Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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It was exceptionally hot in June, but fortunately, when the everyone were teaching, it was in the early morning, and everyone was in good spirits.

As soon as Tang Feng entered the door, he saw more than fifty pairs of eyes staring directly at him, their eyes were full of tension and excitement.

He brought 56 children, the oldest of whom was 12 years old, the youngest was 6 years old, because they couldn’t read a word at all, they all looked like a blank piece of paper, which was also a good thing for Tang Feng, who was teaching for the first time. Since it was a blank paper, it could be taught in the simplest way, so he brought pinyin here.

If you want to lay a good foundation, you can’t be in a hurry, vocal vowel rhyme, these are enough to teach children several lessons, at the beginning of the class the children are very serious, Tang Feng did not catch a fool, so he also taught extra seriously.

Not long after, the “outstanding talents” who were not able to hide through also appeared. Several of the children brought by Wu Fei and Old Xiucai Wang also appeared. After discussing with the three, they decided to find a “leader” among the children they brought according to Tang Feng, when the teacher is away, this child would take care of the class. They also add a few more rules, but in a few days, the children were already settled down.

In the blink of an eye, it is the children’s favorite day. In mid-June, the wild cherries in the mountains begin to ripen, the wild cherries are sweet and sour, even the older Gers, Amos were all loved them very much, that the adults also indulged the children to mess around like this.

Tang Feng originally picked cherries, after all, there are two more in the family who loved them, he has to pick medicine in the morning anyway, which is also incidental.

But unexpectedly, he found a thing that isn’t ripen yet, it was kiwi.

Tang dynasty’s “Materia Medica” contains: “Kiwi taste salty and non-toxic, can be used for medicinal purposes, mainly for bone joints, paralysis, long-term gray hair, hemorrhoids, etc., and its taste is also excellent.”

Because these two kiwi trees do not have supports, the branches and leaves werestill climbing other trees, but the trunk is already thick to the size of a fist.

The only regret is that there are only two in total, and there were only six fluffy kiwis on them.

After thinking about it, Tang Feng picked a relatively large kiwi, and then found some wooden branches around and circled it, he once told the villagers that if they saw someone on the mountain specially fenced off some grass, it was a mark he made, all of them are medicinal herbs, so as a mark to tell them not to move it, now this unruly rule came in handy.

He brought the kiwi fruit home and showed it to Father Tang, who shook his head.

“I have never seen it before.”

So Tang Feng took it to the Lin family, and Father Lin took a hand and looked at it carefully, and said.

“I’ve seen it.”

Tang Feng was overjoyed and asked, “Where have you seen it?”

Father Lin thought for a while and said, “This thing, I saw it in one place at the end of September last year when I was hunting far into the mountains, and there are monkeys in that place! They’re very small, not big, very small, and they’re not attacking people, I watched them pick them into their hands and eat, I thought since they could eat then I can also eat it. So I thought about picking one, but the monkeys discovered and chased me for a long time! ”

Tang Feng was pleasantly surprised, and quickly asked, “Does father-in-law remember where it is?”

Father Lin nodded, “I remember! When I saw that the monkey had eaten that thing, I thought that people could eat it, so I wrote down the land, I would forget it if you didn’t mention it. ”


Lin Amo, who was listening next to him, almost gave him a loud “caress”! This stuff that fills the stomach is actually forgotten by him!

After getting this news, Tang Feng felt that he had to go.

Tang Feng thought for a while and said to Lin Zhuang and Father Lin, “If you see this kind of thing in the future, don’t cut it off, but keep it, this thing can be transplanted, and even develop it and become a specialty of our Xiao Qingshan Village!”

“Specialties? What is that? ”

Lin Wen was puzzled.

Tang Feng chuckled, “Specialties refer to things unique to a place, other places don’t have it. ”

Lin Amo, who was the first to understand, slapped his thigh, “Good thing!”

“So I have to bother father-in-law to lead the way, I wanted to see how big that forest was.”

Father Lin nodded, “Okay, but it’s a little far away, let’s go early in the morning.”

Tang Feng responded, returned to the Tang family and mentioned this furry thing to Father Tang. Father Tang was shocked and overjoyed, he immediately decided that tomorrow he would go to the mountain with them to take a look.

The place that Father Lin said was really far away, it took them one and a half shi chen which was three hours. 

Early the next morning, after eating some breakfast, several people went on the road together, in addition to Father Lin, Lin Zhuang also came, they all had complete hunting tools.

“There are no fierce beasts there, but just in case, I still called Ah Zhuang.”

“Father-in-law thinks thoughtfully.”

Although the county’s ministers now governs the country wisely, taxes still have to be paid, the people have no money, they have to pay grain, sometimes the heavens are not good, there is no harvest in the field, and after paying the taxes, everyone have to eat wild vegetables and pick some wild fruits when they’re hungry, but in winter, they really can’t endure.

In winter, when there is heavy snowfall, where could there be wild vegetables and fruits, even the prey is rarely seen.

“If this thing can really be sold as you say, it will be a great good thing for our village!”

On the way, Father Tang smiled excitedly after listening to what Tang Feng said.

Tang Feng smiled, “This thing is a rare fruit in the book, it is also the favorite wild fruit of macaques, it is called kiwi. For us peasant families, it is already a very good thing to be able to fill our stomachs. But if there are someone outside buying this kiwi fruit, and if every family moves to plant it, we are not afraid that the village will not be rich.” 

Father Tang and Father Lin were shocked in their hearts after hearing this, who doesn’t want the village to be rich! When the village is rich, then the unmarried Gers and unmarried men in their village, whether they are married or married, are still much better than any other places.

