Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 58

Chapter 58

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Lin Amo came to the Tang family with Wu De early in the morning.

His face was full of unstoppable joy. 

“Your eldest brother’s wife is pregnant! But his body was already weak, so I was not at ease, and so I brought him to have you take a look. ”

Tang Feng nodded and smiled, “Congratulations.”

Wu De and Lin Zhuang’s life after marriage was also harmonious and beautiful, Lin Amo was very satisfied with this. Originally, he thought that Wu De’s body was weak, maybe it will take sometime before the news comes out, unexpectedly, in less than two months after marrying into the Lin family, the happy event came.

The Tang family was also very happy when they heard this, Lin Yu thought that he had made a lot of small clothes, and he was afraid that he would not be able to use them all, so he went back to the room to pack up some and prepared to give them to Wu De.

“I’ll take your pulse.”

Tang Feng said to Wu De.

Wu De hurriedly rolled up his sleeves, Tang Feng then took his pulse.

After a moment, he withdrew his hand and said under Lin Amo’s eyes.

“His body is a little weak, but it doesn’t matter, the foundation of eldest brother’s wife is there. I will prescribe a medicine for him here, so he can go back to stew and drink them. They’re very effective, but you must remember not to drink too much, this thing is also a special tonic if you drink too much its not good. Besides, this day is also hot, so he should drink it once in seven days.”

Lin Amo and Wu De hurriedly nodded.

Tang Feng wrapped the medicine and handed it to Lin Amo.

After Lin Amo took the medicine, he took out a package of red money and medicine money from his bosom. 

Red money means that Wu De has a happy event, and medicine money comes separately.

Tang Feng knew the rules here, and did not shirk, he accepted it after saying thanks.

Moreover, when Tang Amo came out of the house, he also took out a bag of red money from his bosoms and stuffed it into Wu De’s hand, “I wish you prosperous with great fortune, and safe and sound child.”

Note: just some wishing words.

Lin Amo smiled that he couldn’t close his mouth, “It turned out that we came this early to enjoy the happy money.”

The Tang family laughed when they heard this, and Lin Yu took the wrapped small clothes to Wu De, “I know your needlework skill, this is the most close fitting clothes, my Amo also can’t make it well. You can bring this back and use it later!” 

Wu De nodded gratefully.

“Thank you!”

Lin Yu said with a smile, “You my eldest brother-in-law now, what is there to say thank you for.”

Wu De is pregnant, and according to the rules, he has to report it to the Wu family.

So when Lin Amo and Wu De came to the Tang family, Lin Zhuang took the firecrackers to the gate of the Wu family courtyard and put them up.

Wu Zhong, who didn’t know why, opened the door of the courtyard, saw Lin Zhuang’s joy and smile, then looked at the firecrackers at the door of his courtyard, how could he not understand.

The current Wu family is very polite to the Lin family and the Tang family!

“Big brother-in-law, quickly come in, I’ll go and inform father and Amo about the happy occasion!”

Lin Zhuang rubbed his hands and nodded with a smile, he is now very happy in his heart. He also has children now, just thinking about it made him beyond happy.

Wu Lao’er and Wu Step Amo got the news, both of them also breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. They were still afraid that Wu De worked too much at home, his body was not well raised, there was no way to give birth to offspring for the Lin family early. The Lin family only had Lin Zhuang as the man of the family, if Wu De could not give birth to offspring as soon as possible, in case this Lin family gave Wu De a break, then what in-laws would they claim to be?

Now they depended and stuck themselves to Tang Feng, who has the reputation of the Lord Xiucai, in order to have a good speech for Wu Zhong’s marriage. 

Since he wanted to make a good appearance, the Wu family also gave happy money, although there were only a few copper coins.

Wu De has stayed in the Wu family for so many years, when he saw the happy money that Lin Zhuang got back, he knew that the Wu family had no good intention.

Sure enough.

Lin Zhuang brought back what Wu Step Amo said.

“He said that they already asked for a marriage for Wu Zhong from Songshan Village. The other party’s family background is more or less relatively better, therefore they don’t fancy father-in-law’s family situation. So they somewhat declined.”

