Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 64

Chapter 64

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Inside the Xiao Qingshan Ancestral Hall, there was silence.

“Did I not say you are not allowed to go into the river without permission? I also specially advise you to watch out about your own children properly?! ”

Father Tang stood in the big hall, angrily questioning the villagers.

“I also specially sent a few children to guard there every day, but what I never expected was that someone still went down the river!

The villagers hung their heads motionlessly, you look at me, I look at you, although they knew whose child it was, but no one dared to come out and speak.

“Chen Dashi’s family, as well as Wang Da Niu’s family, all of you stand up for me.”

Father Tang pointed to the villagers, who were the Chen and the Wang family.

The Chen family man and the Wang family man knew that it was the wife of the two who fought, and now you look at me, I look at you, their faces were extremely embarrassed.

Especially the Chen family man, although he spoiled Chen Dashi, he could still clearly tell the right and wrong of this matter. 

His own Fu Lang took care of the family and also the children, this time it was also because he was fined copper coins, and his heart can’t accept it, that’s why he would do such a thing.

“Da Niu, you tell us from the beginning to end on how you caught Chen Dashi, including the matter of you dragging him to my house and later letting you go to his house to fine money.”

Wang Daniu’s small chest was quite high, and he had not done anything wrong, so he was naturally not afraid.

His pronunciation was clear, he described the whole situation again in a clear and logical manner.

“That’s what happened………………, I listened to the village chief, and I went to his house and asked for five copper coins, then I went home, and that’s it.”

Father Tang nodded, the villagers below also knew about it, listening to Da Niu say it again, there was a feeling of reproduction of the scene.

“Dashi, I’ll ask you again! Did you sneak down the river and get caught by Da Niu?”

Chen Dashi hung his head and nodded.

“Then why did you start a dispute today because of this plain matter?! To even resort to fighting! ”

Dashi’s Amo knew that he was in the wrong, moreover, Dashi even admitted that he was caught sneaking into the river, where is there anything to say.

“I’m here today to ring the alarm again!” Father Tang looked at the villagers with a cold expression, “No one is allowed to secretly go down the river! From today, the penalty will be changed from the previous five copper coins to twenty copper coins! ”

Twenty copper coins!

Everyone’s hearts tightened! They have to watch their own children! Can’t lose this copper coins!

And the people who were chosen to guard the riverbank were very surprised, there were twenty copper coins in this catch! It’s like doing someone else’s work for a day! Very worth it!

The village chief was angry, because someone clearly made a mistake, did not admit it, even to blame it on others.

As soon as Tang Feng returned from the medicine field, he met many villagers who had left the ancestral hall.

Everyone talked about what had just happened in the ancestral hall.

“I’ve never seen my father get angry.”

Back home, Tang Feng said to Tang Amo, who cleaned up the eaves.

“I haven’t seen it either.”

After Lin Yu came from the Lin family to the Tang family, he really hadn’t seen Father Tang get angry.

“He, ah, can’t start a fire at home, he can only make a fire outside.”

Tang Feng’s brain twitched, Father Tang was not angry at home, it’s because he did not dare to get angry.

When Father Tang came home, his face was full of smiles, and he followed Tang Feng and asked if this mattress could be made up.

“I’ve been thinking about this in my heart these days, you see, this green thing has been dry, it can be made now. Just tell me how to do it, I can make one out tonight.”

Father Tang picked up a sun-dried green piece and said to Tang Feng.

“I’m afraid I can’t do it with one, will have to make two in one go.” 

Tang Feng saw that he really did not bring that anger home, he admired it in his heart, home is home, official business is official business, it was also very remarkable to be able to separate the two.

“That’s okay, you talk first, I’ll practice my skill.”


After Tang Feng swept the floor of the hall house, he took a large wooden board from the firewood room and put it on the ground, and then took the dried bamboo green silk.

There are three steps to making a summer sleeping mat.

“One is to open the formation, the second is the estuary, and the third is to have it at hand.”

To start weaving means that the weaving of the summer sleeping mat starts from the middle.

“First, perpendicular to each other, start from the center position, and when arranging each fence, you should move it slightly relative to the previous fence, so that the shape of each fence end is a regular rectangle,” Tang Feng gestured with his hand a few times, and Father Tang nodded in understanding.

“In addition, you must remember that after each additional fence, you must use a heavy object to squeeze and shoot the freshly woven fence a few times, so that the fence is closely arranged between the fences, so that when you sleep on it, it will be comfortable and will not poke people.”

Father Tang nodded, “I know this, there is a hammer at home, and I use that hammer when I make baskets.”

Tang Feng continued, “The estuary is for the neatness and beauty of the mat, and the four sides of the mattress are changed to one and three weaving to make a circle, the woven surface is conveniently called the estuary. ”

“It’s just for good looks! I can also do this too,” Father Tang took out the bamboo basket he had woven before from a part of the hall, “You see, I’m afraid of piercing people here, so it’s all done by picking one and pressing three.” 

