I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Ghost Mountain Villa 11

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It wasn’t until Zhang Wubing saw in the split-screen footage that Yan Shixun, along with the two others, safely walked towards the villa, that he finally breathed a sigh of relief. His body, which had been tense all night, now slumped in exhaustion.

Due to his constitution, he had often encountered unclean things since childhood, and that’s why his parents had given him the name “Wubing,” hoping that he would have a life free from illness and misfortune.

However, even with that, Zhang Wubing had never been mentally and physically drained to this extent. He was still not fully recovered from the fright he had experienced today.

This situation, where he didn’t know anything about the enemy or their intentions, was really unsettling. It was even scarier than any of the previous ghostly encounters he had ever had.

Zhang Wubing even contemplated ending the production’s journey in Gui Mountain and leave this haunted place immediately.

However, it was too late to stop the show now.

After a night of intense fermentation and heated debates, this live-streaming program, witnessed by all viewers due to the appearance of the supernatural, has gained significant popularity on social platforms. It attracted over a hundred thousand viewers and subscribers, capturing the attention of several variety show Vloggers. It dominated the middle and later positions on real-time trending lists on social media, occupying more than a dozen tags.

It can be said that every move of the program is now closely monitored by many eyes.

Last night, due to the sudden incident, everyone’s attention was drawn to the bizarre events. Amidst fear and tension, they have not been able to focus on the authenticity of the appearance of the supernatural and the events.

However, once the audience realizes, at the latest in the next few days, the program team must provide a reasonable explanation.

Otherwise, not only could the live-streaming rights be suspended, but the program, including Zhang Wubing himself, might end up on the blacklist of video platforms and regulatory authorities.

If they leave Gui Mountain at a time like this, wouldn’t it be like admitting that those supernatural events were real, right in front of everyone?

Inside the room, Zhang Wubing was still anxiously trying to figure out how to explain the strange occurrences from last night, making calls to staff and guests to ensure their safety.

On the other side, Yan Shixun, along with Bai Shuang and An Nanyuan, arrived at the entrance of the villa.

Before Yan Shixun could reach out to push open the heavy, the intricately carved metal door opened automatically.

The impeccably dressed old steward stood expressionless behind the door. He was completely hidden in the dimly lit living room, with eyes that lacked warmth and vitality, fixed firmly on Yan Shixun.

“Having guests stay outside overnight is really my negligence as the villa’s caretaker,” the old steward’s face displayed a fake and stiff smile as he said to Yan Shixun, “The mountain air is cold, it’s better to stay inside the villa.”

Yan Shixun glanced at the old steward, whose movements seemed slightly more agile than the previous day, and smirked, “It seems like I’ve come to the right place this time, not only for the supply of food but also for such a beautiful garden.”

Bai Shuang, who had experienced a series of bizarre events throughout the night, had already realized that something was amiss at the villa. When she heard Yan Shixun mention “food,” she didn’t think he was joking.

She immediately recalled the incident from yesterday when the old steward had mentioned that the dinner was delayed because the ingredients had been ruined.

Could it be that Yan Shixun had noticed something was wrong with the ingredients yesterday, which led to his actions?

The mere thought that if it weren’t for Yan Shixun, she might have eaten human flesh made Bai Shuang feel a sourness rising from her empty stomach. 

She struggled to suppress the urge to vomit, not wanting to expose her realization of the unsettling situation in front of the potentially problematic old steward. Instead, she looked at Yan Shixun with gratitude in her eyes.

As for Yan Shixun, who had seen the horrifying sight of the old steward covered in blood and corpse spots in the villa’s living room last night, he didn’t confront the issue now. Instead, he pretended to be an oblivious tourist, lavishing praise on the old steward within the bounds of what he might tolerate, all while probing discreetly.

The old steward’s expression twisted briefly before returning to normal. “What an energetic guest you are… I hope you’ll leave the villa with the same energy.”

His murky eyeball, looking as sticky as rotten flesh, swept Yan Shixun from head to toe with a grotesque gaze before sluggishly moving aside, allowing space for them to enter the gate.