Secret, ah! To put it bluntly, the other party is unwilling to marry his brother.

Wu De frowned and asked, “What does he want to do?” 

Lin Zhuang touched his head, “They wanted to let my second brother-in-law be a wedding witness.” 

The meaning of the wedding witness is that when the two intend to marry the family, one party is afraid that the other party is not like what the matchmaker said, and would ask the other party to find a more famous person to be a witness. If the children of the two families got married, after the in-laws are formed, it is found that the other party’s family situation is not the same thing, then the wedding witness will also be implicated at this time, so in general, few people are willing to be wedding witnesses.

As soon as Lin Zhuang’s words came out, Lin Amo, his face which was was originally with joy, turned not good, which made it clear that they wanted to use Tang Feng’s reputation as a Xiucai to deceive the trust of the Ger’s family!

What is the situation of the Wu family? Everyone knew it.

Isn’t this to pit Tang Feng?!

Wu De’s face was also not good-looking, he originally had no feelings for the Wu family, and he couldn’t imagine that the other party was still kicking his nose and eyes!

“Leave them alone, whatever they say, just don’t listen.”

Wu De’s position was very clear, and Lin Amo, who had not interjected on the side, finally let go of his heart.

“Amo, you better go to the Tang family and say something, lest they don’t know, and be found at their door by people who don’t need faces.”

Wu De said to Lin Amo.

Lin Amo thought about it, then he went to the Tang family again.

Tang Feng was not at home, he went to the mountains to collect medicinal herbs, and only Tang Amo and Lin Yu were at home.

Lin Amo said this, and after muttering a few words with Tang Amo, he returned to the Lin family satisfied.

When Tang Feng returned, Tang Amo said this and instructed Tang Feng, “You can’t just be a wedding witness by just saying you will be. Since this will be tied up for a lifetime, if those two families quarrel and fight, as witnesses, you will have to persuade, if the husband and wife got divorce, then the reputation of this witness will be completely ruined, you have to remember this!”

Tang Feng nodded helplessly, “Don’t worry, I know the measure.”

The Wu family has not received a reply from the Lin family, therefore they don’t have peace of mind. That Ger family was the family that Wu Step Amo found for Wu Zhong from a long time ago. That Ger’s father is the Sir Accountant in the town’s restaurant, the family foundation is much richer than the average farmer, if this marriage is successful then that meant the Ger family will give a lot of dowry!

Moreover, what Wu Step Amo fancy was the craft of Sir. Accountant Fang, if Wu Zhong can learn a little, then their Wu family will be worry free.

“What are you still stunned for? Go to Lin’s house and ask! ”

Wu Step Amo couldn’t bear to see Wu Lao’er delaying, and urged in a loud voice.

Wu Lao’er took a puff of dry cigarette, carried his hands behind his back, like a very little old man, and slowly went to the Lin family.

The Lin family naturally said that they could not do this.

Wu Step Amo glared at Wu Lao’er, “Why are you back already?”

Wu Lao’er was puzzled, “Where can I go if I don’t come back?” 

“Go to the Tang family!”

Stupid like a pig!

“Why don’t you go!” Wu Lao’er is unwilling, not to mention that the Tang family is the village chief’s family, now Tang Feng is also a Lord Xiucai, how can he have the guts to go!

Wu Step Amo gritted his teeth, “Fine, fine, fine I’ll go, I’ll go! What use do you say you have! ”

Wu Lao’er pretended not to hear it, and turned his head.

Wu Step Amo was even angrier.

Seeing that it was almost dark, Wu Step Amo did not dare to delay, after hurriedly cleaning up, he went to the Tang family.

Tang Feng was collecting all the herbs in the courtyard into the room. Now that the sun was getting bigger and bigger, the herbs were also drying faster.

“Isn’t it Wu Amo, is there something wrong?” Are you not feeling well?”

Wu Step Amo shook his head and looked at the courtyard of the Tang family with envy.

“No, I want to ask Tang Xiucai for something!”

Tang Feng pretended not to know, “What is the matter?”

