I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Ghost Mountain Villa 12

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The one who screamed the most miserably was the male actor who had mocked Ding Xi for being timid yesterday and had just questioned Yan Shixun’s intrusion into the lady’s room.

Because Liu Yiyi still had some connections in the entertainment industry’s older generation, albeit not many, for struggling male actors, it was an opportunity they could exploit.

So, starting from when they followed the group of guests, male actors would flatter Liu Yiyi, criticize those she didn’t like, and try to gain her attention in the hopes of landing a role or two in films or TV shows.

Therefore, when Yan Shixun kicked open Liu Yiyi’s door just now, the male actor immediately rushed to the front, feigning indignation, hoping that Liu Yiyi would see him as her protector.

It was precisely because of this that when the door opened, the male actor was unavoidably confronted with the terrifying scene in the room, he was so scared that his courage failed him. Apart from his piercing scream, his brain had been paralyzed, rendering him unable to react in any other way.

Yan Shixun immediately turned his head slightly to the side, irritated, and touched his ear as if to block out the noise.

Yesterday, he had mocked others for being cowardly, and now he was shouting louder than anyone else. His ears were nearly deafened.

While the others were still shocked and frozen in place, Yan Shixun quickly entered the room with his long, straight legs and reached Liu Yiyi’s side within a few strides, crouching down.

He didn’t move Liu Yiyi’s body recklessly but first raised his hand to check her wrist, which was covered in coagulated bloodstains, to ensure she still had a faint sign of life. Then, he dipped his fingers in the blood pooling around her waist, her primary bleeding area, and swiftly drew symbols with blood instead of cinnabar.

“Fu Yi Fu Yi, Nei Xue Bu Chu, Wai Xue Bu Liu, Ren Jian Wo You, Gui Jian Wo Chou…… Shi Wei Wo Xuan, Xiong Hui Xiao San.”

Yan Shixun spoke quickly, lowering his voice. He used his tall and sturdy frame to block the view of the people outside the door as they looked at Liu Yiyi.

With each word of the incantation, Liu Yiyi’s wounds gradually stopped bleeding, and no fresh blood flowed. Her cold and pale body, resembling a corpse just taken out of a morgue’s freezer, gradually regained a normal human color.

Amidst the tangled mass of her black hair, Liu Yiyi’s eyes, which had been wide open in terror as if she had seen something horrifying and refused to close, gradually began to droop. Her eyelids slowly closed, and it seemed as though she had fallen asleep.

There was also the faint sound of her breathing.

After providing emergency care, Yan Shixun stood up, furrowing his brow as he surveyed Liu Yiyi’s room.

In contrast to what he had seen in Bai Shuang’s room the previous night, Liu Yiyi’s room was adorned in deep red fabrics, exuding an atmosphere of exquisite luxury. Beautiful paintings adorned the walls, and there was a gilded low table with a vase of fresh flowers.

In terms of size and position, this room appeared to be the master bedroom from the villa’s original construction a century ago, belonging to either the male or female owner.

It was evident that Liu Yiyi was quite pleased with this room she had personally chosen. There was an open bottle of red wine on the coffee table, with a half-filled glass next to it, still holding the remnants of what appeared to be blood-red wine. A luxurious blanket was draped over the chaise longue, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and leisure.

Yan Shixun walked over, bent down, and picked up the bottle of red wine. He brought it close to his nose, then his expression subtly changed. He quickly grabbed the highball glass and examined the residues inside.

Unlike normal red wine residue, this highball glass had concentric circles of red marks coagulated inside, and at the bottom, there were irregular solid particles of a deep red color, resembling blood clots.

Yan Shixun’s heart sank.

The substance Liu Yiyi had consumed in his room last night wasn’t red wine.

It was human blood.

Furthermore, judging by the putrid smell, this was not fresh human blood; it had likely been sitting here for a long time.

But the production team hadn’t prepared fragile and unnecessary items like red wine; this bottle of red wine must have come from within the mansion. Furthermore, there were no wine bottles in the dining room or kitchen, and even if there was a wine cellar in the mansion, guests like Liu Yiyi wouldn’t have access to it. The only person who could provide it was the native steward of the mansion.

Yan Shixun recalled the pot of meat he had destroyed in the kitchen yesterday.

Someone who had been trying so hard to make the production team members eat dried and cured human flesh and drink non-fresh human blood… What was the old steward’s purpose?

“Brother Yan” Zhang Wubing, trembling, held onto the doorframe of the room and asked urgently, “How is Liu Yiyi? Is she still… alive?”

Yan Shixun didn’t put down the wine bottle and glass but turned to walk out. “Don’t worry, I’ve done some treatment. She won’t die. Doesn’t the production team have someone with first-aid knowledge? Bring them to check on her.”

Zhang Wubing immediately sprang into action. While calling for the paramedic, he instructed the main live camera to focus on the scenery outside the window for the time being. As for the guests who had already opened split-screen cameras and pointed them at the room, they were strongly urged to immediately close their cameras.

