Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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Tang Rui and the others went back to the village first. Everyone in the village knew that they went to see the list of exams. Everyone ran to the village to guard when they had nothing to do, if there were more Lord Xiucai in the village then it was naturally excellent for the village. No matter what their family children were, Gers or men would be both easy to get married.

After all, who wouldn’t want to marry someone from a village who has a Lord Xiucai!

And Tang Amo, Lin Amo, and Lin Yu had already arrived at the head of the village. They all looked at Tang Rui who had just entered the village, the three of them plus two donkey carts.

“Tang Feng and Wu Fei have passed to be a Lord Xiucai! Now our village has four Lord Xiucai!”

Wen Cai’s father looked at the expressions of the villagers pricking up their ears. He immediately shouted loudly, thinking that the brat was really not a piece of scholar material, he will just let him do what he wants.

Xiao Qingshan Village plus the current Tang Feng and Wu Fei, now have four Xiucai, the other two, one was Old Xiucai Wang, and the other was Wen Shu.

“He’s passed! Ah! Our Ah Feng passed!”

Tang Amo clenched his hands excitedly, with tears in his eyes, he never thought that he would become a Lord Xiucai’s Amo one day. He always thought that he would have no more regrets when Tang Feng’s body could get better and be able to get married, that’s right!

Tang Amo looked at the same excited Lin Yu excitedly. It was Lin Yu, Lin Yu was really a prosperous wife! Since Tang Feng and Lin Yu became married, their family had been smooth all the way, Tang Feng married a good husband!

“Congratulations, in-laws! You are now a Lord Xiucai’s Amo! ”

Lin Amo was naturally very happy, Tang Feng has become the Lord Xiucai, isn’t his second Ger’s husband a Lord Xiucai! 

“What are you saying! We’re all one family! Isn’t that right, Xiao Yu?”

The more Tang Amo looked at Lin Yu now, the more he felt that he had vision at that time, this is why he could have a good day that he can’t think about before now!

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

“The son of the village chief is stronger than the son of our family!”

“Congratulations to the village chief Fu Lang, aren’t you now a Lord Xiucai’s Amo!”

A loud sound of congratulations made Tang Amo hurriedly reply back.

Lin Amo patted Lin Yu, “It’s still you having good eyes back then. ”

When Tang Amo asked a matchmaker to come to visit to ask for marriage, the Lin family did not agree, it was Lin Yu who insisted on marrying Tang Feng. Lin Amo was glad that he complied with Lin Yu. 

Lin Yu pursed his lips, where did he think about this at that time, he was very satisfied just thinking that he could take care of Tang Feng’s body. He had never thought about the life he was living now, slender fingers lightly placed on his slightly convex belly, this is the child who is connected by his blood with Tang Feng.

There were sincere congratulations, and sour hearted congratulations. Wen Amo was also standing at the head of the village to watch the liveliness, he originally wanted to see if these four people would not succeed so he could smug them off. But he didn’t expect Tang Feng and Wu Fei, both boys passed. Wu Fei is also an unmarried man, his own Wen Shu has a competitive opponent now, but in a blink of an eye, although Wu Fei passed to be a Xiucai, he’s stupid and not half as good as his family’s Wen Shu, so his heart was much smoother.

After skimming Tang Amo and the others who were surrounded by villagers with his eyes, Wen Amo twisted his waist and left with a nobleman appearance.

It’s a pity that the imitation was not the best, so it looked like a waist injury from the back.

It was very rigid.

When Tang Feng came back, the people at the head of the village not only did not decrease, but more, and more Amos came to see Wu Fei. Wu Fei was now a newly made Lord Xiucai! And he’s unmarried!

Wu Fei jumped out of the cart and ran in front of the Wu family. Tang Feng got off first, Father Tang and the hired donkey cart rushed home, a lot of things were bought on the cart, they had to bring it back.

“Amo, you guys….”

Tang Feng looked at a large group of familiar and unfamiliar villagers looking at him with a smile that erased their eyes, inexplicably he was a little frightened.

“Good child, you’re really good!”

Tang Amo wiped a handful of tears, tightly held Tang Feng’s hand and said.

Tang Feng stretched out his other hand and patted Tang Amo soothingly, “This is all the blessing of Third Uncle Guo and Master Wang.” 

Nonsense! Tang Amo secretly glanced at Lin Yu, it was obviously your wife who passed on the blessing to you!

“Let’s go back first, Tang Feng should be tired.”

Lin Amo saw that there were a lot of people around, so he said.

“What is he tired of! Xiao Yu is tired. He has been standing with us for a long time, why are you still staring blankly? Come and help your wife, let’s go home!” 

Tang Amo was now treasuring Lin Yu without a question. 

Tang Feng smiled, greeted the surrounding villagers, and left side by side with Lin Yu.

