Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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“What’s the name?”

“Tang Yu.”

During dinner that evening, Tang Feng informed Tang Amo and Father Tang of the name they had decided on with Lin Yu. After hearing it, Father Tang pondered for a moment and said, “This name isn’t good.”

“Why isn’t it good? I think it’s quite nice,” Tang Amo said, puzzled.

Father Tang explained, “Tang Feng, Lin Yu, and now Tang Yu. Doesn’t it sound like three brothers?”

Tang Feng and Lin Yu paused for a moment. Indeed, with Father Tang saying so, it did seem quite like that.

Tang Amo smiled at the words.

“Well then, let’s change it. There are plenty of good names out there! Xiao Yu, come up with one.”

Lin Yu lowered his head in thought, “Then let’s go with Tang Muyu.”

Tang Feng almost immediately nodded. He liked this name! It was fitting!

This name was about Tang Feng admiring Lin Yu!

“Yes, this name is good. Let’s go with Muyu,” Father Tang decisively declared.

“What about a childhood name? Have you thought about it?”

Now that the full name was settled, the childhood name couldn’t be forgotten.

“As for the childhood name, I have one here. Listen up,” Tang Amo said eagerly.

“I specifically went to the temple to ask for it. I heard that children who get their nicknames from the master there grow up to be strong and healthy. So, I went to seek one too.”

“When did you do that?” Tang Feng asked.

“Why do you care when it happened? As long as you’re okay with the name!” Tang Amo glared at Tang Feng.

“Then, tell us quickly, Amo.” Lin Yu chuckled.

Tang Amo immediately grinned from ear to ear. “Let’s call him Dou Dou. So, his childhood name will be Tang Dou Dou. What do you think?”

“Tang Dou Dou, not bad. But what’s the significance behind it?” Father Tang asked with keen interest.

“The child was conceived in the first month of the Lunar year, very close to spring. And after spring arrives, many beans will sprout. So, we’ll call him Dou Dou, implying that he will grow into a towering tree in the future.”

Listening to Tang Amo’s serious explanation of the significance, Tang Feng couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Confused, Lin Yu looked at him and asked, “What’s so funny?”

Tang Feng waved his hand with a smile, “It’s nothing.”

But the smile on his face grew even wider.

“What’s wrong? You’re not satisfied?” Tang Amo asked, looking at Tang Feng, who was laughing heartily.

“No, no, it’s not that. Didn’t you say that after beans sprout, they’ll grow into towering trees? I thought only seeds sprouting would become towering trees!”

“Oh, so you mean the childhood name should be Tang Zhongzi? Hahaha!” Father Tang joined in the laughter.

Note: Zhongzi is seed.

Lin Yu suppressed a smile, his eyes twinkling with amusement. Seeing Tang Amo’s expression turning darker, Tang Feng quickly interjected.

“It’s not that, I just found the expression quite amusing, that’s all. I have no objections, Tang Dou Dou sounds great.”

Tang Feng dared not voice his true thoughts.

And so, the child’s full name and childhood name were decided by the Tang family together.

“Tang Dou Dou can also sound like ‘tang’ from candy,” Lin Yu lay on the bed, murmuring the child’s nickname.

“Do you like it?” Tang Feng asked.

“Naturally, I love it. This name sounds extremely cute, especially since Amo worked so hard to obtain it,” Lin Yu fibbed with a mischievous grin.

Tang Feng smiled gently, climbed onto the bed, and lay down beside Lin Yu. “Now that we have Tang Dou Dou, should we have another one, Tang Guo Guo?”

“Tang Guo Guo?”

“Yeah, to give our child a brother or sister.”

Lin Yu blushed to the roots of his ears.

“The baby in the belly hasn’t even arrived yet, and you’re already thinking of other things?”

Tang Feng rubbed his nose.

“It’s only natural. Planning early leads to early preparation! What about you? Don’t you want to have many children with me?”

“Let’s just go to sleep. Don’t you have to teach tomorrow!”

