Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 57

Chapter 57

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“He was in shock, go back and get some rest, if he has trouble sleeping at night or have nightmares, come back to me.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Doctor Tang!”

The child’s Amo said thank you, while the child in his arms kept pulling his sleeve tightly.

He was frightened.

 Every medicine has its side effect, let alone Chinese medicine, Tang Feng has always been in line with the principle of not taking medicine as long as you can.

“Everyone go back and advise you own children. The heat inevitably would let them want to go to water, but if they mess with water too much one will lose their life. Don’t be careless.”

Tang Feng inevitably reminded the villagers in the courtyard. The lives of people are at stake, no one will feel good if something happens.

Father Tang came back from the town after hearing the matter of children in the water. He remembered several village chiefs were gathered to talk about the matter in the town today, and sighed.

“Pine Mountain Village, Niujia Village, with one dead child each. They all took advantage of the adults not pay attention to run to the water. Now the river water is also increasing, this is why something happened!”

Tang Amo and Lin Yu heard what happened to the two children, and they immediately became distressed.

 “Why didn’t the adults pay attention! Two children, what a pity.”

Father Tang glared after hearing Tang Amo’s words, “Who does not care about their own children! The work in the field is getting more and more, how could they look over the half grown children in the frenzy.”

He sighed after saying that, “This will also happen in the future, we’ve just gotten into May this year but something like this happened. There were two of them! The mayor summoned several of us village chiefs and gave us a hard time, we have to find a way to solve it.”

Tang Feng’s long fingers knocked on the table.

“I have a solution.”

The ancestral hall of Xiao Qingshan Village was filled with villagers.

Village chief Tang Zheng stood up and said painfully, “Pine Mountain Village and Niujia Village have two children drowned one after another! This is a very sad thing, in order to prevent tragedies in our Xiao Qingshan Village, I have set down a few rules here, folks should listen carefully.”

Matters related to life, the villagers were not in a trance, they listened carefully and quietly.

“One, the big river in the south of the village will be blocked with a medium peg on the riverbank, leaving only a few more moderate flows of water for everyone to wash clothes.”

The villagers at the bottom after listening, discussed, and someone raised a question.

“Village chief, the river is not small, but also so long, how much wood will it cost?”

“Yes, village chief, what to do if the mouths being left open will be used by the children when we aren’t looking?”

“Yes, yes, what about this?”

Father Tang nodded, stretched out his hand and waved, so that the group quieted down.

“We only seal our village facing the river, I went to see, it’s not much, more than a hundred roots will be enough, as for the second point that the guys said, the child will not take advantage of the big guys not paying attention into the mouth that was left, this is the second point I want to say.”

“Secondly, I selected a few children, all of whom live in the southern part. There’s Da Niu from the Wang family, Xiao He from the Lin family, Dog Dan from the Wu family, and Shi Tou from the Zhang family. These children are all around ten years old, in their early teens. At the moment, they are all scratching their heads, not working much, but they can eat as much as anyone else.”

Father Tang’s words made everyone laugh, this is also right.

The villagers who were called out in order were also full of embarrassment, their children needed to grow, right? 

“These children, as per what I have understood, are the children kings of the village, very domineering! However, this is also why I chose them! I want them to keep watch not far from the river from morning to night instead of the guard. Of course, in a place where they can cool off in the shade. Then specifically they will keep an eye out for me, to see whoever child secretly goes into the water, they will immediately have to catch that child for me, and then,” Father Tang pointed to the platform where he was now standing, “Come to the place where I am standing, and let everyone get familiar with his little face.” 

The villagers laughed again.

“Of course, I can’t let these children work for nothing. I have discussed with several clan uncles, one child will receive ten copper coins a month. If they catch the person, then the family of the caught child will have to pay a fine of five copper coins, as a reward for the children who catches them, does everyone have any opinions?”

The villagers bowed their heads and discussed for a long time before they all nodded in agreement.

Father Tang was very pleased to see that everyone could accept what he said, “There is one more thing, it’s also a great matter, a great matter regarding to the future of our Xiao Qingshan Village.”

The villagers cheered up and looked at the stage.

“Our Xiao Qingshan Village will build a school that belongs to our own village!”

When Tang Feng finished picking up the medicine and went down the mountain, he happened to meet a group of villagers who came out after the meeting.