Tang Feng took over, and it was true, “In this case, it will be made up quickly.”

“When the edge is finally closed, the inverted method is used to close the edge, and it is required that the inverted table should form a neat line, but remember that it must be a neat line, otherwise it will also poke people.”

“Understood, except for the opening place, I am not very familiar with it. I have no problem with the estuary and the closing edge in the back.”

Just do what he said, Father Tang directly drew the green chips and put them on the board and began to work.

Tang Feng was also a tactless and impulsive person, he only remembers this method, but when he really started to do it, he was also very raw.

One person makes a bed, Father Tang is handy all the way, but Tang Feng was bumpy, from time to time Father Tang would point it out when he saw that he was doing it wrong, it was not until it is time to go to bed that Tang Feng started to weave smoothly, Father Tang was already closing the edge.

Inexplicably deflated.

Tang Feng wiped a handful of sweat from his face, stood up and loosened his muscles, “I’ll go take a bath first.” 

Father Tang was doing it affectionately, and ignored him, Tang Feng shook his head helplessly and smiled, then went to wash.

“Father, it’s so late, come back to do it tomorrow,” After Tang Feng washed up, seeing that Father Tang was still tossing, he couldn’t help but persuade.

“You go to sleep, I’ll sleep later.”

Tang Feng was helpless and went to sleep, he still had to teach in the morning.

The next morning, Father Tang proudly showed Tang Feng the two mattresses that had been made, “Look, I have done what your bedding has not finished, this next two beds can be used today.”

Originally, after finishing it in the middle of the night last night, Father Tang wanted to try it right away, but Tang Amo slept soundly, and he didn’t dare to push him awake, so he had to wait for today’s laying it again.

“I was wondering why did you went to sleep so late last night, turned out you were making this. Will you be able to sleep today?” 

Tang Amo reached out and touched the summer sleeping mat, well, cool silk, it was indeed good.

“You have to use a cloth to rub a few handfuls of the silk of the bamboo, so that there is no remaining hair on it.”

As soon as Father Tang heard this, he immediately went to get the rag.

Sure enough, at noon, Tang Feng took it to lay out, and Lin Yu slept very well during his nap.

Father Tang was even more satisfied, “I’ll cut some bamboo and make two beds for my in-laws, as well as your grandfather and third uncle.”

Tang Amo smiled beside him and let him go out with a machete, “If he has this mood, let him go, I’m afraid the passion in this stomach hasn’t finished yet.” ”

Indeed, the fire in Father Tang’s stomach was still there, he sometimes thought that this is not an accident, everyone is indifferent, if something happens, everyone will be uncomfortable.

However, a few days later, the villagers were very conscious and told their children not to go down the river from time to time.

Not because of the copper coins that was fined, but because people drowned in Songzi Village.

“It’s the cousin nephew of the Feng family in the east of the village, he’s only twenty years old! Gee, now he’s gone. ”

Wu Amo looked at Lin Amo with a pity face, and Tang Amo said.

“I used to think that I didn’t have half-old children in my family, and I didn’t take it seriously, I didn’t think that such a big person was drowned, you guys think, alas.”

Lin Amo sighed with emotion.

“That’s right, my family only has Wu Zhu, I didn’t think much about it before, now I have to watch out for him.”

Wu Amo patted his thigh and said.

Tang Amo nodded, “It’s always good to be careful, my husband has reminded me many times before, I was told by many Amo in the village that I was overly worried, and now, something happened in other villages, it’s even our villagers’ cousins, this is a sad lesson.”

When Father Tang came back in the afternoon, he explained the original nature of the matter.

“It was seven or eight young men who went into the water together, all of them were such a big person, everyone also swam happily, the drowning man perhaps got a cramped under his feet and sank, when others found out that something was wrong, there were no more people, the people of Songshan Village looked down the river, and found him in the branch in the big river not far from the town, his clothes were washed away, and his body was also badly injured, but fortunately, the body was intact.”

Father Tang took a sip of herbal tea and said with a sigh, “I have to wake up the people in the village at night, this time it should always be safe, this adult man can be gone, let alone the child.” 

At dinner, Father Tang didn’t eat much and went to the ancestral hall to wait, with another person losing his life, Father Tang, one moment not wanting to urge the villagers another moment was restless.

“What father had done was already well enough.”

Lin Yu put away the clothes in the yard, looked at the sky, and suddenly said.

Tang Amo smiled slightly, “He is always like this, he wants to do what he should do well, and the ears of some of the people are calloused, he still feels the need to mention it.”

“This is right, it was said already, everyone at least have some consideration, if he doesn’t say it, then everyone will gradually forget, when the time comes, and something irreparable happened, then they will blame him, it’s hard to be the village chief.”

Tang Feng helped Lin Yu brought the clothes back to the room, and said with a smile after coming out.

The author has something to say: Father Tang: Humph! There’s nothing wrong with listening to me! I’m a real village chief!

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