Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 60

Chapter 60

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Looking at Tang Feng’s expression that was almost the same as his own, Lin Yu was happy.

“I also felt him moving just after eating, which startled me, his stength isn’t light.”

Tang Feng nodded, his hand kept on Lin Yu’s stomach, reluctant to leave.

“Our child wants to come out and see the outside world.”

Lin Yu smiled and watched Tang Feng attach his ear to his stomach, saying funny words in his mouth.

“Would you rather hope he’s a little man or a little Ger?”

Tang Feng thought about it.

“A little man, the first child is a man, the next child can have an older brother. Then in the future, when he fights with other children, when he can’t fight and be with a crying nose, and if we are not there, then we can let their eldest brother go.”

As soon as Tang Feng finished speaking, there was a big response under his hands as if responding to him.

Lin Yu brightly laughed.

The child moved, which made Lin Yu and Tang Feng really feel the existence of his life. In a few months, he will come out to see this new world.

After prescribing medicine to the young man in the afternoon, Tang Feng wanted to talk to his child again, but he was still anxiously called away.

“My Amo had a few bubbles in his mouth a few days ago, we didn’t pay attention much, thinking that it would be fine in a few days, who knew that when I went back from eating at the Wu family, my Amo pointed to his throat saying, the inside grew and it hurts when he drank water.”

Tang Feng nodded, he got some idea in his heart, and his feet moved even faster.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a peasant house, a large tiled house. It seemed that life was passable, an old man sat in the yard, with sorrow on his face.

“Please open your mouth, I’ll take a look.”

Tang Feng said after finishing the pulse.

Laomo quickly opened his mouth, and Tang Feng looked at it, “Okay.” 

“How was it, Doctor. Tang?”

The man who went to find Tang Feng asked anxiously.

“It’s not a big deal, Amo, are you having less sleep at night?” 

Laomo nodded and said in a somewhat vague voice, “I’m already old and can’t sleep well at night. ”

Tang Feng nodded and asked again, “Do you like to drink wine and have a heavier taste?”

This man knew, “My Amo love to drink for a long time, he has to drink a little wine every day. The taste of eating usually is much heavier than ours.” 

Tang Feng took out a pen and paper, “I will prescribe some herbs that activate blood and throat, clear heat and disperse poison, remember that you can no longer drink alcohol during this time, it is best to drink white porridge, this thing must be patiently cultivated.”

When Laomo heard that he had to avoid having it, he frowned looking even more distress than earlier.

Seeing this, Tang Feng said softly.

“This thing is not big or small, if you don’t avoid it, I’m afraid you can only drink white porridge in the future.”

When Laomo heard this, fine! I can avoid having it for now then! 

The bridegroom of the Wu family was very enthusiastic, within a few days he became acquainted with many people in the village, but his favorite place to go was the Lin family.

The two families were close not to mention, but they are in-laws, this bridegroom comes from time to time to brush the sense of existence, it was not good for the Lin family to say anything, but they felt he’s too idle.

Wu De did not want to have much intersection with him, so he didn’t take long to clean up with Lin Zhuang and went to the stone village, after Zeng Amo met with Wu De and settled him, Lin Zhuang drove back to the village to continue working.

Wu De and Lin Zhuang have told Lin Amo and Father Lin, everyone was well-aware, plus they are tight-lipped.

When the bridegroom came again, he saw that Wu De was not there, so it wasn’t good to stay long, it made the Lin family become a lot more peaceful.

The weather was too hot, Tang Feng was afraid that the people working would not be able to stand it, so he specially bought a lot of mung bean soup and sent it to the school to relieve the heat for everyone.

Then he went to find Liu Laosan with Old Xiucai Wang.

“Wooden sand box?”

Liu Laosan’s face was full of surprise.

Tang Feng nodded.

“Yes, the wooden sand box, this is something I came up with with Old Teacher Wang. There are five small wooden blocks of solid secret collection to make a box, and the top layer does not need to be covered.”