At this moment, the show’s staff began to come out of their resting rooms to prepare for the live broadcast.

However, Yan Shixun stood in the living room, looking up.

“Brother Yan?” Bai Shuang, who was both cold and scared, just wanted to crawl back under the covers to find some peace of mind. However, upon seeing Yan Shixun’s actions and after a night that had made her trust and respect him, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at your room.”

Yan Shixun replied, pointing in the direction of Bai Shuang’s room on the third floor. “After hearing that you went missing, I went to your room to check if you were safe, but something tried to trap me in your room. So, I kicked down your door. But now—”

Bai Shuang followed Yan Shixun’s gaze.

The door to her room was perfectly intact and tightly closed.

Bai Shuang suddenly took in a sharp breath, and her drowsiness vanished instantly.

However, Yan Shixun fell into deep thought.

For the things inside the mansion, there was no need to replace a broken door. This indicated that the door might automatically restore itself.

—Things damaged at night get repaired during the day. The creatures that appear at night avoid sunlight during the day.

Or perhaps, night and day belong to entirely different worlds?

While Yan Shixun was pondering this, Zhang Wubing, looking anxious, suddenly pushed open his room door and walked out.

“Brother Yan.” Zhang Wubing hurriedly approached Yan Shixun, casting a quick glance at the shadowy figure standing at the edge of the living room, the old steward. He lowered his voice and said urgently, “I called everyone this morning, but only the tour guide, Liu Yiyi, didn’t answer. Dozens of calls, and no one picked up. It’s the same when others call.”

“Which room is hers?”

“The first room on the right on the third floor, the one that doesn’t have a view of the garden.”

Yan Shixun heard the unspoken message from Zhang Wubing and immediately rushed up the stairs in three quick steps.

Bai Shuang, who had originally hesitated to go upstairs near her own room, shivered when she saw the steward not far away and followed Yan Shixun upstairs.

The other guests, who had been entrusted by Zhang Wubing to call Liu Yiyi but couldn’t reach her, also began to open their rooms one by one. Some were worried, and others didn’t want to miss out on the live broadcast, so they followed suit.

In their quick movement, Yan Shixun keenly noticed that in the U-shaped structure of the villa, Liu Yiyi’s room was directly opposite Bai Shuang’s room, separated by the central courtyard.

With Liu Yiyi’s safety unknown, Yan Shixun quickly scanned the surroundings and immediately knocked on Liu Yiyi’s door.

The other guests who arrived later also called out with concern, “Sister Yiyi, if you’re in there, make a sound!”

“Are you not woken up yet? Sister Yiyi, can you give us an answer?”

As Yan Shixun stood at the door, very close to the room’s entrance, a trace of a bloody smell seeped out through the gap beneath the door. His keen senses picked up on it.

Yan Shixun’s face immediately darkened. He took a step back and then quickly gathered his strength, rushing towards the door amidst the exclamations and questioning of the guests.


The door was kicked open.

Before the male actor, who had just questioned whether Yan Shixun lacked manners, could say anything more, the door was gone. As it disappeared, a heavy scent of blood filled the air.

The deep red curtains billowed as if the entire room were filled with blood. The deep red bedsheets looked like darkened bloodstains. 

Half of Liu Yiyi’s body lay on the bed, and the other half had fallen to the floor. The bedsheet was thrown off as well, and she seemed to be struggling to crawl towards the direction of the door, her outstretched arm pointing desperately towards it.

It looked like she was awakened in the middle of her sleep, terrified by something and trying to escape from the room, but ultimately failed.

However, at this moment, she was lying face down on the ground without any response, with a large amount of blood soaking through her nightgown, spreading from her abdomen.

Her black long hair was disheveled, scattered over her face and the blood pool, obscuring her face, making it impossible to determine if she was alive or not.

The onlookers outside the door subconsciously turned their heads following the smell and were confronted with the shocking scene.

The entire room was enveloped in a ghastly deep red color, and Yiyi’s disheveled hair crawled on the ground, resembling a vengeful female ghost at first glance.

Someone was instantly scared and screamed, “AHHHHHH!!”

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