Lin Yu didn’t want to discuss it further, and Tang Feng didn’t insist. After all, in the future, it would be up to him to sow the seeds, whether it was Tang Dou Dou, Tang Guo Guo, or anything else—they would all have a part of their love.

Early the next morning, as Tang Feng headed to the school, he spotted a small figure standing at the school gate from afar.

As he approached, he realized it was Zhou Wen.

“Dr. Tang.”

Zhou Wen’s voice was filled with admiration and excitement.

“Why are you standing here?” Tang Feng asked.

“I came to thank you for saving my life.”

“Well, that’s interesting.”

Tang Feng bent down and ruffled Zhou Wen’s hair.

“Thanks for what? I’m a doctor, and besides, I also accepted payment from your parents.”

“It’s only right.”

Zhou Wen spoke with utmost sincerity, his little face serious.

This made Tang Feng involuntarily wonder if his own Tang Dou Dou would grow up to be like this.

“If you ever feel unwell in the future, come to me. Don’t hold it in. Alright, hurry inside!”


With that, Zhou Wen hurriedly ran into the school.

“It’s fortunate that Tang Feng was there. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been good if something had happened here.”

After school, Tang Feng, Wu Fei, and Old Xiucai Wang sat together. Old Xiucai Wang spoke with a lingering sense of apprehension.

That’s true. If there had been casualties in the first year of the new school’s construction, wouldn’t it have undermined the promises of prosperity made to the villagers?

“What are you thinking about? You’re awfully quiet.”

Tang Feng couldn’t help but ask when he noticed Wu Fei lost in thought.

Old Xiucai Wang also turned to look.

Wu Fei smiled shyly. “I was just thinking, should we send that child to study under your guidance? You can take care of him. Honestly, I’m not skilled in medicine at all, and there are many things I can’t handle. So, I’m thinking long-term, you know? Zhou Wen’s family members are also concerned, so what do you think about this idea?”

“That’s actually a good idea,” Old Xiucai Wang agreed after some contemplation.

“If you’re not worried that I’ll compete with you for such a talented student, I’d be more than happy!”

For Tang Feng, Wu Fei’s suggestion wasn’t unreasonable. He was a doctor, and there were some things he should take responsibility for.

So, under the discussion of the three, Zhou Wen was transferred to Tang Feng’s care.

As for what happened in the school, because of Tang Feng’s timely intervention, the child was safe and sound. Moreover, when it was heard that Zhou Wen would be transferred to Tang Feng’s care, the villagers breathed a sigh of relief.

The child was fine, and besides, the teacher was a doctor! What was there to fear!

Some parents even brought their children to the Tang family, begging Tang Feng to accept their children under his care.

Tang Feng felt helpless about this, but could only explain the situation well and then send the disappointed villagers away with a smile.

“Now our Ah Feng has become a hot commodity,” Tang Amo teased.


“Alright, alright, I won’t say anymore. Oh, by the way, on the sixteenth of this month, Hu Qiang is getting married. You’ve been brothers for so many years, you should go and join in the festivities!”

Tang Feng nodded. Hu Qiang had mentioned this to him countless times. It was all because Hu Amo had forcefully arranged a marriage for him. Until now, Hu Qiang hadn’t even seen his new wife.

He didn’t know the person’s name or which family he belonged to.

So, he was extremely anxious. Fortunately, he knew he was the only hope for the Hu family, so he couldn’t do anything drastic like leaving home. He could only swallow his pride and follow the arrangements of the Hu family.

“Amo, do you know who this Ger is from?”

Lin Yu was also curious. After all, Lin Amo, Tang Amo, and Hu Amo often gathered together and talked about various things.

“This child has quite a background. He’s the Ger  from the town. Hu Qiang is quite lucky.”

“Oh! So he’s from the town. How did he suddenly end up here? I hope this Ger doesn’t bring any trouble.”

Tang Feng speculated as he shook the herbs in his hand.

“Nonsense! There’s no problem at all! It’s just that he’s passed the marriageable age and hasn’t been married off yet. That person is particularly capable!” Tang Amo almost scolded Tang Feng.

