Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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On April 26th, there were five families in the village holding happy events, plus a one month old birthday for Uncle Zheng’s grandson.

Tang Amo ran to each house early in the morning to catch up with giving the happy money. After running, he came back to eat a little and then ran to Lin’s house to help out.

The Lin family only has two grown men, Father Lin and Lin Zhuang. Lin Zhuang was the new groom, so Tang Feng, as a brother-in-law, naturally came in handy, helping the Lin family to decorate, plus welcoming guests.

It was the first time that the villagers who came to greet him saw the Lord Xiucai busy running up and down.

“Lord Xiucai Tang, you as a brother-in-law is simply a role model!”

Wu Zhu teased Tang Feng, who had a thin sweat on his face.

Tang Feng looked at the villagers who seemed to be looking strange, and sighed helplessly, “I’m also a human, with just an extra hat of being a Xiucai.”

Wen Amo sat among the guests, constantly grabbing the snacks on the table in his hand, while talking and laughing with the busy Tang Feng and the people next to him.

“Is this like a Lord Xiucai at all? Tut, he’s really not mature.”

He still knew the proportions, and the last few words were spoken only to be heard by himself.

The people around him only heard what he said in the first sentence, but they did not hear the rest clearly.

“I think it’s rare for a Xiucai brother-in-law to be able to help out this much.” 

Upon hearing this, Zhou Ming sitting at the nearby table, without skipping a beat, thought, “What’s so ‘good’ about it? Your mouth is even more poisonous than a parrot’s.

That moment, it happened to be facing Lin Zhuang, who was about to meet his wife, and his eyes immediately turned red. He was sad.

Lin Yu’s pregancy began to grow in the month, so Lin Amo didn’t let him help. Therefore, he cleaned up his home well before coming to the Lin family after a while.

Tang Feng was drinking water to quench his thirst, when he heard his wife’s voice. He quickly put the bowl down, turned to Lin Yu and said.

“Mother-in-law was looking for you, I asked him what’s the matter but he didn’t say. You go take a look, be careful of the road.” 

Lin Yu nodded and went to the kitchen.

The last time he was the groom, Tang Feng was not in good health and felt tired, but now that others are getting married, his body is also fine, but he was still tired.

However, when the dust of the day was all settled, the newcomer entered the new house, Tang Feng looked at the smile of his father-in-law and his wife, and felt that it was very worthwhile.

After returning home, the Tang family was very sleepy. After a simple wash, everyone went to sleep.

A few days later, Father Tang mentioned the matter of the school masters at the dining table.

“I went to find a few of them, except for the Xiucai of the Wen family, who had some excuses, the others already agreed.”

As soon as Tang Amo heard of Xiucai of the Wen family’s resignation, his face was a sure expression.

“You don’t know, yesterday,” Tang Amo’s head raised in the direction of the Wen family, “That person said in front of everyone that Wen Shu is about to go to Rongcheng to take the graduate exam!” 


Father Tang gasped when he heard this, “No wonder the Wen family made excuses! It turned out to be an exam, which is also a good thing, saving face for our village!”

Tang Feng and Lin Yu appeared uninterested. Tang Feng was not interested, and Lin Yu felt that as long as it had nothing to do with Tang Feng, he didn’t have much feelings.

“It’s a pity to that Wen family Ger.”

Tang Amo looked pitying.

“What does it have anything to do with the Wen family Ger?”

Father Tang asked puzzled.

“It is said that it is necessary to wait for Xiucai Wen to come back from the city and get the results of the examination before considering the marriage of the Wen family Ger.” The more Tang Amo said, the more he felt that Wen Amo was too ruthless. Wen Qing was no longer young anymore. 

“Alright, alright, it’s not something we have to worry about, you better spend more time on Xiao Yu.”

Father Tang was most troubled by Tang Amo’s preferences, he couldn’t listen to what he said.

“By the way, Ah Feng, Old Xiucai Wang told me to tell you to visit him tomorrow when you’re free.” 

Tang Feng responded.

Tang Feng is a Chinese medicine practitioner.

But the place where he is now has no serious illness, only the minor illnesses ones. But Tang Feng felt that he can accept it, it’s a good thing without serious illness. However, when he was pulled by the villagers to see the donkey, he was not calm.


“Doctor Tang! Please look at my Niuniu! Our family relies on her to live! If she’s met with a sudden death then I won’t be able to live!”

Tang Feng: “….. I’ll try my best. ”

He’s not a veterinarian after all!

“Thank you Doctor Tang! Thank you Doctor Tang! Wife! Did you hear that? Our Niuniu is saved! ”

“I heard Husband, Doctor Tang, thank you.”

Tang Feng: “….. You’re welcome. ”

To the greatest extent, this sentence wasn’t able to be spoken out in the end. 

But if he can’t heal it well then it’s like smashing his own signboard!

Tang Feng held a face that wanted to sigh, squatted in the donkey pen, and looked at it.

Standing restlessly, Tang Feng picked up a dry branch and touched its belly, the donkey called “Niuniu” immediately got up and laid down. Tang Feng carefully moved its head, leaned over and sniffed, it was dry and smelly, then he leaned down to listen, the bowel sound weakened, and then carefully glanced at the donkey’s body, the abdominal circumference increased. He then touched it, and touched it, and felt that there was a hard intestine, that is, feces.

Tang Feng breathed a sigh of relief and left the donkey pen.

The husband and wife who were watching Tang Feng’s movements quickly surrounded him, “Doctor Tang, what happened to my Niuniu?” 

Tang Feng was silent for a while, and organized what he should say, “It should have eaten coarse and indigestible forage, but without drinking enough water after eating too much. So it’s the intestinal blockage caused by insufficient salt.”