Nowadays, the villages that are worst off around here were their Xiao Qingshan village and the Stone Village. It’s easy to get married for Gers but for men, it’s not easy to marry a Ger. Several families in the village are bachelors! It’s not a matter of long-term development.

This Niushan village sells a lot of tea, and the whole village is also the richest in the vicinity, followed by Songshan Village.

With good expectations for the future, the four of them climbed up to the place that Father Lin said.

Along the way, Tang Feng marked all the medicinal herbs that were not in the mountain enclosure.

This place can be said to be a kiwi forest surrounded by the surrounding trees, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is ingenious, at this time, Tang Feng and the others are on a hillside opposite it.

“Everyone, wait a minute!”

Just as Father Lin and them wanted to take a closer look, Tang Feng suddenly said.

Father Tang and Lin Zhuang behind him quickly stopped.

Tang Feng pricked up his ears and listened carefully for a while. Father Lin hurriedly lay on the ground, and then said, “There are many monkey cries.” 

There are so many monkeys, which means that there are monkeys guarding this kiwi fruit.

Father Lin can hunt, his experience is much stronger than Tang Feng, they saw him climb a large stone in the hillside lightly, and then from the back of the stone, he saw the following scene, he saw that in the kiwi forest, almost every kiwi tree gathered a few monkeys, with this glance without a careful look could really made the monkeys unable to be found. 

“Little monkeys, there should be more than a hundred, all guarding the trees!”

Tang Feng nodded.

He looked around the environment, this is indeed a more suitable place for monkeys to live. It is also the most favorable place for them, kiwi fruit will not be basically ripe until September, Tang Feng is naturally not in a hurry, after discussing for a while, the four decided to go back first, inquire about the situation in the outside world, and then find a way to come back.

When they returned to the village, it was already afternoon, after hurriedly eating some of the food that Lin Yu had stuffed in the pot for them, Father Tang and Tang Feng began to discuss.

“If you want to let everyone move now, it is impossible, I don’t know if this thing will live or not, and besides, it also occupies, this land is the life of our peasant family!”

Father Tang nodded after hearing this, “Indeed, there is no affirmative thing, and no one dares to risk it.” 

“So we can only choose some volunteer villagers to try, or we take the lead in transplanting some. After all, I don’t know if anyone outside will sell this, or will buy this! Otherwise it won’t do when we finished moving a lot of seeds already but unable to sell them. ”

Father Tang nodded when he heard this, “Indeed, this can feed the hunger, so we must have a long-term plan and can’t be too rush, we have to take it slowly step by step.”

Since there was  another relatively close kiwi fruit plant compared to the mountain, when this kiwi is ripe, a large range of kiwi fruit in the mountain should be more or less ripe.

Moreover now these few months are when the peasant family is busy, in order to clearly know the value of that thing here, Tang Feng went to find the only person he knew, the relatively high-level one, the Bookstore Owner Huang.

On the day of the gathering, Tang Feng took the picked kiwi fruit to the bookstore, of course, Tang Feng did not forget to bring the chapter book needed to hand over to Owner Huang this month. Having to seek request from someone, one’s attitute should be at its finest level. Moreover, regarding Owner Huang, Tang Feng’s biggest attraction to him was the chapter book in his hand.

After coming to the town, Tang Feng went to the bookstore, but Owner Huang was not there, only a manservant was guarding there. 

So Tang Feng wandered around the store with his chapter book, when suddenly, Tang Feng saw a book called “Exotic Fruit Collection”.

Thinking of the purpose of this trip, Tang Feng pulled it out, opened it and looked. This is a book with pictures and words, the first page, with one look, Tang Feng already knew what the thing was. But the name recorded on it was different from the familiar name Tang Feng knew of. It was written in the book as “multi-pack fruit”, and Tang Feng knew that modern people called it, pineapple!

The author has something to say: “Homework!”

“Xiao Yu! I didn’t do the homework!”

Tang Feng hurriedly returned to his seat and said to Lin Yu, who was previewing the later lessons.

“It’s too late now, I have no way to do it for you, what to do?!”

Lin Yu was also anxious, there was still a quarter of an hour for the master to come!

“I have a way, you first lend me your book, I will write it and hand it in. When it is submitted, you will explain it to me one by one. Any method that will let us pass this moment are all good methods!” (Children, please don’t copy!) )

Lin Yu thought about it and answered.


So Tang Feng hurriedly caught up, finally completed, then handed over his homework to Wen Qing along with Lin Yu’s homework.

Tang Feng breathed a sigh of relief, he thought that he had escaped a catastrophe, but unexpectedly his master to call him by name in class the next day.

“What’s your name?”

Tang Feng was puzzled, but still replied, “Tang Feng.” 

Wen Shu nodded and asked again quietly, “What is your father’s surname?”

Tang Feng was stunned, “Naturally, his surname is Tang, you can’t tell the difference between, master?”

Lin Yu, who was sitting next to him, understood and sighed deeply.

“I can tell, it’s you who can’t tell!”

Wen Shu threw Tang Feng’s book on his table, “Tell me, when did your father have the same name and surname as Lin Yu’s father?!” 

Tang Feng was stunned, then secretly said what a bad luck in his heart! He forgot that the homework had been signed by the parents yesterday! He was too anxious and wrote down Lin Yu’s father’s signature!

Everyone in the class laughed, especially Hu Qiang, who laughed the loudest,this made him feel relieved.

“What is there to laugh at! What are you laughing at!”Tang Feng shook his face at everyone for a while, then looked at Wen Shu with a serious face, “Master, that’s my father-in-law! Of course, he is also my father! ”

The roots of Lin Yu’s ears turned red, and the people in the class also gave a thumbs up, awesome! That’s a really cool answer!

Wen Shu:………………, it’s good as long as you’re happy.

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