Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 62

Chapter 62

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Multi-pack fruit, a thing of the Yuan Kingdom, its stem is short, its leaves are many, and it produces stamens from summer to winter. After flowering, it bears rounded fruits, and has a tough outer skin….., which is enjoyed by the royalties and the nobles.

When Tang Feng read to the last sentence, he was happy in his heart. Recalling that the thing he hated the most in his previous life was this pineapple, he couldn’t imagine that only royalities and nobles could eat it here, good! Good!

Tang Feng turned a few pages in succession, when he saw lychees and tangerines, but he didn’t read them carefully one by one, and instead focused on the final remarks. 

Those final remarks were all about pointing out the preciousness of the fruit, the people who enjoyed these fruit are all belong to those social classes.

Finally! He found it!

“Xiucai Tang is here! What a rare occasion, are you here to submit the chapter?”

And now Owner Huang, who was alerted by the young servant earlier, came at this time.

Tang Feng raised a “poverty revealing” smiling face and smiled at Owner Huang, who greeted him, and then glanced down at the final remarks of the book in his hand before quietly stuffing the book in.

(note: this face)

He walked toward Owner Huang.

“No need to be so polite, I brought the chapters for this month and next month.”

Saying that, he handed over the book in his hand.

Owner Huang hurriedly took it and said with a smile, “Good, good, good, I just wanted to know if the identity of this Ger Zhu Yingtai would be exposed by Ma Wencai!” 

Tang Feng smiled and did not answer, this book is released one chapter at a time. It’s impossible to write the entire plot without a year or two.

There are not many people in the bookstore now, so the conversation between the two did not attract much attention.

It’s just that occasionally someone sees the two talking and laughing like this, making them wonder about Tang Feng’s identity.

Owner Huang handed over the last month’s money to Tang Feng and said with a smile, “This is the first time we have met since you became a Lord Xiuca. Now that the day is still early, can you give me some face and allow me to treat you to a drink?” 

Old fox.

Tang Feng’s smile deepened.

“Owner Huang, what are you saying? I’m more than happy to accompany you but I am not good at drinking, it is better to ask Owner Huang for a cup of tea to quench my thirst instead.”

Owner Huang responded with a loud laugh.

The two opened a private room in one of the good teahouses in town and sat down.

After waiting for the tea to come, the two chitchat about daily life of each of their families. Before Owner Huang also began to get to the point.

“Brother Tang, do you know that your books have now reached the capital!”

Owner Huang’s tone was marked with obvious excitement.

Because Tang Feng didn’t want to be called Lord Xiucai by a person who was many years older than himself, he let him called him as brother. 

“Oh? Is there such a thing? ”

Tang Feng really didn’t know, he only knew that it spread to the county town but he didn’t know that it was also spread in the capital too.

Owner Huang nodded.

“Thanks to Brother Tang’s help, our bookstore is also preparing to go to the capital soon, so today I want to talk to Brother Tang again about this book.”

Tang Feng timely showed a happy smile, “Big Brother Huang, please say.”

If as a peasant child, having his own book sold into the capital but still able to have a calm face, this would simply be unreasonable.

Sure enough, Owner Huang was relieved after seeing the “ecstatic” smile on Tang Feng’s face.

“Then let’s talk about the division of the book again? The rules set inside the bookstore is no longer satisfying now.”

Tang Feng nodded.

In the end, Tang Feng have to hand over two chapters of content every month, giving Owner Huang 40% share and Tang Feng 60%.

There is also a reason as for why Owner Huang didn’t get more share. Since Owner Huang heard that Tang Feng was the second in the county, he felt that if this person developed upwards, he would have a big future, so before the conversation, he tentatively asked Tang Feng whether he would take the graduate exam, Tang Feng gave an ambiguous answer. This, Owner Huang thought twice, and made this decision, but with one condition, every year the agreement can be corrected by both parties, the reason is appropriate, there is a foundation, so everything is okay. Tang Feng naturally has no opinion.

When Boss Huang was about to summon the waiter to take a pen and paper to write down the agreement, Tang Feng stopped him.

“Brother Huang, please slow down.”

Owner Huang was stunned, thinking that Tang Feng had any more requirements, so he asked, “Brother Tang, is there anything else to add?”

Tang Feng shook his head, “It’s not, it’s just that this younger brother have something I want Owner Huang to see.”

Owner Huang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this, he was afraid that Tang Feng would not meet any requirements, and would blow this book away.

“Brother Tang, please say.”

Tang Feng pursed his lips and smiled. He took out the fruit that was not fully ripe from his arms.

“This! This is! ”

Owner Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw the things in Tang Feng’s hand!

“This is a woolly peach, it is also a kind of fruit that the capital city and even the high officials and nobles like.”

Tang Feng summed up the name and final remark recorded in the book out.

Owner Huang nodded again and again, and carefully took the kiwi fruit handed over by Tang Feng, that is, the woolly peach that the Holy Jade Dynasty called.

“This is an immature woolly peach! Brother Tang,” Owner Huang, who found that his voice was a little loud, quickly lowered his tone, “Where did Brother Tang find out?”

Tang Feng said with a smile, “I found it by chance in the mountains, is Owner Huang interested?” 

Owner Huang was also not pretending to be reserved, this peach is a good thing, it is not sold in the county, only in various capital cities and the capital! 

