Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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The next day, when the sky was still dark, Tang Amo was startled by the small sound coming from the kitchen and sat up.

“There are thieves!”

Father Tang was woken up by Tang Amo. He listened for a while, and whispered in a sleepy voice: “What thief, it is the wife you married your son to who is busy with work there.” 

Tang Amo reacted to this, hurriedly got up and got dressed. Daughter-in-law had already woken up, he as the Amo unexpectedly was still lying down in bed?!

Father Tang couldn’t sleep after being tossed like this, so he got up and got dressed.

In the other room, Guo Mo and Third Uncle Guo’s wife also got up, “This wife is really good.” Guo Mo said to Third Uncle Guo’s wife with satisfaction.

“The eldest Ger’s vision is naturally vicious.” Third Uncle Guo’s wife smiled and replied.

Guo Gong and Third Uncle Guo in the side room next to them drank wine last night, so they were still sleeping soundly at this time.

When Tang Amo hurriedly got dressed and came to the kitchen, Lin Yu had already sorted the leftover food from last night so several dishes had already been heated.

“Aiyo, why did you get up so early. It’s starting to get cold these days, waking up a bit late in the morning is fine.” 

Tang Amo looked at the well-organized kitchen that had been tidied up, there was no need to mention how satisfied he was. His own daughter-in-law was indeed a good child. But recalling that he had just experienced a wedding night last night, it’s inevitable that he had been tossed for a while, so he spoke with concern. 

Lin Yu brought the boiled face wash water from the well beside the house, and honestly replied: “Amo, it’s okay I’m used to getting up early. Wash your face quickly, it will be cold later.”

“Alright.” Tang Amo hurriedly took the handkerchief to wash his face. This is the first bucket of hot water boiled by the newlywed daughter-in-law, so it must be washed well.

“Sure enough, he’s a hardworking child.”

Guo Mo, who witnessed all this, smiled with satisfaction.

“Amo, brother-in-law, quickly come to wash your face else the water will get cold.”

Tang Amo called out to Guo Mo and Third Uncle Guo’s wife.

“Look at your complacent look,” Guo Mo scolded with a smile, before turning to look at the kitchen, “I think this child is a diligent and sincere person. You can’t be impartial now. Treat him well.”

“Amo, what are you talking about. Although I have an impetuous temper, I am not an unreasonable person, wash your face quickly, I will go in first.”

After saying that, he hurried into the kitchen again.

Lin Yu was picking the unused firewood and putting it aside, then he put the previously used firewood to the spark to burn to use it next time. 

“Ah Yu, just sleep a little more in the future. It is not the busy farming season now, so there is no work in the field.” Tang Amo wiped the table in the kitchen clean. This is where they ate when there were only a few people at home.


Lin Yu responded, his voice slightly hoarse.

It made Tang Amo who heard this blush. Look at how capable his son was,  he even managed to toss this kind of strong wife until his voice got hoarse.

Last night, he only came once. On one hand he was considerate of Lin Yu’s first time, while the other hand, his body couldn’t move too excessively. Tang Feng had some regrets.

When he got up and was trying to get his clothes from the cabinet, the corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of a set of cyan clothing placed on the bedside. 

Tang Feng’s heart was warm, his wife was really thoughtful. 


The door was gently pushed open, Lin Yu came in with a steaming hot medicinal porridge.

Tang Feng had just finished changing his clothes.

“Don’t get up so early in the future, accompany me to sleep a little longer, okay?”

Lin Yu had just placed the medicinal porridge on the small table in the room, when his waist was hugged by Tang Feng.

“Alright, you quickly eat breakfast.”

Lin Yu smiled with his back to Tang Feng, put his hand on the hand around his waist, and said with a slight hoarseness.

Tang Feng frowned. Although the other party’s hoarse voice made him feel excited, since it was hoarse now that meant it was not very comfortable.

He remembered that there was still a malva nut inside the house. Naturally, he didn’t use it before. Malva nut could alleviate fever, detoxify, and moisturize the lungs. It was used to cure dry cough and sore throat.

“Have you eaten yet?”

Tang Feng asked.

“No, I’ll go eat when you’re done.” Lin Yu gently pulled apart Tang Feng’s claws. As if possessed, he pulled the guilt that was stained with last night’s traces aside and opened the wardrobe to find a set of light colored quilt to change. 

Tang Feng smelled the smell in the room. He stepped over and opened the window to let the cool wind blow in, making Lin Yu, who was making the bed, raise his head.

“The wind is cold in the morning, don’t stand there. Quickly drink the medicinal porridge, otherwise it will be cold.”

Tang Feng listened to Lin Yu’s concern. He left the windows and helped him make the bed together.

“Let’s make the bed together. Once we’re done, we can go out to eat together.”

Lin Yu couldn’t be stubborn with Tang Feng, so he had to go along with his wishes. When they finished making the bed, he held the changed guilt and went out. While Tang Feng followed out the door with the medicinal porridge.

Halfway through, Tang Feng returned to the room, rummaged through the cabinet, and took something out.

Guo Gong and Third Uncle Guo also got up. A table of people sitting together bustling with noises. 

The peasant family had no need for the newlyweds to serve tea the next day and what not. They just had to eat a meal with the newlywed bride, to have a look at this person’s craftmanship and they will know whether this person usually worked in the house or not. 

Obviously, Lin Yu was that kind of person.

The people at the table were eating Lin Yu’s baked corn cake that he made this morning, next to the leftover food from yesterday, it left a savory taste after a bite.

“This cake is good. I have never made this kind of tasty cake before.” Third Uncle Guo’s wife was full of praises.

Tang Amo also nodded his head. It is true that comparing oneself to others will only make one angry. But fortunately such a good person married into their family.

“It’s really good.”

Guo Gong and the others were also very satisfied. Because the Guo grandpa and grandma were already old so their teeth aren’t good, Lin Yu deliberately baked the cake softer for them. He also boiled a pot of hot soup, so once they finish the cake, they could drink some soup, it’ll be easy to digest this way.

From this point alone, Lin Yu won the hearts of the people at the table.

Tang Feng stretched out his hand under the table to hold Lin Yu’s hand gently.

Lin Yu who was having the meal, paused, before continue to eat again. But Tang Feng’s eyes only had his eyes full of his wife’s bright red ears.

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