Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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In the end, the child’s childhood name had not yet been decided, Tang Feng and Lin Yu were not in a hurry, there are still a few months away, it’s better to choose both childhood name and the formal name altogether. 

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, in just a little late in the morning, the house can be illuminated by the rising sun, there is a feeling of rise and shine.

The Tang family also changed into summer clothes, Tang Feng and Father Tang wore short shirts unique to the men at home, holding big palm leaf fan and fanning vigorously.

But the Gers were not be as casual as the men, their clothes could only be lighter, or they could wear long robes.

The heat at night was terrible, Lin Yu’s body was already hot, it was a torture to meet this summer day, so at night, Tang Feng would put a bowl of well water in the four corners of the room to cool off the heat.

“Yesterday, an old man told me that he wanted to go down to the river to take a good bath, but he was afraid that he would take the lead for his children, so he had to take a shower at home.”

Tang Feng smiled when he heard this, “It’s really hot this day, adults can’t stand it, let alone children.”

It was during the morning class that the warm sun shone and the children were drowsy.

“I can’t sleep well at night, it’s too hot.”

Father Tang couldn’t help but whisper to Tang Feng, “Your Amo too, he’s been sleeping irregularly, I am about to be squeezed out of bed.”

“Well, it’s been so many years, you’re still not used to it.”

Father Tang sighed.

Seeing this, Tang Feng suddenly thought of something that could be used at night.

Summer sleeping mat.

Father Tang can weave baskets, as long as he’s clear about the method to weave this summer sleeping mat, he will naturally make it. Tang Feng was not worried at all even if he can’t make it.

At the moment, there was nothing to do, Tang Feng got up and went back to the room to find a coat he wore when he was working, held it in his hand, took a machete, and prepared to go out.

“Why are you going out? The sun shone too bright. ”

When Tang Amo came back from the hut, he saw Tang Feng just about to go out, so he asked.

“Im going to cut some bamboo to bring back.”

“Huh? Do you want to weave baskets? ”

Tang Amo has always liked to ask the bottom line.

“No, I just want to make something and come back in a moment.” After saying that, Tang Feng opened the courtyard door and went out against the scorching sun.

Tang Amo was still puzzled, and continued to ask Father Tang who came out of the stove after drinking water.

The body of the bamboo that used to make the mattress topper must be straight, the bamboo age must be more than a few years, so that the mattress topper will be durable and will not be afraid of insects.

Tang Feng took a fancy to several, but unfortunately it is summer, if it’s put back in winter, the effect will be better.

Estimating the size of the three beds in the house, Tang Feng ran twice, cutting a total of fifteen large bamboos.

“What are you doing with so much of it?”

Although Father Tang didn’t take Tang Feng’s bamboo cutting seriously, there were too many of them in the yard.

Tang Feng took off his coat, picked up a small bucket of water from the well, washed his face, and said, “To make three mats and put them on the bed to reduce the heat.” 

“And you’re going to use this play thing? Don’t fool people!”

Father Tang was very surprised.

Although he didn’t know what a mat is, if he was to sleep on this bamboo, it probably won’t feel good.

“So I need Father’s help.”

As soon as Father Tang heard this, he became interested, he had always been idle, if it weren’t for the fact that the sun was too big at noon, he would have gone to the fields a long time ago.

According to the length and width of each bed, Tang Feng and Tang Father cut the bamboo in sections, then used a machete to open it into pieces, leaving green skin to make a bamboo mattress, the yellow one was directly placed in the yard to dry for two days, then it could be used as firewood.

Lin Yu wanted to help, but was stopped by everyone, he also listened to Tang Feng’s words to boil water, and Tang Amo followed Tang Feng to work together.

Not to mention, even if he did some work in the yard, he still can’t bear the heat, and he have to cool down under the eaves for a while before continuing.

After all the green skins of the bamboo are ready, they are divided into three times and cooked in a large pot for the piglets, then left to dry in the sun.

“This sun is big, it is estimated that it will be done in 3 to 4 days. When the time comes, Father, I will teach you how to make it.”

Father Tang nodded happily.

“Let’s eat first.”

Lin Yu shouted.


After tossing for so long, he was indeed a little hungry.

Cucumbers and pumpkins were the most eaten on the farmer’s table in June and July.

Tang Feng disliked these two the most, so every time he ate, he only liked to grab pickle vegetable.

Lin Yu discovered this about him by chance, thinking that usually Tang Feng always told him not to be picky about food, so after thinking about it, he would always fill Tang Feng’s bowl with dishes when eating, and then hand it to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng originally refused to eat these, but this dish was what Lin Yu gave him, if he didn’t eat it, it would hurt his Fu Lang’s heart, so in order to minimize the taste of the things he hated the most, he poured the juice of pickled vegetable on it, but unexpectedly he found out that this taste wasn’t so bad, so as long as there are these two dishes on the table, he would eat them like this.