Initially, these guests were shocked by the horrifying scene in Liu Yiyi’s room, but when they saw the rapidly increasing number of viewers and the barrage of comments, their moods shifted to amusement.

Though reluctant at first when Zhang Wubing made the request, they begrudgingly complied, concerned about the authority of the director within the production team.

As a result, the viewers, who had assumed it was safe once daylight came, had their hearts racing again when they heard the sudden screams. Meanwhile, An Nanyuan’s split-screen was blocked by Yan Shixun’s back, so they couldn’t see anything.

The anxious and curious audience waited anxiously, and when they discovered that another guest’s split-screen angle allowed them to see what was happening in Liu Yiyi’s room, they immediately rushed over.

They were then greeted by the sight of the deep-red room and Liu Yiyi lying on the floor as if she were a female ghost crawling, which sent them gasping for breath in fear.

The split-screen footage was quickly requested to be turned off by the director, but that scene was etched firmly in the minds of the viewers, lingering there.

[Didn’t they say it would be safe when it’s daylight? What’s going on with this woman?]

[Wait, it seems like this happened at night, and they only discovered it in the morning… Damn it! What’s going on with this villa?]

[Let’s not talk about it. I’m just grateful that Bai Shuang encountered Yan Shixun. Otherwise, I’m really afraid that when Bai Shuang was discovered in the garden this morning, it would have been a scene like this.]

[Painful, willing to pay a fortune for a pair of eyes that haven’t seen this footage. I feel like I won’t be able to sleep for the whole month!]

The moment Yan Shixun walked out of Liu Yiyi’s room, carrying a bottle of wine, he felt a piercing gaze fixed on him.

He immediately looked up, and there, at the doorway of Bai Shuang’s room on the other side of the third floor, across the atrium, stood the old steward, staring intently in his direction.

Sensing that Yan Shixun had discovered him, the old steward smiled and gave a slight bow, as if expressing gratitude—

What a delicious feast it had been.

Yan Shixun also grinned, returning a mocking smile: Just you wait. For how much you’ve eaten, I’ll make sure you vomit it all out, down to the last bit, with interest.

“Liu Yiyi seems to be seriously injured.”

Zhang Wubing, his face pale from fear, hesitated and asked, “Are you sure we shouldn’t call an ambulance? Just first aid might not be enough.”

Yan Shixun withdrew his gaze and looked at Deng Xi.

Because she had been frightened on the way up the mountain yesterday, Deng Xi had stayed in her room all night. Her room was right next to Liu Yiyi’s. Now, seeing Liu Yiyi in this state, she couldn’t help but shiver with fear, her heart pounding.

If the thing that had turned Liu Yiyi into this gruesome state had gone slightly to the side last night, it would have gone to her room, and then she…


From the uneasy expression on Ding Xi’s face, Yan Shixun understood what she was thinking. “Don’t worry, it wouldn’t have gone to look for you. It was looking for Liu Yiyi.”

He raised his hand to gesture at the bottle, sneering, “You neither joked about being that thing nor opened the door in the middle of the night asking for ‘red wine,’ so why would it be looking for you?”

“Forget about the ambulance,” Yan Shixun said with a cold smile. “Where do you get the idea that we can leave Gui Mountain without any obstacles?”

Ding Xi initially breathed a sigh of relief but was then frightened by the questions Yan Shixun raised.

A ridiculous thought crossed her mind: “Could it be…”

“Forget it, I’m done!” 

Finally coming to his senses after the initial shock, the actor who had learned about everything that had happened last night on social media when checking his split screen situation on his phone had an extreme reaction.

As he unconsciously shook his head and retreated, desperately trying to get away from Liu Yiyi’s room, his face turned as pale as paper, and his pupils shrank in fear. He didn’t snap back to reality until his back hit the railing of the corridor.

The male actor glared at Yan Shixun with malice. “Alright, I’ve figured it out. This show has a script! You guys couldn’t find enough talent and had to resort to planting someone like you, right? Do the show’s producers and director think I’m an idiot? They’re fooling me like this! I can’t take it.”

“Do I have to participate? What nonsense ghosts and monsters, it’s all acted out! Do they think I don’t know? I’m leaving now. You guys can have fun scaring people yourselves. I’m not going to play along!”

The male actor was panting heavily and turned around in anger, storming downstairs toward the villa’s main entrance.

However, despite his righteous words, his departing figure looked anything but courageous, more like someone scared out of their wits, fleeing for their life.

Yan Shixun leaned casually on the corridor railing, looking at the male actor’s back with a relaxed tone. “I’d advise you not to leave the mountain. After all, you won’t be able to get out, and you’ll only bring trouble upon yourself. But I doubt you’ll listen to me anyway.”

Although he spoke kindly, Yan Shixun made no effort to stop the male actor’s intentions.

“Bang!” The villa’s front door slammed shut as the male actor tried to force his way out.

Yan Shixun turned around, facing the questioning and fearful gazes of Bai Shuang and the others.

He recalled the words the old steward had said earlier in the morning and smiled meaningfully, “Since he mentioned it’s cold in the mountains at night, we should stay in the villa during the day then.”

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