I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Ghost Mountain Villa 13

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Liu Yiyi was quickly handed over to the paramedic accompanying the production team, and her injuries were assessed.

The cause of her excessive bleeding and subsequent loss of consciousness was a gruesome gash on her lower back. If this wound had been even slightly deeper, it could have caused irreversible damage to her kidneys and spine. In that case, she wouldn’t have been able to last until morning when Yan Shixun kicked the door open, discovered her, and provided first aid.

Even the paramedic were taken aback when she saw the severity of the wound. “Director, she needs to be taken down the mountain immediately. Ms. Liu can’t continue with the rest of the program.”

Outside, the dejected Zhang Wubing sighed, “Do you think I don’t want to take her down? But Brother Yan said we can’t leave. We need to treat her wound properly, once Brother Yan says we can go down, we’ll rush her to the hospital.”

The paramedic didn’t know much about Yan Shixun; she only knew he was an unknown amateur. Seeing Zhang Wubing’s unwavering trust and obedience to Yan Shixun left her somewhat puzzled.

Fortunately, although Liu Yi’s injuries were severe, for some inexplicable reason, her bleeding had stopped, and her vital signs were stable. As long as the paramedic properly bandaged her wound to prevent infection, there shouldn’t be any major issues.

As soon as he heard the result, Zhang Wubing guessed that Yan Shixun had taken emergency measures near Liu Yiyi in the morning. From the time he had known Yan Shixun in college until now, he knew that his Brother Yan had some unscientific life-saving methods.

Zhang Wubing’s heart, which had been held up, finally dropped.

If something had really happened to Liu Yiyi here, it would be a fatal blow to the show… Thank you, Brother Yan!

“When you cleaned the wound, did you see what kind of injury it was?” Yan Shixun stopped the paramedic and asked her.

The paramedic was puzzled, but she still described the wound on Liu Yiyi’s lower back specifically and professionally.

It was a wound caused by an axe.

Yan Shixun immediately made a judgment.

He remembered the early morning incident in the garden when something attacked the woodshed with an axe.

After being injured by him with the firewood stick, that thing had fled. The one guarding outside the woodshed for the entire night, while looking similar to the initial attacker, both being a bloody, flesh-like entity as if stripped of human skin, didn’t have an axe. 

It seemed that the one who attacked initially and the one guarding them throughout the night were not the same. The one who used the axe to injure Liu Yiyi, almost fatally, was the one who initially attacked them at the woodshed.

Yan Shixun recollected the moment he kicked open Liu Yiyi’s room door. The door was locked from the inside and showed no signs of being tampered with. Furthermore, from the way Liu Yiyi struggled to crawl towards the door, it didn’t seem like she had let that thing into her room.

Instead, it appeared that the creature had appeared directly in the room, and Liu Yiyi, terrified, tried to escape but was injured with an axe mid-way. However, she wasn’t completely killed and was left to bleed out on the floor.

If he hadn’t stopped the bleeding from Liu Yiyi’s wound in time and removed the heavy taint from her body, he could foresee that the group, unaware of the situation, would come searching for her when they didn’t see her during breakfast. What they would find would be her lifeless body drained of blood.

Clearly, a fatal blow could have been dealt with a single axe, but they chose a troublesome and easily changeable method… Why?

Yan Shixun lowered his gaze to the wine bottle he was holding and suddenly realized—perhaps, it was for an exchange.

Liu Yiyi had consumed blood of unknown origin, so that thing wanted Liu Yiyi to pay the price with her own blood.

Even the fact that the thing could appear in her room without her opening the door was because she had consumed stale blood, completing the “cause” and owing the thing the “effect.”

Hence, the conditions like being unable to open the door from the outside after nightfall and nothing being able to enter the room unless the occupant willingly opened the door would be nullified.

After all, repaying debts with “currency” was an implicit rule.

The reason why that thing approached Liu Yiyi instead of others was because during the ascent, Liu Yiyi jokingly said, “I am the ghost.”

The word “ghost” triggered something in the villa, causing it to target Liu Yiyi.

However, if Liu Yiyi had not been too indulgent and had remembered Yan Shixun’s warning, refraining from opening the door at night to ask the old steward for red wine, she would not have given that thing an opportunity, and its attacks wouldn’t have been so swift and severe.

In this light, if he hadn’t discovered the issue with the meat in the kitchen yesterday, allowing everyone to consume human flesh without any precautions, it would mean that everyone owed a “price.” Even if they locked their doors, they wouldn’t be able to resist what lurked in the villa.

