Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 65

Chapter 65

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“I naturally knew it was right, but some people inevitably got confused for a while. No matter what you say, they wouldn’t listen.”

Tang Amo naturally understood his husband well. When he was young, he used to argue with others over trivial matters frequently. As time went by, he became more tolerant. As long as he did what he was supposed to do well, regardless of what happened, he had a clear conscience and no one could fault him. That was the best way to live.

After the incident in Pine Mountain Village, the villagers of Xiao Qingshan Village became completely obedient. Some villagers were even too afraid to wash their clothes by the riverside. They preferred to have their husbands fetch water and wash clothes in their own yards, or they would go to households with wells to fetch water and wash clothes there.

Whether it’s good or bad, in this kind of weather and situation, it can be considered a good thing for now.

In the blink of an eye, it was already July. The sun in July was even hotter. Even standing in the yard, doing nothing, one couldn’t bear the scorching sun.

Whether it was the vegetables in the field or the wild grass and flowers by the roadside, everything was parched by the sun. Fortunately, there was no trend of drought, so everyone could manage to hold steady.

“Regarding the poem from yesterday, I mentioned that today I would have someone recite it, so now I’m going to choose someone.”

With his hands behind his back, Tang Feng walked around in the class, about to call someone, when Wu Fei rushed in, panicked.

“Tang! Tang Feng! Come quick and see! Something’s happened to my student!”

Something happened? The children sitting down heard these words and started to discuss among themselves. Some of the children, particularly the timid ones, even started to feel uneasy.

Tang Feng furrowed his brow and then addressed the people in the class, “Liu Wen, keep an eye on everyone from where I’m sitting. I’ll be back in a moment. In the meantime, familiarize yourselves with the poem again. I’ll still choose someone later.”

Then, turning to the panicked Wu Fei, he said, “Let’s go, take me to see.”

In Wu Fei’s class, the children had gathered in a circle, as if they were looking at something, wanting to approach but not daring to.

“Everyone, quickly disperse!”

Tang Feng shouted.

Upon hearing this, the children immediately dispersed.

In the middle, there was a six or seven-year-old child foaming at the mouth, convulsing all over. With such obvious symptoms, Tang Feng didn’t even need to check the pulse to know what the problem was.

He quickly picked up the child and then said to Wu Fei, “I’ll leave my student here in your care. I’ll take him home for treatment first. You and Master Wang comfort everyone, don’t let things get chaotic.”

“Alright! There won’t be any problems, right?”

Wu Fei looked at the child in Tang Feng’s arms, still twitching slightly, with concern.

Tang Feng smiled reassuringly, “It’ll be fine.”

After Tang Feng left with the child, a short and stout boy said,

“Zhou Wen has had that illness for a while. Once it flares up, he’ll be like this, but it won’t be long before he recovers on his own.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard Amo say it several times,” another boy chimed in.

Upon hearing this, Wu Fei felt a bit more relieved. He didn’t want anything to happen to his student.

“Da Shuang, you have long legs and can run fast. Go to the Zhou’s house and inform Zhou Wen’s parents.”

The child named Da Shuang nodded hastily and ran outside.

When Tang Feng hurriedly carried the foaming-mouthed child back home, Lin Yu was startled at first, but then realized the child was having an episode. He quickly fetched Tang Feng’s medicine box, while Tang Amo also hurriedly brought out a clean wooden plank and placed it in the middle of the hall. Tang Feng laid the child on the plank.

Lin Yu placed the medicine box beside him and then took out a piece of cloth from his pocket.

“Quick, wipe the child’s mouth!”

His belly was already too big to bend down.

Tang Feng took the cloth and gently wiped away the foam from the child’s mouth. The child had calmed down now, but still hadn’t regained consciousness, with his limbs showing an unnatural twisting.

This was childhood epilepsy, a condition that could only be managed but not completely cured in this era.

Tang Feng gently massaged Zhou Wen’s body, trying to relax his limbs.

The Zhou family, alerted by the commotion, also rushed to Tang’s house.

“Doctor Tang! Doctor Tang! How is our Ah Wen?”

A couple, sweating profusely, burst in, the Amo was especially anxious.

Tang Feng opened the medicine box and inquired, “Has he had this since birth?”

The Amo, somewhat puzzled, nodded with a choked voice, “He’s been having these episodes since he was little. We’ve consulted doctors in the county, but they couldn’t help. The shaman said he offended the gods, so our child is suffering like this!”

“But our ancestors have always been honest farmers. Where would we dare to offend the gods?”

Tang Feng shook his head helplessly.

“What kind of offense to the gods is this? This illness is congenital. Did any of your ancestors have this illness?”

The Amo was stunned, trembling as he replied, “No one in our family has had this kind of illness!”

At this moment, the man standing beside him bowed his head with guilt.

“My father told me that my grandfather had this illness.”

Upon hearing this, the Amo immediately burst into tears.

“I knew my child’s fate was so bitter! It turns out it’s all because of your old Zhou family! Now that my child is like this, what are we going to do?”

The man’s face was also filled with worry.

“Doctor Tang, can’t you figure out how this illness came about? Do you have a solution? Please, save our Ah Wen!”

Desperately grasping at a lifeline, the man urgently questioned Tang Feng, on the verge of kneeling down, but Tang Amo hurriedly stopped him.