Each and every of their faces was all red and glowing, looking very excited.

“Doctor Tang went to collect medicine so early?”

Some villagers greeted Tang Feng, and Tang Feng said with a smile, “It’s good to pull it in the morning, the sun at noon could lead to sunburn.”

“Doctor Tang, will you teach my family’s Xiaoniu in the future?”

An Amo asked happily to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng heard the intent from the question, “This is not necessarily, if there are more children, they will be seated separately, then we won’t know which children we will look after.”

Even so, that Amo was very happy.

It seems that the construction of the school made everyone very happy, Tang Feng said in his mind.

They just need to do what needs to be done without delay. The stakes were nailed in the afternoon on the banks of the big river, south of the village, and several children also had their “regular job.” 

Each and everyone of them were all seriously awe-inspiring.

Father Tang, on the other hand, went to the chosen place with everyone to start planning the direction of construction.

The fiery energy filled the hearts of the villagers, as long as there is nothing to do, they would voluntarily carry the hoe to the school construction site, working agilly. In order to make the children at home learn to read as soon as possible, the progress of the work got faster and faster.

In just a few days, the small hillside was leveled. Father Tang invited the feng shui master to symbolically go through as a mere formality. After setting off firecrackers, everyone began to cut wood and go to work.

Culture note: it’s generally good omen to do some sort of ceremony before doing some great thing like here. Not sure about elsewhere. (probably similar to how businesses would start their operation after an opening ceremony with cutting bow tie and all).

Everyone was happy with this school construction. But for Wen Shu’s family, tsk tsk, Wen Amo’s whole expression was disdainful. His family’s Wen Shu would take the graduate exam and become the Lord Graduate. Someday in the future he would take his family to live a good life in the capital, so who would pay attention to this kind of trivial thing here? 

Wen Qing stood aside, watching Wen Amo bragging about Wen Shu with others again, with no expression on his face.

Lin Yu was now with a five-month-old belly, but it looked like a seven months old belly. Tang Feng originally thought it was a twin, but after checking, it was just a single fetus.

Lin Yu sat in the courtyard and touched his big belly, with a slight worry on his face.

When Tang Feng returned from the medicine field, he saw Lin Yu’s appearance, and hurriedly asked, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Lin Yu shook his head.

Tang Feng was relieved to see that he was not uncomfortable. He put down the back basket, brought some water out, and rinsed his muddy hands.

“That’s how it is?”

How it is?

Lin Yu smiled even more bitterly when he heard this. This child grew up too fast, if it was a Ger, he was afraid that the child would be the same as himself, tall and big, not delicate at all.

Thinking that he was always alone when he was a child, Lin Yu was worried about what his children could do in the future.

“What about it?”

Tang Feng washed his hands, moved a stool to sit next to Lin Yu, and asked softly.

“Do you think this child grew up too fast?”

Lin Yu revealed part of the worries in his heart.

Tang Feng reached out and touched his wife’s big belly, “It’s a little big, but don’t worry, I will definitely protect you both when you give birth.”

Lin Yu couldn’t help but laugh when he saw that Tang Feng got it wrong. Tang Feng didn’t know why, seeing Lin Yu smiling so happily, he also laughed.

The little bird standing on the courtyard wall to rest its feet gouged its little claws, tilted its head and looked at the two people in the yard, what are these two humans laughing at? How did the man’s belly swell like this?

Tang Feng still saw Lin Yu’s sorrow in his eyes. Tang Amo’s nature was carefree so naturally he wasn’t a good partner to have a heart to heart chat. So the next day Tang Feng went to find Lin Amo, and Lin Amo came directly to Tang family.

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

Lin Amo pointed to Lin Yu’s big belly

Lin Yu was puzzled after he saw Lin Amo’s surprised look, “Shouldn’t this be worried?”

Lin Amo shook his head.

“Why don’t you think this is a little man?”

Lin Yu was stunned.

Lin Amo continued, “When I was pregnant with your eldest brother, I was at the same stage as you are now, but my belly was even bigger. I’m worried that if the child is this big, their appetite will definitely be big too. Where am I going to find so many nutritious foods for them?”

Newborn children should eat milk fruits for a year. Milk fruit is a tree that has been bearing fruit all year round, and the nutritional value of milk fruit is equivalent to modern breast milk, of course, milk fruit is also graded.

