Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 59

Chapter 59

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“It’s easy to do, but very few people think about it.”

Lin Yu ate several mouthfuls in a row, and nodded after hearing what Tang Feng said, “How can it be sweeter than before?”

Tang Feng said with a smile.

“I added some sugar to it, otherwise it would taste bad.”

It turned out it’s like this, Lin Yu dug another spoonful.

“What are you eating? Looks like your appetite is so good. ”

Tang Amo put the vegetable he had just retrieved from the field next to the well, and Tang Feng scooped a bowl for him.

“Made with sour fruit, you give it a taste.”

Tang Amo took it, “Sour fruit, I was just wondering why is Xiao Yu so appetizing, he has always liked to eat sour things, speaking of which, pickled cabbage can be picked today, tsk, this is quite delicious!” 

Tang Amo snorted, the sweet and sour taste was not rough.


“How to make this?”

Tang Feng saw that Tang Amo was very interested, so he told him how to make jam.

Tang Amo has always been an energetic person, seeing that it was still early, he went up the hillside with his back basket to pick sour fruits.

“The school is almost built, the tuition fee will be dependent on you three masters to decide.”

In the hall of the ancestral hall, several clan uncles and Father Tang said after discussion, while Tang Feng, Wu Fei, and Old Xiucai Wang sat on stools.

Wu Fei was shy, even if he became a Lord Xiucai, he couldn’t change this temperament of his. He tilted his head towards Tang Feng, who was sitting next to him.

Tang Feng asked Old Xiucai Wang, who was sitting next to him.

After the three discussed for a long time,  Old Xiucai Wang said.

“Five hundred copper coins a year, one hour a day of class.”

“Five hundred copper coins a year?!” The patriarch of the Wen family asked in surprise.

Father Tang was also stunned, regarding this, it costs at least one silver stone a year in other villages! 

Old Xiucai Wang said with a smile, “Everyone exerted their strength and worked hard in building the school without mentioning even the slightest bit about money. Even those who don’t have children in their families also came to help the works. We naturally have to be worthy of the villagers. I am an old man who has nothing to do every day, this could make me have joy in the remaining years of my life. These two masters they both have the idea of going to take higher exam in three years, so this matter in teaching people knowledge is only good for them with no harm.”

Tang Feng and Wu Fei nodded.

The people in the hall were surprised, even Father Tang was surprised, he hadn’t heard Tang Feng say that he was going to take the graduate exam in three years!

Several clan uncles were also excited and admired, “Okay, good, Wen Shu went to take the exam this year, not to mention whether there is good news, three years later, you two will go again, then our village will be better and better!”

Although Father Tang didn’t figure out Tang Feng’s idea, he was also very supportive, it’s always good for the child to go out and temper himself in hardship. Don’t be like him, only staying in this village all his life. He would get lost when he arrives in the county.

After saying about the school, Tang Feng walked back with Father Tang.

“It’s good to take higher exam, whether you pass or not, being able to go to the capital city is already much better than many people in the village.”

Father Tang didn’t dare to think about everything about the graduate people now, he was afraid that if he thought too much, he would give Tang Feng invisible pressure, so he could only pick out insignificant words and say.

How could Tang Feng not hear it?

“I just have the mentality to give it a try, nothing more. I don’t pay too much attention to it,” He’s afraid there will be a bad time this year, three years is enough, whether it is to take the graduate exam or make other preparations.

A few days later, Wu Step Amo personally went to the Tang family to invite the Tang family, and went to the Wu family to drink happy wine on the first day of June. It wasn’t known what method they used that the Ger family actually agreed to this affair.

Since everyone is in the same village, Father Tang is also the village chief, and people personally come to the door to invite them, there is no reason not to go.

“Just wrap the gift money on me, you two don’t need to care.”

When he went out on the first day of June, Tang Amo instructed Tang Feng and Father Tang.

“I know, you’ve said it several times, I don’t have a penny with me, so don’t worry about it.”

Father Tang’s ears were almost calloused when he heard it.

“Are you really home alone?”

Tang Feng was worried about Lin Yu.

“I’m just staying at home, anyway, there is food and drink, I won’t go hungry, and besides, there are many people there, so I won’t go just in case.”

Lin Yu’s belly has been around for six months, but it looks like eight months, and anyone in the village who has seen Lin Yu’s belly will ask, “Is it twins?” 

“I’ll come back after eating.” Tang Feng didn’t want to go originally, but this Wu family called Tang Feng several times to go.

The bride is from Songshan Village, his family is very rich, just talking about this large piece of furniture, the villagers have seen several pieces. The villagers’ envious or bland or jealous discussions make Wu Step Amo very self-satisfied.

It was not in vain that he spent so much effort to marry this wife to Wu Zhong.

The bridegroom’s surname is Liu, the third oldest in the family, the only and youngest Ger in the family, very favored by the Liu family. This time the person who sent the bride off was the new Fu Lang’s two brothers, eldest brother and second brother. 

“I really don’t understand how Father and Amo agreed to marry younger brother here, you take a look!”

Liu Er was very dissatisfied, and he pointed to the tattered mud wall of the Wu family and said to Liu Da, who was a little calmer.

Note: Liu Er – second eldest, Liu Da – eldest.

After squinting at it, Liu Da said in a low voice, “Father and Amo have their own considerations, besides, do you think that if the younger brother does not agree, they will marry him into such a family?”

