Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 55

Chapter 55

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The person didn’t pass was sick and the person who passed was also sick.

After eating, Tang Amo went to Wu’s house with a basket on his back. Wu Amo’s chickens helped Tang Amo hatch the chicks, which can be caught today.

It’s time to weed the fields.

Tang Feng and Father Tang carried hoes one after another to the fields, and met many villagers on the way.

“Why does Xiucai Tang also have to go to the fields?”

A short-shirted man saw Tang Feng and asked in surprise.

This was, the Old Xiucai Wang couples were by themselves so they went to the field from time to time, but Wen Shu had never been able to work in the field, whether it was before passing to be a Xiucai or after having passed. 

But the newly made Xiucai Tang actually pulled up his trouser legs and carried a hoe, and dressed as if he was going to the field.

“The field is the root that feeds us, how can we not go work on it! Uncle Zheng let’s go together, since the land of our two families is connected. ”

Tang Feng smiled softly, at one glance there was not the high noble virtuousness of the scholar at all. 

Uncle Zheng is naturally happy to be able to work in the field with Lord Xiucai, that is also a happy event, maybe this joy can be stained on his own little grandson when he goes back. When he grows up, he might be able to become a Lord Xiucai to show his successive ancestors. 

“When will your little grandson reach his one month old birthday?”

Father Tang asked with a smile.

Uncle Zheng’s face bloomed when he heard this, “It will be the twenty-sixth day of this month, an excellent day. ”


Tang Feng thought about it, that day happened to be the day Lin Zhuang and Wu De got married.

Father Tang also thought, “That day is good. I remember that several happy events in the village will be held on that day.”

“Just because there were many people celebrating that day, it was decided to hold it on that day, so as to share in the joyous atmosphere with everyone!”

Uncle Zheng thinks differently from many people, most people are reluctant to do it on days with many happy events, for fear of robbing the child’s blessing, but Uncle Zheng feels that this is the joy of the child rubbing on others.

It’s really interesting, Tang Feng secretly said.

Not to mention, although the April weather is not particularly warm, sweat still come out after two strokes of the hoe.

Tang Feng just hoed half an acre of grass and his body was already hot. Looking at the dim sunlight on his head, Tang Feng fixed the hoe, walked to the ridge, and took off his coat.

Father Tang had already taken off his clothes, he had been rolling in the fields for half of his life, naturally knowing more than Tang Feng.

“Ah Feng, I think what your Uncle Zheng said makes sense, you have passed to be a Xiucai, don’t follow us to the fields, you look at Wen Shu and Wu Fei, that’s more like a Lord Xiucai!”

Tang Feng moved his shoulders a few times, much more comfortable, “I’ve been at home for so many years, it feels stuffy! I like to go out and move around, by the way, Father, do we want to build an academy in our village? ”


After hearing Tang Feng’s words, Father Tang sighed, “I thought about it a lot, but I can’t find a good land!” 

“This is simple, just build on our Tang family, Master Wang, Wu Fei, and Wen Shu’s midpoint, won’t this do?” 

“Midpoint? What kind of treasure land is that? ”

Father Tang stopped the hoe waving in his hand and looked at Tang Feng and asked.

“It’s not a treasure land, but it can also be used as a treasure land.”

Tang Feng has estimated the location of the four families, there is just a small slope in the intersection of the four families. There are not many farmers around the small slope, leaning on the edge of the village, as long as the small slope is leveled, the school can be built.

“You said that the intersection of four Xiucai, the luck would be very concentrated. Let’s take a look, if it’s fine we will do it.”

Father Tang was very excited, if the villagers could identify with that place, then their Xiao Qingshan Village would have their own school. Then the children would not have to run to the next village to study.

Moreover, there is the fees, going to school in other villages,  they have to hand over the fees a little more than others, this is the most infuriating!

After the work in the field was finished in the afternoon, Tang Feng and Tang Father came to the small slope with hoes on their shoulders.

“This has to be leveled by everyone?”

Father Tang patted the soil under his hand and said.

“Yes, after more than ten days, the work in the fields will be loosened. Everyone will be able to do a good job with their efforts.”