Milk fruit has red, yellow, blue and purple. A total of four colors, red milk fruit cost five copper coins, yellow milk fruit cost ten copper coins, blue milk fruit cost fifteen copper coins, purple milk fruit cost twenty copper coins, several differences in addition to the color of its nutritional value are also different.

For example, red milk fruit is like a handful of rice boiled porridge, yellow fruit is thicker porridge, blue milk fruit is a bowl of dry rice, purple fruit is not only dry rice but also meat!

Most of the peasant families buy red milk fruits, some families with difficulties directly feed porridge. So, the children are naturally skinny. They have to go to the capital to buy purple milk fruits! That’s what the children of rich people eat.

“You might as well worry about buying milk fruits.”

Lin Yu was stunned, “But what if it’s a Ger?”

Lin Amo swayed his hand.

“It’s okay, don’t you see that you are also living an excellent life now. You’re a Lord Xiucai’s Fu Lang, so your child won’t be anywhere worse than this!”

That’s reasonable.

Lin Yu was pacified, when Tang Feng came back, he saw Tang Amo, Lin Amo and Lin Yu discussing together what milk fruit to buy.

“Ah Feng was not in good health when he was a child, the two of us gritted our teeth to buy him yellow milk fruit, but I think it’s still almost the same, so this time I want to buy blue milk fruit to try.”

Their life got better, and Tang Amo was also in heroic spirit.

“Then you have to go to the county and buy it.”

Lin Amo said with a smile.

Tang Amo already said this kind of thing even before the child was born, looks like he wasn’t the kind of person to love the man and dislike the Ger. 

“Sure, anyway, we’re not very far from the county.”

Tang Feng interjected, in fact, he wanted to buy purple milk fruit, but only the capital city sell it. This round trip even taking the carriage will still take up half a month! That’s too much! So he dispelled the thought.

“Okay! We will buy blue milk fruit! ”

Tang Amo striked the decisive hammer. 

Before the joy in the yard dissipated, Tang Amo and Tang Feng hurriedly hired a donkey cart in the village to go to the Guo’s house.

Wu Amo brought the letter back, Guo Laomo was sick, and the doctors in the town said that there was no way, so they let Third Uncle Guo take him home and arrange the aftermath.

Along the way, Tang Amo’s eyes were always red, Tang Feng could only hold his hand hard.

The driver also knew that this was a matter of human life, and he whipped the donkey with full strength. When they arrived, Tang Feng looked at the donkey embarrassedly, and stuffed a few more copper coins when he paid for the cart.

He brought the medicine box with him.

“Brother, let’s go see Amo.”

Third Uncle Guo said with red eyes.

Tang Amo wiped his eyes and walked towards the room with some trembling.

After Tang Feng and Third Uncle Guo greeted, he took the medicine box and stepped into Guo Mo’s door before Tang Amo.

Guo Mi and Guo Gong uprightly sat on the edge of the bed with red eyes and looked at the dying Guo Mo.

“Cousin, what are you?”

Guo Mi saw that as soon as Tang Feng came in, he directly took Guo Mo’s hand and began to take his pulse, and hurriedly asked.

“I’m a doctor.”

Tang Feng didn’t say much, and began to check Guo Mo’s eyes, heartbeat and pulse.

“It’s useless, the doctors in the town all said…”

Guo Gong wiped a handful of tears, and Tang Amo, who came in, almost fell to his knees when he heard this.

“It’s not useless.”

“Cou-cousin?” Guo Mi rubbed his ears vigorously.

Guo Gong and Tang Amo  also rigidly looked at Tang Feng.

“Guo Mi, immediately go to town right now and grab medicine for me!”

After Tang Feng opened the medicine box, he wrote the prescription and handed it to Guo Mi, he turned his head and asked Third Uncle Guo who heard the movement.

“Third Uncle Amo, I want fine needles, needles for embroidery, give me as much as you have not used. Third uncle I want wine, please bring the strongest wine in the family.”

The Guo family was all stunned and motionless, and Tang Amo directly shouted after reacting.

“What are you looking distracted for!? Get going!”


Guo Mi took the medicine prescription and borrowed a donkey cart from the village to go to the town to grab the medicine, and Third Uncle Guo and his wife also bought the items they found.