A Ger from the town who’s past the marriageable age and still unmarried, yet capable? Suddenly, a name popped into Lin Yu’s head.

“Is he the eldest Ger of the butcher Yang?”

“Yes! That’s him. Ah Yu, you know him?”

“The eldest Ger of the butcher Yang? Who is he?” Tang Feng didn’t know this person.

Lin Yu chuckled, “For a while, Ah Wen didn’t like to eat, so Amo found a folk remedy and asked me to go to butcher Yang in town every day to get pig livers. That’s how I got to know their eldest Ger.”

The eldest Ger of butcher Yang was quite ordinary-looking, but he was indeed capable. However, because he had learned the skill of slaughtering pigs from his father, he had never been married off. Firstly, he hadn’t found anyone he liked, and secondly, no one wanted to marry a Ger who could slaughter pigs.

“The butcher’s Ger, huh? He might be able to straighten out Hu Qiang with his skills!”

At least now there was one less person, and Tang Feng wouldn’t have to hear about that guy, Wen Qing, constantly.

“When will Wu Amo find someone for Wu Zhu?”

Tang Amo glared at him fiercely.

“What do you think this is? Do you think it’s something you can just decide on? Hu Qiang’s Amo searched for a long time before finding such a match.”

Tang Feng immediately shut up, but he couldn’t help thinking, he really hoped Wu Amo’s actions would speed up. That way, they could arrange for the two to marry directly, and Wen Qing’s name could disappear completely from his ears.

But when Tang Feng thought about the Wen family, he couldn’t help but think of Wen Shu, who was going to take the imperial examination in the capital city next month. He would be coming back soon, and Tang Feng wondered if their village would be able to produce a Lord Gradute. If Wen Shu passed the exam, their Xiao Qingshan Village would have taken a big step forward.

The author has something to say: (This small theater is set in a modern boys’ high school! Modern boys’ high school! All boys!)

<<Women’s Kingdom>>

“When we mention Journey to the West, what comes to mind for everyone?”

The handsome male teacher, Wen Shu, asked from the podium.

“Sun Wukong!” Wu Zhu was the first to call out.

“Piggy!” Hu Qiang followed suit, unwilling to fall behind.

“Tang Seng!” Wen Qing remained calm as ever.

“Monsters!” Zhang Lei said with a grin.

While everyone was eagerly speaking up, Tang Feng, sitting in the last row in the corner, started to doze off again, and Wen Shu took a deep breath.

“Tang Feng, wake up!”

Lin Yu sighed and poked Tang Feng’s waist from the desk. Tang Feng, half-asleep, reached out and happened to grab Lin Yu’s hand. Hmm, it felt nice!

“Quick, get up! The teacher is calling your name!”

Tang Feng straightened up, looking at the teacher with a pale face on the podium. “Teacher?”

“I’m asking you to stand up and answer my question.”

“What question?”

Tang Feng stood up, and Lin Yu quickly wrote down the question the teacher asked on a notebook and pushed it in front of Tang Feng.

“When we mention Journey to the West, what comes to mind?”

Tang Feng breathed a sigh of relief. He thought it was something else. “Women’s Kingdom!”

“Women’s Kingdom?”

Upon hearing Tang Feng’s answer, the classmates in the class exchanged sly smiles with each other.

“What comes to mind when you think of Women’s Kingdom?”

At the same time, everyone in the class thought of women.

But Tang Feng scratched his head. “The smell of blood!”

Others: Confused faces. What about women?

“Uh, as for why? Let me give you an example.”

“What if in a capital city, there are a total of four hundred thousand women, and two hundred thousand of them are on their periods every fifteenth day of the month? What scent would permeate the entire city? Think about it, this is just one capital city. What if half of the women in the entire Women’s Kingdom were on their periods? What scent would fill the entire country?”

“I’m done talking. Do you understand now?”

Teacher: ……… Let’s stop here.

Classmates: ……… It’s almost time for lunch. Let’s stop talking.

(This is just a small theater, but of course, we girls are awesome! Even if the scent of periods filled the air, we were still awesome! It’s all our fragrance! Proud!)

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