Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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 Not long after they finished eating, Guo Gong and the others were ready to go back.

“It’s not good that no one is at home at the moment so we have to go back now.” the Guo’s old husband and wife tactfully declined Tang’s husband and wife. Guo Mo seized Tang Feng and Lin Yu and said, “Both of you get along well. Come to visit us whenever you have time. There’s also the first visit of the newlyweds to the relatives.” 

“Yes, it’s good to walk around a bit when you have time.” Third Uncle Guo said in an approving tone. Third Uncle Guo’s wife, who was standing next to him, also smiled gently.

“We will definitely go, Grandpa, Grandma, third uncle and third uncle-in-law, we will visit everyone. Take care of your health.” 

“Good good good….”

Because old husband and wife Guo was older, and their village was some distance away from Xiao Qingshan Village, Father Tang asked a villager with a donkey cart to send them over. Of course, he also gave the transportation fee.

Tang Amo went to find Wu Amo, and Father Tang was also seeked out by a villager who had something going on so for a while the Tang house was left with the newly married husband and wife.

Lin Yu washed the quilt and clothes before drying them on the clothes rail in the courtyard. He then sprinkled some water on the orchids planted by Tang Feng in the courtyard.

He washed his hands with the well water after he finished tidying up.

“Take a break. Come here and drink this.”

Tang Feng came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of water soaked in the malva nut which he deliberately added some sugar to make it more delicious.

Lin Yu looked at the bowl in Tang Feng’s hand doubtfully, but did not ask much, he directly brought it over and drank. Who would have imagined that the excess water spilled out from the corner of Lin Yu’s mouth when he drank would directly flow down along his neckline into the neckline of his clothes.

After Lin Yu finished drinking, he turned his head just in front of Tang Feng’s unconcealed meaningful glance. His heart jumped, he directly took the bowl and went into the kitchen.

Tang Feng took a mouthful of cold air. After taking a few steps in the courtyard to calm his restlessness, he took a step forward and began to practice Tai Chi.

Lin Yu washed the dishes and came out, just in time to see Tang Feng who was constantly changing his movements in the courtyard. Although the posture was a little strange, inexplicably, Lin Yu felt it was very good-looking until he saw that Tang Feng’s back was a little sweaty, that he scooped up the hot water in the pot.

“I’ll wipe your back, otherwise, with this cold wind you will catch a cold.”

Lin Yu waited until Tang Feng finished practicing, before handing over the wrung-dried handkerchief to let the other party wash his face and said.


Tang Feng nodded, wiped the sweat stains from his face, before following Lin Yu, who was carrying hot water into the room.

Tang Feng’s room had a small door next to the wardrobe, which was specially reserved for Tang Feng’s bath room. Lin Yu put the bucket filled with hot water in the bath room, opened the wardrobe to find a clean undercloth, and signaled Tang Feng to go in.

Lin Yu’s movements were very fast, he already finished after washing several times. He urged Tang Feng to quickly change his clothes, “Hurry up and put them on, otherwise you will really catch a cold.”

Tang Feng reached out his hand and rubbed Lin Yu’s red ears. If he hadn’t discovered this feature of Lin Yu, he really wouldn’t know that the other party was embarrassed.

Tang Feng’s body could not be joke around, so he quickly put on his clothes. After drinking another cup of hot water, his body warmed up again.

“It’s been hard on you.”

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu who helped scrub clean his clothes that he changed before wholeheartedly speaking. After all, Lin Yu had just washed a big piles of things.

“I am your wife.” So no need to thank him.

Because Tang Feng’s clothes were changed in the morning, and there was just a bit of sweat, washing it was not so laborious.

“Sit down and accompany me to talk.”

When Lin Yu finished, Tang Feng pulled him to sit under the eaves to rest.

Lin Yu sat next to Tang Feng, he was a head taller than Tang Feng.

Tang Feng secretly measured his wife’s height, should be one meter and eighty or so. It seemed he had to grow faster, otherwise when they went out, others would feel that he’s the Ger.

“Is it because it’s your habit?”

Tang Feng squeezed Lin Yu’s hand and asked.

Lin Yu’s fingers trembled, then he honestly nodded, “It’s habit.”

Tang Feng laughed lightly, “It’s really easy to support you then.” 

Lin Yu fixed his eyes on the intertwined hands of the two of them. He nodded without noticing what Tang Feng said.

Really, he’s really very honest.

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu. The fondness in his heart increased a bit more. 

“My father has only himself alone in his family with no other siblings. But my Amo’s side still has the Guo family. Besides Guo Gong he still has his younger brother, there are no other relatives. That’s right, third uncle already has a child. He’s 15 years old this year. He’s learning craftmanship in the country town. This time our wedding was a bit too rush so he couldn’t make it…..”

Tang Feng was afraid that Lin Yu would have questions but feel embarrassed to ask so he directly straightened out his family member’s relationship for the other party.

Lin Yu listened seriously. When he entered the Door of the Tang Family, he should understand this kind of thing completely.

When Tang Amo came back with the big rooster he bought from Wu Amo, he saw two newlyweds sitting warmly together. He didn’t know what his family Tang Feng who rarely talked was talking to Lin Yu about. He was talking calmly while the other was listening seriously.