Seeing that there was nothing bad about Tang Feng’s face, Wu Step Amo was overjoyed in his heart, and quickly told him about the marriage in Songshan Village.

“Speaking of which, our two families are also related to each other, my Ger is married to your brother-in-law, can you take a look at this?”

Tang Feng pretended to think about it as if he was contemplative and said, “I’m afraid I can’t help you, if we Xiucai want to go to the higher exam, we can’t have these trivial things around, it’s really embarrassing.”

“High-higher exam?!”

Wu Step Amo opened his mouth wide, “You also want to take the lord graduate exam like the Wen family’s Xiucai!”

“It’s because I have this plan, so I can’t do this wedding witness.”

Wu Step Amo quickly closed his mouth, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” 

What can he say? If this Tang Feng is really admitted to the Lord Graduate, it will also be a good thing for their family. Now he can’t make Tang Feng unhappy because of this matter, it’s not cost-effective!

Seeing that Wu Step Amo was tactfully leaving, Tang Feng was somewhat surprised, in his opinion, Wu Step Amo was not such a simple person.

He didn’t know that Wu Step Amo was thinking about putting a long line to catch big fish.

In may, a lot of wild fruits in the mountain have ripened. Tang Feng was in the process of collecting medicine, when he saw something. It was cow’s milk (Star Apple), this is what the local of the Shu kingdom of China called it (Shu kingdom is one of the three kingdoms). It’s being called Sour Fruit in this place. Village children like to pick it to eat, its fruit taste sweet and sour, very popular with children. It’s pharmacologically called milk, its roots, stems, leaves, fruits can be medicinal, it has the effect of activating blood qi, cough, stopping bleeding and relieving cold, mainly treating hepatitis, lung deficiency, bruises and diarrhea and other symptoms.

Thinking that Lin Yu liked things that tasted sourer, Tang Feng joined the team of children and picked a bag, he chose the kind that was still a few days away from ripening, such fruits tasted sourer.

Sure enough, Lin Yu liked it very much, “In our previous village, there were many sour fruits growing around, and when I was idle, I would pick them and eat them, but now my body is not convenient, so I can only eat the ones that you brought back.”

“I naturally should have brought it back for you to eat, if you really like it, tomorrow I’ll pick it up and bring it back, you can eat it at any time.”

Lin Yu shook his head, “This thing won’t taste good after a long time, I’m just gluttonous, don’t work so hard.” 

Tang Feng smiled and said nothing, if he remembered correctly, this thing could make jam.

So when Tang Feng brought the slimy form of a small jar to Lin Yu to taste, Lin Yu was full of surprise, it can be made like this?

The author has something to say: “Give a gift!”

The last love letter incident made Hu Qiang angry, so this time he learned his lesson and prepared to come in person.

There are many wild fruits on the mountain in may, Hu Qiang looked at the wild fruits that the Gersin the village chewed from time to time, he had a plan in his heart.

So early in the morning, before dawn, Hu Qiang ran to the mountain to pick wild fruits, and when he returned to the school with a large bag of wild fruits, the class hadn’t started yet!

At this time, there were only Wen Qing and Lin Yu in the classroom.

Hu Qiangzheng blushed and handed the wild fruit in his hand to Wen Qing, “This…” 

“I don’t want it!”

Before Hu Qiang finished speaking, Wen Qing said with a cold face and refused.

Hu Qiang’s face turned pale.

“Hey, Hu Qiang, thank you!”

At this time, Tang Feng came to the academy, thanked Hu Qiang directly, and then took the fresh wild fruit in his hand.

“Here, I know you like this wild fruit very much, so I requested Hu Qiang to pick some along the way, do you like it?”

Tang Feng put the wild fruit on Lin Yu’s table and asked softly.

Lin Yu’s heart was warm, “I like it.” 

Wen Qing was stunned, he turned to the confused Hu Qiang and said, “I’m sorry, I thought you gave it to me.” 

Hu Qiang held back a stomach of stuffiness.

“No, it’s okay.”

Tang Feng winked at Hu Qiang, look how good I am! I helped resolve it for you!

Hu Qiang: There’s nothing left to live for!

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