Tang Feng opened the wooden window, lifted Guo Mo’s quilt, wet the cotton cloth with wine, and gently wiped it on Guo Mo’s temples, heart sockets and feet.

“Amo, come and lift Grandma’s clothes. I will apply the needle.”

Tang Amo quickly did so.

Tang Feng frowned while he took out the fine needle placed in the wine, wiped it clean with a cotton cloth, and took the needle and began to apply the needle on Guo Mo.

After the first needle, Guo Mo’s body shook violently, it almost made Guo Gong yell stop. 

But seeing Tang Feng’s calm appearance, then looking at his comatose wife, Guo Gong gritted his teeth and did not speak.

Seeing the needle being pierced with their eyes, everyone else felt unbearable pain in their heart when they looked at it, but Guo Mo on the bed did not move after shaking twice for the first time.

After the needle was put like this for a quarter of an hour, Tang Feng pulled it out one by one and instructed.

“These needles can no longer be used, they must be burned.”

Third Uncle Amo nodded repeatedly.

“Cousin! The medicine is here! ”

Guo Mi ran back sweating.

Tang Feng opened the medicine and checked it.

Morus alba, Trichosanthes kirilowii, Scutellaria baicalensis, Platycodon grandiflorus, apricot kernel, Citrus reticulata Blanco, Pinellia ternata…. the medicine is right.

“Add two scoops of water and fry, don’t use the first bowl, bring the second one.”

Guo Mi nodded repeatedly, turned around and ran to the stove room, Third Uncle Guo Amo quickly followed.

Tang Feng rolled up his sleeves, “Third Uncle, help me hold grandma’s shoulder.” 

Third Uncle Guo hurriedly stepped forward.

Tang Feng put his hand on Guo Mo’s chest cavity and pushed it up hard, with great force, Guo Mo opened his eyes at once.



“Fu Lang ah!”

Third Uncle Guo and the others shouted urgently, nevertheless Tang Feng’s hands movement did not stop. He kept pushing, back and forth.

Guo Mo gasped, the beads of sweat from the pain came out, but Tang Feng still kept going.

Guo Mo couldn’t stand the pain and began to struggle vigorously!

Fortunately, Third Uncle Guo remembered Tang Feng’s instructions and pressed Guo Mo hard. Guo Mo didn’t understand why everyone was treating him like this, and shouted anxiously.

“Fu Lang, you endure a little, it’ll be fine in a bit.”

Guo Gong wiped the sweat from his forehead for Guo Mo and soothed.

Tang Amo couldn’t bear to wipe a handful of tears. He didn’t even turn his head, that’s his Amo. 

“The medicine is ready!”

Third Uncle Guo Amo brought the medicine in, his eyes were full of surprise when he saw the scene in the house. Guo Mi also followed in.

Tang Feng was also uncomfortable, every time he pushed and kneaded, he was full of sweat, not to mention, even his two arms were also sore.

Guo Mo’s shouts became more and more powerful, while Tang Feng’s speed of pushing and kneading became faster and faster.


Guo Mo kicked both his feet! The upper body directly broke free from the restraints of Third Uncle Guo, and he vomited on the side of the bed.

Tang Feng stopped moving and stood up tiredly, “Give something for Grandma to rinse his mouth with. Then give him the medicine, he won’t feel his hands now.”

Third Uncle Guo Amo hurriedly went out to fetch water, and Third Uncle Guo and others helped Guo Mo, who had vomited a lot and gained a lot of spirit back, to sit well.

Guo Mi took something to clean up the filth, but found that what Guo Mo vomited was all black things!

“Cousin, this is?”

Guo Mo held back the hot pain in his chest, glanced at the thing he had vomited, “Oh my God! What is this?! ”

The others were also surprised.

Tang Feng’s qi was almost stable now.

“Grandma ate something that should not be eaten, that thing is called Sang Tian. The fruits produced are bright red, it’s sweet when put in the mouth. But not knowing it could make people enter a state of suspended animation, not to mention that it could cause people to suffocate. Fortunately, Grandma didn’t eat much of it.” 

This is also Tang Feng’s luck, otherwise he would not have been able to save Guo Mo.

“Why did you eat something like that!”