The husband and wife listened dizzily. They did not understand very well.

Tang Feng sighed, “I’ll prescribe some medicine, boil it for it to eat.”

This time they understood, and the two nodded.

Monkshood 9 coins, Manchurian wild ginger 6 coins, Rhuharb 15 coins, substitute ochre 30 coins, radish seed 30 coins….. Tang Feng wrote down this medicinal herb used for warming and spleening stomach, making it warm the accumated paralysis tisane down and handed it to the two. 

“Try it, if it doesn’t work, come to me again, but it’s better to find a doctor who knows animal medicine.”

“It will definitely work!”

Tang Feng looked at the husband and wife in front of him with a look of “We believe in you”, and suddenly wanted to support his forehead, “Who will go back with me to get the medicine?”


After telling the man the medicine and the method of frying, Tang Feng kept thinking about the donkey, afraid that something would suddenly happen.

The Tang family didn’t know about this, they just watched Tang Feng wandering around the yard and felt dazzled.

Until noon the next day, Tang Feng had not yet got the situation of the donkey, he finally couldn’t help but want to go and see it, when the man finally came.

“How’s it?”

Tang Feng simply cared more about the donkey than the man.

The man smiled.

“It’s a lot better, I’m just here to grab another pack of medicine.”

Tang Feng breathed a sigh of relief, grabbed another package of medicine for the man. He did not wander around at home in the afternoon, but went to Old Xiucai Wang’s home.

Old Xiucai Wang was still smoking the dry cigarettes that Tang Feng bought for him, and his face had a rare seen seriousness. 

“The Wen family wants to go to take the graduate exam this year, what do you think?”

Tang Feng did not expect Old Xiucai Wang to mention the matter of the graduate examination of Wen Shu.

“It’s a good thing, our village hasn’t raised a graduate for many years.”

Old Xiucai Wang nodded, “It’s been one or two hundred years.”

After a pause, Old Xiucai Wang suddenly said, “A graduate is above Xiucai, you have to go to the capital city to take the exam. It is seven days and seven nights of the exam, unlike when Xiucai takes the exam, you can also live there after the exam. You have to eat and drink in that place continuously. Think about it, after writing for these seven days and seven nights, what do you think?” 

Tang Feng thought for a while.

“First, the psychological ability to withstand resistance should be strong, the second is clear thinking, and the third is physical condition.”

Old Xiucai Wang showed a hint of a smile. He looked at Tang Feng and said, “You know, I don’t worry about you for these three.” 

Tang Feng looked at Old Xiucai Wang, “Master, what do you mean?” 

Old Xiucai Wang shook the cigarette ash in his hand, “Xiucai is just an identity, while Graduate has the possibility and qualifications to be an official. Of course, few of us peasant students are willing to step into the officialdom, but Graduates can be absolutely exempted from taxes, conscription, and even qualified to go to the county and the academy in the capital to be a master!”

When he finished speaking, Old Xiucai Wang was a little excited.

Tang Feng was stunned.

“Master, you mean to have me take the graduate exam?”

Old Xiucai Wang nodded.

“I didn’t think about this, after all, I know of my ability, I’m afriad there is no way to continue to take the exam.”

Tang Feng was reluctant to test because it’s troublesome.

Old Xiucai Wang did not continue, “It’s not for you to go this year, let’s take a look again in three years, let the Wen family kid try it this time.”

Tang Feng didn’t say more, and Old Xiucai Wang also diverted the topic and said something else.

After two days, Wen Shu got up and rushed to the capital Rongcheng. The villagers went to send him at the village entrance as long as they had nothing to do.

In the blink of an eye, it was May, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, Lin Yu’s body was getting heavier and heavier. Tang Feng’s life began to freeze.

Writing the chapters, going up the mountain to collect medicines, going home to collect medicinal materials, treating people in the village, people slowly calling him Doctor Tang was also increasing. While those who called him Lord Xiucai Tang were getting fewer and fewer.

But the respect in their eyes was not less at all.

In May and June, the men in the village have changed into short sweatshirts, and the Gers and Amos are also wearing brightly colored clothes.

There was a vibrant scene everywhere.

From time to time, there were children playing in the water at the river, while the adults couldn’t stop screaming, not long after calling the

 back, they ran away again.

As a matter of fact, something happened.

Tang Feng looked at the child who was carried by the villagers, reached out and squeezed the child’s chest cavity hard, pressing out the stagnant water inside.

“Cough cough! Cough cough! Wawa! Amo!”

A child is a child, when he woke up, he saw his own Amo, and then cried. The child’s Amo also followed the tears, and suddenly there was a bust of crying sound in the Tang family.

The author has something to say: “Making of Sentences part 2”

Lin Yu looked at the person he was protecting, and hurriedly pushed Tang Feng gently.

“Tang Feng, wake up quickly, Master asked about you!”

Tang Feng opened his eyes in confusion, “What are you talking about?”

“He made you make sentences out of a red apricot sprig!”

He finally woke up.

“A sprig of red apricots?”

“Yes, it’s a sprig of red apricot, Tang Feng, please get up and talk about it.” Wen Shu restrained his imminent anger and said.

Tang Feng stood up obliquely, and yawned,

A sprig of red apricots?

“A red apricot comes out of the wall!” Tang Feng wanted to sit down.

“Classmate Wu De has already said this sentence!”

Okay, Tang Feng stood up straight again, “Master don’t worry, I’m not done yet, one red apricot comes out of the wall, two red apricot sticks come out of the wall, a lot of red apricot comes out of the wall, your red apricot tree should be pruned.”

Master:…………… Get out!!!

Tang Feng (innocent face): “If you don’t cut this, the master’s hat will really be green.”

“Get out !!!!!!!!!!”

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