Old Xiucai Wang asked Tang Feng to call him master in private, and at other times he should call him teacher.

“Yes, you make one first, let’s see if it works, this thing we want to use for children to practice words.”

Old Xiucai Wang said.

“Practice words? No pen and paper? ”

Liu Laosan was even more puzzled.

“It’s not easy for everyone, and it’s not cost-effective for the children to use pen and paper when they first started to read, so we thought about filling the wooden box with fine sand and then use small bamboo chopsticks to write on.”

Tang Feng chose a piece of wood, “Let’s try this one.” 

Liu Laosan gave a thumbs up after hearing this, “This is a good idea! I’ll make one to take a look right away. ”

Liu Laosan’s movements were very sharp, plus this wooden box was also very good to do. It was done quickly. 

“The style is okay, I just think there is something missing.”

Old Xiucai Wang picked up the wooden box that Liu Laosan made and said.

Liu Laosan smiled and said, “Let’s see if there is anything to add, I will add it immediately.”

Tang Feng pondered for a moment and said.

“It’s missing our school’s mark!”

“Yes!” Old Xiucai Wang stroked his palm and said, “It’s good for our school to mark our items.”

“Then let’s settle on this appearance first, let’s go back and discuss the name of the school and how many wooden tables, stools, and boxes are needed, then we will trouble Uncle Liu.”

Liu Laosan heroically said, “Since it is a matter of the school then it’s the affairs of the people in the village, you just need to tell me how much you want, just send me the materials I want. Me, Old Liu only need some money to start the work. The rest can be regarded as our Liu family has contributed to the school.”

Tang Feng and Old Xiucai Wang praised him, this way the village could save a sum of money.

After Tang Feng and the other left, Liu Laosan’s wife came out with an unhappy look.

“You are really good! That’s a lot of money! ”

Liu Laosan continued to be busy with the work at hand, “Your grandson will not go to school in the future? If he will go then give me less words. ”

Liu Laosan’s Fu Lang immediately shut up, Liu Pangzi married a Fu Lang, and his Fu Lang aws now also two months pregnant.

Don’t look at Liu Laosan’s smile all day, the weight of his words at home is absolutely sufficient.

“The name of the school, well, we have to think well about it.” 

In the ancestral hall sat the clan uncles and Father Tang, as well as Tang Feng.

“What is the name of the school in Songshan Village?”

Uncle Patriarch Tang asked.

“It’s called Song School.”

“What about Niujia Village?” Uncle Patriarch Wu asked.

“It’s called Niu School.”

Tang Feng: ………

“Then should the school in our Xiao Qingshan Village be called Xiao School?”

Uncle Patriach Wen suggested.

Tang Feng, the three people: ……………….

Old Xiucai Wang and Wu Fei made a look at Tang Feng, and Tang Feng hurriedly said, “It’s better to call it Qingshan School. With Qingshan here, there will be everlasting students. What do you clan uncles think?”

Old Xiucai Wang immediately nodded, “This name is good.”

“So be it.”

After everyone’s discussion, the name of the school was also determined.

The plaque of Qingshan School was also craved out by Liu Laosan, inclduing the one hundred and fifty tables, stools, and wooden sand boxes all were handed over to Old Xiucai Wang.

Old Xiucai Wang was now in charge of the trivial matters in the school, after the villagers set up the tables and stools in the school with enthusiasm, Tang Feng faced everyone.

“The sixth day of June! The plaque of Qingshan School will be hang up! Everyone head to the dam we will have a good time there, to start the banquet! ”



After the excited villagers calmed down, Old Xiucai Wang continued, “On the eighth day of June, everyone in the village who is over six years old to under twenty years old can come to me to register. A year’s tuition fee of five hundred copper coins. The class starts in the morning during 7-9am for two hours. You don’t need to think about the problem of paper and brush, we have our own way to let the children in the village read and write!”