En, looks like his mental health is indeed much better, even his complexion was also a lot better, him marrying this wife was indeed the right choice. 

Tang Amo was extremely proud.

“What are you talking about? Quickly take a look at this robust rooster I bought!”

Hearing Tang Amo’s voice, Lin Yu and Tang Feng also stopped their action.

“Yes, it sure is robust. Wu Amo indeed has skills in raising chicken.” Tang Feng looked at the majestic big rooster and praised.

Lin Yu directly stepped forward to take the big rooster, and put it into the chicken coop. Circling around a bit, he did not forget to pour some water into it.

The Tang family only raise a pig. The chicken had already been killed three months ago to help replenish Tang Feng’s body.

Although Tang Amo saw Lin Yu didn’t say anything much, the child’s diligence and hard work made him feel very at east.

The leftovers that were eaten at noon would be gone after this meal. The most basic norm of a peasant family was to never waste food.  

Moreover, in front of Tang Feng, was still the same medicinal porridge for nearly three months.

Lin Yu looked at Tang Feng frown, before he slowly drank the porridge that emitted a medicinal smell. His heart was slightly sour. The worry in his eyes were seen by Tang Feng and his heart turned warm. 

“I feel like my health is a lot more better.”

Tang Feng’s words made everyone at the dinner table excited.


Tang Amo asked Tang Feng in disbelief, and Father Tang was also excited.

“Really, look at my face, is it still pale?” 

In order to convince the Tang’s husband and wife, Tang Feng also deliberately pushed his fair and white face forward.

“That’s good, that’s good. The heaven is considered to have opened its eyes.”

Note: Like good person really deserve to live well same as bad person deserve to receive retribution of their bad bad deed.

Tang Amo closed his hands and kept bowing to the sky incessantly.

“Although you are better now, you still have to pay attention to your body. After you come back from visiting your wife family’s house tomorrow, I will invite Doctor Wang to come to take a look. Although Father Tang is gratified, he is still rational.”

Lin Yu also nodded his head with a look of approval. His heart was not at ease, he always felt that Tang Feng’s words were just to ease their hearts.


Tang Feng smiled and responded.

He was not joking, his health was indeed much better. Although he could not do heavy work and git tired a lot, at least everything was developing in a good direction.

After eating, Tang Feng asked Tang Amo to give up the work so he could help Lin Yu clean up the dishes himself.

How could Tang Amo obstruct him. He simply felt that Lin Yu was a lucky star, so he was eager to let the two of them stick together all the time.

After Tang Feng saw that his desired result had been achieved, he was also slightly relieved. If he wanted Tang’s husband and wife to accept Lin Yu wholeheartedly, they had to develop according to the best expectations in their hearts.

Lin Yu talked even less when he’s working. Tang Feng was not a person who talked much so the atmosphere between the two was very harmonious.

After they finished cleaning up, Tang Feng vaguely heard the sound of water coming from outside the house. When he stepped out of the kitchen, it was raining heavily outside.

Sh*t! My wife’s laundry!

Tang Feng remembered that Lin Yu had worked so hard to wash them for so long. He probed his head to glance at the downpour, but found that there was nothing on the clothes rail.

“At noon, I felt the sky was a little dark, so I put the laundry into the room in advance.”

Lin Yu took a coat from the room and gave it to Tang Feng for him to drape it over his shoulders. His voice, which had recovered its clarity, gently expressed the doubts in Tang Feng’s heart.

“My wife is amazing.”


Lin Yu, with two crimson ears, walked into the room and closed the window that had been opened in the morning.

While conveniently sorting out his dowry separately on the way, he had already put all his clothes and other stuff into the wardrobe. 

With a pop noise, a book from Lin Yu’s new clothes that he was holding fell to the ground. Before Lin Yu could pick and put his things away, it was picked up by the owner of another hand.

Tang Feng flipped through the booklet in his hand and raised an eyebrow.

Lin Yu vaguely felt that thing was somewhat familiar. Once he saw Tang Feng show that kind of look, he felt a bang in his heart, it was the erotic pictures that Lin Amo gave him the night before he got married!

“It turns out that Fu Lang likes to look into these things,” Tang Feng teased Lin Yu, whose ears were getting redder and redder, but without much expression on his face, “However I, as your husband would be happy to accompany Fu Lang to practice two moves as a daily ready to use position.”

After saying that, he took the book and leaned over to Lin Yu. He turned to a page and stopped, the well-knuckled, beautiful finger lightly pointed at the page, “Wife, what do you think of this position?” 

The murmuring whisper revealed a strange and different kind of temptation more than the words of love from last night. Lin Yu looked at the page that Tang Feng’s finger pointed to as if seduced.

It was just like how he felt last night… Lin Yu couldn’t help but think of last night’s activities, but how could Tang Feng who was beside him not also think of the same.

Unfortunately, this is broad daylight, it was even raining. They occasionally could hear the Tang’s husband and wife’s voices from inside the hall. Even if Tang Feng really had the gut to do it, Lin Yu would be unwilling.

With a swoosh, the book in Tang Feng’s hand was pulled away by Lin Yu.

Watching Lin Yu directly throw the book in the far most corner of Tang Feng’s cabinet, he reached out and touched his nose. His wife was honest, but he also had a small temper.

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