Liu Er thought about it, it is indeed true, his third brother has always had ideas, his temperament is much smoother than theirs.

“But what kind of thing made him choose to marry here?” Liu Er still didn’t understand, knowing that his third brother, who had vowed to marry into the town before, was now so hasty in marrying into the family of a person who had just carelessly made a proposal to his family.

Liu Da pulled Liu Er’s clothes, and gently pointed to Tang Feng, who was sitting at the table at the entrance door and talking to Wu Zhu, “Did you see that person?”

“Who is that?”

Liu Er didn’t figure out who Liu Da was referring to.

Liu Da frowned fiercely.

“The man on the far right of the first table that entered the door,” seeing that Liu Er still looked like he didn’t know who it was, Liu Da roared a little, “It’s the man who looks the most beautiful!”

“Oh! What about him? ”

“He was in the second place in the whole county Xiucai exam this year! If you think about it, that Deng Xiucai in our village, I heard that there are more than a hundred in the row! ”

Listening to Liu Da’s analogy, Liu Er instantly understood, “But what does our brother have to do with that man when he marries?”

Liu Da glared at Liu Er, “Then do you know that this Ger of the Wu family is married to the Lin family, and the Lin family is the in-laws of that Xiucai!”

“Turned out it’s like this! I understand, no wonder, brother, let’s go say hello, right? ”

Liu Er was ready to go over, and Liu Da grabbed him, “Where are you going! What are you going for! Our brother just got married, not today, come with me to help move our brother out of the carriage!”

Tang Feng didn’t know that he was being targeted, as he was listening to Hu Qiang complaining there with a wooden face.

“My Amo arranged me a marriage, I don’t even know who the Ger is, he just said let me choose a good day and he will take care of it.”

Hu Qiang was very dejected.

Hu Amo was also iron-hearted this time, and only after everything was arranged did he tell Hu Qiang, he couldn’t allow him to refuse in the slightest.

“This is also a good thing, you see that even this kid Wu Zhong is married, you should become one.”

Wu Zhu spoke beside him without pain or itching.

Hu Qiang glared sharply, “I still don’t know what you kid’s idea is! Are you hoping that if I have a wife earlier, you will have one less opponent! ”

Wu Zhu would not hide his thoughts at all, and said with a grin, “Don’t you also have no way out too? Besides, there are so many people waiting in this village, they’re not that far off from you.” 

“You!” Hu Qiang’s voice had just raised a little, and he was glanced at by Tang Feng next to him. His voice immediately became smaller, “Don’t be proud, you don’t know who loses and who wins!” 

Wu Zhu knelt on Erlang’s legs and ate the peanut rice on the table without feeling, “Hey, this Wu family can be regarded as earning half-earned capital, look at what have been entertained, they’re all peanuts!”

“You don’t look at what kind of situation the other Ger’s family is, if you don’t come up with a little ruthlessness, the future life will not be good.”

At the table with them was another young man in the village, but he already had two sons, “Doctor Tang, my youngest son has been eating a lot lately, but he doesn’t grow meat at all, if he doesn’t eat for an hour or two, he will cry and panic, if you have free time in the afternoon, I have to burden you to help go take a look.”

“Yes, I have time, I’ll go home after eating.”

The young man’s face was full of joy, he was afraid that Tang Feng would stay here for a day today, after all, which family did not sit for a day to eat.

After Tang Feng had eaten, he greeted Father Tang, Tang Amo, and went home.

When he opened the courtyard door, the courtyard was quiet.

“Fu Lang?”

Tang Feng called and closed the courtyard door smoothly.

“I’m here.”

Lin Yu’s voice spoke out an unknown meaning, Tang Feng felt a scream in his heart, and hurriedly followed the voice to the room.

He saw Lin Yu lying on the bed holding his stomach, his face was a pain-like expression.

Tang Feng hurriedly stepped forward, “What’s wrong! Where does it hurt? ”

Saying that, he snapped Lin Yu’s pulse, the pulse was strong and powerful, there was no problem!

Lin Yu took his hand and gently placed it on his stomach.

Tang Feng only felt a small thrust coming from his hands, and the feeling was wonderful. The feeling of blood connection penetrated the whole body of the three people.

There was a fetal movement.

Tang Feng was very excited, modern women would have fetal movements after four months, but Lin Yu is a Ger, and the physical condition is naturally different from that of women. This is the first time that the child in the stomach has moved.

The author has something to say: “You have to compensate me first.”

Hu Qiang was pitted twice in succession by Tang Feng, after discussing with his good brother Wu Zhu again, he decided to make a preemptive strike!

Hu Qiang found Tang Feng.

“You teased me twice, this time you have to help me, otherwise we won’t be brothers in the future!”

When Tang Feng heard this, he chuckled, “The first time was indeed my fault, but the second time I helped you. You think about it, if I didn’t show up, you would be faceless.”

Hu Qiang was choked violently.

“Then, that’s considered you teasing me once, speak, how would you like to help me?!” 

Tang Feng pondered for a long moment, “What is the result you want?”

When Hu Qiang heard this, his old face turned red.

“Just let Wen Qing know that I like him.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it, I don’t ask for anything else.”

Tang Feng immediately stood up, “That’s simply too simple! Just you wait! ”

Come, let’s ask how Tang would like to let Wen Qing know that Hu Qiang likes him and will not immediately refuse?

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