Father Tang nodded, this is the truth, but, “Should we build a wooden house? ”

Tang Feng said with a smile, “Of course, we will go up the mountain to cut the wood ourselves. This class will only take one or two hours, because how can the children of the peasant family have time to stay in the school for a day.” 

“This is also true, then tonight I will go to a few clan patriaches to talk about this, if this is done, our Xiao Qingshan Village will be able to straighten up when we go out!”

As the head of a village, Father Tang’s biggest wish is of course that the village is getting better and better.

After returning home, after dinner, Father Tang went to find some clan patriaches.

Tang Feng used the bamboo that been cut from section to section and nailed it into the chicken pen, just to leave a place for the little chicks. 

After nailing, Tang Feng reached out and grabbed one of the seven or eight chirping little yellow chicks and put them in.

“Your Wu Amo is sincere, he gave us the strong growing chickens.”

Tang Amo threw the chopped delicate leaves into the small nest of the chicks, watching them scramble for food, his eyes revealed love.

“Eat more, by the end of this year you will be able to replenish my grandson’s Amo’s body.”

Tang Feng broke into sweat when he heard this, how could he tell such small chicks about their future fate.

Knock knock.

“Is Doctor Tang at home?”


Tang Feng was washing his hands, after hearing a knock on the door, he dried his hands and opened the courtyard door.

Outside the door, Zhang Lei’s father, Uncle Zhang.

“Uncle Zhang come in and sit.”

Uncle Zhang nodded and entered the courtyard door.

“Is everyone else resting?”

Uncle Zhang followed Tang Feng into the hall door, and asked when he didn’t see the others.

“That’s not it, they’re busy with their own work, Uncle Zhang, what are you here for?”

Tang Feng saw that Uncle Zhang’s walking posture was a little awkward, and he did not sit on the stool. His face was also embarrassed.

“I’m here to check my illness.”

Uncle Zhang gritted his teeth and whispered.

Speaking so quietly and with such a strange posture, Tang Feng thought about it and asked.

“Is there pain and discomfort when you number two* that makes you unable to sit properly and it is also difficult to walk? “

Note: poop

Uncle Zhang was shocked, he felt embarrassed to speak! Tang Feng already mentioned his symptoms, so he nodded hurriedly.

“Come, Uncle Zhang, I’ll take a look at your pulse.”

Uncle Zhang hurriedly stretched out his hand.

“Is it bloody when you take number two? Have a feeling that it fell? ”


“Uncle Zhang, It should be happening for half a year already.”

Uncle Zhang hurriedly nodded, his face red, “Although my father-in-law is a doctor, this is really embarrassing to say, so I was dragging it.”

Tang Feng nodded and withdrew his hand, “Uncle Zhang, I do have a home remedy that can cure your disease, but the medicinal materials in my hand are not enough, so you have to go to the town to grab the medicine yourself.” 

As soon as Uncle Zhang heard that there was a way to cure it, he immediately nodded, “Okay, good, you just have to prescribe it.”

When the time comes, he can let Zhang Lei, that kid to go grab the medicine.

Yellow dandelion, yellow cypress, red peony, root bark of the peony tree, peach kernel, earth wolfiporia extensa, root of dahurian angelica, “Saute with water for external use, once a day, boiling and filtering to remove the residue, pour the liquid into an ordinary basin, put the affected area into it to soak it.”

Uncle Zhang listened extremely seriously and nodded.

However, looking at the appearance of Uncle Zhang walking, Tang Feng took out a piece of paper and continued to write, sulfur, red orpiment 10 coins each, camphor 3 coins, saute the medicine into fine powder, rubbing the affected area can reduce pain.

“Uncle Zhang, do you still have sulfur in your house?”

Uncle Zhang nodded, “There are still some.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the red orpiment and camphor, you go back and do as I say, you can relieve your pain, and go grab the medicine tomorrow.” 

“Okay, good, how much is it?”

“I just prescribed a prescription, you can just give me prescription money.”

Tang Feng said.

