I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Ghost Mountain Villa 20

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Yan Shixun’s prolonged presence at the kitchen door drew the attention of the others.

Sometime during this ordeal, everyone seemed to forget that Yan Shixun was just an amateur dragged into this situation by Zhang Wubing. Instead, they began to rely on him due to his ability to stabilize the situation in a series of dangerous encounters.

An Nanyuan approached with uncertainty, asking, “Brother Yan? What’s in the kitchen? Oh….Oh WTF!”

Without waiting for Yan Shixun’s response, An Nanyuan walked closer to the kitchen and was met with an empty and desolate sight.

The audience watching Yan Shixun and An Nanyuan’s livestream were equally shocked by the state of the kitchen, filled with thick cobwebs and layers of dust, clearly untouched for a long time.

[Isn’t this crazy? They had breakfast just two hours ago, and now, in such a short time, the kitchen looks like this??]

[This kitchen is dirtier than my barn that hasn’t been cleaned in over a decade! Plus, looking at the screen, those pots and pans are all rusty. How on earth can they cook with these?]

[If the kitchen is unusable, then where did Yan Shixun and the others get their breakfast from this morning? Is it safe or not? Please don’t end up like Liu Yiyi. This child is about to cry. What’s going on with this villa?]

Note: This child refer to oneself or simply “I” but since the raw is like this, I will continue to use it like that for following context.

[…Actually, for those of you who’ve been glued to An Nanyuan’s feed the whole time, and have been  too focused on Liu Yiyi’s situation, you might have missed what Yan Shixun was doing in the kitchen just now. He suddenly started making gestures and seemed to be talking to someone in the kitchen, saying something like “what’s done in the mortal realm is judged in the mortal world”… Is that what I think it means? It’s better to have a painful answer. Please.]

[But Brother Yan is really handsome! I don’t care what’s in the kitchen. I’ve locked my doors and wrapped myself up in a blanket at home. I’m not afraid anymore. Even if there are ghosts, they can’t climb into my place through the livestream, right?]

[I’m hesitating to say this, but remember that message you just posted about not raising false hopes? Yesterday, I was so sure this show had a script, and now Master Yan has completely disproved that.]

[The real issue now isn’t whether there are ghosts or not! Haven’t you noticed there’s no food in the kitchen? We saw what happened when they tried to leave earlier; they can’t get out. If they’re stuck here, how are they going to eat? Even the director seemed helpless just now.]

[I’ve noticed too, and I don’t know what to do either. But one thing I do know—trust Brother Yan and you’ll live longer! Haven’t you heard Brother Yan say they won’t starve? Just follow Brother Yan’s lead.]

Yan Shixuan’s gaze moved from An Nanyuan’s screen, where there were quite a few fans watching, to the rest of the comments. 

Although Zhang Wubing had rushed off to contact the production staff stationed at the foot of the mountain, he was so busy that he neglected livestream management. He realized that if the livestream content didn’t remain positive, it might result in a suspension of broadcasting permissions. This would be a real problem once Zhang Wubing came back to his senses.

So, Yan Shixun adjusted his expression, trying to appear more credible, and addressed An Nanyuan’s screens, saying, “In the mountains, it’s common for kitchens to be a bit messy like this. No need to make a fuss.”

The viewers, who were anticipating something from Yan Shixun:……

[I suspect he’s just brushing us off, but I don’t have any evidence.]

[Be more confident, let go of your suspicions. Brother Yan is just trying to reassure you. Anyway, he’s handsome, and what he said makes sense. Brother Yan is amazing!]

[This explanation is even more ridiculous than some of the things I’ve seen on popular science shows…]

As An Nanyuan was trying to get a closer look at the kitchen to examine it carefully, Yan Shixun grabbed him by the collar and led him away from the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Zhang Wubing, who was once again attempting to contact the production team down the mountain, could only hear the “out of service area” notification tone from his phone.

Zhang Wubing was getting frantic, “Why is there no signal? The livestream signal was fine; how come I can’t make a phone call?”

Yan Shixuan, holding An Nanyuan who had just passed by him: “……”

Seeing that the travel variety show was on the verge of turning into a supernatural show, you, as the director, are adding fuel to the fire to create a scary atmosphere, afraid that the livestream permission will not be revoked, aren’t you?

With a gesture towards the screen on An Nanyuan’s shoulder, Yan Shixun expressed his message to Zhang Wubing. He rolled his eyes and gave a perfunctory explanation in the live chat, “The signal in the mountains is poor, this is all normal.”

Barrage: [……]

Thank you, I’ve already bought into your act.

The kitchen had been temporarily locked by the production team and no one was allowed to enter without permission.

Zhang Wubing briefly and tactfully explained the current situation to everyone, organized them to check their own luggage for food, and gathered it all to distribute it evenly.

Although Zhang Wubing had confidence that they could leave Gui Mountain with Yan Shixun around, as the director, he had to take responsibility for everyone and prepare for the worst-case scenario.

The group searched the villa once again but found nothing, not even a bottle of water.

With another injury and worsening of her condition, Liu Yiyi started running a high fever.

The shadow of both food and medicine shortages loomed over the entire villa. 

While the guests tried to smile and present their best sides for the cameras, the anxiety in their eyes couldn’t be concealed. Ding Xi, who was already on the verge of being terrified, retreated to the side to wipe away her tears.

This sense of unease infected others, spreading throughout the entire space. 

To prevent any more accidents, everyone was gathered in the living room, where the guests absentmindedly played small games, trying to keep up the atmosphere in front of the livestream.

Meanwhile, Yan Shixun shifted his gaze towards the fourth floor.

He had originally planned to explore the fourth floor, but the incident with the falling Guanyin statue and Ding Xi’s supernatural encounter had forced him to abandon those plans.

The Buddha shrine didn’t budge, and there was no wind on the fourth floor. The Guanyin statue couldn’t have rolled in front of him for no reason, not to mention he saw the Guanyin statue close its eyes.

Was there something preventing him from investigating the fourth floor?

Looking at it this way, the fourth floor was indeed worth exploring.

With this in mind, Yan Shixun took long strides towards the stairs, planning to go to the fourth floor again to find out more.

However, as soon as his foot landed on the stairs, the door to the first-floor staff room was pushed open with a loud “bang!”

“Director, it’s, it’s not good!” The staff member’s face turned pale. “We just gathered and centralized all the food we found, and it has all disappeared!”

Everyone immediately became agitated.


“How could this happen!”

“What about lunch? Are we really going to starve here?”

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