Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 54

Chapter 54

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In the room, a middle-aged Amo was standing in front of the bed with a worried face. Tang Rui, who had lost a lot of weight in just a few days, was sitting on the wooden bed.

Hearing the footsteps stepping into the door, Tang Rui raised his head, his eyes full of surprise after seeing that the person who came was actually Tang Feng.

Tang Rui’s Amo was happy, “Doctor Tang, no, it’s Lord Xiucai Tang, please take a look at our family Ah Rui.”

Tang Feng became awkward once he heard this, “Just call me Tang Feng.”

“What are you saying, you’ve passed the exam….”

“Cough cough, Fu Lang, let’s go and pour some boiling water for Doctor Tang for him to drink to warm up.”

Father Tang Rui quickly interrupted his Fu Lang’s words on the side and dragged the person out.

Tang Feng looked at Tang Rui, who had thin cheeks, “Stretch out your hand, I’ll take a look for you.”

Tang Rui turned his wrist, pulled up his sleeves, and stretched out his hand.

Tang Feng put his hand on his pulse. It only took a short moment for Tang Feng to withdraw his hand.

“Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you also have nightmares even when you’re asleep?”

Tang Rui nodded, stunned.


Tang Feng continued to ask, “Do you always not want to eat and feel that you are not hungry in your stomach? But once you use force, you feel some ringing noises in your ears? ”

Tang Rui nodded straight, looking at Tang Feng, who put down the medicine box with the medicine list written on it, “You are so amazing!” 

Not to mention the ability to heal, he can also study better than himself.

As soon as he thought of his defeat, Tang Rui’s face suddenly fell.

When he came back from taking the exam, he bragged to many people.

Tang Feng blew the written medicine list to dry it, and after the ink on it dried, he stood up.

“How old are you? Chances are, if you waste your time like this, you will miss the next test. ”

After speaking, he carried the medicine box out of the room, handed the medicine list in his hand to Father Tang Rui who was guarding outside, and said in a low voice.

“If he feels hungry and wants to eat after I leave, you don’t have to grab medicine from me. If he still can’t eat, you can come to me again.”

Father Tang Rui didn’t expect that Tang Feng, who had passed the Xiucai exam, would be so polite to himself, and quickly responded.

Tang Feng looked at the starry sky, he could see the way home without torches.

Tang Feng walked for less than a quarter of an hour.

Tang Rui’s head poked out the door, “Father, do you have something to eat?” 

Tang Feng returned to the Tang family by starlight, before the medicine box was put down, the courtyard door was knocked again.

Could it be that that kid is really wasting time on insignificant problems so much that he can’t eat?

Tang Feng, who felt that he could not “miscalculate”, opened the door of the courtyard.

“Yo! Doctor Tang, I will have to trouble you! My youngest son is unwell, please go and see! ”

The person who came was a lean middle-aged man, his face was covered with fine sweat, at one glance one would know he ran up all the way here.

Tang Feng knew him as Wu Fei’s father.

What’s going on? Those who didn’t pass the list were sick, and those who passed the list were also sick?

Tang Feng, who followed Wu Fei’s father on the road again, did not understand.

Wu Fei’s house was a quarter of an hour away from the Tang family,

The speed under the feet of the two was not slow, they reached Wu’s house quickly.

The Wu family’s house was still a wooden house, one side of the courtyard door was broken. The Wu family’s family situation was indeed not very good.

Wu Fei had three older brothers, he was the youngest, he had been very timid since he was a child, it is said that he grabbed a piece of paper when he was put to pick a variety of things (writing brushes, abacus, etc) before his first birthday when he was an infant. The old men of the Wu family immediately made a decision, when Wu Fei grows up and understands a little, he will send him to study in the school opened in the village next door.

Note: this is very normal back in the day, esp in martial arts genre when the kids would choose sword, spear, etc to define what they will like when they grow up.

There is no school in Xiao Qingshan Village.

First, there was only one old Xiucai at that time, and second, they didn’t find a good place to build the school.

To build a school here, one cannot just use a random place, you have to go to a feng shui master to take a look then make a decision. Father Tang found a few feng shui masters, all said that there was no treasure land in this village that is suitable, so the school has not been mentioned again.

Wu Fei’s three older brothers were all men. They have all gotten married and have children. It was indeed enough for this big family to squeeze together.

Wu Fei lives in the same room with his eldest brother’s two sons.

Tang Feng walked into the door, in addition to the room full of people, he saw Wu Fei holding his stomach on the bed and crying out for pain.

The hair that spilled on his face was wet with cold sweat.

“He hasn’t done anything in the past few days, when he suddenly said that his stomach hurts, please take a look at his illness.”

Wu Fei’s father sighed.

“Doctor Tang, nothing can happen to our Ah Fei! He has just passed to be a Lord Xiucai! ”

A middle-aged Amo rushed over and pulled Tang Feng’s clothes vigorously, a young man behind him quickly grabbed him, “Amo! ”

Tang Feng did not delay, he came to Wu Fei, who was painfully curled into a shrimp, reached out and pressed his appendix, but there was no response. An expression appeared on Tang Feng’s face.

This look, sure enough.

“This is because he ate too much, and haven’t been to the toilet for a few days. Just go back with me and get some diarrhea medicinal herbs.”

A room full of people in the Wu family: ………

Wu Fei, who heard his own cause: …… How embarrassing…

It turned out that Wu Fei passed to be a Xiucai, and the Wu family felt that it was a good celebration, so they went to buy some meat and other things that they didn’t eat often. It was even better than New Year’s day.

And as the “hero” of the Wu family, Wu Fei naturally ate a lot, but he had always had constipation, he had eaten a lot in the past few days, and has not been to the toilet. Naturally his stomach was not good, so it hurts. 

This one by one, either can’t eat, or eat too much, they’re really great!

After taking the medicine that can cause diarrhea to Wu Fei’s eldest brother and explaining how to use it, Tang Feng washed his feet and face again with the warm water in the pot before gently opening the door and going to bed lightly.

It wasn’t known how long Lin Yu was asleep.

Tang Feng was disappointed, he originally thought that he could warm up today.

Tang Feng, who had been tossed twice the night before, woke up the next day with no one next to him as usual.

Twisting his neck, Tang Feng got dressed and went out of the room.

“You came back late yesterday?”

Father Tang asked at the dining table.

Tang Feng nodded, “It was past 9-11pm.”

Lin Yu and Tang Amo both looked up at him when they heard this.

“How did it take so long? Tang Rui, that kid was very sick?” Tang Amo asked. 

Tang Feng buried his head and took a bite of the cake, “It’s not serious, but then I went to Wu Fei’s house again.” 

“Xiucai Wu is also sick?”

Father Tang felt that this matter was novel.

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