After sending away Uncle Zhang, who had a strange posture, Tang Feng was just about to return to the room when he was asked by Tang Amo.

“What’s wrong with Zhang Lei’s father? Why does he bleed when he takes number two? ”

Tang Feng supported his forehead.

“Amo, you eavesdropped our conversation?

Tang Amo smiled.

“The door of the hall is not closed, what eavesdrops or not, what is his illness?”

“What’s the matter?”

Just when Tang Amo still wanted to ask a few questions, Father Tang returned with a happy face.

Tang Amo immediately stopped asking, Tang Feng was relieved, Uncle Zhang’s original intention to come here was also to not let others know about his disease.

“What did the Uncle Patraiches say?”

Since Father Tang had returned, Tang Feng did not go back to the room in such a hurry, but went to the hall together.

Tang Amo saw that they would not end the conversation anytime soon, he did not have any interest, and after cleaning up, he went back to his room to rest.

“Several clan uncles patraiches think that this intersection point makes sense, so they allowed me gather everyone to talk about it in a few days when the work in the field is looser.”

Father Tang was very excited when he thought that the academy was expected to be built, the academy! That symbolizes that the children in the village will not be illiterate like their older generation in the future!

“Father, in fact, if the villagers feel that this intersection is not enough to satisfy them, then you say that you will invite Teacher Wang, Wu Fei to be the masters, I can also be a pseudonym. After all, I am a doctor, and I am not interested in teaching,” Tang Feng thought again, “It would be good if we can invite Wen Shu from the Wen family.”

After all, Wen Shu was the first person in the village to pass to be a Xiucai at a young age. Letting him be a master would be very convincing for the villagers.

Who wouldn’t want their children to be taught by such a teacher?

“Isn’t Old Xiucai Wang too old?”

Father Tang was a little uncertain.

“Knowledge is accumulated, Master Wang is at this age already, then the poetry book in his stomach naturally is incomparable to us, juniors.”

Tang Feng’s words completely dispelled the scruples in Father Tang’s heart. After he patted his thighs and laughed a few times, he also went back to his room to rest.

Tang Feng closed the door of the courtyard and looked at his and Lin Yu’s room. The lights inside were turned off, it seemed that he couldn’t do anything tonight.

When he returned home and went to bed as lightly as usual, a fiery hand ran down his body to the bottom.


With a dull low and extremely sexy voice, Tang Feng felt as if he had drunk half a kilogram of white wine.

He’s drunk now.

The author has something to say: ” Making of Sentences part 1″

Master Wen Shu stood above with a warm smile on his face, looking at the students sitting below, answer a question.

“Please make a sentence with a red apricot stick, in a quarter of an hour I will ask someone to stand up and talk about it.”

For a moment there was a boil below, it was not until a quarter of an hour later that it quieted down.

“Classmate Wen Qing, you explain.”

Wen Qing, who looked indifferent, stood up, “A red apricot branch is springy!”

Wen Shu nodded, worthy of being the study committee member in the class, “Very good, please sit down.”

After he looked around, “Classmate Wu De, you speak.”

Wu De’s Body shook when he heard this,  he looked nervously at Lin Zhuang beside him, and stood up in the encouraging eyes of the other party.

“A sprig of red apricots, out of the wall!”

“Yes, please sit.”

Wu De patted his chest and immediately sat down. The hand under the desk immediately held Lin Zhuang tightly, lying in the groove! It scares me to death!

Wen Shu looked around the classroom again, and immediately saw Tang Feng in the corner who was protected by Lin Yu’s tall body.

This kid not only does he not study, he actually dares to sleep in his class! Outrageous!

Wen Shu suppressed the anger in his chest, “Class! Mate! Tang! Feng! You explain! ”

Tang Feng: “zzzzzzz………… zzzzzz………”

The livid-faced master Wen Shu :………

In addition to Lin Yu, who still protects him, other students: 2333333

Okay, the lord author will give out a theme for discussion.

Please make a sentence with “a sprig of red apricot …”

(The small theater is set up in a classroom this time, except for Wen Shu, everyone is a student)

Love you guys! Heart finger!

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