Guo Gong was angry and in pain.

Guo Mo shrunk his neck, “I was really thirsty when I came back from the gathering yesterday, then I saw small fruits on the side of the road, they smelled sweet, so I ate them.”

“Where is it? That’s a harmful thing! ”

Tang Feng hurriedly asked.

“It’s not far from the entrance of the village, where the big stone slope is.”

Third Uncle Guo hurriedly said, “I’ll go talk to the village chief, lest something happen again, by the way, Ah Feng, how’s your grandma?”

Tang Feng said with a smile.

“Except that his chest cavity was pushed a little bit by me that it may hurt for a few days, he will be fine after drinking the medicine for a few days.”

“Thank heavens!”

Tang Amo began to worship God again.

After cleaning up the house, Guo Mi packed up for Tang Feng, “This is cousin’s credit! Cousin, your medical skills are so good! ”

“Yes, it’s unthinkable, it’s good!”

Guo Gong praised loudly.

“How could that be? Let’s get out first, grandma needs to rest after taking medicine.”

“Good, good, good.”

Guo Mo is fine, whether it is Tang Amo or the Guo family, everyone was smiling.

Just when it was already dark, Father Tang arrived.

“Xiao Yu went back to Lao Lin’s house, I was really not at ease, so I rushed over.”

Father Tang’s words warmed the heart of the Guo family, and also made Tang Amo’s heart melt.

Father Tang also attached great importance to the matter of Sang Tian, and specially went to find some fruits and seedlings to come back, preparing to take them back to the village to tell everyone.

“It’s weird.”

After Third Uncle Guo returned from the village chief’s house, he wrinkled his brows and said.

“How was it?”

Third Uncle Guo pointed to the Sang Tian that was placed under the eaves, “We have never had that thing here, and it never appeared before. ”

Tang Feng was stunned, he just saw from Guo Mo’s symptoms what he had eaten, but he didn’t know that there was no Sang Tian in this place.


Father Tang was surprised.

“Our travel time for the past half a month is Linguo!”

Tang Feng smelled the crisis from it.

Linguo is a small country, not to mention, it is still a small country attached to the Holy Jade Dynasty, this thing is only available in Linguo, so it’s worth pondering.

“Tomorrow, I will go with your village chief to find the town mayor.”

Father Tang took a puff of the dry cigarette that Tang Amo “rewarded” him and said.

In the evening, Tang Feng squeezed with Guo Mi for another night. The next day, Tang Feng and Tang Amo stopped by the town to buy some things, waited for Father Tang to finish his business, and hired a cart to return home.

Lin Yu returned home early and waited for them.

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine.”

Tang Amo smiled when he saw Lin Yu’s worried eyes.

Tang Feng nodded on the side, and Lin Yu was relieved.

After Father Tang returned to the village and told the Patriach Uncles about Sang Tian, he gathered the villagers in the evening.

“Everyone already looked very clearly. Don’t look good at this thing, it smells sweet, but it is a life-threatening thing, everyone take a good look, if you see it anywhere, you must destroy it, and inform me!”

“Village chief, I have seen this thing, I brought it back when my children went to dig wild vegetables that day. I didn’t eat this thing, and I was afraid of accidents, so I threw it on my back, and the children also cried for a while!”

A man said loudly.

Now that he thought about it, there’s still some lingering fear. If the children or any family member had eaten it, then they would be done for! 

“Good! When you go back, ask your children, if you see it, remember to go and destroy it!”


“Got it! Village Chief! ”

When Father Tang returned home to eat, the atmosphere was solemn.


The people on the table heard the sound and looked at Tang Feng, his chopsticks fell to the ground.


Lin Yu hurriedly held Tang Feng’s hand, only to find that his hand was shaking.

“What’s going on?!”

Father Tang and Tang Amo hurriedly put down the bowl and asked.

Tang Feng soothed, “It’s okay, it’s just that I used too much force yesterday, and now I’m still a little sore. I can’t hold the chopsticks for a while.”

Lin Yu quickly rubbed it gently for him when he heard this. Tang Feng felt the tingling coming from his arm and said softly.

“It’s okay, it’ll be fine after a while.”

Lin Yu raised his head, his eyes were full of worry that had not yet faded, Tang Feng was startled, he used the other hand to pat Lin Yu.