Lin Yu brought over the alcohol and needles Tang Feng had requested. After preparing everything, Tang Feng administered several needles to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen’s Amo nearly screamed in shock at the sight, but seeing his child still unconscious, his heart grew even more anxious. If even this didn’t wake him up…

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing serious, but this illness can only be managed. Take good care of him, avoid letting him get too excited, or it may relapse. Also, there are some foods he should avoid. I’ll go over them with you, make sure not to give them to him.”

The couple nodded eagerly upon hearing that there was nothing serious.

“Thank you, Doctor Tang, thank you.”

Tang Feng waved his hand, and once Zhou Wen regained consciousness, he asked him a few more questions before writing out a prescription.

Zhu Li is good for clearing heat, moistening phlegm, calming the mind, and aiding digestion when combined with ginger juice. Dan Nan Xing clears heat and phlegm, calms the mind, and treats epilepsy.

“I don’t have all the herbs here. Hurry and take this prescription to town to get the herbs.”

The couple expressed their gratitude once again. After paying for the medicine, they left with Zhou Wen, whose eyes were shining as he looked at Tang Feng.

“It’s good that nothing serious happened.”

Tang Amo sighed in relief and went to gather pigweed.

Nothing serious? Tang Feng didn’t delve deeper, but he knew this illness was difficult to treat.

Tang Feng hadn’t finished his classes yet. After washing his hands casually, he hurriedly made his way to the school.

The children already knew what had happened. When Tang Feng returned, they all looked at him, wanting to ask but hesitating.

“Why the worried faces? No need to fret, everything’s fine now. Let’s get someone to recite that poem.”

When the teacher said everything was fine, it truly was. The children, with a hint of anxiety, were instantly reassured.

The child with epilepsy was named Zhou Wen. He had two older brothers and was the youngest. Despite his condition, he was incredibly bright. Tang Feng had heard Wu Fei mention multiple times that this child had great potential. Never did he imagine that he would have this illness. However, as long as he avoid getting too excited and take good care of himself, it wouldn’t affect his life too much.

After finishing his classes, Tang Feng returned home and sighed, “It’s fortunate that the child’s condition is still in the early stages. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Have a glass of cold tea!”

Lin Yu poured a glass of cold tea and handed it to Tang Feng, who smiled and said, “Thank you, wife.”

Lin Yu sat down beside him and said, “Actually, there are several children in our original village who have this illness. Everyone says they’re cursed. One family even moved away because of it, and we don’t know how they’re doing now.”

“That’s not a curse. There are many reasons for this kind of illness, and it’s hard to pinpoint them all at once. But one thing’s for sure, it has nothing to do with ghosts or gods.”

“I don’t believe it either. If there were so many ghosts and gods, why don’t the wicked suffer? It’s always the innocent who suffer!”

Tang Feng was surprised to hear Lin Yu speak like this for the first time and looked at him directly.

“What happened today? Did you hear something somewhere?”

Lin Yu glanced at him, “Isn’t it because of you? You told me a story about the Butterfly Lovers last night. Now my mind is filled with the shameful things Ma Wencai did. If it weren’t for his family’s status, who knows who would be bullying whom!”

Tang Feng was taken aback and rubbed his nose.

“You’re thinking so much because of that story?”

“Story? I actually think this thing is very relevant to our lives. I remember when I was young, my father told me that some Gers in certain villages were a bit more handsome. But once they went to the county town, some pampered sons would harass them, and then turn around and say it was the Gers who lacked self-respect! I just don’t understand, what kind of logic is that?!”

Tang Feng nodded.

It’s like in modern times, when a woman dresses a bit more provocatively and gets harassed, people immediately blame her attire for her lack of self-respect, forgetting that she’s the real victim.

“Alright, don’t think too much about it. I’ve thought of a few names these days. Let me tell you, and then we can choose a name for our child!”

Lin Yu’s interest was piqued. “What names have you thought of?”

“Tang Yu, Tang Muyu, Tang Yuchen. These are the three. You choose one.”

Tang Feng said with a grin.

Lin Yu laughed heartily after hearing the names. “These are the names you came up with?”

“The best names for a child are ones that incorporate the names of their parents. This way, the child will know that he is cherished by both his Amo and father.”

“Alright, alright, I know what you mean. Don’t be so sentimental. Let’s go with Tang Yu!”

Tang Feng’s affectionate tone gave Lin Yu goosebumps even in the middle of summer.

Author’s Note: “Fart”

During class, Tang Feng suddenly caught a whiff of a foul odor, definitely not from his beloved Lin Yu! It had to be! Tang Feng abruptly turned his head and looked at Wu Zhu, who was sitting behind him.

“What’s going on?”

Wu Zhu blinked his eyes nervously.

“Did you fart?” Tang Feng asked in a low voice.

“How could I! It wasn’t me! Don’t accuse me!”

Wu Zhu’s face turned red, and he growled softly, “What to do? I let out a silent fart! How did he catch me!”

“It really wasn’t you?”

“Really wasn’t!”

Tang Feng raised an eyebrow. “But the smell is coming from your direction!”

Upon hearing this, Wu Zhu suddenly started to take big breaths.

Tang Feng: …

After a while, Wu Zhu chuckled, “No smell. You must have misjudged.”

Tang Feng: …

Wu Zhu felt secretly pleased. He had already sucked up all the odor in the air. Now Tang Feng had no evidence. Why should he be accused of farting? Hmph! Would he be as smart as I am!

(This small theater is from a joke adaptation. This is a small theater with an odor, hehehe)

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