No brush and paper?!

“Is this true?”

“Yes! Is it really not necessary to use brush and paper? ”

Old Xiucai Wang nodded, “Everyone listen to me, our peasant family does not have it easy. With this, it can save something for everyone, as long as the children have future prospect, the better our Xiao Qingshan Village will be. When it’s time for them to use paper and pen, it must be the time for them to take the exam!”



Looking at the smiles on the faces of the villagers, Tang Feng also laughed, although it is a small mountain village, there are some things that people outside cannot compare.

The things of the school are basically done, Tang Feng Wu Fei, and Old Xiucai Wang each accept a class of children. Tang Feng went home and sorted out the things to be used in teaching, everything has to start from the most basic, the foundation needs to be solid, stronger than anything else.

On the sixth day of June, Tang Feng was almost got drunk by pthers, fortunately, there was Hu Qiang and Wu Zhu on top. Lin Zhuang wanted to top but before he drank two cups, he fell, that night Tang Feng himself asked to sleep in the guest room, no matter what Lin Yu said, he was unwilling to go back to the room to sleep. Not to mention, he was afraid that him being drunk like that would fumigate Lin Yu, but after sleeping soundly, his hands and feet did not know the severity of the mistake and injured Lin Yu that would be serious.

Lin Yu was helpless, so he had to take out another quilt from the closet to cover Tang Feng, it was most likely to get sick if he was drunk and not careful.

There are many children in the village, and Qingshan School can only build three large houses financially, but the villagers have a method.

If there are many children in the family, the elders will choose the smartest child to go to the school, and after returning, this child will teach the other brothers. If there is only one child in the family, but the school is almost full, then they won’t expect the child to achieve great things, as long as he know a few words and don’t be illiterate then that’s already good enough. They can send that only child directly to the home of the former person with many children to listen to the children who come back to lecture, and from time to time sending something to the family helping out is considered a sense of gratitude already.

Tang Feng and Wu Fei looked at the registry and found that the children who came were all six to twelve years old, and they were very surprised, the requirements they gave were six to twenty years old, and none of the people who came were more than twelve years old.

Old Xiucai Wang said, “There is a lot of work in the village, if you just want to be literate and have no big ambitions, you can put aside your family to work, come back from the field and go to other families to learn.”

So that’s why, the behavior of the villagers of Xiao Qingshan Village made Tang Feng exclaimed in admiration again.

The author has something to say: “You have to compensate part 2”

“Wen Qing, I have something to tell you.”

Tang Feng walked into the classroom and came to Wen Qing’s desk and said.

Hu Qiang’s nervous eyes looking from the outside did not dare to blink.

“What’s going on?” Wen Qing’s face was cold.

Tang Feng pointed at Hu Qiang outside, “He likes you.”

Wen Qing snorted and laughed, “I like myself too. ”

Tang Feng was stunned, sure enough, he was a study committee member, his brain turned fast enough, he couldn’t admit defeat.

“He wants his son to call you Amo.”

Wen Qing said, “Well, I also have a few godsons, so I’m not afraid of more.” 

Tang Feng did not admit defeat and continued, “I meant he thinks that son will be born from you!” 

Wen Qing counted the homework handed in by the people in the class, and said, “Why do I have to give birth to his son, by the way, what about your arithmetic homework? Give it to me, I’m going to give it to the Master.”

Tang Feng: Homework? ……… Didn’t do it…………… Yesterday, I just thought about playing with Lin Yu………

“Hu Qiang, it’s not that I don’t compensate you, it’s really that the level of that study committee member is too high, I really can’t resist, but I’ve already told him that you like him, it’s also considered to be event. I’m going now.” He had to make up for it before his master correct the homework.

Hu Qiang: ………………… What to do, what face do I have to be at the same desk with Wen Qing! Master! I want to change seats!!!!!!!

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