“Don’t help me.”

Lin Yu gently held Tang Feng’s hand holding him in the palm of his hand, “Congratulations, Xiucai Tang.”

Tang Feng was happy, “It should be congratulations to you, Xiucai Fu Lang.” 

The two looked at each other and smiled, with affection.

In the evening, the courtyard of the Tang family was full of people. Old Xiucai Wang couple, and the Lin family was sitting together and talking.

Tang Amo and Lin Amo and Lin Wen were busy in the kitchen. Lin Yu was really idle, so he was picking vegetables on the side while listening to everyone.

Father Lin’s face turned red with excitement, he looked at Tang Feng, who was helping Lin Yu pick vegetables, “You are now a Lord Xiucai and a doctor, how do you say the people in the village should call you?”

Tang Feng put the selected vegetables in his hand into the basket, “Everyone can call me whatever they want.”

He took the Xiucai exam in order to have a reputation in the future, it was with the intention to protect his family.

“It won’t break the rules, it won’t cost you anything to have a form of address.” 

Old Xiucai Wang is an old Xiucai, so he naturally cares about such things.

“I think what Tang Feng said is good, you can call him whatever you like, and the name of this Lord Xiucai will not be lost because others don’t call it every day.” Wang Laomo disagreed with Old Xiucai Wang’s words, and said with a smile, “Don’t pay attention to your master, the older generation is always not more thoughtful than your current young people.”

Old Xiucai Wang did not argue much, but smoked a puff of dry tobacco specially bought for him by Tang Feng. He enjoyed it very much!

Tang Feng smiled softly, Lin Yu brought the picked vegetables into the kitchen.

Knock knock! Knock knock!

“Who’s coming?”

Father Tang stood up and went to open the courtyard door.

“Ah Feng! It’s your grandfather and third uncle! ”

Tang Feng was washing his hands, turned his head to look over, and behind Father Tang, who could it be if not Guo Gong and Third Uncle Guo!

Both of them had light sweat on their foreheads, it seemed that they had got out of the cart at the head of the village and walked over quickly.

“Father, go find a change of clothes for my grandfather to take care of the sweat.”

Tang Feng saw that the vest behind Guo Gong was soaked with sweat. He quickly said to Father Tang.

“Good, good, father-in-law come with me quickly.”

Father Tang was also worried about Guo Gong’s health, after all, his old man was already old.

“Wait a minute,” Guo Gong gently pushed Father Tang away and looked at Tang Feng to confirm, “Child, did you pass?”

Tang Feng didn’t expect Guo Gong to ask like this, after looking sideways at the eyes of Third Uncle Guo, he quickly nodded, “Yes, I passed.” 

Guo Gong immediately smiled, “Go, change clothes!”

Father Tang hurriedly followed.

After Tang Feng introduced Old Xiucai Wang to Third Uncle Guo, Third Uncle Guo said the reason they came.

“One of my students also went to see the list of exams, I specially instructed him to see if there was your name. He said your name was there so me and father rushed over. Good boy! You’ve worked hard!” 

For Tang Feng passing the Xiucai exam at his first try, Third Uncle Guo was naturally very satisfied.

Knock knock, knock knock.

Someone else came.

Lin Zhuang, who was closest to the courtyard door, went to open the door.

“Are you Lord Xiucai Tang?”

Lin Zhuang was taken aback by this title, “No, no, brother-in-law, someone’s looking for you.”

Tang Feng came to the gate of the courtyard, there was a young man standing outside the door, holding a bag of things in his hand, “This is the congratulatory gifts that Shopkeeper Huang specifically sent me to give you to celebrate Lord Xiucai’s happy event today. Please accept it. ”

Note: form of address is different from a subordinate to normal clients.

Tang Feng took the item, “Go back and thank the shopkeeper in my stead.” 


When Tang Feng turned around with the stuff and closed the courtyard door, the people sitting in the courtyard followed Third Uncle Guo to sit in the hall.

The dinner was very lively, that is, Tang Feng was also forced to drink a little wine. When he slept, Tang Feng took a bath for half a day, only then did it wash away the smell of wine on his body. He was afraid of suffocating Lin Yu with the smell.

Xiao Qingshan Village had two more newly made young Xiucai, the surrounding villages were more or less becoming a bit cautious. Tang Feng heard Tang Amo come back every day saying this family brought their Gers relatives over and that family also brought over their Gers relatives over. 

Tang Feng didn’t care much, still picking up his herbs as usual.

The door of the Lin family’s courtyard was tightly closed. Lin Amo in the courtyard was warning Lin Yu with a serious face.

“Your husband is no longer the same as before, he’s a Lord Xiucai now. You have to be more mindful.”

Lin Yu said, “Husband is not that kind of person. “

Lin Amo frowned, “Who said I’m talking about Tang Feng, I’m talking about those people with bad intentions!” 