After Tang Feng fell asleep at night, Lin Yu carefully sat up, gently took Tang Feng’s hand, and slowly rubbed it for him…

When Tang Feng woke up the next day, he felt that his hand was much relieved. When he looked back, his other hand was still held by Lin Yu, how could he not understand.

He lowered his head and pecked Lin Yu’s handsome face, after covering Lin Yu tightly, Tang Feng walked out of the room lightly.

The villagers found that the Sang Tian were only around the entrance of the village. Father Tang took the villagers to tear off all the Sang Tian they found, then took these Sang Tian with them to town.

It wasn’t until late at night that Tang Feng heard the sound of the courtyard door opening and quickly got up.

“Haven’t slept yet?”

Father Tang’s face was tired and heavy.

“What’s wrong?”

Father Tang sighed.

It turned out that there were more than a few villages, several towns all had Sang Tian, but fortunately there were no fatalities.

“The government has already paid attention to it. I am afraid that there will be war.”

What the common people are afraid of is war and natural disasters, they are not far from Linguo. Father Tang frowned just thinking about it.

Seeing him like this, Tang Feng hurriedly comforted.

“Since Linguo is a small dependent country, I don’t think they have the courage to dare to mess around in our Holy Jade Country so brazenly, there must be the instigation of other countries, besides, since this has been discovered by us and reported to the government, the people above will care and you can relax yourself.”

Father Tang was comforted by Tang Feng, his brows really relaxed a lot, “Go to sleep quickly, are your hands better yet?” 

Tang Feng nodded, turned around and went to the kitchen to make a few white flour cakes for Father Tang to eat, then burned some hot water for Father Tang to wash his face and feet. Although Father Tang did not say anything, his heart was still very gratified, whose son still did these jobs after becoming a Lord Xiucai. The Ma Xiucai in the next village is more than fifty years old, since he became a Xiucai, it’s rumored that he still serves his own father and Amo!

Tang Feng’s words were indeed not wrong, after the people above reflected, it didn’t take long for more people from the official government to be stationed in the town, and occasionally people from the village would come around to check if there were any undiscovered Sang Tian.

Father Tang’s heart was at ease, but Tang Feng was thinking about whether he would go to the graduate examination in three years?

As things stand, he’s afraid war is only a matter of time.

The author has something to say: “Little Theater Love Letters!”

Hu Qiang has always been secretly in love with his fellow desk-mate, Wen Qing, but he was embarrassed to say it directly, so he went to discuss with Wu Zhu and after the two secretly discussed for a long time! They prepared to send a love letter.

Because Hu Qiang didn’t want Wen Qing to know that it was him, he thought of testing the water first, so he asked the class’s unglamorous, but can write good handwriting, student Tang Feng to help write a love letter.

“Do you know! My husband’s place is only for you to sit! Do you know! The place in my heart only you can have! Do you know! My Heart is longing for you!”

When the master above was busy reviewing their homework, Hu Qiang gave Wu Zhu a look.

Wu Zhu hurriedly handed the love letter to the person in front. Their strategy was to pass it around the classroom and pretend to be a love letter written by someone else, and Hu Qiang handed it to Wen Qing.

Just when there was still a position away from Hu Qiang! Wen Shu who was above suddenly stood up!

Frightened, Wu De threw the love letter that should have been thrown in Hu Qiang’s position on Tang Feng’s table.

Tang Feng narrowed his eyes, picked up the love letter, suddenly his brain twitched, and handed it to Lin Yu beside him.


“You, look.”

Lin Yu raised his head suspiciously and took his hand.

The two spoke extremely quietly, so when Hu Qiang thought that Lin Yu was going to pass the love letter to him, he hurriedly stretched out a hand, but.

Never ever expected.

Lin Yu opened the love letter.

Hu Qiang who stretched out his hand: ……..

Students who knew the love letter and passed on the love letters: ………..

After reading the love letter, Lin Yu’s ears were red, he looked up at Tang Feng, who was also red- faced and hot hearted. 

“Are you willing?”

“I am willing.”

Three words were spoken by the two at the same time.

Tang Feng blinked his eyes and smiled at Lin Yu.

I’m sorry brother, it’s hard to control yourself for a while, I will help you next time! This time I will go first!

Hu Qiang: Crying…

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