They would be at its mercy, and the consequences would be disastrous.

At this moment, Yan Shixun deeply realized the profound malice of those things lurking in the shadows of the villa, which had a deep-seated hatred for the living.

However, there was one thing that Yan Shixun still didn’t have an answer to——

What was the purpose of these things in the villa doing such trivial but meaningfully symbolic acts?

If he could understand their intentions, he might find a way to leave this place.

“Xiao Bing, collect all the footage from last night after the game ended, where Liu Yiyi was seen, and give it to me,” Yan Shixun wanted to see if he could find any clues from the footage.

With Liu Yiyi finally settled, Zhang Wubing could now free up his hands to explain the situation to all the staff and guests.

However, Zhang Wubing discovered that one of the guests was missing.

“Did he not come out of his room?” Zhang Wubing instinctively looked towards the room of the male actor.

With what had just happened to Liu Yiyi inside her room, Zhang Wubing was more inclined to keep the guests together for safety, rather than letting them stay in their rooms alone.

The guests exchanged glances and hesitated before one of them spoke up, “It seems like he got really scared by what happened to Yiyi and said he wanted to quit the show. Without taking anything, he left directly downhill.”

“!!! What?” Zhang Wubing was astonished and immediately called the staff to go out and look for the male actor.

Zhang Wubing couldn’t believe that someone could be so brainless!

Yan Shixun had hinted discreetly to everyone yesterday, and this morning he reiterated over the phone not to wander around, to stay calm in the face of possible program-related emergencies. But this person… how could he act like he hadn’t heard any of it!

Zhang Wubing had initially thought of calling Yan Shixun, but Yan Shixun was sitting leisurely on the couch, calmly saying, “It’s too late.”

“The moment he stepped out of the villa’s door, it was already too late. But there’s no need to go look for him, he will come back on his own.”

“Brother Yan, what does this mean…”

Before Zhang Wubing could finish, a piercing and eerie scream came from outside the villa door.

All the guests and staff were startled by the intense fear that emanated from him. Bai Shuang and An Nanyuan quickly approached Yan Shixun, seeking his protection, and stood closely behind him as if trying to find safety.

The next moment, the villa’s front door was forcefully pushed open.

The male actor staggered inside, his face devoid of color, as if he had been terrified by something otherworldly.

“G-ghost, it’s a ghost!!”

The guests looked at the male actor’s disheveled appearance, and there was an uproar.

Meanwhile, their respective screens had already captured the actor’s extreme terror.

For the viewers who had been waiting in front of their screens, it felt like a bucket of ice-cold water had been poured over them. The malevolent presence in the villa seemed to seep through the screens, enveloping them, and they couldn’t escape it.

Those sinister and malevolent gazes seemed to say to them——

Don’t worry, once everyone in the villa is dead, I’ll come find you.

I want your blood, your flesh, and then I’ll wear your skin, taking on your identity to live on.

And the blood and flesh of your family and friends will become my favorite delicacies…

Many viewers screamed and hurriedly exited the livestream.

When they were no longer facing the screen and finally sensed the absence of that malevolence, they realized that their clothes were soaked with cold sweat, and they were covered in goosebumps.

In that moment, many of them had the eerie feeling that they were so close to that malevolence, as if the next moment, whatever was in the villa would come through the screen to consume their flesh and blood.

Yan Shixun, however, furrowed his brow upon hearing the male actor mention the word “ghost.”

The male actor, who had been frightened to the point of losing his sanity, seemed more like he had become mentally disturbed. His brain and rationality had completely shattered, and he desperately tried to convey what he had seen, trembling and gnashing his teeth, seeking a sense of safety.

“You can’t leave the mountain at all! No matter which way we go, we will end up back at the villa’s door. There are ghosts in the woods, corpses, walking corpses!”

The male actor gasped heavily, like a fish out of water struggling for breath. “We’re finished, completely finished! No one can leave here, haha, hahaha!”

The male actor cried and laughed, his terrified face smeared with mud and dried leaves from his fall outside. Tears and snot streaked his disheveled appearance.

“We’re all going to die here! No one can escape, nobody can leave from the grave of the dead!”

The guests stared at the male actor, who had run outside only to return in a crazed state, their faces filled with shock and fear.

Inside the villa, everything fell silent.

Only the mad laughter of the male actor echoed, chilling the already deathly quiet atmosphere.

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