the county together. Not long after they left the village in Tang Rui’s donkey cart, a donkey cart came from behind, it was Wen Cai’s father. It was Father Tang who was sitting on the cart.

“That kid doesn’t want to look, I will go to take a look!” 

Wen Cai was reluctant to look at the list, Wen Cai’s father had no choice but to go on his own. Father Tang was worried that in case Tang Feng was not on the list, he could go and take care of him a bit. When he was young, he saw many people who were slumped and depressed because they fell off the list.


Tang Feng saw that he was getting closer and closer to the county town, and the sweat on Tang Rui and Wu Fei’s faces was increasing.

“You, you’re not nervous?”

Wu Fei couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Tang Rui also wiped his face, he felt that what Wu Fei said was so familiar, oh, right, he asked Tang Feng the same question last time he went to the test.

“We are still so young, what is there to be nervous about?”

That’s right! Tang Rui and Wu Fei looked at each other, they were still so young, even if the result was not good this time, they all had time.

There were naturally many candidates coming on the day of the list. Tang Feng saw several familiar faces in the crowd, all of whom lived next to them when they took the exam.

Li Lin, who had his money stolen from, was waving at them after seeing them.

“Li Lin is also here.”

Tang Rui pulled Wu Fei and walked towards Li Lin. Tang Feng and Father Tang stood together looking at the place where the list would be released later.

Father Tang also thought of coming last minute, the clothes on his body were worn when he went to work in the fields. The legs of his trousers were inevitably a little muddy, and people passing by as long as they were wearing slightly better clothes were subconsciously moving far away from Father Tang.

Father Tang naturally felt their gaze, looked down at his clothes, and was a little embarrassed, “I was in a hurry to go out, so I forgot to change my clothes.” 

Hearing this, Tang Feng was a little sad, “What about it, us farmers rely on the fields to eat, and rely on our hands to work. We do not steal or rob, we’re much better than those who have no conscience.” 

Father Tang smiled after hearing this, “Xiao Yu loves to eat the pastries you bought last time, let’s buy some back after reading the list, and buy some meat along the way.” 

Tang Feng nodded, he thought of this before he went out, and brought enough money over.

It didn’t take long for Tang Rui and the others to come back and give Tang Feng a bag of things, “This is what Li Lin asked me to bring to you, we have all the people who gathered money for him, he said that the family is not able to pay us back now, so he brought some of his own things for us.”

“We don’t want him to be upset, so we can only accept it.” 

Wu Fei said.

Father Tang had heard Tang Feng say this, and said with a smile, “This young man doesn’t want to owe favors, so you can only accept it.”

“Village chief, that’s what I thought!”

Tang Rui felt that he thought the same as the village chief, he was instantly happy.

“Hurry up, hurry up! It’s time to put the list! ”

Tang Rui’s father and Wen Cai’s father hurriedly reminded them. Tang Rui and Wu Fei quickly glanced at each other and immediately rushed up. Tang Feng was not very anxious. There were already a lot of people in front of him when he was about to look.

Father Tang was anxious, “Give me the things, you go take a look!” 

Tang Feng was not in a hurry, “It’s okay, Tang Rui, and the others run fast, they must be in front at this time, they will help me take a look.”

Sure enough, Tang Feng didn’t wait long. Tang Rui and Wu Fei came out one by one.

Tang Rui’s face was full of frustration, but Wu Fei’s face was full of joy, he knew who had got it at this glance.

Tang Rui’s father sighed softly, and hurriedly pulled Tang Rui aside. Wu Fei’s family did not come, he ran to Tang Feng and the others, saw Tang Father looking at him with blank eyes, and quickly said, “Village Chief, Tang Feng is also on there! He also entered the top three. He was in second place! ”


Father Tang felt that his heart was about to jump out, “It’s true! I’ve look at it several times! ”

“Ancestors blessed us! Our old Tang family has finally produced a Lord Xiucai in so many years! ”

Tang Feng couldn’t help but smile when he saw that Father Tang had begun to worship his ancestors again, he was already confident about this test.

“What about my Wen Cai? Wu Fei, did you see my Wen Cai’s name?”

Wen Cai’s father said loudly and urgently.

Wu Fei scratched his head, “I didn’t see it.” 

If he didn’t see it then it’s off the list.

Wen Cai’s father sighed fiercely.

And Wu Fei and Father Tang couldn’t hide the smile on their faces.

“Li Lin is also there! He’s the first place! Just ahead of you. ”

Wu Fei looked at the list, the big stone in his heart also fell, and he was very interested in talking with Tang Feng about the list he had seen.

“That’s good.”

“Later, we have to go to the official mansion and report the village and town where we are located. In the future, we can go to the official point in the town to receive official money!”

Wu Fei was most excited about this, his family was not very rich, now that he passed to be a Xiucai, what is this beside a great thing as great as the heaven!

This Tang Feng could also not deny, he was also looking forward to it.

“By the way, Tang Feng, do you still want to exam up? You’re the second in the county this time! ”

Wu Fei asked.

Exnam up? Father Tang’s heart trembled, that’s the Lord Graduate already! Their Xiao Qingshan Village has not produced a Lord Graduate for more than a hundred years.

“I won’t,” Tang Feng shook his head, “I’m already very satisfied to pass the Xiucai exam, how about you?”

Hearing Tang Feng say this, Father Tang was not disappointed. Tang Feng must know his situation when he said this, so he would not force it.

Wu Fei smiled a little shyly, “I want to give it a try, but it will be after three years, I don’t have that ability now.”

Tang Feng smiled and reached out to pat Wu Fei’s shoulder.

When they went back, the people who came together were separated, because Tang Feng and Wu Fei were going to the official mansion. Tang Rui did not pass, naturally he did not have the mood to stay, plus Tang Feng and Father Tang thought about buying some things to go back, so when they went back, they hired a donkey cart with Wu Fei.

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