This provoked others to try it too, they found out that it was really good, so everyone all ate it like this.

“Village chief! Village chief! ”

Just after eating, before the dining table was cleared, there was a burst of shouts at the gate of the courtyard, it was a child.

Father Tang quickly stood up and looked, “Oh, it’s Da Niu from Wang San’s family! Ai! what’s going on? ”

When Tang Feng looked at it, he saw that Da Niu was pulling a fat little man in the yard.

That Da Niu tightly grasped the fat little man, looking afraid that he would run away.

“Village chief, I caught Dashi sneakily went down the river!”

Dashi(major thing) was that fat little man, because his father was in his thirties that he had him as his little treasure, plus the surname was Chen, so he was called Chen Dashi.

Went down the river?

This is no small matter.

“Dashi, you went down the river?”

Chen Dashi pouted.

“I was caught before I got into the water.”

Da Niu looked disdainful, “With me guarding, you still want to go down the river!”

Although Chen Dashi was spoiled at home, when he was caught at the village chief’s house, he was a little stunned and did not say a word.

When Father Tang heard this, he looked at Chen Dashi’s face and was also serious.

“Remember what I said?”

Chen Dashi shrunk his head and whispered, “Remember.” 

“If you remember, then go back and tell your father to give the money to Da Niu.”

Chen Dashi immediately nodded, and Da Niu on the side smiled until his eyes were almost gone.

After the two of them left, Father Tang sighed with emotion, “After such a long time, I thought that everyone was settled, but I didn’t think that there were still people who wanted to go down the river.”

“Children in the village have never been restrained like this in previous years, now that it’s so hot, they can’t help but want to go into the water.”

After Tang Amo washed the dishes, he couldn’t help but mention it after hearing Father Tang’s words.

“But it’s often the most prone to accidents at this time, however there was a lot of rain a few days ago, and the water in this river has risen a lot! If something happens, who will take care of it. ”

Tang Amo thought about it, people’s life is a matter of heaven, but you still have to watch out a little.

Father Tang sat for a moment and said.

“It seems that I have to warn everyone once, lest everyone forget.”

“Father is right, otherwise, it will be too late once something happens.” 

Tang Feng was very much in favor of Father Tang’s approach, and only after repeated instructions would the villagers realize that it was a place that needed constant attention, otherwise if something happened, no one would be happy.

Moreover, before Father Tang could gather the villagers to emphasize this matter again, something happened.

“It’s obviously your son’s fault! Why do you say that my son is wrong! ”

A strong Amo yelled at a tall and thin Amo.

“How is it not your son’s fault! My son hasn’t gone down the river yet! He just passed by the river, and was caught by your son to the village chief, who didn’t know that your Da Niu was domineering, bullying my family’s Dashi whom was with a gentle temperament, he even directly pulled him away without asking! ”

Don’t look at how thin and weak Amo looked, but his voice was actually a little bigger than that strong Amo.

“What’s going on? How did the two quarrel. ”

“Didn’t Da Niu of the Wang family caught the Chen family’s Dashi about to go down the river? That’s why the village chief let the Wang family’s fined money and give it to Da Niu, this Chen family’s heart is not comfortable. ”

The people watching on the side told what they knew, but no one came forward to persuade.

It’s not that they just care about watching the liveliness, it’s that the Chen family’s mouth was too powerful, who in the village doesn’t more or less avoid him. Last time the children of the Liu family and Chen Dashi got into an argument, this Chen family scolded everyone at the door of the Liu family without eating and working until everyone went to rest at night. 

This is also the so-called “scolding fame”.

“You mean to say that my family’s Da Niu slandered your family’s Dashi?” Da Niu’s Amo trembled with anger, “Bah! Although my family’s Da Niu has some skin, but he never deceives people, it is clear that your family’s Dashi has done something wrong! ”

“Blah blah blah! It’s obviously your Da Niu bullying my family’s Dashi! He wanted to pit our family’s silver money, you guys with a black heart! ”

After saying this, Dashi’s Amo gave Da Niu’s Amo a strong fist, and the two people fought.

When Father Tang knew about this and rushed over, both of their faces were already blue and purple.

“Great, you guys are great!”

Father Tang’s roar made the two who were originally like roosters in battle shake their bodies in unison.

Don’t look at Father Tang’s usual good talk, once he gets angry, he had very deterrent power.

“Are you dissatisfied that the Da Niu caught the Dashi and said that he slandered him?”

Dashi’s Amo shook, not knowing whether to nod or not.

“But when I asked Dashi, he himself had already admitted his mistake, how can this be explained? That I forced him? ”

“No, no.”

Father Tang ignored him and turned to ask Da Niu’s Amo.

“Speak, who made a move first?”

Da Niu’s Amo glanced sideways at Dashi’s Amo, “Village Chief….”

“Everyone come to the ancestral hall tonight!”

The author has something to say: Father Tang: Old Tang, I, don’t show power, and you think of me as a fake village chief!

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