Lin Yu couldn’t think of anyone who was going to fight with him.

“If I knew who it was, I would have beaten it away already!” Lin Amo looked at Lin Yu and sighed, “Don’t you know, the people who brought their Gers relatives to our village to visit these days, which one didn’t go by the Wu family specifically? That’s because that Lord Xiucai of the Wu family hasn’t gotten married yet!”

Lin Yu nodded.

“But my husband is already married to me.”

Since they were married, there will be no Gers staring at their home, or passing by their house on purpose, at least Lin Yu has not seen it.

Lin Amo: ……., can you be a little mindful! Can you be a little mindful! How did he give birth to such a wooden-headed Ger!

Lin Amo’s concern was right.

Not long after, Lin Yu returned home from Lin’s house and someone came to the door. Coincidentally, the courtyard door was opened. The matchmaker wearing bright colored robe swaggered in. 

Tang Feng happened to be standing in the courtyard, he suddenly felt bad when he saw this “brightly colored” creature.

The “brightly colored” lump looked at Tang Feng, and his eyes almost shone open.

“Ai, presumably this is the Tang family Xiucai! I congratulate you! ”

After speaking, he did not forget to make a signature “hide your smile” action.

Seeing this, Tang Feng’s eyes felt painful, his stomach was also uncomfortable.

“Who are you? What are you here for?”

Since he was already a Lord Xiucai, Tang Feng didn’t want to be more polite to someone he didn’t like.

Lin Yu heard the movement in the courtyard, walked from the hall to the eaves, and quietly looked at the matchmaker.

“I, ah, I am the best matchmaker in these ten miles and eight villages, my surname is Hua, just call me Hua.”

Tang Feng didn’t want to say more to him at all, “Since you’re a matchmaker, then you’re in the wrong place, our family doesn’t need any wedding, you go and work elsewhere.”

Hua Mo didn’t expect this Xiucai Tang to speak so ruthlessly, “What is Lord Xiucai saying? If your family doesn’t need a marriage then what am I here for? I’m a matchmaker for you! ”

Lin Yu’s eyes under the eaves flickered slightly for a moment.

“I have a wife, I don’t need your concern! Get out!”

Tang Feng was impatient.

Hua Mo glanced at Lin Yu, who had a slightly convex pregnant belly, “Lord Xiucai, don’t be impatient. The family who invited me this time knew that your wife is pregnant and is therefore inconvenient to serve you. The Ger of that family is very responsible, willing to be a small wife, not to compete with the first wife, he just wants to serve you. ”

Tang Feng was angry, he directly pushed the matchmaker out, “I have always served my wife, I don’t need others to serve me, you go to the east of the village, there is an uncle surnamed Wang, who has not married a wife yet this year, he is forty-eight! You tell the family who found you that the wedding won’t be small, make it big!”

Hua Mo was pushed and almost stumbled, after hearing Tang Feng’s words, he stomped his foot fiercely and went in the direction of the Wu family. He originally thought that the Tang family would be easier to get, but unexpectedly he got an ash of a nose! He has to go to the Wu family and take a look!

As soon as Tang Feng turned around, he almost came nose to nose with Lin Yu.

“Are you scared?”

Lin Yu saw Tang Feng with some lingering fear.

Tang Feng looked at his stomach, “Besides, if I hadn’t noticed a little faster, I would have bump into you.” 

Lin Yu raised his hand and reached directly to Tang Feng’s lower abdomen and held him.

Tang Feng trembled.

It immediately stood up.

“Fu Lang?”

Lin Yu’s hand rubbed together, “Recuperating my body for several days, don’t waste it tonight.”

Tang Feng’s head was like it had been electrified. This is the hint of his payment for his hard work tonight!

Tang Feng had just gone to bed at night and before he could touch his wife’s hair, he was called away by Tang Rui’s father.

“Since returning the county, Ah Rui has been listless, he hasn’t eaten since last night, this morning I wanted him to drink a little porridge, but he said that he couldn’t eat, so I went to the town and cut a pound of meat back, thinking that maybe he would be able to get his appetite back after eating tonight! I couldn’t sit still, so I want to ask you to take a look. ”

Tang Feng listened to Tang Rui’s father’s description and knew what sickness Tang Rui had.

Depressed in the heart, he couldn’t get over the hurdle.

“Amo! I’m fine! Don’t bother me, okay?!”

As soon as he entered Tang Rui’s house, Tang Feng heard a shout from the room on the right.

Father Tang Rui sighed, “I don’t know what’s wrong with his temper, it’s getting bigger and bigger these days.”

That’s because of the humid heat setting in, the loose tendons led to the appearance of waist, knee, and leg weakness and irritability.

Tang Feng entered Tang Rui’s room.

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