And the price is not cheap, five hundred copper coins for one and one or two silver stones for two!

“Of course, I’m interested, Brother Tang, you just have to say where you found it, I have the manpower to pick them. In the future, it will be divided into your big share and my small share!”

Tang Feng shook his head, “Not to mention that the land is deep in the mountains, there is also a group of monkeys guarding it. It is not good, it is not a long-term solution to work hard to collect it this year

When Owner Huang heard Tang Feng say that there was a group of monkeys guarding the place, he completely believed in his heart, this peach is the monkey’s favorite thing!

“Seems like brother Tang has another idea, please speak it out.”

Tang Feng blinked, “It depends on Big Brother Huang’s sincerity, after all. This idea is good if you say it’s good but it won’t be good if otherwise.”

Owner Huang gritted his teeth, summoned the waiter to bring pen and paper, and immediately wrote down a promise that he would not leak out the matter, and changed the commission of the script to him three and Tang Feng seven.

If Owner Huang can do this, Tang Feng will not be ignorant of good evil, and also wrote down that he would not give the source of the peach to others, and pressed his handprint and handed it to Owner Huang.

Owner Huang took it over, in his heart he completely admired Tang Feng’s style of doing things, he was really benevolent and righteous.

“I have the means to plant it alive and be able to ensure its survival as well as the correct number of fruits it will produce.”

As soon as Tang Feng’s words came out, Owner Huang also didn’t ask which method Tang Feng had, but had another worry, “How long will this transfer take? And how long does it take to bear fruit? Besides, how much can you transfer alone?”

“Brother Huang don’t have to worry, I naturally have a way. For three years at the latest, I have a way to let the people in our village plant it, before that, I also have a way to find some, when the time comes, I will give you a letter, then you can come to get it directly.”

When Owner Huang heard Tang Feng say such a bold word, his heart was shocked, and he immediately laughed.

“Good! Then let’s talk about this when we see the goods. ”

As he spoke, Boss Huang raised the assurance in his hand, “Brother Tang, I believe you, rest assure.”

Tang Feng also raised the paper in his hand, “I will accomplish what I said!” 

Since things had a good place, Tang Feng was naturally happy, after parting with Owner Huang, Tang Feng went to buy some pastries, as well as big bones and mung beans.

Father Tang, who had been waiting for a long time when he returned home, couldn’t wait to run up, “How was it?” 

Tang Feng smiled and nodded, “Owner Huang has a doorway, the rest will be up to us.” 

Father Tang was overjoyed, he almost jumped twice to express his inner excitement, but in a few moments he quickly said to Tang Feng, “Let’s not disclose information about this unit lit’s done. It is not good to spoil everyone’s mood.”

“I understand, what about Amo and the other? Why I don’t se any of them?” 

Tang Feng went home and didn’t see Lin Yu come out, so he asked.

“They went to Lin’s house, saying to think of a good childhood name. That’s right, they also brought your eldest brother in law’s wife to think of a childhood name.” 

Childhood name?

That’s right, the child will come out in a few months, they have to choose the childhood name now! 

As the child’s biological father, Tang Feng did not delay much, he went to the Lin family straightaway.

“This child’s childhood name is also very important, let’s just say that my nephew’s childhood name is Mi Dan. And this family that have both Mi (rice) and Dan (egg) have never had a serious illness so far!”

Before entering the courtyard door of the Lin family, Tang Feng heard Tang Amo’s voice coming from the courtyard.

“That’s right, we have to think well about it.” Lin Amo was also affirmative.

The courtyard door was open, Tang Feng entered the courtyard as soon as he raised his foot, “Mother-in-law, Amo, Eldest brother’s wife.” 

Under the eaves sat Lin Yu, Wu De, Tang Amo and Lin Amo.

Tang Feng walked to Lin Yu’s side and sat down next to him.

“You’re back? Let’s discuss together, what a suitable childhood name is appropriate. ”

“That’s right, you’re the more literate, what you think of will be the most suitable.”


Tang Feng was looked at expectantly by several people for a while, and was a bit unbearable.

“This is also the first time I have named a child, I have no experience, you must have seen and heard from more children than me, you guys can think of some and I will choose one.”

If this little name is not chosen well, the child will have to complain when he grows up, so everyone think about it together, that’s how no one will be to blame in the future.

“How about Da(big) Niu(cow)?”

Tang Amo proposed.

“No, Niu is too repetitive(many children already have this name).” Lin Amo disapproved.

“Then Da(big) Shu(tree)?”

Wu De suggested.

“No, Da Shu battered under the wind and rain (suffer hardship).” 

Tang Amo disapproved.

In this way, you come one sentence, I go back one sentence, it turned out that it had not been settled for a long time.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu had been sitting next to each other without interjecting.

Suddenly, Father Lin, who was taking a nap, opened the door with a messy hair and said to them very uncomfortably.

“How long do you guys plan on choosing a childhood name!? I will decide one! So stop talking, just name him Gou(dog) Dan(egg)! With cheap name, the child will be easy to raise and feed!”

Gou! Gou Dan!

Tang Feng and Lin Yu looked at each other in horror, both of them had rejection in their eyes!

“Go back to your sleep!”

Lin Amo directly threw the straw shoes beside him, Father Lin hurriedly closed the door, the straw shoes were just knocked back by the closed door and fell to the ground.

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